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30 июля, 16:11

Sharp закончила с прибылью третий квартал подряд

Японский производитель дисплеев и электроники Sharp отчитался об очередной квартальной прибыли, сделав большой шаг к избавлению от убытков по итогам года. Компании помогает программа оптимизации расходов, запущенная новым владельцем. В апреле–июне 2017 года Sharp получила чистую прибыль в размере 14,48 млрд иен ($130,5 млн) против 27,45 млн млрд иен убытков годом ранее. Опрошенные Thomson Reuters аналитики ожидали доход на уровне 7,64 млрд иен. Компания фиксирует прибыль третий квартал кряду, однако в годовом выражении терпит убытки в течение четырёх лет. По итогам текущего финансового года японский вендор ожидает чистую прибыль в размере 59 млрд иен ($531,7 млн).

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30 июля, 13:25

Япония 1982

Оригинал взят у skif_tag в Япония 1982"Японское - значит, отличное!" - так справедливо было переиначить известный слоган.  Действительно, Япония в нашем тогдашнем понимании была Меккой для изголодавшихся в условиях дефицита советских людей. Иногда удавалось достать японские нейлоновые куртки-анораки, складные зонтики "Три слона", терморсы...  А что значило для любого советского человека волшебные слова Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Orient, Sitizen...Вместе с тем, каждый советский человек знал из газет, что в Японии нечем дышать, там уже продают воздух...Источник huan_carlos

29 июля, 22:01

Looking for a Job? Don’t Waste Your Money on These Job Search Expenses

For every reasonable job search expense, there’s one that’s equally pointless. Here are 11 ways you might be wasting money while trying to get hired.

29 июля, 21:40

Poorly Alexis Sánchez is staying, says Arsène Wenger after Arsenal victory

• Wenger has spoken to flu-stricken striker and lets him recover in Chile• New signing Sead Kolasinac shines in Arsenal Emirates Cup winArsène Wenger has given special dispensation to Alexis Sánchez to stay in Chile as he recovers from an ill-timed bout of flu. The Arsenal forward, who was originally due to return to England to rejoin the squad this weekend, has an extension until Tuesday. Sánchez’s instagram selfie – wrapped in a scarf with his bottom lip out as if he felt very sorry for himself while cuddling his dog for comfort – did not look like the most convincing sickie ever but Wenger had a message for the doubters: “Your job is to be suspicious. Your job is built on mistrust and my job is built on trust. That’s why I prefer my side,” he quipped.Manager and player have exchanged messages in the past couple of days. “I had him on text yesterday, he will come back as soon as possible,” Wenger added. “We were in touch with him and his doctor. There is no basic problem. Continue reading...

29 июля, 15:03

Trump marks new Kelly era with sharp attack on Republicans

The president began his first weekend under John Kelly as he often did under Reince Priebus: launching grenades on Twitter.

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29 июля, 11:00

Yotam Ottolenghi’s summer courgette recipes

It’s time we gave courgettes the praise they deserveLooking back on what I’ve written about courgettes in the past, I see that I’ve been too apologetic. I’ve always loved these baby marrows, but for some reason have felt the need to justify them. For example, my adoration of stuffed courgettes, which would definitely feature in my final meal, seems always to come with a disclaimer that they’re no thing of beauty once that vibrant green skin turns a dull grey after two hours in the pan. Likewise, I’ve somehow invariably explained away courgettes’ unerring ability to showcase a sharp lemon dressing or sorrel and pistachio pesto by saying that this is because courgette has an essentially bland and watery flavour in the first place. Many chefs I’ve worked with have held such negative opinions about these little moisture-packed cucurbits that my reaction has become reflex. But no more: I don’t want to apologise, I don’t want to rationalise and I (still) don’t want to spiralise. I’ve decided to come out as an all-singing and all-dancing courgette fan. This is a vegetable we should be making the most of, whether we want its comfort in a cobbler or its lightness and, yes, beauty as ribbons tossed through a pasta or salad. Continue reading...

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29 июля, 10:00

Beauty: is there really such a thing as a ‘masculine’ scent? | Sali Hughes

Surely there are just pleasing smells and displeasing smells, and this varies from person to person, regardless of genderA recent survey in which 66,000 participants were asked to rate hundreds of perfumes showed that 70% of those favoured by women were “masculine-smelling”. I’m not even sure what this means, but suspect that, by “masculine”, the report meant things that smelled spicy, sharp, smoky or earthy, and not like candied rose petals and cupcake frosting. It seems a terribly reductive way to categorise something as personal as scent. Surely, there are just pleasing smells, displeasing smells and meh smells, and this varies from person to person, regardless of gender. The rest is either social conditioning or marketing.Anyway, the report’s findings caused me to examine my own collection and wonder which could, by these standards, be classed as masculine. At least half, it turns out. I have a preference for slightly piquant smells over the big, rounded, blowsy types (there are exceptions, naturally) and an aversion to sweetness, so Guerlain’s Jicky (£91.80 – I know, but that is for a 100ml bottle, twice the size of most) has always appealed. Ostensibly a women’s fragrance, it has something of the soft, strong man about it (Hollywood legend Gary Cooper wore Jicky, so I’m possibly projecting). Those repelled by rose smells shouldn’t be deterred: it’s as citrussy as it is sweet, so the overall balance is elegant and refined. It has a whiff of lavender, which I normally can’t stand, but it works here. Continue reading...

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29 июля, 06:40

Тайваньская Foxconn вложит 10 млрд долларов в выпуск ЖК-дисплеев в Висконсине

Тайваньская компания Hon Hai Precision Industry (известна под брендом Foxconn) инвестирует 10 миллиардов долларов в строительство фабрики по производству жидкокристаллических дисплеев в американском штате Висконсин.

29 июля, 04:55

Trump swallows a bitter pill on Russia

Moscow is furious at new sanctions as the White House complains of Congressional interference in foreign policy.

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29 июля, 01:00

Sharp Aquos S1 засветился на реальной фотографии

Одним из главных трендов этого года в мире смартфонов стали безрамочные дисплеи

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29 июля, 00:20

Sharp returns to profit on Foxconn's cost-cutting efforts

Japanese electronics maker Sharp said Friday it swung back to profit for the three months to June thanks to cost-cutting efforts under Taiwan's Hon Hai. The Taiwanese company,…

28 июля, 23:54

Can Oil Continue To Rally?

- WTI registered its best week of the year on strong fundamental data, OPEC progress and currency tailwinds. The physical market is showing signs of health with sharp inventory draws on a global level in crude oil and refined products which have been cheered by tightening differentials and time spreads to their highest levels in months. - OPEC developments continue to support prices in the near term with little promise of delivering a long term bull market. On the bullish side this week’s commitment from Saudi Arabia to cut exports to 6.6m…

28 июля, 18:30

North Korea claims all of U.S. in strike range as Trump says China has done "nothing"

SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea said on Saturday it had conducted another successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that proved its ability to strike America's mainland, drawing a sharp warning from U.S. President Donald Trump and a rebuke from China.

28 июля, 18:30

North Korea claims all of U.S. in strike range as Trump says China has done "nothing"

SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea said on Saturday it had conducted another successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that proved its ability to strike America's mainland, drawing a sharp warning from U.S. President Donald Trump and a rebuke from China.

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28 июля, 17:00

Common sense isn't always that sensible

Injecting our offspring with germs, heating milk rather than keeping it cool: is it any wonder science and common sense clash?Why do people believe dangerous, anti-scientific nonsense, such as the claim that vaccines cause autism, or that climate change isn’t real? The usual answer is some combination of stupidity, misinformation and an unwillingness to face scary truths. But at the risk of making myself as popular as Gwyneth Paltrow at a meeting of the General Medical Council, I’d like to suggest another: common sense. After all, the idea that it might be advisable to stab children with disease-ridden needles is plainly absurd. Equally bizarre is the notion that mere humans could alter the planet – our entire, incomprehensibly enormous planet! – just by burning things. And don’t get me started on pasteurisation. For milk to stay safe, as everyone knows, you have to keep it cold, not heat it up! Talk about magical thinking.Yes, yes, obviously I know all these objections are wrong. But as the psychologist Andrew Shtulman explains in his fascinating recent book Scienceblind, you needn’t be stupid to entertain them. You are simply in the grip of your “intuitive theories” about reality – the ideas we get from our upbringing, maybe our genes, and above all from the experiments we run on the world from the moment we’re born. Every infant is a tiny physicist, biologist and sociologist, developing unspoken theories to help them navigate life. Babies soon conclude, for example, that one solid object can’t pass through another. (In studies, they’re puzzled and curious when shown illusions suggesting otherwise.) Long before we’re taught about molecules, we come to think of heat as if it were a substance, which can hop from a flame to your hand, or waft away when you open the window. Inaccurate, but it works. As does the idea of avoiding sharp needles containing germs – until, one day, it doesn’t. Continue reading...

28 июля, 16:04

Deckers Outdoor (DECK) Posts Narrower-than-Expected Q1 Loss

Deckers (DECK) is focused on expanding brand assortments, introducing more innovative line of products and optimizing omnichannel distribution.

28 июля, 15:58

Diageo plc (DEO) in Focus: Stock Moves 5.5% Higher

Diageo plc (DEO) was a big mover last session, as the company saw its shares rise nearly 6% on the day after the company reported solid second-quarter 2017 results

28 июля, 15:46

Datawatch, Dick's Sporting Goods, Apple and JPMorgan highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

Datawatch, Dick's Sporting Goods, Apple and JPMorgan highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

28 июля, 15:06

The Limits of Bullying

Trump’s opponents have often been accused of naïveté for their appeals to norms and civility. But early Friday morning, at least, that faith was rewarded.

28 июля, 13:00

Gil Jordan: the great Belgian detective you've never heard of

Long eclipsed in English by Tintin, Maurice Tillieux’s cool, sharp investigator has a good claim to being the world’s best private eyeIn Belgium and France, Maurice Tillieux is as lauded as Asterix creator René Goscinny. You’ve likely never heard of him. But Gil Jordan – Tillieux’s signature creation – may be the comic world’s greatest detective (sorry Batman). While Asterix made his English debut in the late 1960s – a mere decade after the diminutive Gaul was created – it wasn’t until 2011 that English-language readers got two Gil Jordan mysteries, both of which, by then, were more than half a century old. This month, Anglophones are getting two more; that’s (slow) progress.Born in 1921, Tillieux grew up in Belgium loving cinema, slapstick comedy and crime fiction. Despite having his illustrations published in Le Moustique magazine in his mid-teens, he wanted to join the merchant navy. His naval career was halted before it even began, however, when he went into hiding during the second world war. He spent his days writing and drawing, separately, until he united his talents, feeling he could capture mood better using both. The fact that producing comics paid better than writing novels didn’t hurt, either. Continue reading...