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Shionogi & Co
Выбор редакции
02 сентября 2014, 17:58

BioCryst defaults on debt

Citing an insufficient Rapiacta royalty stream from partner Shionogi & Co. to pay accrued interest in arrears on the non-recourse PharRMA Notes by the September 1, 2014 payment date, a BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX -0.8%) subsidiary defaults on the debt.Note holders may pursue acceleration of the notes, foreclose on the debt collateral and equity interest of the company in its wholly-owned subsidiary JPR Royalty Sub LLC and exercise other remedies. If they choose to pursue these actions future royalties from Shionogi may be at risk.The company may also incur costs associated with retiring the notes and liquidating the related currency hedge agreement if the notes are retired.BioCryst does not expect the situation to have a significant effect on its operations or cash flows. Post your comment!

26 февраля 2013, 23:05

National › FDA approves Shionogi's drug for women who experience pain during sex

U.S. health regulators said on Tuesday they have approved a drug made by Japan's Shionogi & Co to treat women experiencing pain during sexual intercourse. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, Osphena, for a type of pain known as dyspareunia, which is a symptom of vulvar and…