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30 июля, 21:50

GGP: As Trump Rolls Back Methane Rules, What Should The Oil & Gas Industry Do?

The statements, opinions and data contained in the content published in Global Gas Perspectives are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s) of Natural Gas World. This is an excerpt of an article by the Baker...

30 июля, 19:47

THE USS ZUMWALT AS A 21ST CENTURY POCKET BATTLESHIP: The author of the article thinks the USN should…

THE USS ZUMWALT AS A 21ST CENTURY POCKET BATTLESHIP: The author of the article thinks the USN should strip the Zumwalt of its guns, pack it from stem to stern with anti-ship missiles and employ it as a stealthy ship-killing platform. The conversion would start with deleting the two 155-millimeter Advanced Gun System howitzers on […]

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30 июля, 19:01

Robots play in RoboCup

Robots fight for the ball during a football match in the standard platform league tournament at the RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, in Japan yesterday. In the four-day RoboCup 2017, about 3,000 researchers and engineering students showed off their latest technologies, with robot footballers competing in eight leagues.

30 июля, 12:00

6 weird things Russians do that baffle foreigners

1. Prepare to arrive hungry The plate should be finished. / Legion Media “From a Russian's perspective, when you offer a plate of food it’s important for the guest to finish it, or else it’s seen as disrespectful. From the Arab side, how much you can eat is okay and we don't really mind if you finish the plate or not.” – Adel Al Khozaae, Bahrain. “Russians love to cook a lot of food with mayonnaise, and often they cook more than they can eat. Also, caviar doesn’t seem to be a delicacy because you find it in almost every home.” – Daan van Dijk, Netherlands. 2. Drinking culture Russians like to say many toasts. / Legion Media “Most, if not all, sittings that involve drinking consist of many toasts. Only lazy Russians simply say, “Na zdorovie” (“cheers”), [which is not a Russian toast at all – Editor’s note]. Instead, most Russians say long complicated toasts, and tell anecdotes or stories from their life.” – Santiago Gómez, Colombia. “Maslenitsa (an Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday) and the whole drinking culture seemed weird at first, but when we understood more about it, we realized that it shows how cultured Russian people actually are. So, while they may seem weird at first, you start to appreciate and admire how much Russians value their oldest traditions and try to maintain their culture.” – Kostas Vafeidis, Greece. 3. Always dressing to impress Russian woman. / Legion Media “Most females tend to dress up for any occasion outside the home, even walking a dog or shopping for groceries.” – Piotr Kowalski, Poland. “Unless she’s holding a walking stick, all females must be called “devushka” (“young lady”).” – Noah Schneider, Germany. 4. Paradoxes of standing in line and driving A traffic jam on Aleutskaya Street, Vladivostok. / Alexandr Kryazhev/RIA Novosti “There’s no concept of lines anywhere. When one sees a queue, he tends to ask for the last person in line and blatantly follows them, disregarding the possibility to read the information signs and take a ticket number.” – Ji Hoon Kim, South Korea. “If you allow one car to merge into traffic in front of you, it is a signal to every driver that you are allowing all vehicles to merge in front of you. This results in angering every driver behind you. Perhaps this is why Russian drivers are considered to be some of the most aggressive in the world. This also applies to standing in lines at the airport.” – Adam Collins, U.S. 5. Soviet nostalgia A still from the animation series 'Nu, pogodi!' (You Just Wait!) recorded at Soyuzmultfilm studio. / I. Brenner/RIA Novosti “It was weird to see Russian adults watch Soviet cartoons over and over again. As we were told later, the cartoons became a cultural phenomenon that reflected Soviet society, and this is why these cartoons are so beloved and still popular.” - Noah Schneider, Germany. 6. Superstitions Woman going to leave room. / Getty Images “Whistling is considered both rude and indicative of being low-class and/or uneducated. In the U.S., whistling is an expression of enjoyment. I have no idea why this is so different in Russia. Also, if my luggage is packed, my apartment is prepared, and my travel documents are in hand, what is the purpose to take a seat immediately before walking out the door? I was told that this is to whisper a silent prayer for good luck. However, when I was a student in the Soviet Union in 1990, this was also standard, and that was a time when religion was largely forbidden. I have no idea why or how this began.” – Adam Collins, U.S. Bonus How do Russians calm their foreign friends if something like this happens? “Russian people are inclined to say, `This is Russia,’ when confronted by an inexplicable situation, be it a success or failure.” – Ji Hoon Kim, South Korea. Read more:  6 habits from the Soviet Union that Russians can’t shake Soviet hangover: How people drank beer in the USSR 10 Russian words impossible to translate into English

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30 июля, 03:32

NYPD Calls Unreasonable Use Of Force 'Irresponsible' After Trump's Speech

The department said suggestions for using another standard for use of force "sends the wrong message."

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30 июля, 01:49

С фестиваля в Барселоне из-за пожара эвакуированы 22 тысячи человек

В Барселоне из-за крупного пожара были эвакуированы участники и гости музыкального фестиваля Tomorrowland Unite Spain, сообщает Evening Standard. Пользователи Twitter публикуют в своих микроблогах фото и видео с места происшествия. Возгорание произошло на сцене фестиваля. В результате инцидента никто не пострадал и не погиб, его причины уточняются.

30 июля, 00:32

(Early) Monday Smackdown/Hoisted: John Cogan, Tobias Cwik, John Taylor, and Volker Wieland's Reputational Bet on Fiscal Policy Is Due, and They Are Bankrupt...

Apropos of [Simon Johnson's](http://www.bradford-delong.com/2017/07/must-read-the-smart-and-honest-simon-johnson-likes-the-trumpists-and-cogan-hubbard-taylor-and-warshs-3year-real-n.html), [Charlie Steindel's](http://www.bradford-delong.com/2017/07/comment-of-the-day-charles-steindel-monday-smackdown-republican-economists-burn-yet-more-of-their-reputations-departme.html), and my... distaste... for the 3%/year growth fake forecasts of [Cogan, Hubbard, Taylor, and Warsh](http://www.bradford-delong.com/2017/07/comment-of-the-day-charles-steindel-monday-smackdown-republican-economists-burn-yet-more-of-their-reputations-departme.html)... Let me say that in Taylor's case, at least, this type of bullshit misrepresentation of what we know and what the evidence says has now been going on for a very long time: I, at least, am as tired of it as are the more senior real economists who are John Taylor's peers. Why John Taylor thinks he is still entitled to call himself an "economist" is beyond me. It has been beyond me for eight years: **Hoisted from the Archives from May 1, 2009**: John Cogan, Tobias Cwik, John Taylor, and Volker Wieland's Reputational Bet on Fiscal Policy Is Due, and They Are Bankrupt : In March I got a note from Ward Hanson asking me to come down here to Stanford and talk about: >the impact of the Stimulus Bill on jobs creation... the contrast between the Romer/Bernstein estimates of the benefits of the stimulus plan versus... Cogan, Taylor et al. that estimate/argue that there will be very little benefit.... I've got agreement from the "Taylor group" to present, as well as Martin Giles of the Economist...

29 июля, 23:16

APIs: The Unsung Heroes of our Connected World

From searching flight deals to checking the weather, we rely on connected digital platforms in many ways. APIs work behind the scenes to make it all happen. The post APIs: The Unsung Heroes of our Connected World appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

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29 июля, 10:18

"My side, right or wrong"

The alternative is, "My side is wrong this time, but we can learn a lot, fix it, and do it better next time." Which path gets us (however you want to define 'us') closer to what we seek? Which leads to better standards, desired outcomes and work we're proud of? Which leads to leaders we can eagerly follow? Tribal identity is an emotional reaction to a complicated world. But when tribal identity aligns itself with a downward spiral of selfish, poorly considered actions, it leads to suffering, not connection.   Not us vs. them. Sooner or later, it's us. We can do better. Let's do better.        

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29 июля, 10:00

Beauty: is there really such a thing as a ‘masculine’ scent? | Sali Hughes

Surely there are just pleasing smells and displeasing smells, and this varies from person to person, regardless of genderA recent survey in which 66,000 participants were asked to rate hundreds of perfumes showed that 70% of those favoured by women were “masculine-smelling”. I’m not even sure what this means, but suspect that, by “masculine”, the report meant things that smelled spicy, sharp, smoky or earthy, and not like candied rose petals and cupcake frosting. It seems a terribly reductive way to categorise something as personal as scent. Surely, there are just pleasing smells, displeasing smells and meh smells, and this varies from person to person, regardless of gender. The rest is either social conditioning or marketing.Anyway, the report’s findings caused me to examine my own collection and wonder which could, by these standards, be classed as masculine. At least half, it turns out. I have a preference for slightly piquant smells over the big, rounded, blowsy types (there are exceptions, naturally) and an aversion to sweetness, so Guerlain’s Jicky (£91.80 – I know, but that is for a 100ml bottle, twice the size of most) has always appealed. Ostensibly a women’s fragrance, it has something of the soft, strong man about it (Hollywood legend Gary Cooper wore Jicky, so I’m possibly projecting). Those repelled by rose smells shouldn’t be deterred: it’s as citrussy as it is sweet, so the overall balance is elegant and refined. It has a whiff of lavender, which I normally can’t stand, but it works here. Continue reading...

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29 июля, 09:01

Almost a quarter of shops 'illegally sell knives to underage people'

Tests carried out by Local Government Association found blades being sold to children as young as 12Nearly one in four shops is breaking the law on under-age knife sales, with blades sold to children as young as 12, trading standards officers have warned.In test purchases carried out for the Local Government Association, implements including a machete, a nine-inch serrated knife, razor blades and craft knives were sold to underage teenagers across England and Wales. Major supermarket chains were among the offenders. Continue reading...

29 июля, 09:00

Goodbye 25-year mortgages, but are we walking into a borrowing trap?

Taking out a deal lasting 35 years or more is becoming standard among younger buyersOne in six borrowers is taking out a mortgage lasting 35 years or more, official figures show – meaning many will still be paying off their loans well into their 70s.The data prompted one leading broker to declare that the traditional 25-year mortgage is “a thing of the past”, particularly when it comes to first-time buyers. But what are the pros and cons of opting to “go long”? Is it wise to saddle yourself with a major debt that you might still be paying off long after you have started collecting your pension? Continue reading...

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29 июля, 07:20

Tesla: Standard Model 3 will cost $35,000, long-range model will cost $44,000

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

29 июля, 07:02

China opens wider to boost foreign investment

CHINA is striving to make itself more inviting to foreign direct investment (FDI) and foreign talents by widening market access and bettering business environment. The decision is made at a State Council

29 июля, 04:56

West Wing waits to see if real change is coming

After months of chaos, President Donald Trump's aides wonder whether Priebus' replacement, Gen. John Kelly, can calm the famously mercurial president and defuse the rivalries among staff.

29 июля, 03:00

GGP: Energy & Environment Policy Under Trump

The statements, opinions and data contained in the content published in Global Gas Perspectives are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s) of Natural Gas World. This is an episode Center on Global Energy Policy’s...

29 июля, 02:20

McConnell’s Strange Achievement

With the public against it, a president who couldn’t stay on message and even allies calling it a ‘disaster,’ the Senate master nearly passed a huge bill anyway. That’s something, right?

29 июля, 01:05

Republicans complain about White House infighting

As House Republicans vented about the Senate’s failure to repeal Obamacare at a private meeting Friday morning, one member suddenly stood up to pin the blame on someone else entirely: President Donald Trump.Rep. Dave Trott shocked the room when he said the president had been unhelpful on health care, according to sources at the meeting. The second-term Republican from Michigan worried aloud that constant White House infighting was distracting from the Republican agenda — and he said he felt the president could have done more to get the bill across the finish line.Trott was simply vocalizing what’s on many members’ minds already, even if few say so publicly for fear of retribution. Hill Republicans are increasingly worried that Trump’s penchant for drama — and the constant bickering in the West Wing — is going to crush their agenda.This week, for instance, Republicans would have preferred to see the president spend more time shepherding the Senate’s floundering repeal effort rather than knocking Attorney General Jeff Sessions, several told POLITICO. As for Trump’s new communication director, Anthony Scaramucci, Hill Republicans were dumbfounded by his comments earlier this week attacking now-former chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief strategy Stephen Bannon.The drama continued into Friday, when Priebus resigned days after Scaramucci called him, in an interview with the New Yorker, a “f------ paranoid schizophrenic” and accused him of trying to “c--- block” him in the West Wing. All that came after press secretary Sean Spicer’s departure, which was also triggered by Scaramucci’s arrival and the ongoing war within the White House.“There’s a level of conversation coming out of the White House of the likes of which nobody has ever seen before,” said Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), who seconded Trott’s comments during the closed-door GOP conference meeting. “And so, as a consequence, not only do you have the normal impediments to legislative change, but you’ve got additional impediments that are self-created within the White House that impedes the president’s ability to lead.”Of course, Sanford has never been a Trump fan. The president, through budget director Mick Mulvaney, threatened to recruit a primary challenger against him if he voted against the House’s health care bill this spring. Sanford ultimately backed the bill.But nowadays, Sanford is far from the only Republican criticizing the White House’s dysfunction. Two weeks ago, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) fumed that the White House’s ongoing drip-drip in the Russia scandal was distracting from Republicans’ message.Speaking to a gaggle of reporters off the House floor Friday before Priebus' departure was announced, Sanford said he agreed with Trott’s comments, though he did not mention Trott by name. “That which is weird is getting weirder at the White House,” Sanford continued. “The new [communications director] has said things that are bizarre by any standards. And, consequently, they get covered… things that have nothing to do with improving people’s lives.”A Trott spokesperson said the congressman is exasperated by the gridlock in Washington.“It feels like every time the House passes substantive legislation to better the lives of the American people it fails to come to fruition,” the spokesperson said. “There’s plenty of blame to go around, but Rep. Trott is focused on finding consensus and uniting the party so he can deliver real solutions for his constituents.”Some Republicans are frustrated with Trump, not just his staff.They felt he should have spent more time talking about health care than tweeting about Hillary Clinton’s email practices. They also believe his comments about the Russia controversy only make the matter more prominent in the headlines.Rep. Charlie Dent, a moderate Republican who voted against the House repeal bill, said the health care effort was doomed from the start — in part because of Trump. The president, he argued, "never really laid out core principals and didn’t sell them to the American people.”“Usually the executive has to provide a plan and go out and sell it,” he said. “It was never really sold.”

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29 июля, 00:53

Cities Face Huge Power Shortages In Near Future

“You come to us and tell us that the great cities are in favor of the gold standard. I tell you that the great cities rest upon these broad and fertile prairies. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic. But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” (William Jennings Bryan -- aka, The Cowardly Lion, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, July 9, 1896.) The crowd went wild, and Mr. Bryan was nominated the next day. This speech…

29 июля, 00:36

Republicans looking for quick bang from tax reform for 2018 election

House Speaker Paul Ryan told conservative activists Friday that the Republicans’ plan on tax reform is to create as many permanent changes as possible, while making others temporary to comply with budgetary rules.According to multiple individuals present at a meeting in his office, Ryan said the top priority is to lower, as quickly as possible, overall business and individual tax rates, as well as some sort of enhanced write-offs (“expensing”) for businesses, with the aim of reaping the economic benefits headed into the 2018 midterm elections. Republicans sorely need such a win after the implosion of their plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.“They want to make as much of it as possible permanent,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, one of the conservative groups in the room. He added that conservatives were at “97 percent” agreement on tax reform after a tax on imports, known as “border adjustment,” was tabled yesterday.“It’s now a question of making it fit” within the budgetary rules Congress must follow, he said. Republicans are planning to use a tactic known as budget reconciliation to push tax reform through the Senate without Democratic votes. But any provision in a reconciliation package that would add to the deficit outside the 10-year budget window has to be temporary.For instance, tax cuts spearheaded by President George W. Bush in 2003 had to expire after 10 years, and became a political football during the Obama administration. Republicans hope to avoid a replay and plan to mix and match the various parts of tax reform. Measures that they believe would be politically easy to renew in 10 years would be put in the temporary pile.Most likely to end up permanent would be cuts to business and individual rates, as well as some sort of carrot-and-stick approach to prevent companies from offshoring revenues and other assets to avoid paying taxes on them in the U.S.Elimination of various individual tax breaks, including the federal deduction for payment of state and local taxes, could be permanent as well, since it would help pay for lower rates. Ending the state and local tax deduction also would serve a secondary conservative goal of putting pressure on high-tax states to lower their own rates, since their residents would no longer see a benefit from the federal write-off. Doubling the standard deduction that individuals can claim instead of itemizing expenses on their tax returns, as well as increasing the amount of money businesses can write down immediately for large purchases, are more likely to be temporary. The goal would be to extend them or make them permanent down the road. Specifics will be ironed out during the August recess, as staff for the tax policy committees in the House and Senate bounce different ideas off the CBO and Joint Committee on Taxation to get a better sense of how the different pieces will fit. Privately, Republican leadership will whip members into line on passing a budget to serve as a vehicle for tax reform in September, while publicly, Ryan, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and President Donald Trump will hit the road to sell tax reform to the public. “I think everyone is eager to pivot” from “the health care quagmire,” said conservative lobbyist Ryan Ellis, another person in the room for Friday’s meeting.