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23 июня, 23:28

Президент Колумбии: "Группировка ФАРК передала 100% своего оружия ООН, это действительно конец ФАРК"

Наши журналисты работают над этим сюжетом, он будет обновлён, как только появится дополнительная информация… ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ: http://ru.euronews.com/2017/06/23/colombia-weapons-hand-over-santos-itv euronews: самый популярный новостной канал в Европе. Подписывайтесь! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronewsru euronews доступен на 13 языках: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels На русском: Сайт: http://ru.euronews.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101036888397116664208/100240575545901894719/posts?pageId=101036888397116664208 VKontakte: http://vk.com/ru.euronews

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23 июня, 21:53

President: Colombia on verge of completing rebel disarmament

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos says the nation is on the verge of completing an historic feat: All guerrillas in the country’s largest rebel group will soon have turned in their weapons.

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22 июня, 07:01

Brewing up a fortune: the rise of Santo Domingo family

An empire that started in a dusty ranching town in Colombia

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19 июня, 13:08

Jorge Mendes and Wolves: how deep does the agent’s influence run? | David Conn

Mendes’s first client is the Wolves manager, the club’s Chinese owners have a stake in the agent’s company and his influence has been clear in some signingsWhen Wolverhampton Wanderers unveiled as their new coach Nuno Espírito Santo, the first client of the globe-bestriding Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes, the club denied that Mendes had garnered an excessive influence in their transfer dealings.Wolves’ managing director, Laurie Dalrymple, acknowledged that Mendes was a “known associate” and friend of the club’s Chinese owner, but said it would be against football rules for an agent to be in charge of recruitment. Mendes’s role is advisory, he said: “Someone, because of the friendship with the owners, that we take opinions and advice from.” Continue reading...

18 июня, 18:21

Colombia vows action after deadly mall blast

Colombia vows action after deadly mall blast Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has vowed action against those behind a bomb attack on a shopping mall in the capital, Bogota. Three women were killed and at least nine others were injured when the blast tore through a toilet block in Bogota. Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien reports. Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/AJEnglish Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/

18 июня, 06:33

3 killed, 9 injured in Bogota shopping mall blast

THREE young women were killed and nine others injured after a strong explosion rocked a shopping mall in Colombia's capital Saturday, local media reported. Among the dead is a 23-year-old French women

18 июня, 03:38

Colombia: Bombing at mall kills 3, including French woman

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos vowed to capture those responsible for detonating a homemade bomb that killed three people, including a French woman, in a busy shopping mall over the weekend and threatened to undermine years of security gains.

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17 июня, 13:27

Is Juan Manuel Santos too easy on FARC?

Former Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos weighs in on why he thinks the peace deal is an injustice.

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17 июня, 12:57

UpFront - Is Juan Manuel Santos too easy on FARC? - UpFront

Colombians narrowly voted against a peace deal with the FARC that would end 50 years of war in 2016. Despite the defeat, Colombia's congress, controlled by President Juan Manuel Santos' governing coalition, passed a revised peace agreement that would see FARC members disarm and enter politics. For Francisco Santos, a former vice president that served under President Alvaro Uribe, the agreement is an injustice. "We don't oppose the peace negotiation or the peace deal. We opposed the conditions under which peace was framed," says Santos. "We represent a large section of Colombian society that thinks that criminals of crimes against humanity should go to jail for a little time." When asked about reports of mass extrajudicial killings by the military while he was vice president, Santos says, "when we found out that that was happening, we put a stop to it." In this special interview, Francisco Santos condemns the peace agreement with the FARC and defends against reports of "systematic" killings under his watch.

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16 июня, 22:22

Could paramilitaries fill the void left by FARC?

'We are going to see a big problem in the near future' if paramilitaries aren't dealt with, says Francisco Santos.

16 июня, 22:14

Does the UK election mark the end for Theresa May? - UpFront

In this week's UpFront, we speak to former Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer and Brexit supporter Norman Lamont about the latest British election, what it means for Brexit and if it spells the end for Prime Minister Theresa May. In the Reality Check, we examine claims that socialism is the cause of the current crisis in Venezuela. And in a special interview, former Colombian vice president Francisco Santos explains why he thinks the negotiated peace deal with the FARC is an injustice.

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16 июня, 22:07

Could paramilitaries fill the void left by FARC? - UpFront

With the FARC set to fully disarm soon and turn a new leaf in Colombian politics, some worry that the void left by the guerrilla fighters will simply be filled by paramilitary groups instead. For former Colombian vice president Francisco Santos, the problem could stem from disaffected FARC members and the drug trade. "You are seeing an integration of drug trafficking, and you are seeing these illegal groups," says Santos. "They are going to grow with dissidents from the FARC and getting involved in the business. So, if the government doesn’t have a tough hand against them, we are going to see a big problem in the near future. "Part of what the new government has to do is re-order all the security apparatus and establish territorial control." In this web extra, Francisco Santos discusses the void left by the FARC and the possible rise of dangerous paramilitary groups.

16 июня, 07:25

«Я – гей, а ты – ублюдок»: 7 главных вопросов о Криштиану Роналду

В Казань на Кубок конфедераций прилетела сборная Португалии во главе с мировой футбольной сверхзвездой Криштиану Роналду. Кто он — лучший футболист планеты: сказочный богач, экстравагантный нарцисс, гей или разбиватель женских сердец? В преддверии исторического события — выхода португальца на поле «Казань Арены» — спортивная редакция «БИЗНЕС Online» отвечает на самые распространенные вопросы о знаменитом футболисте.

15 июня, 17:00

Cuba power play with Colombia draws Rubio's ire

In a final effort to stall a new U.S. trade and travel crackdown, Cuba pressured its ally Colombia to suggest it might boycott a Latin American security summit called by U.S. officials if President Trump went forward Friday with announcing his new policy targeting the Raul Castro government.The complicated international power play started to unfold following a national security principals meeting Tuesday, according to congressional and senior government sources.Colombia began to express misgivings about how Trump’s Cuba announcement in Miami would coincide with the two-day U.S.-led Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America that begins today, also in Miami, and suggested it might just skip out on the conference if Trump didn’t delay his announcement by a week, said an aide to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.Rubio, who has spent months quietly helping Trump craft his plans to restrict trade and travel with Cuba, was “appalled” at the news — although he knew the White House wouldn’t succumb to any threats for a delay, his aide said.Rubio nevertheless counseled the White House to send a message to the government run by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos: the actions were jeopardizing the $450 million “Peace Colombia” initiative that President Obama pushed, but that remains in limbo under Trump. The underlying peace deal was negotiated with the Castro government, which has influence with the Colombian revolutionary guerilla group known as FARC. “Let me get this right: Santos is coming to us and asking for $400 million to fund his flawed peace plan, but he is threatening to pull out of an event that’s not even about them? It’s about El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras,” the senator told the White House, according to the Rubio aide. A U.S. government official familiar with the flare up confirmed the broad outlines of the situation described by Rubio’s office. Neither spoke on the record out of concern that it would upset either the Colombians or senior White House officials.An aide to another Miami Republican who’s advising Trump on Cuba policy, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, confirmed that the congressman got wind of the controversy and had his office call Colombia’s embassy to tell the country to stay out of the Cuba matter or face “consequences.”Rubio, who was informed of the Colombia situation in a call from the White House during the tail end of a Tuesday Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, went a step further. During a conversation that took place on his cellphone from the back of the committee room, Rubio said he would be at a press conference about Cuba on Friday — either with Trump announcing a rollback of Obama’s policies or holding a press conference with Castro-hating exiles from Venezuela and Cuba and with former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe to denounce his successor, Santos.“You’re going to ruin your Friday either way,” Rubio told the White House official, according to his aide. White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus called later to make it clear to him that the White House had no intention of backing off its Friday announcement.Rubio’s office did not speak directly to Colombian officials and there’s some suspicion within the Cuban exile community that U.S. government career service staff, who oppose dis-engagement from Cuba, might have exaggerated the degree to which Colombia was serious about not attending the Miami summit.The behind-the-scenes tension and last-minute multilateral drama underscored the depth of the Cuban government’s fears that Trump will make good on his campaign promise to rollback Obama’s December 2014 decision to thaw relations with Cuba after decades of Cold War-era hostilities. The embargo remains in effect, but Obama loosened regulations and business restrictions to such a degree that more U.S. money has flowed to the island than ever before. But Trump, Rubio and Diaz-Balart say the level of repression has increased and the Cuban government hasn’t allowed enough financial prosperity to trickle down to the Cuban people. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to negotiate a better deal. But for months, nothing appeared to be happening, leading to doubts that the president would follow through.Then, after POLITICO and The Miami Herald reported last week that Trump would make his announcement this Friday, business and trade groups that support more commerce with Cuba ratcheted up their lobbying and public pressure campaigns, writing letters and warning of economic troubles and setbacks if Trump sought to alter the terms.The Cuban government, however, began sending messages through the news media and diplomatic channels that it was ready to negotiate. But Cuban officials claimed that a return to pre-Obama Cuba policies would hurt efforts to combat drug traffickers who have exploited immigrant smuggling routes through the Straits of Florida.Those twin issues — drug trafficking and immigration — are top concerns of the Trump administration and underpin the call for today’s Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America involving the presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The summit was called by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and is co-hosted with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and their Mexican counterparts. Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to make an appearance as well later today.While the United States is determined to see the summit to go off without a hitch, the Trump White House is more committed to following through on promises to tighten restrictions on Cuba, said a White House spokesperson familiar with the plan. “Never has there been any consideration of the White House canceling this event based on any international pressure,” said the spokesperson.

15 июня, 15:28

ExxonMobil Achieves Success with Production Test on Muruk 1

ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM) announced positive production well test results from the Muruk 1 sidetrack 3 well situated in the Papua New Guinea North Highlands.

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15 июня, 12:00

US Open moments, Calcio Storico brawlers and losing to The Freeze

This week’s roundup also features Pakistan’s cricketing highs and lows, a vertigo-inducing mountain descent and a piece of overzealous goalkeeping1) An Atlanta Braves fan takes on The Freeze with a massive headstart, tries his hand at hubris, falls over. 2) It was the Calcio Storico semi-finals last weekend and the match between La Santa Croce Azzurri and Santo Spirito Bianchi featured just the 40-man brawl and involvement of riot police after a player punched a referee. Of course, given the nature of the sport, which is modelled on a primitive form of football from the 16th century, it’s not always easy to distinguish between a brawl and run-of-play action. Continue reading...

14 июня, 14:26

Statoil (STO) Foresees Threefold Rise in Brazil Production

Statoil ASA (STO) intends to more than triple its oil and gas production in Brazil by 2030.

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12 июня, 19:17

The Sweet Life: How This Millennial Made Ice Cream Her Full-Time Business

Ice cream making was a passion project for Luisa Santos, until 2014 when she decided to turn her love for sweets into Lulu's Ice Cream in her Georgetown dorm room.

11 июня, 09:00

Why open-world games are a far cry from reality

Titles that inhabit close versions of our physical reality too often shy away from grappling with difficult political truthsIn the beginning, video game settings were predominantly fantastical, usually galactic: the technical and financial cost of rendering a scene on a computer screen made space, with that affordable blackness, the ideal locale. Thus 1962’s Spacewar!, 1979’s Galaxian and 1984’s Elite were all games whose settings were defined as much by those boundaries as authorial intent. Those limitations are now gone, freeing game-makers to set their sights on closer, more detailed locales: Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto V’s gently fictionalised Los Angeles, Watch Dogs 2’s Silicon Valley-skewering version of San Francisco and, in the forthcoming Far Cry 5, a dramatised version of rural Montana.Shifting the shoot-them-before-they-shoot-you-first principle established by Space Invaders et al to contemporary settings represents more than an aesthetic manoeuvre: it inevitably adds a political dimension to what was, once, a mere test of reactions, the sort you might find at a funfair. Mostly, game-makers don’t take overt political sides in their games, which, so the wisdom goes, must appeal to players of all political alignments and degrees of engagement. Many people use entertainment as escapism; they want to focus solely on the thrill and challenge of firing a digital weapon, not ponder the implications of who is aiming it at whom. Continue reading...

08 июня, 06:21

Dominican Republic imprisons suspects in Odebrecht case pending trial

SANTO DOMINGO (Reuters) - A judge in the Dominican Republic ordered several suspects awaiting trial in a bribery scandal engulfing Brazilian company Odebrecht to be sent to prison on Wednesday until their case is heard.