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23 января, 16:05

Сезон публикации квартальных отчетов в США. Основные отчеты текущей недели

23 января До начала торгов: McDonald's (MCD). Средний прогноз: EPS $1.41, выручка $5997.30 млн. После окончания торгов: Yahoo! (YHOO). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.21, выручка $907.72 млн. 24 января До начала торгов: 3M (MMM). Средний прогноз: EPS $1.87, выручка $7338.29 млн. DuPont (DD). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.42, выручка EPS $5265.34 млн. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). Средний прогноз: EPS $1.56, выручка $18259.82 млн. Travelers (TRV). Средний прогноз: EPS $2.81, выручка $6176.97 млн. Verizon (VZ). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.89, выручка $32123.16 млн. После окончания торгов: Alcoa (AA). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.24, выручка $2365.54 млн. 25 января До начала торгов: Boeing (BA). Средний прогноз: EPS $2.33, выручка $23129.14 млн. Freeport-McMoRan (FCX). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.33, выручка $4335.63 млн. United Tech (UTX). Средний прогноз: EPS $1.56, выручка $14709.58 млн. После окончания торгов: AT&T (T). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.66, выручка $42181.09 млн. 26 января До начала торгов: Caterpillar (CAT). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.67, выручка $9811.58 млн. Ford Motor (F). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.32, выручка $34892.87 млн. После окончания торгов: Alphabet (GOOG). Средний прогноз: EPS $9.62, выручка $25140.11 млн. Intel (INTC). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.75, выручка $15749.89 mln. Microsoft (MSFT). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.79, выручка $25286.75 млн. Starbucks (SBUX). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.52, выручка $5850.89 млн. 27 января До начала торгов: Chevron (CVX). Средний прогноз: EPS $0.68, выручка $32961.41 млн. Honeywell (HON). Средний прогноз: EPS $1.74, выручка $10149.17 млн.Источник: FxTeam

23 января, 14:00

Followers Don’t See Their Leaders as Real People

Great leaders, especially in large organizations, aren’t really people. They’re mental images. They may be flesh and blood to the senior team and the assistants in the C-suite, but to people in outer orbits, from operational departments to business units, they are imaginary constructs. Employees create pictures of what leaders seem to be, based on the bosses’ accumulated emails, tweets, speeches, and videos, plus whatever tidbits are picked up here and there. Companies assume, or merely hope, that people will somehow derive inspiration from these mental images of the leader. But employees are judgy; a perceived shortcoming in a leader can easily undermine the image. But the mental process of building an imaginary picture is complicated, and certain weaknesses can be interpreted as strengths, lending the image an aura of authenticity. Understanding this process can be advantageous for leaders who hope to motivate and inspire. Our extensive research suggests there are four rules governing how people create and respond to the imaginary leaders that live in their minds. Rule 1: Employees tend to judge a book by its cover. In saying this, we are not being disparaging toward employees; everyone does it. People are content to base their assessments of a leader’s ability and appeal on very little information. In fact, they prefer to have skimpy information, since it’s easier to digest. Rule 2: Employees look for answers to a few specific questions: Does the leader care about me personally? Have high standards? Offer an appealing vision of the future? Seem human in a way I can relate to? Rule 3: People prefer to get answers to these questions in the form of stories, which are then used to create the mental image. The image helps people decide whether to believe in and follow the leader.  Rule 4: In assessing stories, people pay attention to those they perceive to be trustworthy, and disregard the rest. In assessing trustworthiness, people look for unexpected moments of candor and unbiased third-party accounts, communicated through unscripted and informal channels. Formal, planned interactions don’t provide these moments. As trustworthy stories are retold, they take on a life of their own, affecting people throughout the organization. In our interviews with employees we found numerous examples of these rules. An employee of Haier, the Chinese manufacturer, told us that CEO Zhang Ruimin once shut down production after he found minor dents and scratches on appliances that were coming off a manufacturing line. He instructed employees to take hammers in hand — not to fix the flaws but to destroy the imperfect products. The employees were astonished and quickly shared the story with their colleagues. The anecdote was short, answered the question about high standards, and was dramatic, and its word-of-mouth transmission gave it credibility. Another example: After a Microsoft employee’s young son had reached his lifetime medical coverage for leukemia, the employee sent an email to Bill Gates, who was CEO at the time. After being summoned to Gates’s office, the employee watched as Gates phoned the insurer’s chief executive — calling him out of a meeting — and “ripped the CEO apart,” as a Microsoft manager told us. When the employee left Gates’s office, his son had insurance coverage. Again, the story was short, informative about the leader’s feelings for employees, dramatic, and credible. Leaders who are presented with our analysis of how employees form their mental pictures often ask us if there’s anything they can do to influence this process. They want to ensure that the CEO avatars embedded in employees’ minds are benevolent and inspiring, rather than negative and demotivating. Certain aspects of the process are inherently uncontrollable; once you start trying to stage-manage incidents for employees’ benefit, you’re drifting into tricky, manipulative territory. But leaders do have choices about how they answer the four questions floating around in employees’ heads, the questions about whether the leader cares about them, has high standards, offers an appealing vision, and seems human. Let’s look at each of these. Caring. As a leader, an important part of your job is to know who in your organization is going through difficult times and to find ways to help those employees. A personal note to someone who is out on sick leave, or an in-person thank you to an employee who worked extended hours during a particularly crucial period, will help to convey your concern. Look for opportunities to learn about and show concern for employees. Show your interest quietly — don’t focus on how such an action might ultimately benefit you. Standards. True, employees want independence and autonomy, but most of them want to exercise their independence in service of high standards. Those standards come from the leader. Low standards lead to low commitment, even for the most self-motivated employees; high standards are energizing. To make effective use of high standards, choose your arenas carefully. Standards must be consistent, but slavish consistency is counterproductive: If you demand perfection in every aspect of performance, you’ll come across as a tyrannical nitpicker. In our interviews we found that the most effective story-generating leaders were known for one or two things, such as always being prepared for meetings, insisting on product quality, or supporting excellent customer service. Whatever the standard was, the leader consistently upheld it and demanded it of others. When you are enforcing your standards, bear in mind that it is a best practice to praise in public and coach or admonish in private. Public reprimands often backfire, either because employees sympathize with the target or because the leader turns out to have spoken too soon, without a full awareness of the circumstances. That’s not the kind of story you want circulating in your company. If you do reprimand in public, avoid making it seem personal. One CEO, after sensing that an executive team was unprepared for a quarterly product meeting, stood up and calmly left the room. No one was singled out, but the message was powerful nonetheless. Vision. Generating stories that suggest you are a visionary can be challenging. What we found is that it is usually stories about the past that make others believe you will be visionary in the future. A compelling story about how a company got started can serve this purpose. Starbucks employees we interviewed told us about founder Howard Schultz’s well-known “Aha!” moment at an espresso bar in Italy. A Netflix employee recounted Reed Hastings’s story of being annoyed by late charges on his video rental. Sometimes an origin story can take the form of a CEO’s journey to the company. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has talked about her experiments with entrepreneurship as a child; later renting her garage to Google’s founders; becoming one of the early Google employees; and pushing Google to make strategic decisions that have paid off (such as purchasing YouTube). Remember, however, that for maximum effect stories like these need to be shared and emerge through informal channels. Your “My Vision, and I Do Have One” video isn’t the best way to create a positive mental image. Humanness. This is what makes you seem accessible — what makes it possible for others to identify with you and bond with you. If you are one of the corporate world’s relentlessly success-oriented leaders, remember that failures, setbacks, and even weaknesses are at the heart of stories that communicate your humanness. In our research, we heard stories about executives with physical disabilities, illness, and repeated rejections or failures; these challenges allowed employees to see them as human. One employee told us that his firm’s managing partner had an odd habit of laughing nervously at inopportune moments. In one instance the partner had started laughing in a meeting with an important client and finally had to excuse himself. It was clear from the way the employee told the story that this “problem” was something that endeared the partner to his employees. Another aspect of humanness is to communicate that you are no better than anyone else. Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia, makes it a point to eat lunch with his employees when he is at headquarters, and he always pays for his meals in the company cafeteria. These lunch stories have circulated in the company. The simple acts send a clear message that he is human and accountable to the rules, just like the rest of the employees. As we’ve pointed out before, the best way to get your story out there is through surrogates, employees who have had inspiring interactions with you and spread the stories throughout the organization. These individuals amplify your concern, standards, vision, and humanity. But even if you lack surrogates, rest assured that if you keep doing the right things, people will eventually notice and spread positive stories about you. And those stories will form themselves into an army of mental images that will mobilize people to achieve your goals. 

22 января, 05:34

PHILIP WEGMANN: What I Saw At The Anti-Trump Riot In DC. Families from flyover country were gree…

PHILIP WEGMANN: What I Saw At The Anti-Trump Riot In DC. Families from flyover country were greeted to the nation’s capital with chants of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” When short of breath, protestors opted for the more succinct, “Fuck Trump!” One activist even decided to lecture a young Republican, screaming “don’t grow […]

21 января, 11:59

Ryan Gosling in La La Land is every bad date you ever had

Those guys who insist on ordering your cocktail? Who say you absolutely must swap your Starbucks for hand-ground fresh roasted beans? Jazz snobs, one and allChances are, after yesterday’s events in DC, you’re feeling a little bruised. Traumatised, even. So, you are likely seeking some escapism and, given that literal escape by moving to Mars is, for now, not a possibility, it is also likely that everyone and your mum will suggest you go and see La La Land, written and directed by 31-year-old Damien Chazelle. And sure, it is a gorgeous movie, as far from Trump as The Wizard Of Oz is from getting a root canal. But, actually, I didn’t love it, which is strange, because two of my favourite genres are movies about movies, and films in which the female lead is blatantly better at singing and dancing than the man, and La La Land cheerfully ticks both those boxes.There are many reasons this movie failed to make me feel as if I was dancing on the ceiling of the Griffith Observatory, but the main one was this: Ryan Gosling’s character is every bad date I have ever had. Gosling plays Sebastian, a jazz snob, the kind whose response to a woman saying she “hates jazz” is to tell her she’s wrong and take her to a jazz club on every date thereafter. He is also, as a sidenote, often an actual jerk, one who thinks it is acceptable to barge aggressively into a woman because he feels unappreciated by Da Man, and then not apologise to her until months later, and only because she orders him to do so. Continue reading...

21 января, 01:51

Сопротивление или вандализм? Об акциях протеста в Вашингтоне

Пока на Капитолийском холме звучал гимн, на улицах Вашингтона разбивались стекла витрин. Полиция задержала около 100 человек, которые вышли на улицы, чтобы сорвать присягу Дональда Трампа. Такие цифры озвучили в эфире телеканала CNN. Стражи порядка действовали достаточно жестко.

21 января, 00:51

Праздник неудовольствия: противники Трампа  били стекла и дрались с полицией в Вашингтоне

Сотни человек, одетых в черную одежду и спрятавшие свои лица под масками-балаклавами, устроили массовую акцию протеста перед началом церемонии инаугурации Дональда Трампа.

20 января, 23:34

Trump’s split-screen day

The 45th president’s inauguration was full of jarring contrasts that capture a deeply divided country.

20 января, 23:11

В ходе беспорядков в Вашингтоне задержаны более 90 человек

В ходе беспорядков в центре Вашингтона в связи с инаугурацией Дональда Трампа полицейские задержали более 90 человек, передает Reuters. Сообщается, что стражи порядка применили слезоточивый газ и оглушающие гранаты. Несколько человек, в том числе двое полицейских, получили ранения. Ранее сообщалось, что около 500 человек, некоторые из них были в масках, разбили витрину банка Bank of America, кафе McDonald's и Starbuck. Протестующие скандировали антиправительственные лозунги, а также вступили в столкновение с полицией. «Я хочу донести сообщение о том, что Дональд Трамп не представляет эту страну. Он представляет корпоративные интересы»,— приводит агентство слова одной из участниц протеста. Как сообщал «Ъ», в то время как организаторы инаугурации Дональда Трампа отчитывались о рекордных объемах частных пожертвований, активисты разного толка заявляли о готовности…

20 января, 21:32

Полиция Вашингтона разогнала протестующих против инаугурации Трампа

В американской столице протестующие против избрания Дональда Трампа президентом США в день его инаугурации устроили беспорядки. В частности, под их горячую руку попали витрины Bank of America, ресторана быстрого питания McDonald's и кофейни Starbucks, а также стекла припаркованных в центре автомобилей.

20 января, 21:07

RT сообщил о задержании корреспондента на акции протеста в Вашингтоне

Телеканал RT сообщил о задержании своего корреспондента Александра Рубинштейна, освещавшего протесты против Дональда Трампа в Вашингтоне. Он был задержан и доставлен в отделение полиции, несмотря на то, что показал свое удостоверение журналиста. «Нас окружила полиция, и мне сказали, что все будут задержаны. Неважно, что я журналист»,— приводит слова господина Рубинштейна RT.Ранее сообщалось, что протестующие против Дональда Трампа разбили окна нескольких магазинов и автомобилей в Вашингтоне. Они также разбили витрину банка Bank of America, кафе McDonald's и Starbucks, а также вступили в столкновение с полицией. Некоторые из протестующих закрывают лица платками и масками.Напомним, активисты разного толка заявляли о готовности помешать ходу церемонии инаугурации. В рамках кампании «Сорви 20 января» они собирались парализовать работу 12 контрольно-пропускных пунктов…

20 января, 20:01

В Вашингтоне в знак протеста против Трампа побили стекла в McDonald's

Волна протестов прокатилась по США в преддверии инаугурации Дональда Трампа. Не стал исключением и Вашингтон: пока в здании Конграсса собираются гости, протестующие бьют стекла и дерутся с полицией.

20 января, 19:53

Противники Трампа громят машины и витрины в Вашингоне

Противники избранного президента Соединенных Штатов Дональда Трампа устроили настоящие погромы в Вашингтоне.

20 января, 19:40

Протестующие против Дональда Трампа бьют окна магазинов и машин

Протестующие против избранного президента США Дональда Трампа разбили окна нескольких магазинов и автомобилей в Вашингтоне, передает Reuters. По данным агентства, протестующие также разбили витрину банка Bank of America, кафе McDonald's и Starbucks, а также вступили в столкновение с полицией. Некоторые из протестующих закрывают лица платками и масками.Напомним, в то время как организаторы инаугурации Дональда Трампа отчитывались о рекордных объемах частных пожертвований, активисты разного толка заявляли о готовности помешать ходу церемонии. В рамках кампании #DisruptJ20 («Сорви 20 января») они намерены парализовать работу 12 контрольно-пропускных пунктов, через которые должны будут проходить гости и зрители. По прогнозам властей, всего в многочисленных акциях протеста в Вашингтоне, приуроченных к инаугурации, примут участие не менее 400 тыс. человек.Подробнее о подготовке к инаугурации читайте в материале «Ъ» «Дональда Трампа окружают несогласные».

20 января, 19:25

Обама и Трамп прибыли на Капитолийский холм

Уходящий президент США Барак Обама и избранный президент Дональд Трамп прибыли на церемонию инаугурации к зданию Конгресса на Капитолийском холме. Перед этим в Белом доме супруги Обама и чета Трампов приняли участие в чайной церемонии.

20 января, 19:24

Protests, Violence Flare As Inaugural Ceremony Begins

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); As protesters swarmed D.C. on Friday morning, pockets of violence and property destruction flared in some neighborhoods. Just an hour before Donald Trump officially took the keys to the White House, there were scattered reports of protesters being pepper-sprayed fleeing as officers tried to corral them. Teargas, cops in riot foot and protesters breaking windows. pic.twitter.com/WiSo92Qo3L— Patrick Madden (@Patrick_Madden) January 20, 2017 Tweets showed people smashing windows at a Bank of America location, and a Starbucks was vandalized at the intersection of 13th Street and I Street. It was unclear who was doing the damage. Protesters smash windows of Bank of America, police moving in pic.twitter.com/lJZDQSwagB— Zoe Tillman (@ZoeTillman) January 20, 2017 Police were seen spraying liquid at protesters ― several reported getting pepper-sprayed on Twitter ― as the expectation of peace at the D.C. protests began to crumble. “It’s a bunch of anarchists,” said one Secret Service agent. “Fun times. It’s what we expected.”  Meanwhile, in New York, schoolchildren took to the streets of Brooklyn hours before the ceremony to protest. The third- and fifth-grade students of PS 261 held signs calling for peace and open arms for immigrants. They sang “This Land Is Your Land,” and gave speeches inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. “We do this every year around Martin Luther King Jr. Day,” said 8-year-old Micah. “But this year it just happened to occur on Trump’s Inauguration Day. We are here to stop hate.” Alex Wellerstein: The view from my apartment this morning: "We outnumber him! Resist!" #nyc #hoboken #interestingtimes A photo posted by Boing Boing (@boingboing) on Jan 20, 2017 at 8:00am PST Los Angeles was preparing for thousands of protesters downtown. The “United Against Hate-Inauguration March” had garnered more than 15,000 attendees on Facebook. The protests Friday are expected to be small compared to Saturday’s women’s marches in D.C., Los Angeles and New York. More than 370 “Sister Marches” are planned across the country, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend in D.C. alone. Andy Campbell reported from New York City. Ryan Grim and Jessica Schulberg reported from Washington, D.C. This is a developing story and will be updated. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

20 января, 19:08

Police and protesters clash near inauguration parade route

As Donald Trump prepared to take the oath of office on Friday, the rain-dampened streets of the nation’s capital were jammed with supporters as pockets of dissent began swelling in size and volume. Alongside thousands of Trump fans in “Make America Great Again” apparel, clusters of protesters dotted the edges of the National Mall amid a steady, light rain. Some demonstrators launched chants urging action on climate change, others for Black Lives Matter, with a vocal contingent decrying racism and what they said were pro-Trump white nationalists. Dozens of vendors hawked memorabilia to the crowds headed for Trump’s inaugural ceremony, from T-shirts to flags to fake money with the new president’s face printed on it. Umbrellas and ponchos were more visible than protest signs, but activists deployed in greater numbers as Trump’s swearing-in neared — in several cases, locking arms in large groups to block inauguration ticket-holders from entering gates to the Mall. There were early signs that tensions are on the rise. Protesters broke windows at a bank branch in the city, and a Starbucks was vandalized, according to several Tweets. And there were reports that police had used tear gas to disperse some protesters. “We’ve got a human wall coming,” one National Guardsman said as several dozen demonstrators trooped to an access gate at 3rd Street NW and unfurled a red, white, and blue banner that read “Resist Trump Climate Justice.” A Trump supporter quickly attempted to pry the banner from their hands as "de-escalators” wearing blue duct-tape armbands and working with anti-Trump groups offered to help escort inauguration revelers to other access gates. The effort was organized by Disrupt J20, which had planned to send different issue-related protesters to snarl traffic at specific gates. A spokesperson for the Inaugural Joint Information Center run by federal and state law enforcement agencies said that none of the gates had closed but “people may be redirected” based on protest traffic. However, a Capitol Police officer on the ground told a reporter that at least one gate had been temporarily shut down before reopening. Collin Rees, a campaigner with the green group Oil Change International, claimed on Twitter that six entrance gates to Trump’s inaugural festivities had been “completely shut down.” Disrupt J20 was among the groups behind a protest outside the pro-Trump “DeploraBall” on Thursday night at the National Press Club. Some of the protesters chanting “F--- Trump,” at that event, who hurled water bottles and other objects at guests as they exited, were pepper-sprayed by police. Over the past several years, environmentalist protesters focused much of their energy on opposing the Dakota Access oil pipeline, which Trump is expected to greenlight after taking office despite the outgoing Obama administration’s move to delay its permit. A few dozen activists sought to block an entrance to the parade route chanting “water is life,” a common refrain among opponents of the oil pipeline, and were quickly encircled by police who allowed them to remain. Scattered verbal confrontations were a common sight along the parade route, where Trump opponents hoisted signs calling the incoming president a racist and portraying him as a lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin. One black Trump supporter attempted to engage the dissenters, defending the incoming president’s interest in minority communities based on his meetings with Kanye West and Steve Harvey. “Sour grapes!” a Trump booster clad in Republican red shouted at activists gathering on 1st St NW to slam the new president for ignoring Palestinian rights. Trump won’t be without favorable demonstrations on his swearing-in day. A large “Bikers for Trump” rally will give voice to the president-elect’s allies shortly after he takes the oath on Friday. One protester remained noticeably unmolested and uninterested in chanting on busy Indiana Ave NW: a man with a handmade sign that read “Putin Won.”Jennifer Scholtes contributed to this report.

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20 января, 17:37

'The Founder': Origin Tale Of McDonald's Has Sharp Bite For Restaurant Industry Today

For anyone harboring fantasies of starting the next Starbucks or Shake Shack, it really is possible to use this film as classwork on what makes the food service business tick.

19 января, 16:22

Buy 7 Stocks with Impressive Interest Coverage Ratio

A critical analysis of a company's financial background is a prerequisite for an informed investment decision.

19 января, 14:52

Starbucks Introduces Teavana in India, Expands Globally

Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) is all set to expand its global tea business with introduction of the Teavana range in India.

19 января, 02:13

HUFFPOST HILL - Wilbur Ross' Maid Somehow Trump's Only Nomination Casualty

Like what you read below? Sign up for HUFFPOST HILL and get a cheeky dose of political news every evening! President Obama has only two more nights on an air mattress now that he’s moved his stuff to his new house. Donald Trump pretended to write on a legal pad with the conviction of an actor haplessly slapping a keyboard as they pretend to hack something. And if this were any other transition, a nominee getting arrested for punching a guy at a high-end horse auction would kill the nomination, but *uncorks whiskey bottle with teeth* screw it! This is HUFFPOST HILL for Wednesday, January 18th, 2017: ***A+ content alert*** HuffPost is hosting a DNC chairperson debate tonight at George Washington University. HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen and Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim will be hosting the seven candidates. [Watch live on HuffPost.com or on our Facebook page] MAKE THE HELP GREAT AGAIN - “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re folding Wilbur Ross’ laundry.” Arthur Delaney, Ben Walsh and Amanda Terkel: “President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for commerce secretary admitted at his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday that he recently fired a household employee who could not provide proof that they could legally work in the country. Having undocumented household help has sunk at least two previous cabinet secretary nominees. Billionaire private equity executive Wilbur Ross told the Senate Commerce Committee that when he hired the worker in 2009, the person provided what looked like a valid driver’s license and Social Security card. After Ross was nominated by Trump, he asked all his household staff to provide such documentation again. ‘When I was getting ready for this hearing I wanted to recheck all our present and former employees,’ Ross said, adding that all but one of about a dozen workers provided the right documentation. ‘This one employee was unable to and therefore was terminated,’ Ross said. The entire process happened in the last month.” [HuffPost] PRICE FLIPS ON STOCK TRANSACTION -  Paul Blumenthal: “[Price] admitted on Wednesday that he decided to buy stock in an Australian biotech firm after receiving information from Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), a board member of that company. Price’s admission that he personally chose to purchase stock in Innate Immunotherapeutics contradicts the Trump transition team’s defense of another questionable stock trade Price made. The transition team had previously said Price held a broker-operated account with Morgan Stanley and did not direct his stock trades…. Ethics experts stated that Price could be in violation of the STOCK Act, a bipartisan 2012 law that bans insider trading by members of Congress, if he received nonpublic information from Collins or others prior to purchasing Innate Immunotherapeutics shares.” [HuffPost] Snowflake update: “President-elect Donald Trump’s close aide Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday blasted Democrats for ‘trying to embarrass’ the incoming administration’s Cabinet nominees.” [The Hill] OBAMA HOLDS LAST PRESS CONFERENCE, DEFENDS MANNING COMMUTATION - It was, uhhhhhh, a lengthy, uhhhhhhh, affair. Sam Levine: “President Barack Obama said Wednesday he believes that efforts to make it more difficult to vote in the United States are an extension of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws. ‘There is an ugly history to that that we should not be shy about talking about,’ Obama said during his final news conference. ‘The reason that we are the only country among advanced countries that makes it harder to vote is, it traces directly back to Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery. It became sort of acceptable to restrict the franchise. That’s not who we are. That shouldn’t be who we are. That’s not when America works best.’” [HuffPost] Scenes from a transition: The baristas at the 17th & Pennsylvania Starbucks hugging several White House staffers and wishing them goodbye. “It’s like everyone is leaving!” Haircuts: Adam Smith (h/t Adam Smith), Zach Carter (h/t Arthur Delaney and Jessica Schulberg), Michael Whitney (h/t Michael Whitney) Like HuffPost Hill? Then order Eliot’s new book, The Beltway Bible: A Totally Serious A-Z Guide To Our No-Good, Corrupt, Incompetent, Terrible, Depressing, and Sometimes Hilarious Government Does somebody keep forwarding you this newsletter? Get your own copy. It’s free! Sign up here. Send tips/stories/photos/events/fundraisers/job movement/juicy miscellanea to [email protected] Follow us on Twitter - @HuffPostHill FINALLY, A SECRETARY OF THE ARMY MICHAEL GRIMM CAN GET BEHIND - Short of ending our lives by driving off a cliff in a flaming motorcycle, this is probably the most dangerous thing on our bucket list. Michael S. Schmidt: “Vincent Viola, the billionaire Wall Street trader Donald J. Trump has nominated to be the secretary of the Army, was accused in August of punching a concessions worker at a high-end racehorse auction in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., according to a police report and local law enforcement officials. Police officers did not witness the episode. When officers arrived at the scene, however, the concessions worker had a ‘swollen bloody lip’ and said that Mr. Viola had punched him in the face, according to the police report…. A spokesman for Mr. Viola did not dispute that Mr. Viola had punched the worker, and said that Mr. Viola had informed Mr. Trump’s transition team about the episode. ‘Mr. Viola loves his wife and regrets the incident,’ the spokesman said in a written statement in response to several questions.” [NYT] UNCLEAR IF GAME WILL RECOGNIZE GAME - Zach Carter: “Private equity billionaire Wilbur Ross has agreed to sell more than 90 percent of his assets in order to avoid conflicts of interest if he is confirmed as commerce secretary. But at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Ross repeatedly refused to say whether Trump should follow his lead and struggled to explain how he would deal with policy decisions that affected the president’s bottom line. ‘As I understand it, the ethics rules that apply to Senate-approved nominees do not apply to the president,’ Ross told Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) when asked directly whether Trump should divest his businesses. ‘But simply as a matter of appearance and morality ― you were able to do it, why not the president?’ Blumenthal asked. Ross said he didn’t know how complicated the president-elect’s finances might be.” [HuffPost] GREAT NEWS FOR FANS OF PERMANENT KIDNEY DAMAGE - Arthur Delaney: “President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency said at his confirmation hearing Wednesday that he didn’t know one of the most basic things about drinking water safety. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) asked Scott Pruitt if “there is any safe level of lead that can be taken into the human body.’ The answer is a simple ‘no,’ but somehow Pruitt didn’t say that. ‘Senator, that is something I have not reviewed nor know about,’ said Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma…. Pruitt shouldn’t need to look at the scientific research ― someone could just tell him. It’s not remotely controversial that lead, a deadly neurotoxin, can cause a host of health problems even in low doses. It can stunt children’s growth and permanently damage their young brains. Lead exposure has emerged as a plausible explanation for the rise and fall of violent crime in the 20th century.” [HuffPost] Area man benefits from very low standards: “Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R), President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, said during his confirmation hearing Wednesday that he does not believe climate change is a ‘hoax’ ― something Trump has claimed in the past. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) asked Pruitt about the president-elect’s past comments, while noting that 2016 was the hottest year on record. ‘I do not believe that climate change is a hoax,’ Pruitt said.” [HuffPost’s Sam Levine] GOP TARGETING OBAMA RULES - Unless a bunch of fish caught in soda six-pack rings organizes a really effective Hill fly-in, a lot of Obama’s executive orders will be reversed. Mike DeBonis: “Next month, the House is expected to take up more targeted measures that would use fast-track procedures to undo several recent rules issued by executive-branch agencies…. Among the regulations on the Republican chopping block are new Interior Department rules aimed at protecting waterways near coal mines and preventing the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from oil and gas wells, as well as a Labor Department rule that expands overtime eligibility. Democrats, along with major labor, consumer and environmental groups, are warning of significant and lasting harm to the public from the GOP push. A list of targets from the hard-line House Freedom Caucus includes school-lunch nutrition guidelines, renewable fuel standards and anti-tobacco programs.” [WaPo] HALEY BREAKS WITH TRUMP ON RUSSIA - This is going to come back to haunt her in the waning days of the 2024 campaign when the FSB refuses to help her overcome a five-point polling deficit against Democratic nominee, Rachel Platten. Akbar Shahid Ahmed: “South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R), President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told a Senate hearing Wednesday that she opposes two of Trump’s most controversial positions: his determination to build a partnership with Russia and his support for a registry of Muslims in the U.S. ‘Crimea is Ukraine, not Russia,’ Haley said, criticizing Moscow’s two-year occupation of the region and its ongoing conflict with the pro-European government in Ukraine, which has claimed close to 10,000 lives. She would not support lifting Crimea-related sanctions on Russia until President Vladimir Putin makes some concessions to the U.S., she added. ‘Russia is trying to show their muscle right now…. I don’t think that we can trust them,’ Haley said. “ [HuffPost] FRIENDLY REMINDER ABOUT ONE OF TRUMP’S INAUGURAL PASTORS - Remember: You can’t spell “Jesus Christ” without no less than three of the letters in “Benghazi.” Christopher Mathias: “An evangelical pastor who thinks Islam is ‘evil’ is set to deliver prayers on Friday at the inauguration ceremony for a president-elect who thinks ‘Islam hates us.’ Rev. Franklin Graham is among six faith leaders chosen by Donald Trump to offer their prayers, benedictions or other statements during Trump’s swearing-in on Jan. 20…. A month after the 9/11 terror attacks, Graham, speaking at the dedication of a new chapel, told an audience that Islam ‘is a very evil and wicked religion.’ Pressed to clarify his comments by NBC, Graham said, ‘It wasn’t Methodists flying into those buildings, it wasn’t Lutherans. It was an attack on this country by people of the Islamic faith.’” [HuffPost] BECAUSE YOU’VE READ THIS FAR - Here’s a dog that’s a chair. WASHINGTON INSTITUTIONS ALREADY BANNING JOURNALISTS - Damn it, at least give us a chance to consume way too much alcohol at the bar before you do this. Daniel Lippman: “The Trump International Hotel in Washington is banning the media from its premises during inauguration week. “Media is not allowed in this week in respect of the privacy of our guests,’ Patricia Tang, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing wrote in an email. A POLITICO reporter attempted to enter the hotel Wednesday morning for a previously scheduled breakfast meeting but was stopped at the door. He then identified himself as a journalist and was told ‘media’ was not allowed…. The hotel’s decision to ban media from property owned by the federal government and from a hotel controlled by the president-elect comes amid a broader debate over media access to the incoming administration. Trump has resisted forming a protective pool around him, instead opting for a ‘semi-protective pool’ that afford the media less access than previous presidents allowed.” [Politico] COMFORT FOOD - Gun TV: Gone too soon. - Cat loves head scratches. - Website randomly plays YouTube videos with zero views. TWITTERAMA @JPFriere: Hey, folks, haven’t seen very much coverage of Obama’s last Wednesday as President. This is also his last 11:34am on Weds as president. @anamariecox: Obama probably wasn’t subtweeting DJT when he said, “If your parents don’t brag on you, you got problems,” but I like to think he was. @Lindsaygoldwert: Trump is going to rewrite the Constitution in Comic Sans Got something to add? 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28 февраля 2014, 15:27

16 миллиардеров, которые начали с нуля

Миллиардеров, которые самостоятельно добились экстраординарного успеха и отлично знают, что такое быть очень бедным, достаточно много. Об этих людях часто говорят - "из грязи в князи". Однако их биографии напоминают нам, что любой человек может добиться невероятных высот, если он верит в себя, много работает и ему улыбается удача.    Ян Кум Бизнес: основатель и СЕО WhatsApp Состояние: $6,8 млрд Кум иммигрировал с родителями из Украины в США в возрасте 16 лет. Долгое время его семья жила на пособие и получала продуктовые талоны. Недавно Facebook объявила о покупке мобильного мессенджера WhatsApp за $19 млрд, в результате чего в Америке появилось несколько новых миллиардеров, в том числе один из основателей компании Ян Кум. Ян вместе с родителями иммигрировал из Украины в США 20 лет назад. Из-за тяжелого финансового положения его семья долгое время снимала субсидированную квартиру и получала продуктовые талоны. Сегодня состояние Кума оценивается в $6,8 млрд.    Кенни Трутт Бизнес: основатель Excel Communications Состояние: $1,7 млрд Отец Кенни был барменом, и для того чтобы заработать на учебу в университете, он работал страховым агентом. Большую часть своего состояния он заработал на компании Excel Communications, которую он основал в 1988 г. и сделал публичной в 1996 г. Два года спустя Трутт пошел на слияние с Teleglobe, заработав на этом $3,5 млрд. Сейчас он на пенсии и инвестирует значительные средства в скаковых лошадей.    Говард Шульц Бизнес: СЕО Starbuck Состояние: $2 млрд Шульц вырос в доме для малоимущих семей, а в университет поступил только благодаря полученной за спортивные достижения стипендии. После окончания он перешел на работу Xerox, а вскоре после ушел в кафе под названием Starbucks, сеть к тому моменту насчитывала всего 60 заведений. В 1987 г. он стал генеральным директором компании, и под его руководством сеть выросла до 16 тыс. точек по всему миру.    Кен Лангоне Бизнес: инвестор Состояние: $2,1 млрд Отец Кена был водопроводчиком, а мать работником столовой. Что помочь своим родителям оплатить школу, он вынужден был искать случайные заработки, а родителям пришлось заложить дом. В 1968 г. он работал с Россом Перо, для того чтобы вывести Electronic Data Systems (HP) на биржу, а всего через два года он стал партнером Бернарда Маркуса при старте Home Depot, которая стала публичной в 1981 г.    Опра Уинфри Бизнес: телеведущая Состояние: $2,9 млрд Опра родилась в бедной семье в штате Миссисипи. Во время учебы в университете штата Теннесси будущая известная телеведущая работала продавцом в продуктовом магазине, который находился рядом с отцовской парикмахерской. Позже она стала работать в местных СМИ, став первой чернокожей женщиной-репортером телевидения Нэшвилла.    Шахид Хан Бизнес: владелец Flex-N-Gate Состояние: $3,8 млрд Сейчас он один из самых богатых людей в мире, но когда Хан приехал в США из Пакистана, он работал посудомойкой, получая $1,20 в час. В настоящее время владеет одной из крупнейших частных компаний в США Flex-N-Gate, командой NFL Jacksonville Jaguars и футбольным клубом премьер-лиги Fulham.    Кирк Керкорян Бизнес: владелец гостиниц в Лас-Вегасе Состояние: $3,9 млрд Вырос в семье армянских иммигрантов. В восьмом классе бросил школу и стал профессиональным боксером. Во время Второй мировой войны Керкорян служил в Королевских ВВС Великобритании. В конце концов он занялся строительство крупнейших курортов и отелей в Лас-Вегасе.    Джон Пол Деджориа Бизнес: основатель Paul Mitchell и The Patron Spirits Company Состояние: $4 млрд В возрасте 10 лет вынужден был продавать рождественские открытки и газеты, чтобы помочь прокормить семью. Впоследствии был отправлен в приемную семьи и даже состоял в банде, до того момента как пошел в армию. Он взял кредит на $700, создал John Paul Mitchell Systems и продавал шампуни, стучась в первые попавшиеся двери. При этом ему приходилось ночевать в собственном автомобиле. Позже он начал проект Patron Tequila, а сейчас инвестирует в другие сектора.    До Ван Чанг Бизнес: основатель Forever 21 Состояние: $5 млрд После переезда в США из Кореи в 1981 г. ему приходилось работать на трех работах одновременно, чтобы свести концы с концами. Работал дворником, продавцом на бензоколонке и официантом в кафе. Первый магазин одежды вместе с супругой Джин Сук был открыт в 1984 г. В настоящее время Forever 21 является международной компанией, число магазинов достигает 480, а годовой объем продаж составляет около $3 млрд.    Ральф Лорен Бизнес: Основатель Ralph Lauren Состояние: $7,7 млрд Лорен окончил среднюю школу в Бронксе. Бросил колледж, для того чтобы пойти в армию. Во время работы продавцом одежды в Brooks Brothers он решил, что люди готовы к более широким и более ярким конструкциям галстуков. В 1967 г. он продал галстуков на $500 тыс., а в следующем году он начал Polo.    Франсуа Пино Бизнес: французский предприниматель, коллекционер и меценат Состояние: $15 млрд Сейчас Пино - лицо конгломерата Kering, но в свое время ему пришлось бросить школу, так как его дразнили из-за бедности семьи. В бизнесе он придерживался стратегии "хищника", скупая небольшие компании в тот момент, когда рынок рухнул. В конце концов он основал PPR, которой сейчас принадлежат Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen и Yves Saint Laurent.    Леонардо Дель Вечио Бизнес: Основатель Luxottica Состояние: $15,3 млрд Дель Вечио был одним из пятерых детей, которых в конце концов отправили в детский дом, так как их овдовевшая мать не могла заботиться о них. Позднее он работал на фабрике по изготовлению автозапчастей и оправ для очков, где потерял палец. В возрасте 23 лет он открыл собственный магазин, который в конце концов стал самым крупным производителей медицинских и солнцезащитных очков, таких как Ray-Ban и Oakley.    Джордж Сорос Бизнес: инвестор Состояние: $20 млрд В раннем возрасте Сорос выдал себя за крестника работника Министерства сельского хозяйства Венгрии, для того чтобы спастись от нацистской оккупации. В 1947 г. он бежал из страны к своим родственникам в Лондоне. Для того чтобы оплатить обучение в London School of Economics, он работал официантом и проводником на железной дороге. После окончания вуза Соросу пришлось работать в сувенирном магазине, прежде чем получить работу банкира в Нью-Йорке.    Ли Кашин Бизнес: гонконгский предприниматель Состояние: $31 млрд Бежал с материкового Китая в Гонконг в 1940 г., но когда ему было 15 лет, умер его отец и Кашин вынужден был поддерживать свою семью. В 1950 г. он основал собственную компанию Cheung Kong Industries, которая первоначально занималась производством пластмасс, а зачем начала работать в секторе недвижимости.    Гарольд Симмонс Бизнес: предприниматель Состояние: $40 млрд Симмонс вырос в лачуге без сантехники и электричества. Ему удалось получить признание в университете Техаса, где он получил степень бакалавра и магистра в области экономики. Первое большое состояние он заработал, купив сеть аптек, которую потом удалось продать за $50 млн. В результате он стал признанным экспертом в области корпоративных приобретений.    Ларри Эллисон Бизнес: основатель Oracle Состояние: $41 млрд Эллисон родился в Бруклине, а воспитали его дядя и тетя. После смерти тети он бросил колледж и переехал в Калифорнию, где перебивался случайными заработками в течение восьми лет. В 1977 г. основал Oracle, которая стала одной из крупнейших технологических компаний в мире.