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22 июля, 17:18

15 of the Worst Jobs for a Marriage

Till death do us part -- until it’s not. Divorce could be on the horizon if you work in one of these jobs known for disrupting even the strongest marriages.

22 июля, 17:00

Poland: The EU's Next Big Test

The government’s proposed changes to the supreme court has angered the bloc.

22 июля, 14:58

Imagine This: The Air Force Considered Turing the A-10 Warthog into a Nuclear Bomber

Joseph Trevithick Security, Well, at least briefly.  Fast-moving fighter jets would have trouble escaping the aftermath of these massive explosions. On a nuclear mission, the Air Force expected its fighter pilots to fly toward their targets at altitudes greater than 30,000 feet before lobbing bombs at the enemy. With the bombs flying in an upward arc onto the target, the method would hopefully give the aircraft enough time to fly clear of the blast. But it’d still be a close call. The slower A-10s probably wouldn’t make it. Despite what the Pentagon and senior Air Force leaders might say, the A-10 Warthog is far from “single-purpose airplane.” But dropping nuclear bombs might be one of the things the low- and sl0w-flying attackers actually can’t do. But the Air Force once briefly considered the idea. In December 1975, Secretary of Defense Bill Clements wanted to know how much it would cost to modify F-15 and F-16 fighter jets so they could carry atomic weapons. Two months later, the Air Force sent back data on what it would take to upgrade those two types of aircraft—or the A-10—with nukes. “For your information, we have also provided similar cost data on the A-10 aircraft,” states an unclassified memo War Is Boring obtained from the Air Force Historical Research Agency. “The estimated cost to make 275 A-10s nuclear-capable is $15.9 million.” The total amount—equivalent to more than $65 million today—would cover developing and testing the required equipment, and installing it on the Warthog fleet. The flying branch’s calculations included systems needed to support B-43, B-57 and B-61 bombs. At the time, these three bombs were the standard nuclear weapons for aircraft in the U.S. military. If a shooting war broke out in Europe, America’s NATO allies would have gotten access to these weapons, too. Newer versions of the B-61 remain in service today. Obviously, the Air Force never ended up arming the A-10s with nukes. But Clement’s desire for more nuclear-armed aircraft is hardly surprising. During the Cold War, the Pentagon expected to use nuclear bombs, artillery shells and missiles to fend off a Soviet invasion of Europe. Read full article

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22 июля, 05:36

Без заголовка

**Should-Read: Doug Elmendorf et al.**: Letter from Former CBO Directors on the Importance of CBO’s Role in the Legislative Process: "The undersigned represent every former Director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)... >...We write to express our strong objection to recent attacks on the integrity and professionalism of the agency and on the agency’s role in the legislative process.... Over the past 42 years CBO has been firmly committed to providing nonpartisan and high-quality analysis—and that commitment remains as strong and effective today as it has been in the past. Because CBO works for the Congress, and only the Congress, the agency’s analysis addresses the unique needs of legislators. To meet the standard of nonpartisan objectivity, CBO makes no recommendations about policy, regularly consults with researchers and practitioners with a wide range of views (as can be seen in the agency’s panels of advisers and reviewers for major studies), and enhances its transparency by releasing extensive descriptions of its analytic techniques and forecast record. To produce estimates of high quality, CBO uses its detailed understanding of federal programs and economic conditions, ongoing interactions with government officials and private-sector experts, the best academic research, and the latest available data consistent with...

22 июля, 02:42

Inside the 24 hours that broke Sean Spicer

Trump’s beleaguered press secretary had been in better spirits recently. Then Scaramucci had an Oval Office meeting.

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22 июля, 01:49


ONCE AGAIN, THE NEW YORK TIMES DECLARES ITS CORE LEFTWING READERS TO BE RACIST. “NY Times reporter: White women seem racist on the city’s sidewalks,” John Sexton paraphrases at Hot Air – because they don’t appear to get out of the author’s way when he’s walking down the sidewalk: The author does do some speculating […]

22 июля, 01:08

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Honda Accord

The 2018 Honda Accord is shaping up to be the most important Honda sedan in years. But is it enough to save the midsize sedan as we know it?

22 июля, 01:07

The Scaramucci Takeover

The choice of the former hedge funder and ardent Trump loyalist reflected longstanding dissatisfaction with Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

21 июля, 23:55

Bet on 4 Global ETFs to Earn at Least 4% Yield

Ride on soaring global ETFs and earn at least 4% yield.

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21 июля, 23:43

Merck's Biosimilar Insulin Gets Tentative FDA Approval

Merck (MRK) secures a tentative FDA approval for its insulin candidate, Lusduna Nexvue, a biosimilar version of Sanofi's Lantus. The sanction is provisional owing to an ongoing litigation with Sanofi.

21 июля, 23:41

Responding to Trump: What about the State AGs? What about the Democrats? And the Germans?

In response to three recent pieces—one discussing the public and private parts of the U.S. system of self-governance…

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21 июля, 22:16

Без заголовка

**Must-Read: Ryan Avent**: Making Monetary Policy Great Again: "Obama’s response to the economic crisis... the timidity of his stimulus plan... his failure to provide broad support to struggling homeowners... his premature pivot to deficit cutting... >...While Roosevelt’s New Deal programs left an indelible mark on the American economy and society, it was his decisive monetary action that saved America from continuing depression. On just his third day... Roosevelt declared a bank holiday... suspended... the... gold standard... a policy of reflation. The economic response was immediate.... Obama would not pursue any comparably radical policy.... His Administration left the hard work of rehabilitating the economy to the Federal Reserve, while the federal government turned to deficit reduction.... >The decades prior to the crisis taught political leaders that economic management was the Fed’s job, one it could handle ably. Experience since the financial crisis strongly suggests that assumption was mistaken. It should not have taken six years to return the unemployment rate to the pre-crisis level, nor should so much of the reduction in unemployment have come in the form of frustrated workers leaving the labor force. American incomes should not have been allowed to fall below the pre-crisis trend, and at least...

21 июля, 20:54

5 things Trump did while you weren't looking: Week 7

More visas for foreign workers, a ban on travel to North Korea and much more.

21 июля, 20:47

Без заголовка

**Should-Read: Cosma Shalizi** (2006): Accents, Heritability, Measured IQ, the Flynn Effect, and Intelligence: ">Q: Would you put on your right-thinking left-liberal educated-in-Berkeley-and-Madison hat for a moment?... >...A: I'd find nothing easier. (You left out the dirty hippy progressive Montessori school where they taught me Pirandello and Diderot.) >Q: Very good. (It didn't fit the rhythm, and anyway they get the picture.) How would you react to the idea that a psychological trait, one intimately linked to the higher mental functions, is highly heritable? >A: With suspicion and unease, naturally. >Q: It's strongly correlated with educational achievement, class and race. >A: Worse and worse. >Q: Basically nothing that happens after early adolescence makes an impact on it; before that it's also correlated with diet. >A: Do you work at the Heritage Foundation? Such things cannot be. >Q: What if I told you the trait was accent? >A: I'm sorry? >Q (in a transparently fake California accent): When you, like, say words differently than other people? who speak, like, the same language? because that's how you, you know, learned to say them from people around you? >A: Do you have a point to make, or are you just yanking my chain? >Q:...

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21 июля, 20:30

Rating agency more hopeful on Greece but balks at upgrade

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has raised its outlook for Greece from “stable” to “positive,” encouraged by a recent round of cost-cutting reforms and an expected return to growth this year.

21 июля, 18:56

Ironwood (IRWD) Reports Positive Data on Reflux Candidate

Ironwood's GI candidate met the primary endpoint of a phase IIb study. It showed significant reduction in weekly heartburn severity in adult patients with reflux disease.

21 июля, 18:38

НБУ приоткрывает дорогу свободному движению капитала

Однако отсутствие прогресса во внедрении в Украине рекомендаций плана BEPS может поставить под вопрос дальнейшую валютную либерализацию/

21 июля, 18:38

When Will President Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

The White House is threatening the special counsel and trying to dig up dirt on him, and the prospect that the president will try to fire him now seems very real.

23 июня 2014, 14:12

Standard & Poor.s: каковы основные риски для российской экономики

Невыплата долгов "Нафтогазом" не будет считаться дефолтом всей Украины. Тем не менее, страна может официально стать банкротом в ближайшие год - два. Такой прогноз озвучил Моритц Краемер - он возглавляет группу суверенных рейтингов Standard & Poor.s. Поможет ли Украине МВФ, что ждет российские госкомпании и как ответить на обвинения в политической ангажированности?