21 ноября, 20:58

New Zealand hit with another outbreak of mumps as they prepare for Wales

• Ardie Savea is in isolation at the team’s Cardiff hotel• ‘We are taking it seriously and the doctor reacted really quickly’New Zealand have been hit by a second outbreak of mumps on their tour but are confident it has been contained before their final match against Wales on Saturday.The flanker Ardie Savea is in isolation in the All Blacks’ Cardiff hotel after being diagnosed with the virus despite being vaccinated as a boy. He follows the wing Reiko Ioane, who contracted it earlier on the tour and after recovering, injured a shoulder in the win against Scotland last Saturday. Continue reading...

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21 ноября, 19:55

I’m a Celebrity will be a nice little earner for Kezia Dugdale. But that’s it | Anne Perkins

The former Scottish Labour leader follows a well-trodden path of politicians who have attempted a reality TV career reboot, with somewhat mixed resultsKezia Dugdale, the former leader of Scottish Labour, has jetted off to the Australian bush to join Ant and Dec and the cast of 12 in this year’s I’m a Celebrity. It would be fair to say her decision has split the entire country, and particularly Scottish Labour. Dugdale’s announcement came on the eve of the naming of the party’s new leader, Richard Leonard. The Dugdale affair overshadowed his first meeting with MSPs this afternoon where it was accepted she should not after all be suspended from the party, thereby agreeing with a call Jeremy Corbyn had already made. Related: Kezia Dugdale avoids Scottish Labour suspension over I'm a Celebrity trip Continue reading...

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21 ноября, 19:49

TMO torture has rugby in state of angst but respect for referees is sacrosanct | Robert Kitson

When was the last time you saw a team marched back 10 metres for disrespecting the referee? It’s time for World Rugby to get tough on players and coachesFor those in charge of promoting rugby’s core values these are once again uncomfortable times. Take your pick from ranting Test coaches, big games awash with gamesmanship, mounting strain on referees and invasive technology with a depressing sprinkle of premature retirements and concussions on top. It is not a life-enhancing list.No one wants passionless sport, played in silence and officiated by robots. Equally, it is increasingly clear top-level rugby is less healthy in body and soul than some like to imagine. Even the most uplifting bits – Doddie Weir and his sons taking the ball out at Murrayfield, Scotland’s thrilling effort to topple the All Blacks – are disappearing into the maelstrom, with the investigation of Michael Cheika’s conduct at Twickenham the latest example. Continue reading...

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21 ноября, 18:42

Scotland's minimum pricing for alcohol to take effect in May 2018

Shona Robison announces plan to fix level at 50p a unit, aiming to reduce hospital admissions by 8,254 in first five yearsScotland’s minimum pricing policy for alcohol, to be fixed at 50p a unit, will come into force on 1 May 2018, the Scottish health secretary has announced.In a statement at Holyrood, Shona Robison said ministers were keen to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) as soon as possible and would be unveiling a consultation paper on its implementation next week. Continue reading...

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21 ноября, 17:47

Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland to start in May

The move will raise the cost of the strongest, cheapest alcohol by setting a minimum price of 50p-per-unit.

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21 ноября, 17:00

Liam Dobson Art

Liam Dobson’s website showcases the painter’s work in all its versatility, with a focus on textured landscapes of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he is based.

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21 ноября, 16:32

Bizzumbaw and heidbummers: why Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is better in Scots

JK Rowling’s wizard tale has been translated into 79 foreign languages, but this new version may just be the best of allHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is not a very good book. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane is terrific.The Scots version of JK Rowling’s debut, to be published this Thursday by Itchy Coo, is the 80th language into which the novel has been translated. But what is the point? After all, anyone who can read the book in Scots will already be able to read it in English. Continue reading...

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21 ноября, 14:02

Kezia Dugdale avoids Scottish Labour suspension over I'm a Celebrity trip

Party’s MSPs decide not to take immediate action against former leader, as her partner defends decision to appear on showThe former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has avoided being suspended by the party after she joined the cast of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here without its approval.The Scottish Labour parliamentary group at Holyrood met to discuss her absence hours after Dugdale arrived in Australia to join 11 other contestants in the reality TV show. Continue reading...

21 ноября, 13:45

Керлингисты России выиграли у голландцев на Евро-2017

Сборная России по керлингу выиграла второй матч в рамках кругового турнира чемпионата Европы, который продолжается в швейцарском Санкт-Галлене. В матче 6-го тура наши мужчины победили со счетом 9:4. Позже во вторник, 21 ноября, россияне встретятся с соперниками из Словакии.

21 ноября, 13:38

Тест: Только 3% населения могут правильно ответить на все 12 вопросов этого теста

С помощью этого теста вы сможете проверить ваши знания!

21 ноября, 13:17

Trump's return to Mar-a-Lago: No pepper spray, pocket knives or laser pointers

It’s Mar-a-Lago season again.President Donald Trump returns to his private Palm Beach club Tuesday for the first time since April, and several of his dues-paying members said they plan on making a beeline there in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the president or even chatting him up over the holiday weekend, including an extravagant Thanksgiving buffet.Friends say the president relishes rubbing shoulders with club members at his “Winter White House” — even though chief of staff John Kelly, a new addition since the president’s last visit this spring, has reportedly been looking for ways to keep the president out of Mar-a-Lago’s common dining area.“The president thrives on the interactions he has with guests, friends and members, and I’d be surprised if that didn’t continue in some way,” said Chris Ruddy, a Mar-a-Lago member and Newsmax CEO who has been friendly with Trump for nearly 20 years.Members at the exclusive seaside resort — who endured ad hoc procedures to accommodate Trump’s new status as commander-in-chief earlier this year — will nevertheless see some changes this season. Only two guests per member are allowed at any one time, and dinner reservations are available only two weeks in advance to stop members from snagging all the potential prime Trump time, according to a recent notice relayed to members.Regulars are also getting a refresher on the rules when Trump is on the premises. An alert sent out Monday by the club ahead of the first presidential visit advised members of 10- to 20-minute waits to get through security, as well as the same traffic flow restrictions, valet parking requirements and mandatory photo identification rules that were imposed last season. That includes Secret Service checkpoints, which will be set up Tuesday morning ahead of Trump’s arrival. “Pocket knives, laser pointers, pepper spray, and any other items deemed to be a safety hazard are not permitted on property,” the club warned. “Any items surrendered will not be returned.” Mar-a-Lago managers responded to last season’s problems in real time, imposing rules prohibiting pictures in the dining area when the president was on the property. That was in response to social media accounts that were flooded with pictures of everything from the military officer carrying the nuclear football to Trump and the visiting Japanese prime minister reacting to a real live North Korea crisis at their dinner table. Those restrictions remain in place, and now members face new limits at all times on the number of guests they can bring in and for how many dinner reservations they can make in advance.Protests greeted the president with each visit last season, and already this season one women’s advocacy group, UltraViolet, has said it purchased local television ad time this Tuesday through Saturday during “Fox & Friends”and “Saturday Night Live” to broadcast a commercial featuring things that are “more popular than Trump,” including access to abortions and the Affordable Care Act. Trump’s motorcade during trips to and from the airport and to his nearby private golf club in West Palm Beach are the cause of frequent traffic backups. The local county police force is also still waiting for a $3.5 million reimbursement from the federal government to cover the overtime costs of securing roads and other checkpoints during Trump’s last round of post-inauguration visits, while each additional day with Trump in town costs another $70,000. “I certainly do not think anyone should expect this is now just a regular line item in the budget,” said Rep. Ted Deutch, a South Florida Democrat who represents the adjoining district with Mar-a-Lago. “This is going to have to be fought for.”Mar-a-Lago members, whose annual dues have gone up $1,000, to $15,000, are enjoying some new perks. The Trump Organization had doubled the number of private golf clubs that it now lists as offering reciprocal arrangements for Mar-a-Lago’s members, including the Aberdeen and Turnberry courses in Scotland, Doonbeg in Ireland and a newly opened club in Dubai.At least one Mar-a-Lago member has also earned a nomination to serve in Trump’s administration: Robin Bernstein, a founding club member and president of a Palm Beach life and health insurance company, who got tapped last month to be the U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic.But some Mar-a-Lago regulars complain of the extra hassles they face with Trump’s security entourage, as well as the overcrowded dining room, that make his resort less attractive as a weekend destination for tennis, working out and using its other amenities. “We plan not to be there when he’s there,” said one longtime member. “When he’s there it’s a mess.”Trump’s South Florida resort has itself become an object of fascination far beyond Palm Beach. Over the weekend, the Palm Beach Post prompted global intrigue with a report that the 533-foot yacht “Eclipse,” owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin ally Roman Abramovich, had arrived in the area at the same time Trump was preparing for his Thanksgiving trip. Media coverage has also accompanied everything from the potholes just outside Mar-a-Lago’s stucco walls to its local property tax bill and the number of foreign workers it hires each season. The president’s polarizing approach to politics has cost Mar-a-Lago charitable bookings at the Donald J. Trump Ballroom. Twenty functions have left the club since last season, headed to other South Florida venues following the president’s controversial comments in August in the aftermath of a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., according to the Palm Beach Post.But even the charity flap has sparked a political divide. Trump supporters have rallied to the president’s side, and several new events have popped up to fill the vacancies. A local group of Mar-a-Lago female members, dubbed “The Trumpettes,” have organized a $300-per-person party to commemorate Trump’s inauguration anniversary. That Thursday night event in mid-January, which is expected to feature Eric Trump, actor and Frank Sinatra cover singer Robert Davi, and Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, has already sold out its first batch of 800 tickets. Invitations to the president and first lady are also going to be sent out.“My money and my heart are staying at Mar-a-Lago,” said Toni Holt Kramer, the organizer of the “Red, White and Blue Celebration.”The club, which this year doubled its initiation fee to $200,000, has reported seeing a boost in revenue compared to past years. From January 2016 through the spring, according to a financial disclosure the president submitted to the Office of Government Ethics, the club took in $37 million. That’s up from $30 million in 2015 and $16 million in 2014.Trump, who shortly before his inauguration handed over day-to-day management of his private businesses to his two adult sons, has continued patronizing his various clubs, to the exclusion of other restaurants or hotels. He frequently dines at the Trump International Hotel in Washington while at the White House. During his recent trip to Asia, Trump made a brief pit stop at his Honolulu hotel and mentioned his Bedminster, N.J., club, which hosted this year’s U.S. Women’s Open, while speaking to the South Korea parliament.But none are as iconic, or emblematic of Trump, as Mar-a-Lago. And some South Florida locals say the repeat presidential visits are almost starting to feel normal.“It’s like living next to the railroad tracks,” Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told POLITICO. “After a while you don’t hear the trains.”

21 ноября, 13:12

Trump's return to Mar-a-Lago: No pepper spray, pocket knives or laser pointers

Members of the waterfront Palm Beach retreat say they're looking forward to seeing the president at the Thanksgiving buffet line.

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Bantam by Jackie Kay review – home truths from a goddess of small things

Jackie Kay depicts a world of grief, joy, love and humour in the sparest termsThis collection is a pick-me-up – fresh, upbeat and sympathetic. The tone is partly a matter of temperament. Jackie Kay writes about the past with uncommon spirit. She makes you realise how often poetry that looks backwards is written with a dead hand, how often, in memorialising verse, the unsmilingly elegiac obtains. She, by contrast, is loving, non-reverential and interested in the human predicament – in being quick not dead. Remembering the novelist Julia Darling in Hereafter Julia she exclaims: “Why – even dead, Julia, you’re still the life and soul.” And if you read the Guardian obituary Kay wrote about her friend, this is confirmed as she quotes Darling declaring she was “in no pain unless she tried to dance the hokey cokey”.When Jackie Kay closes one door, she opens another. There is a long poem, Threshold, about life’s doors and the collection can be considered in terms of its exits and entrances. She holds open a door into Scotland, imagines friends and refugees in a “building of pure poetry”. But having your heart in the right place would be no good were your pen to stray. Hers does not. Her poems are clear, skilfully engineered, and Threshold ends in an exuberant outbreak of foreign tongues before settling down into: “Wan patter is naer enough.” I am intrigued by the way Scottish dialect dresses – sometimes redresses – its subjects. How successful the national costume proves. Take A Day Like Today, which describes the sort of duff day that might seem past redemption. It begins: “If every there wis a day/A doon about the mooth day…” One wonders why “doon about the mooth” is so much perkier than “down in the mouth”. In plain English, the poem would be plainer, the day less worth recording. Perhaps it is the taste – the trace – of Burns, bracing as malt whisky. Continue reading...

21 ноября, 10:02

Мэй готовится предложить ЕС 26 млрд долларов по Brexit

Тереза Мэй намерена предложить ЕС дополнительные 26 млрд долларов по Brexit

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21 ноября, 03:49

New Scottish Labour leader admits he sides with England sports teams

Yorkshire-born trade unionist Richard Leonard says he supports England when the two nations go head-to-headThe new leader of Scottish Labour has admitted he supports England over Scotland when the two nations go head-to-head in rugby and football.The Yorkshire-born trade unionist Richard Leonard was elected leader on Saturday and, despite spending the majority of his adult life in Scotland, the MSP for Central Scotland admitted his sporting heart remained with England. Continue reading...

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20 ноября, 23:16

The Times: Россия наводнила Twitter сообщениями о независимости Шотландии

Около 400 тысяч сообщений в Twitter о независимости Шотландии были размещены на фейковых страницах, которые были связаны с Россией. Исследователи говорят, что сотни автоматизированных ботов умножали сообщения о проблемах, связанных с независимостью королевства, на протяжении […]

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20 ноября, 22:22

Robo-Advisory Moves Should Boost RBS's Profits

In a bid to make the most of the rapidly growing robo-advisory industry, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group has begun offering its customers robo-advisory services through its NatWest Invest platform.

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20 ноября, 19:08

Scots Labour leader backs England vs Scotland

Yorkshire-born Richard Leonard said he would back the country of his birth against Scotland in a football match.

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20 ноября, 18:56

Поток твитов о независимости Шотландии, связанный с Россией

Сотни автоматизированных аккаунтов - так называемых Twitter-ботов - выдавали сообщения о вопросах, связанных с независимостью Шотландии. Как утверждают эксперты, многие боты связаны с попытками России подорвать демократию в Западной Европе.

20 ноября, 18:31

Россия наводнила Twitter сообщениями о независимости Шотландии - The Times

Эксперты обнаружили активность российских ботов во время важных политических событий в королевстве.

26 апреля, 18:57

Главные шотландские музеи выложили 40 тыс. изображений своих экспонатов в Сеть

Оцифровка коллекций Национальной галереи, Национальной портретной галереи и Галереи современного искусства Шотландии началась в апреле этого года, - сообщает The Art Newspaper Russia. На сайте уже доступно более 40 тыс. изображений высокого разрешения начиная с XII века и заканчивая современностью. Поиск по произведениям можно организовать, выбрав художника, век, стиль, тему, изображаемые объекты и даже цвет. В течение следующих пяти лет будут оцифрованы еще 55 тыс. экспонатов.Любителей фотографии порадует внушительный фотораздел, который содержит около 30 тыс. снимков. Здесь и классики, и основатели, и современные звезды — от Эдварда Мейбриджа до Роберта Мэпплторпа. На сайте есть текстовые материалы, посвященные фотографам и художникам, разделенные по количеству минут (5, 15, 30), которые требуются на их прочтение. Запуск сайта приурочен к старту проекта «Торжество шотландского искусства» по расширению Национальной галереи и популяризации шотландского искусства. В его рамках площадь старейшего в регионе музея будет увеличена в три раза, расширен нижний этаж, отреставрированы отдельные залы музея. Работы завершатся к концу 2019 года.Вы также можете подписаться на мои страницы:- в фейсбуке: https://www.facebook.com/podosokorskiy- в твиттере: https://twitter.com/podosokorsky- в контакте: http://vk.com/podosokorskiy- в инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/podosokorsky/- в телеграм: http://telegram.me/podosokorsky