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Samsung Securities
10 апреля, 12:10

Samsung получила более 500 тыс. предзаказов на S8

Южнокорейский производитель смартфонов Samsung получил 550 тыс. предзаказов на смартфоны Galaxy S8 и S8 Plus за два дня, спрос на новинки опережает предшественников в 5,5 раза.

10 апреля, 12:10

Samsung получила более 500 тыс. предзаказов на S8

Южнокорейский производитель смартфонов Samsung получил 550 тыс. предзаказов на смартфоны Galaxy S8 и S8 Plus за два дня, спрос на новинки опережает предшественников в 5,5 раза.

19 января, 18:42

Lee Jae-yong dodges arrest on charges of bribery

THE deal which did most to secure Lee Jae-yong’s control over South Korea’s biggest conglomerate threatened this week to ruin him. On January 16th special prosecutors accused Mr Lee, the only son of Samsung’s chairman, Lee Kun-hee, of bribery, embezzlement and perjury. But three days later a court rejected a request to arrest him, as a suspect in an investigation into a vast influence-peddling case that led last month to the South Korean president’s impeachment. It saw “no reasonable grounds” to detain him while prosecutors pursue their probe. For now, the result is a victory for Samsung. Prosecutors had accused Mr Lee of paying 43bn won ($36m) into sports and cultural organisations controlled by Choi Soon-sil, a former confidante of Park Geun-hye, the president: the biggest-ever sum in a South Korean bribery charge. In return for that grant, they allege, Samsung secured government support for a controversial $8bn merger of two affiliates—Cheil Industries, the group’s de facto holding company, and Samsung C&T, its construction arm—in July 2015. That support, they say, came from a vote cast by the state-run National Pension Service (NPS), the...

12 сентября 2016, 11:32

Samsung shares plunge over smartphone explosion debacle

SAMSUNG shares plunged Monday after the South Korean electronics giant urged global consumers to stop using its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to a spate of exploding batteries that raised alarm around

02 февраля 2016, 13:00

Топ-10 самых дорогих брендов в мире

В топ-500 самых дорогих брендов по версии компании BrandFinance в 2016 году попали только четыре российские компании — Сбербанк, "ЛУКойл", "Газпром" и МТС.

02 февраля 2016, 13:00

Топ-10 самых дорогих брендов в мире

В топ-500 самых дорогих брендов по версии компании BrandFinance в 2016 году попали только четыре российские компании — Сбербанк, "ЛУКойл", "Газпром" и МТС.

02 февраля 2016, 12:58

Топ-10 самых дорогих брендов в мире

В топ-500 самых дорогих брендов по версии компании BrandFinance в 2016 г. попали только четыре российские компании: Сбербанк, "ЛУКойл", "Газпром" и МТС.

26 ноября 2015, 19:27

SK becomes 1st nation outside US to fine VW record amount

South Korea yesterday became the first country outside the United States to punish Volkswagen AG on the basis of its own emissions tests, slapping the German automaker with a record fine and ordering a

07 июля 2015, 23:31

Samsung вновь разочаровала рынок, Galaxy S6 не помог

Южнокорейская Samsung Electronics опубликовала предварительный отчет за II квартал. Прибыль компании не дотянула до прогнозов рынка, показав отрицательную динамику седьмой квартал подряд. Galaxy S6 и Galaxy S6 Edge не смогли спасти положение.

20 июня 2015, 01:52

Android Circuit: Samsung's Security Nightmare, Nokia's Android Smartphone, Google Attacks Amazon

This week’s Android Circuit includes Samsung's security nightmare over SwiftKey, Nokia's potential Android smartphone for next year, a foldable Samsung Galaxy for 2016, five reasons you'll buy the Sony Xperia Z3+, a review of the Acer Liquid Jade S, Google's bug hunting bounty, 'Free App Of The Week' on the Google Play Store, and James Bond reading you a bedtime story.

24 декабря 2013, 14:04

Israeli researchers find flaw in Samsung security platform

Israeli cyber-security experts have found a vulnerability in Samsung's  (OTC:SSNLF, OTC:SSNGY) Knox security platform when enabled on the best-selling Galaxy S4 smartphone. The researchers say the flaw could allow malicious software to track emails and record data communications, and in a worst-case scenario, cause havoc within a secured network. However, Samsung said an initial investigation found that the problem isn't as serious as the Israeli researchers make out. The discovery comes as Samsung attempts to gain approval for Knox to be used on Pentagon networks so that the company can compete with BlackBerry (BBRY) for orders from the Department of Defense and other highly security conscious customers. 10 comments!

Выбор редакции
09 декабря 2013, 22:39

Popular Free Messaging Service 'Line' Mints New Korean Billionaire

Guest post by Daniel Yongsung Lee Lee Hae-jin, the 46-year-old founder and head of Korea's No. 1 Internet portal operator, Naver Corp., has joined the billionaire’s club thanks to explosive growth in the number of the company’s free messaging service, which is called Line. At Friday’s close, the share prices of Seoul-listed Naver stood at 710,000 won (US$674). Shares of NHN Entertainment, a related company, were at 92,700 won (US$88). Lee, who is chairman of the board at Naver, owns 4.6% stakes in Naver and NHN, together worth about $1.09 billion based on Friday's stock closing stock price. In addition, Lee is reported to have earned about $60 million in dividends over the past 10 years. In August, Korean Internet giant NHN split into two business entities, Naver and NHN Entertainment. Naver focuses on portal and mobile services, including Line, while NHN Entertainment (previously the ‘Hangame’ division) continues its role as an online game portal. When the separated Naver was re-listed on the Korean stock exchange alongside NHN Entertainment on Aug. 29, the portal’s share price was 460,000 won ($437.68). Since then, it has increased by 54.3% to 710,000 won ($675.55) The company now sports a market capitalization of $22.6 billion (23.4 trillion won), giving it the sixth largest market cap on the KOSPI, the Korean stock index. Lee Hae-Jin ranked No. 34 on Forbes list of Korea's 50 Richest in April 2013 with a net worth estimated at $575 million. Lee was not reached for comment for this article. Financial market specialists point out that the almost unprecedented growth is due largely to the huge increase in the number of global Line users. Line is a free instant messaging app that allows users to make free calls and messages via iPhone, Android and PC. It is currently available in 14 languages all over the globe, with Japan, Thailand and Taiwan as the three biggest markets. Unlike WhatsApp, No.1 communication app in Android and other OS, Line is a free download that generates revenue through sub-apps, such as games, ‘chat stickers (big emoticons)’, Line Camera (a photo-editing app that customizes images with text, stamps, and other effects) and Line Card (a prepaid card for both offline and in-app purchases). Launched by Naver’s Japanese subsidiary Line Corp. (formerly known as Naver Japan) in June 2011, the app attracted its first 100 million users by January 2013, in just 19 months. Twitter and Facebook, respectively, needed 49 months and 54 months to reach that milestone. The pace of growth has been impressive. In the six months from February 2013 through July, Naver added another 100 million users, and then another 100 million by late November. According to the company, Line broke the 300-million download mark on Nov. 26. Park Jae-seok, an analyst at Korean brokerage Samsung Securities, predicted in a recent report that Line will generate over 50% of Naver’s revenue in five years. “There will be 500 million to 600 million more people using the app at the end of next year,” he said. It does have some stiff competition. Tencent, the operator of China’s popular messaging app WeChat, is reported to have earmarked as much as $380 million for next year’s marketing activities. Naver is known to have spent 100 billion won on LINE-related marketing this year. To catch up with its Chinese competitor, Naver needs to pour a great portion of its profit into marketing. Last year, Naver (then NHN) posted a net profit of $519 million (545.6 billion won). Revenue for the third quarter of 2013 was $557 million (585.3 billion won), with a net profit of $73 million (76.9 billion won). In Korea, Line lags behind its rival Kakao Talk in number of subscribers. A Korean-born free mobile messenger application for both smartphones and PCs, Kakao Talk was released on March 18, 2010, by Kakao Corp. Kim Beom-su, founder and chairman of Kakao, laid the foundation of today’s Naver. In 1998, Kim founded Hangame, which eventually merged with Lee’s Naver in 2000 to form NHN. Both Kim and Lee studied engineering at Seoul National University and started at Samsung SDS, the system integration arm of Samsung Group, which they joined in 1992. At a recent Tokyo press event to celebrate the 300 million global membership of Line, Lee confessed he is facing great pressure to make the most out of this golden opportunity for the global mobile industry. “We are still much smaller than and Facebook. We cannot survive without the feeling of urgency,” Lee said. “Naver, however, is one of few companies that beat Google in local markets. I believe we have enough potential to continue our growth and success in global markets.” Daniel Yongsung Lee is a staff reporter at Forbes Korea, the licensed edition of Forbes published in South Korea.

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19 ноября 2013, 07:05

Investor caution halts share rally, dollar softens

World shares edged back from near six-year highs on Tuesday amid investor concerns that the latest rally may have been overdone, while optimistic comments about the U.S. economy helped limit the dollar's losses. Caution swept the equity markets after U.S. billionaire investor Carl Icahn voiced the fears of many investors when he warned that share price gains had outpaced the underlying improvement in the global economy and could be set for a fall. "It has been one the most hated rallies in equities in history, I would say, and Carl Ichan's words have pushed things a little to the downside," said Brenda Kelly, IG Markets analyst. But despite the fears of a big downward correction in prices, investor sentiment remains well supported by the loose monetary policies of global central banks and expectations that the Fed will keep printing money well in to next year.

10 сентября 2013, 23:38

iPhone 5S: fingertip scanner is key to new direction

The iPhone 5S model, the more expensive of two 4G handsets unveiled by Apple, goes on sale on 20 SeptemberIt used to be the ultimate crime scene clue. Now Apple has transformed the fingerprint into a key to unlock the wealth of personal information that is stored on the iPhone.The company's new flagship 5S model, the more expensive of two 4G handsets unveiled at its headquarters on Tuesday night, goes on sale on 20 September, and will be able to identify its owner by scanning a fingertip.The fingerprint scanner is built into the home button, protected by a sapphire crystal coating, and uses a low radio frequency signal to map the unique lines of its owner's index finger or thumb. It is able to scan the dermis layer underneath the surface of the skin, avoiding problems caused by damaged or dry fingertips. Without pressing, the owner will be able to unlock their phone with one touch, and once inside the device, a fingerprint will suffice as proof of identity to purchase music, films, books and applications from Apple's stores.The 5S will cost $649 (£549) without a contract, and also comes with a 10cm (4in) screen and an 8 megapixel camera – the same as the iPhone 5 – with double the processing heft of its predecessor.As more services move online, and customers collect long lists of passwords to access everything from bank accounts to office files, fingerprint technology could prove a big step in making access to phones and the sensitive information they contain simpler and more secure.But in an attempt to allay privacy fears, Apple was forced to deny it was creating an archive of biometric information. "All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Enclave inside the A7 chip on the iPhone 5s," Apple said in a statement. "It's never stored on Apple servers".After five years in black and white, the iPhone has burst into colour. With an eye on the lucrative Chinese market, the 5S will now come in a muted gold, as well as silver and grey.The cheaper 5C, the other device unveiled, was described by Apple's chief designer Sir Jonathan Ive as "beautifully, unapologetically plastic", and will cost $549 (£469) without a contract. The 5C comes with a choice of six back cases in a spectrum ranging from coral pink to yellow. It will have the same screen size as its more expensive stablemate, and will function on most 4G networks.But there was a surprise at the cost of the 5C. "This is not the cheap product that many expected," said Carolina Milanesi, research vice-president at Gartner.In front of an audience which included Yahoo's chief executive, Marissa Meyer – who has issued staff with iPhones to ensure they are developing with mobility in mind – Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, set out to demonstrate the company retains the creative mojo that flourished under Steve Jobs.The inventions of the Jobs era transformed the music and mobile industries, and are threatening companies such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard as tablets and smartphones begin to replace traditional PCs. But critics have questioned whether under Cook Apple has the ability to repeat the trick. "The competition has caught up and it's now purely about how quickly it can innovate and drive its own experience forward," said Benedict Evans of research firm Enders Analysis.Apple is expected to sell 170m smartphones in 2013, second only to Samsung. Cook has set his sights on gaining ground in China, where Apple languishes in seventh place behind South Korea's Samsung and five domestic phone makers, some of them little known outside Asia.Crucial to the iPhone's success in Asia its distribution deal with Japan's NTT DoCoMo, but a much rumoured deal with China Mobile was not mentioned during the showcase.Unusually for a relatively new model, the iPhone 5 has been discontinued; those looking for a more budget handset will have to make do with the 4S, which was first released more than two years ago.iPhone 5AppleMobile phonesTelecomsSmartphonesJuliette GarsideCharles Arthur theguardian.com © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds 

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10 сентября 2013, 17:41

Synaptics secures Galaxy Note 3 contract

Synaptics (SYNA +0.1%) secures the Galaxy Note 3 touch controller design contract from Samsung.The company was in a tug of war with Atmel (ATML), which had won the contract in July, according to a report.Synaptics' touch controller business has been driving revenue growth, and the company is also a supplier for the Samsung S4.Barron's observed last month that such back-and-forth on supply contracts may have to do with Samsung's angling to get the best deal from suppliers. Post your comment!

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06 сентября 2013, 19:31

Apple's Real Competitor Is Apple Itself And It's Just Bought That Competition

Given the fierceness with which , , Samsung and the rest compete it might seem a little strange to say that Apple's real competitor is Apple itself. But in one way this is in fact true. Interestingly, the insight comes from the work of the recently departed Nobel Laureate in economics, Ronald Coase. He pointed out that even a monopolist can face competition: from the used versions of its products already out there in the marketplace. As David Henderson puts it: Had I had room, I would have quoted a question that my former University of Rochester colleague, Ron Schmidt, a master teacher, posed in about 1976 and that I got the wrong answer to. The question: "What is 's biggest competitor?" [Remember that this was before the Japanese producers were a large part of the market.] My (wrong) answer: "Ford." Ron Schmidt's answer: "The used car market." And we can make the same sort of comment about the smartphone market as well. Indeed, Businessweek is mulling over and nearly getting to the same point: Apple is expected to introduce its newest smartphone on Sept. 10, raising the question of whether consumers will rush out to get the latest iPhone even though older versions work just fine. The sixth-generation iPhone is rumored to have a fingerprint sensor mounted in the home button of the phone to make it more secure for payments, an improved camera, and other design refinements.

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22 апреля 2013, 14:03

LG Display отмечает прибыль четвертый квартал подряд

Второму по величине производителю жидкокристаллических дисплеев в мире - южнокорейской LG Display - по итогам I квартала 2013 г. все-таки удалось зафиксировать прибыль.I квартал 2013 г. стал четвертым подряд отчетным периодом, закончившимся с прибылью. До этого компания несла убытки в течение семи кварталов.Удачному завершению I квартала способствовал растущий спрос на панели для телевизоров в Китае, что помогло компенсировать часть потерь из-за снижения заказов на экраны со стороны американского гиганта Apple, который входит в число крупнейших клиентов южнокорейской компании.Специалист из Shinyoung Securities Co. Ли Сун Чул отмечает, что в предыдущем квартале спрос на китайском рынке оказался сильнее североамериканского и европейского.Чистая прибыль LG Display в январе-марте текущего года составила 3,49 млрд корейских вон (это примерно $2,7 млн). Годом ранее компания отметила чистый убыток в размере 129 млрд вон (порядка $116 млн) за аналогичный период.По данным информационного агентства Bloomberg, аналитики предсказывали получение прибыли в размере 76 млрд вон (примерно $68 млн).Операционная прибыль по итогам истекшего периода составила 151,3 млрд (около $135 млн), годом ранее этот показатель был отмечен на уровне 211,1 млрд вон (порядка $189 млн). Продажи компании выросли на 10% до отметки в 6,8 трлн вон (примерно $6,92 млрд).Согласно данным другой аналитической фирмы - Hanwha Securities - в I квартале 2013 г. продажи дисплеев для iPhone и iPad упали на 42% и на 31% соответственно. LG Display все еще очень сильно зависит от активности заказов от Apple, поэтому не удивительно, что компания едва ли не закончила отчетный период с убытками.Эксперты также отмечают, что показатели будущих кварталов LG Display напрямую зависят от новинок калифорнийского гиганта. Аналитик Харрисон Чо из Samsung Securities ожидает релиз нового iPhone в июле текущего года. Предполагается, что LG Display приступит к выпуску компонентов для новинки уже в июне.Стоит отметить, что малоразмерные панели, используемые в мобильных гаджетах, на сегодняшний день составляют 27% дохода LG Display. Для сравнения, в IV квартале 2012 г. доля такой продукции насчитывала 31%.Другим важным направлением работы LG Display являются телевизоры, которые приносят в бюджет южнокорейского производителя около 40% доходов. Сейчас компания делает ставку на дорогие ТВ-панели с использованием технологии OLED с целью укрепить финансовое положение и компенсировать падение заказов от Apple.По итогам торгов на бирже в Сеуле акции LG Display выросли в цене на 2,2% до 30 450 вон за акцию (примерно $27).

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01 апреля 2013, 17:50

BlackBerry: 'Holy Smokes, They Did It'

On March 28th before the market open, BlackBerry (BBRY) released its 4th quarter 2013 earnings. By almost every measure, they beat expectations. Here is a list of 'What If' the BlackBerry bears sprinkled throughout the popular media outlets over the last several months:What if BBRY only sells 300,000 Z10s?What if purchasers return the Z10s after purchase?What if BlackBerry burns half its cash in the roll-out of the Z10 and it's a flop?What if BBRY loses 10% of its 79 million subscribers ?What if enterprises suddenly switch to Samsung (SSNLF.PK) or Apple (AAPL) for data security?What if the Q10 with physical keyboard is delayed?What if AT&T (T) botched the US Z10 debut?What if the older BlackBerry models stopped selling?What if they don't get enough apps?Well, many of these questions have been neutered in the Q4 earnings release and following conference callComplete Story »

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01 апреля 2013, 09:48

Новости / Apple iPhone 5S могут представить 20 июня

Японский ресурс MacFan сообщает о том, что Apple может анонсировать iPhone нового поколения 20 июня, а в продажу смартфон поступит в июле. Кроме этого, не за горами и релиз бюджетной версии девайса — японцы утверждают, что она появится уже в августе.  Июньский анонс нового смартфона будет на руку Apple, считают некоторые аналитики, так как к этому времени уже утихнет шумиха вокруг Samsung Galaxy S4, и американская компания сможет притянуть все внимание к себе. Также ожидается, что на мероприятии Apple покажет обновленную версию iOS под номером 7, за дизайн элементов которой впервые будет отвечать Джонатан Айв. По последним сведениям, Apple iPhone 5S получит новый, возможно, четырехъядерный процессор А7, а также обновленную камеру с "умной вспышкой": тут будут два светодиода — белого и желтого цвета, которые будут "контролировать" и регулировать баланс белого и позволят получать более естественные снимки. Ожидается, что дизайн аппарата не претерпит каких-либо изменений. В начале марта японцы из Macotakara сообщали, что недорогой iPhone для развивающихся стран может появиться в 2014 году, а iPhone 5S — в конце 2013. Тайваньская KGI Securities уверена, что оба смартфона нам будут представлены этим летом, а эксперты из Piper Jaffray утверждают, что iPhone 5S выпустят в июне, а его бюджетную версию — в сентябре.