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30 июля, 05:37

Beautiful Jennifer Lopez Photos That Prove Age Is Just a Number

Actress and pop star Jennifer Lopez has been in the industry for a long time, but the stunning celebrity doesn't seem to age.

28 июля, 11:50

The Twilight of Brazil's Anti-Corruption Movement

The country’s ascendant right sees little value in continuing to clean up its politics.

28 июля, 00:08

Africa’s Youth Could Transform Governance on the Continent

Kristin Lord, Jon Temin Security, Africa Africa's aging leaders are desperately clinging to power, and that stands in sharp contrast to the young profile of the continent. As August begins and many Washingtonians leave the city’s notorious humidity, a remarkable group of people will be arriving. Next week, one thousand emerging African leaders will gather in our nation’s capital as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative, an effort that began in 2010 and has aimed to strengthen bonds between the United States and Africa’s next generation of leaders, and further enhance their leadership skills. The gathering comes at a time when many Africans are asking questions about those charged with leading their countries. Some of those questions concern the remarkable staying power of aging leaders. Ninety-three year-old Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, in office for thirty-seven years, often gets the most attention given his age, but he is only the third longest-serving head of state on the continent. Equitorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Angola’s Jose Eduardo dos Santos have both been in office for almost thirty-eight years. In fact, the four longest serving leaders in the world are in Africa, as are seven of the top ten. This is all the more striking given that Africa has the youngest population in the world, with an average age of nineteen. It may be no coincidence that the countries that these long-serving leaders rule—Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon (led by Paul Biya , in office for thirty-five years) and Sudan (led by Omar al-Bashir, in power for twenty-eight years)—are some of the most troubled in Africa. Their leaders have done little to develop strong institutions of accountability or advance transparency, and have over many years in office used the state to serve their purposes and enrich their inner circles that support their hold on power. These countries are robbed of the benefits of regular leadership rotation, which refreshes democratic institutions, creates opportunities for greater diversity in government and for new generations to rise, and holds leaders accountable since they know they will leave office when their term ends. Read full article

26 июля, 18:40

Karoon moves ahead with Echidna field development off Brazil

Karoon Gas Australia Ltd., Melbourne, has begun the front-end engineering and design phase for its wholly owned Echidna oil field in the Santos basin offshore Brazil.

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24 июля, 16:29

Institutions and Political Party Systems: The Euro Case -- by Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Tano Santos

This paper argues that institutions and political party systems are simultaneously determined. A large change to the institutional framework, such as the creation of the euro by a group of European countries, will realign - after a transition period - the party system as well. The new political landscape may not be compatible with the institutions that triggered it. To illustrate this point, we study the case of the euro and how the party system has evolved in Southern and Northern European countries in response to it.

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20 июля, 18:03

Angola’s president returns from Spain amid health concerns

Angolan media say President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has returned to the country from Spain, where he has received medical treatment this year.

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20 июля, 00:23

Santos basin to be surveyed with ocean-bottom nodes

Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) has signed a contract with CGG to conduct a 2,180-sq-km full fold 3D survey using ocean-bottom nodes in the deepwater Santos basin offshore Brazil.

18 июля, 07:58

Трамп перевоспитает «плохого лидера» Мадуро решительными экономическими действиями

Американский президент Дональд Трамп пригрозил Венесуэле решительными экономическими действиями, если лидер страны Николас Мадуро созовет учредительное собрание 30 июля.

17 июля, 17:49

Using Instrumental Variables for Inference about Policy Relevant Treatment Effects -- by Magne Mogstad, Andres Santos, Alexander Torgovitsky

We propose a method for using instrumental variables (IV) to draw inference about causal effects for individuals other than those affected by the instrument at hand. Policy relevance and external validity turns on the ability to do this reliably. Our method exploits the insight that both the IV estimand and many treatment parameters can be expressed as weighted averages of the same underlying marginal treatment effects. Since the weights are known or identified, knowledge of the IV estimand generally places some restrictions on the unknown marginal treatment effects, and hence on the values of the treatment parameters of interest. We show how to extract information about the average effect of interest from the IV estimand, and, more generally, from a class of IV-like estimands that includes the two stage least squares and ordinary least squares estimands, among many others. Our method has several applications. First, it can be used to construct nonparametric bounds on the average causal effect of a hypothetical policy change. Second, our method allows the researcher to flexibly incorporate shape restrictions and parametric assumptions, thereby enabling extrapolation of the average effects for compliers to the average effects for different or larger populations. Third, our method can be used to test model specification and hypotheses about behavior, such as no selection bias and/or no selection on gain. To accommodate these diverse applications, we devise a novel inference procedure that is designed to exploit the convexity of our setting. We develop uniformly valid tests that allow for an infinite number of IV--like estimands and a general convex parameter space. We apply our method to analyze the effects of price subsidies on the adoption and usage of an antimalarial bed net in Kenya.

17 июля, 06:54

Ситуация на фондовых площадках Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона:

Фондовые индексы Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона торгуются в основном в зеленой зоне, после роста котировок на Уолл-стрит в пятницу. Также на динамику торгов повлияли более позитивные, чем ожидалось, данные по росту экономики Китая. Японский рынок сегодня закрыт в связи с официальным выходным в стране. Национальное бюро статистики Китая сообщило сегодня, что валовой внутренний продукт увеличился во втором квартале на 6,9%, как и в первом квартале, но был выше прогноза экономистов, которые ожидали рост на 6,8%. Также стало известно, что рост промышленного производства в стране в июне в годовом исчислении составил 7,6%, что выше предыдущего значения и прогноза экономистов 6,5%. Розничные продажи в Китае выросли на 11,0% в июне, опередив прогноз роста на 10,6% и оказавшись выше предыдущего значения 10,7% . Австралийский фондовый рынок укрепился незначительно. Акции Santos подорожали на 1%, Oil Search - почти на 0,1%, а Woodside Petroleum - на 0,3% после роста цен на сырую нефть в пятницу. Рыночная стоимость BHP Billiton увеличилась на 0,5%, Rio Tinto - почти на 1%, а Fortescue Metals - почти на 2%. NIKKEI 20118.86 +19.05 +0.09% SHANGHAI 3218.15 -4.27 -0.13% HSI 26534.53 +145.30 +0.55% ASX 200 5767.70 +2.58 +0.04% KOSPI 2422.98 +8.35 +0.35% NZ50 7686.87 +37.10 +0.49% Информационно-аналитический отдел TeleTradeИсточник: FxTeam

17 июля, 02:45

Tens of thousands march over corruption in Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of the capital of the Dominican Republic on Sunday in the biggest demonstration of anger over corruption in decades following a landmark bribery case against top officials.

14 июля, 16:03

SeaDrill Wins Exploration & Drilling Contract from Statoil

SeaDrill Limited (SDRL) was recently awarded a contract by Statoil Brasil Oleo e Gas, a unit of integrated energy player Statoil ASA (STO), for SeaDrill's drillship, West Saturn, in the Statoil-operated BM-S-8 license in Brazil's prolific Santos basin.

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13 июля, 19:18

Statoil lets rig contracts for exploration offshore Brazil

Statoil ASA said it has let rig contracts for offshore exploration in the BM-S-8 license area in Brazil’s Santos basin.

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13 июля, 05:50

Хороша Катя! Фотографии из Vogue + Hola!

Не удержалась - "Вог" опубликовал фото со свадьбы, а тут вроде их не выкладывали? На фоте ниже совсем как Снежная Королева (с Сандрой Мансур, ливанским дизайнером всех свадебных платьев Екатерины). Красивая пара. На невесте тиара, принадлежавшая прабабушке жениха, принцессе Виктории Луизе Прусской, дочери последнего кайзера.Алессандра де Осма с братом жениха.Ниже, кстати, волосы какого-то и правда странного цвета, я сама крашеная блондинка, такое бывает, когда уже нужно окрашивать корни...Неужели нарочито так сделано? Или игра света.И два послесвадебных наряда ("вдохновленные моими русскими корнями" - невеста) по последней традиции, авторства все той же Сандры Мансур: В настоящий момент молодожены планируют (или уже уехали) в свадебное путешествие на родину блюза, который, видимо, обожают - в южные штаты США.Взято отсюда: http://www.vogue.com/article/prince-ernst-august-jr-ekaterina-malysheva-wedding-hanover-sandra-mansour-inside-look-final-fittingПлюс, куча фоток тут http://www.gettyimages.dk/event/wedding-of-prince-ernst-august-of-hanover-jr-and-ekaterina-malysheva-775001836#andres-santo-domingo-and-his-wife-lauren-santo-domingo-during-the-of-picture-id813382596

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12 июля, 19:39

Statoil to buy additional 10% in license offshore Brazil

Statoil ASA is to buy an additional 10% interest in the BM-S-8 license in the Santos basin offshore Brazil for $379 million.

11 июля, 02:19

Colombia: President Santos grants Farc members amnesty

Some 7,400 rebels who did not commit serious crimes have now been allowed to rejoin civilian life.

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06 июля, 19:30

Santos-led group trials directional drilling in Cooper basin

The Santos Ltd.-led South Australian Cooper basin joint venture has successfully trialled a two-well gas development program aimed at finding resources by directionally drilling from nonproducing wells.

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06 июля, 17:33

Colombia to salvage Spanish galleon San José wreckage

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos strikes a deal to bring a Spanish galleon wreckage to the surface.

06 июля, 17:15

Is Petrobras (PBR) Poised to Benefit from MoU with CNPC?

Petrobras (PBR) recently announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China National Petroleum Corporation or CNPC for a strategic partnership.

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03 июля, 18:17

Angolan leader back in Spain a month after medical trip

LUANDA (Reuters) - Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos returned to Barcelona on Monday on a "private visit", the government said, a month after the 74-year-old leader spent several weeks in the Spanish city receiving medical treatment.