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18 марта, 13:15

These Are the Fresh Foods That You Should Never Store Next to Each Other

If you want to keep your produce fresh, never store these items together.

17 марта, 16:35

You’ll Never Believe the Vacation Destination That Gordon Ramsay Loves

You'd think a guy like Gordon Ramsay would love a big, flashy vacation spot. Prepare to be shocked.

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16 марта, 19:36

Day 1 Recap: The 2018 Investment U Conference

The Investment U Conference has been a staple since 1998. This year’s theme distinguishes intelligent speculation from gambling - and the difference is enormous...

16 марта, 14:54

Diageo (DEO) is Tailor-Made for Your Portfolio: Here's Why

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Diageo's (DEO) strong fundamentals, continuous innovations and focus on expansion have been driving its performance.

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16 марта, 14:20

Tech Momentum Shines In Turbulent First Quarter

It’s been a turbulent year for US stocks so far, but technology shares are an exception as this corner of the market roars higher in 2018. These firms have outperformed both the broad market as well as the other major sectors on a year-to-date basis, based on a set of ETF proxies. Technology SPDR (XLK) […]

15 марта, 16:55

General Mills to Report (GIS) Q3 Earnings: What's in Store?

Weak volumes and higher input costs might affect General Mills' (GIS) third-quarter results. However, focus on product innovations and reducing costs might improve margins.

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15 марта, 16:24

These 15 Pieces of Gym Equipment Send Lots of People to the Hospital

Working out is inherently dangerous, but some pieces of gym equipment are more dangerous than others. These, in particular, could send you to the hospital.

15 марта, 15:57

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Fidelity MSCI Energy Index, PowerShares High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers Portfolio and iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Fidelity MSCI Energy Index, PowerShares High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers Portfolio and iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners

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15 марта, 15:00

Masterclass: chow mein recipe | Felicity Cloake

These stir-fried noodles are a takeaway staple, but there’s still a technique to cooking them to crunchy-umami perfectionChow mein, or stir-fried noodles, may not feature on many menus in the People’s Republic of China, but, authentic or not, it remains a staple of Chinese restaurants from Kolkata to Kentucky. Slick with soy and crunchy with veg, chow mein is quick, easy and infinitely more delicious hot from the wok than from a tepid takeaway box.Prep 10 minCook 30 minServes 2 Continue reading...

15 марта, 09:03

Third Day of Losses for Dow, S&P

Third Day of Losses for Dow, S&P

15 марта, 00:45

This Is What Actually Happens When You Get Your Stomach Stapled

What actually happens to your body when you have medical weight loss surgery?

14 марта, 23:44

3 Large-Cap ETFs With Solid Inflows in March

Large-cap ETFs are attracting attention as investor fears regarding market performance recede.

14 марта, 21:28

Harvard Doctor Reveals the 3 Things She Eats for Breakfast Every Morning

The bagel you eat each morning won't cut it. You need fruit, grains and nutrients to start your day.

14 марта, 18:10

Clorox Expands Dietary Supplements Business, Buys Nutranext

Clorox (CLX) expands its dietary supplements business by acquiring Nutranext for $700 million.

14 марта, 18:05

3 ETFs Below $20 That Offer Great Upside Potential

We have dug into ETFs that are below $20 and have AUM of over $300 million and average daily volume of more than 100,000 shares. These low-priced ETFs could lead to huge gains in the coming months.

14 марта, 14:00

Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement

vincent tsui for hbr Once upon a time, surveys were a staple for every leader to solicit feedback and every company to assess engagement. But now, surveys are starting to look like diesel trucks collecting dust in the age of electric cars. Companies are using cool new machine-learning algorithms that crunch big data to measure employee engagement through email response times and network connections outside one’s core team, and forecast turnover risk by tracking signals like how often employees update their resumes. Who needs a clunky, time-consuming survey where some employees only tell you what you want to hear, and others don’t bother to respond at all? You do. For decades, having regular employee opinion surveys has been on evidence-based lists of high-performance HR practices. Our internal research at Facebook suggests that for three reasons, it would be a big mistake to abandon them today. 1. Surveys are still great predictors of behavior. At Facebook, we’ve found that simply asking our people how long they intend to stay is more than twice as accurate at foretelling their future turnover than machine-learning forecasts by an industry leader in predictive analytics. We learn a lot from surveys even when people don’t participate. People who don’t fill out either of our two annual surveys are 2.6 times more likely to leave in the next six months. 2. Surveys give employees the chance to feel heard. Not having a regular survey sends a clear message: you don’t care about people’s opinions. The act of filling out a survey gives them a specific channel for expressing voice. At Facebook, even though we can often gain the insights we need from a sample, we often invite the whole company to participate so they have a chance to contribute to the conversation. Passive monitoring loses that employee feeling of active ownership. Differential participation rates tell us what issues matter most to our people: 95% complete the engagement survey, more than two-thirds fill out our annual diversity survey, and more than half do our benefits survey. And it turns out that employees value having a say even if they don’t get their way. When we send out a survey, we get a surprising volume of write-in comments: on average, 61% of our people submit their own feedback and suggestions, and each person touches on (on average) five distinct topics. It’s clear that people take the survey seriously and want to be heard. And knowing that they won’t adopt every idea, leaders go out of their way to show that they still value the input. As a fun way to reward participation, some of our leaders have come to work dressed in a costume of their teams’ choice when they reached a 100% response rate! 3. Surveys are a vehicle for changing behavior. When you ask people for their input and insights, you aren’t just learning from them. You’re also influencing them. Psychologists find that asking questions can change behavior. Survey people on whether they’d like to volunteer three hours for the American Cancer Society, and volunteering rates spike from 4% to 31%. Poll people about whether they’re planning to buy a new computer in the next six months, and they become 18% more likely to do it. Survey NCAA basketball ticketholders on whether they intend to show up at next week’s game, and their attendance jumps from 76% to 85%. Part of the effect is consistency: saying yes creates a commitment and many people follow through. But even people who say no are more likely to shift their behavior, because questions prompt reflection. As long as the behavior is desirable, some of them will end up convincing themselves to do it. On our engagement survey at Facebook, we often try out new questions with different samples of people. In one recent survey, we asked 30% of our people whether or not they were personally committed to improving their experience working here. We weren’t trying to influence their behavior, but they ended up being 12% more likely than their peers to request a curated list of additional resources and tools to help them become more engaged at Facebook — and that was true whether their original answer was yes or no. Smart technology and big data will continue to help us figure out what matters most to our people. But that will make surveys more important, not less. In an age where more employees are afraid that Big Brother is watching and companies have the tools to observe more than ever before, running a survey can signal that Big Brother is still human.

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Style Tips We Learned From Meghan Markle’s Royal Appearances

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Want to dress like Meghan Markle? We share the style tips we learned from her royal appearances, here.

14 марта, 00:07

10 Breakfast Egg Recipes Everyone Needs to Know

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Eggs are an easy, nutritious meal, but many people only know how to make a few egg dishes. Here are 10 egg recipes anyone can crack.

13 марта, 19:55

Will Wall Street Hit the Brakes in 2019? ETFs to Play

Prepare for a possible stock market slowdown in 2019 with these quality ETFs.

13 марта, 18:20

How to order a healthier Chinese takeaway: swap noodles for rice and avoid the soup

Many dishes have been found to contain unhealthy levels of salt – but a few changes to your order could make all the differenceThe revelation that some popular Chinese foods contain unhealthily high levels of salt will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever woken up with a mouth drier than the Gobi desert after set menu No 4. Often blamed on the supposed “Chinese restaurant syndrome”, this raging thirst is in fact the body’s attempt to redress the dehydrating effects of excess salt. Monosodium glutamate, a staple of Chinese food, contains about a third of the sodium of table salt, and may actually help reduce salt consumption.More than half of the Chinese takeaway dishes analysed by the pressure group Action Against Salt contained more than half the government’s recommended daily 6g allowance. With a pinch of common sense, however, it is easy to make better choices. Continue reading...