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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Aren’t the Only Celebrities Taylor Swift Addresses On ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift addresses her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on her new album. But they're not the only stars she references in her latest songs.

18 ноября, 14:00

Jonathan Coe: writing a children’s book for our turbulent times

The author reveals how the simplicity, satire and ambiguity of Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels gave him the spark to write a fantasy story for childrenThis year marks the 350th anniversary of Jonathan Swift’s birth, which makes it a good moment to reflect on the many paradoxes of his art. In an age when it has become the purest cliche to point out that modern political reality outstrips the efforts of the satirist at every turn, it’s gratifying to return to the greatest of all satires in English, Gulliver’s Travels – a book that owes its longevity, among other things, to its generic ambiguities. For almost three centuries it has been revered both as a harrowing critique of politics, society and human nature and as a children’s fantasy adventure.It was partly to immerse myself in these ambiguities that I accepted a commission, a few years ago, to write an abridged version of Gulliver’s Travels, this time targeted specifically at young children. The initiative came from the Italian writer Alessandro Baricco, who had the idea of commissioning a number of writers (Umberto Eco and Ali Smith were among the others) to produce children’s versions of literary classics for a series called “Save the Story”. I worked for several weeks trying to distil the essence of Swift’s original, to preserve the delicate blend of political moralising and ludic fantasy that made him declare it was written “to vex the world rather than divert it”. At the end of the process, I was seized with the desire to attempt something generically similar, albeit of far smaller scope and ambition. Continue reading...

17 ноября, 23:35

Zimbabwe: Reports That All Ten Branches Of Mugabe's Zanu PF Party Passed No Confidence Votes

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NewsDay, the privately-owned Zimbabwe newspaper, is reporting that all the provincial branches of President Mugabe’s party have passed votes of no confidence in his leadership. In a dramatic twist of events, all the ten Zanu PF provinces have passed a vote of no confidence on President Robert Mugabe, and declared the 93 year-old leader – who has been in office for 37 years – too old and incapacitated to lead both Zanu PF and government. The move, which comes at the height of a drama-filled week that saw the military taking control of the country, is a huge knock on the veteran’s leader’s prospects of retaining his presidency for much longer. It’s not clear where NewsDay got this information, although other sources are saying the central committee of Zanu PF could meet as early as Sunday to decide on Mugabe’s fate. In the meantime, Mugabe is reported to have resisted pressure to step down in negotiations with the Zimbabwe military and could face impeachment. The possibility of impeachment is being discussed by Zimbabwe politicians who are loyal to Mugabe’s former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose dismissal precipitated the crisis. The grounds for impeachment might include the wealth accumulated by the Mugabe family, corruption amongst his wife’s allies and the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy (now half the size it was in 2000). According to Bloomberg. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe could be impeached if he doesn’t bow to pressure to resign, according to four officials close to mediation efforts aimed at ending a political standoff in the southern African nation. The military placed the Mugabe, 93, under house arrest on Wednesday and detained top officials who’d backed his wife, Grace, to succeed him. Mugabe has been made aware he could be impeached, but he initially dismissed the possibility, according to the people. He made his first public appearance Friday since the military relaxed restrictions on his movements, attending a university graduation ceremony in Harare and making cursory comments.   The impeachment threat was the latest pressure tactic against Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980 and is the world’s oldest-serving leader. He’s insisted that he remains the country’s legally elected chief and refused to quit or to reinstate his fired deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Defense force commander Constantino Chiwenga also has refused to yield ground, according to the officials. They asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to comment.   “This is a man who, for nearly four decades did whatever he liked,” said Eldred Masunungure, a political-science professor at the University of Zimbabwe. “We have to understand the psychological trauma this must be for him. But his time is definitely up. It’s not about if, but when. He knows with the loss of military support there is no way he can hang on to power.” A successful impeachment would require a two thirds majority in both Zimbabwe’s houses of parliament, where the session resumes on 21 November 2017. The ruling Zanu PF party has a two-thirds majority in both. However, the party is split into two factions, one supporting Mnangagwa and the other supporting Mugabe’s wife. Pictures from the negotiations between Chiwenga and Mugabe were published in the state-controlled Herald newspaper. Father Fidelis Mukonori, a Catholic priest and friend of Mugabe’s, is mediating in the talks, while South Africa representatives also attended. Tomorrow, Mugabe’s former allies, the war veterans, are hosting a national rally in Harare, where Zimbabweans from various political parties, religions and elsewhere are expected to attend. The US Embassy in Harare has issued a warning with regards to demonstrations at the weekend. As CNN reports, the US Secretary of State is appealing for a swift return to democracy. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed concern Friday over the apparent military coup in Zimbabwe, urging "a quick return to civilian rule in that country in accordance with their constitution."   Speaking at a ministerial meeting on trade, security and governance in Africa at the State Department, Tillerson told his counterparts from the region, "Zimbabwe has an opportunity to set itself on a new path, one that must include democratic elections and respect for human rights.   "Ultimately," he emphasized, "the people of Zimbabwe must choose their government." If Mugabe steps aside, voluntarily or forcibly, Emmerson Mnangagwa is likely to lead a transitional government, as Bloomberg explains. Mnangagwa, the fired deputy, is a leading contender to head the transitional government, which may include opposition figures, according to the people. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he hadn’t been approached by the military rulers for talks on a transitional government, adding that he’s prepared to hold discussions with them.   “If we’re approached, we’ll participate in that, but for now nothing has been initiated,” he told reporters Thursday in Harare.   “It’s clear that the Mnangagwa faction needs to get Mugabe to vacate office as soon as possible” to keep his faction from regrouping, said Daniel Silke, director of Political Futures Consultancy in Cape Town. “The pressure will be on Mugabe to announce his resignation from the top job as soon as possible.” But it looks like he’s going to make it as difficult as he possibly can for his opponents.

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Franken draws swift condemnation in Congress after woman claims he groped her

A news anchor accused him of forcibly kissing her during a 2006 USO tour.

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17 ноября, 20:51

Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Takes The Top Spot In The U.K. By A Mile

There was no chance anybody else would beat Swift when it came to the No. 1 spot in the country this week.

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17 ноября, 16:45

Sorry, New Albums From These Stars Won't Be Nominated For Grammys This Year

You won't see the latest releases from Sam Smith, Pink, U2, Beck or even Taylor Swift collect nominations this year.

17 ноября, 16:28

Trump's Risky, Unearned Sanctimony About Al Franken

The president’s jab at the Democratic senator for sexual harassment calls attention to his silence about Roy Moore—and his own past behavior.

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17 ноября, 16:23

Parrots And Politics Collide In Tasmania's Trashed Forests

Poorly managed clear-cutting of Tasmania’s old growth forests further imperils Australia’s critically endangered swift parrot

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17 ноября, 14:18

'Lighten Up' Says Ohio Supreme Court Justice Who Bragged of Sex With 50 Women

Bipartisan reaction was swift after Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill said he'd been "sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females" and defended Sen. Al Franken, Roy Moore and "heterosexual males" in general.

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17 ноября, 06:55

Tesla Unveils Its "Mind-Blowing" Semi And New Roadster, The "Fastest Production Car Ever Made"

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Update 2: there were some rumors of a surprise during tonight's presentation, and Musk did not disappoint when just as the semi-introduction was ending, Tesla also unveiled a new Roadster, the new version of its original sports car. According to Musk, It’s the fastest production car ever made, with speeds of just 1.9 seconds for 0 to 60 and 4.2 seconds for 0 to 100. It can handle a quarter mile in 8.9 seconds. “This is the base model,” Musk said, then went on to mention that its top speed is above 250 mph. and it has a 200 kWh battery pack that offers 630 miles of highway driving range. This just drove out of the Tesla Semi. A next gen Roadster!!!!! #TeslaSemiTruck pic.twitter.com/3gmyzhPHkl — Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) November 17, 2017 * * * Update 1: this is what the new Semi truck, which Tesla will give a 1 million mile guarantee for, looks like: This doesn't look bad #TeslaSemiTruck pic.twitter.com/VrwHXb6qN8 — Madi ?????? (@Phalanxia) November 17, 2017 * * * Tonight's the night!! In what has been promised to "blow your mind," Elon Musk will unveil an all-electric Class 8 semi truck. In the works for two years, it’s a project that’s aimed squarely at cleaning up the freight industry, which accounts for one-fifth of global oil demand... and which Goldman Sachs has warned will cost 300,000 jobs per year. As Bloomberg notes, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has promised a truck that will “out-torque any diesel semi” and drive “like a sports car.” Seeing what an all-electric semi is capable of may be the most entertaining part of the night, even if it’s not a key metric for Tesla’s trucking customers. It can transform into a robot, fight aliens and make one hell of a latte pic.twitter.com/8h9vvWu4f5 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 15, 2017 “If you had a tug-of-war competition,” Musk bragged at a Ted Talk in April, “the Tesla Semi will tug the diesel semi uphill.” The show is due to start at 8pmPT, 11pmET. If the transmission is interrupted, readers can go to Tesla’s website by clicking the image below... Here's what to watch for - including some potential wild cards (via Bloomberg) 1. How Long Is Long Range? The range of any electric vehicle is the critical metric—it defines how the vehicle can be used and the size of its potential market. Five years ago, few would have thought that a long-range heavy duty-truck was even possible. That’s changing fast. Daimler, the leader in Class 8 diesel trucks, recently unveiled a 220-mile range electric big rig, establishing a new bar for the industry. Long-range hauling across vast stretches of the U.S. would likely require more than 500 miles of range. 2. At What Cost? Batteries are the single most expensive component of any electric truck, and the battery of a cross-country hauler could cost $100,000 even before you build the truck around it. The sticker price, regardless of size, is going to be higher than its diesel equivalent because of those pricey batteries. Can Tesla keep the upfront price low enough to be offset by cheaper operating costs from fuel savings and simpler maintenance? Tesla may provide such figures, though many fleet operators will want to put them to the test with hundreds of thousands of road miles before they’ll be convinced. Source: Bloomberg analysis 3. Platooning on Autopilot Will the truck, expected to roll out by 2020, come with some level of autonomous driving? Tesla has been in talks with California and Nevada regulators about testing semis that can automatically follow a lead vehicle, a technique known as “platooning.” Platooning cuts fuel costs by reducing wind drag. And if the autonomous driving system is good enough to run without a driver, it could also dramatically cut labor expenses. A teaser animation released by Tesla on Wednesday suggests the realization of one of Musk’s design aspirations: cameras instead of side door mirrors. Tesla Semi unveil, 8pm PT tomorrow — watch live at https://t.co/8uVlhvzpu5 pic.twitter.com/hCIm5iCW6J — Tesla (@Tesla) November 15, 2017   4. Who Are the First Customers? The biggest players in freight are good at keeping their trucks in top driving condition and averse to messing with the supply chain. Convincing companies like Swift, Ryder, and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to bring an electric drivetrain into their fleets will be a tough sell. Musk says Tesla has been gathering feedback from trucking companies throughout the development process (at least one, Ryder, confirmed it), so it would be a good sign if Tesla comes out of the gate with some early partnerships. It could be that Musk’s own empire will be the first demonstration customer of the big rig. Tesla’s automotive reach is growing, and its SolarCity arm is the biggest rooftop solar installer in the U.S. Musk's SpaceX could potentially use the vehicles to transport rockets, satellites, capsules, and equipment. During earlier unveilings of Tesla’s passenger cars—the Models S, X and 3—the company started taking paid reservations immediately, at least 18 months before the first deliveries. Is that a strategy that can work with commercial trucks? How long until the first rigs hit the road? A new 40-stall Supercharger station and customer lounge opens in Kettleman, California. Source: Tesla 5. Infrastructure Solutions A lot of infrastructure goes into servicing big rigs. Truck stops line the world’s highways, and fleet operators stand by with mountains of replacement parts ready to fix anything that might go wrong. How does Tesla plan to deal with these hurdles? Will they introduce a whole new type of charging system, with ultrafast chargers or a robot that swaps out used batteries for fresh ones? Who will build out and operate the charging network? Who handles maintenance and roadside assistance? 6. Location, Location, Location Tesla’s car factory in Fremont, California, is running out of room. Musk wants to build 500,000 electric passenger cars there next year, and even if he misses that goal by half, it’s very unlikely Tesla would be able to squeeze in a big rig assembly line. Tesla’s massive battery factory near Reno, Nevada, which is still under construction, seems like a more natural fit. That factory is also where Tesla makes electric motors and drivetrains—primary components for an electric semi. 7. “Driver Comfort Features” In a profile in this week’s Rolling Stone, Musk hinted at an unspecified “driver comfort feature” that he’s fond of. “Probably no one will buy it because of this,” he said, “but if you’re going to make a product, make it beautiful.” One possibility? A sweet coffee maker. In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Musk joked that the truck “can transform into a robot, fight aliens and make one hell of a latte.” The Model 3 motor sits in line with the wheel axle. The semi will use multiple Model 3 engines in tandem to power the big rig semi trucks. Source: Tesla 8. Shared Parts Perhaps Tesla’s biggest advantage over other truck makers is that its Semi will share some core parts with its first mass-market car, the Model 3. Musk disclosed during an earnings call in May that the Semi uses “a bunch” of Model 3 motors, which sit in line with the truck’s axles. These relatively cheap electric motors will give the Semi unparalleled electric torque for getting quickly up to speed with a heavy load. Tesla’s foray into commercial trucking is coming at an impossibly tough time for the company. The Model 3 is already months behind schedule, and Tesla is spending $1 billion a quarter to get things cranking. But if Musk can get Model 3 production lines up to their promised rates, and the motors and battery cells are truly interchangeable between the Semi and the new passenger car, the scale of those operations would be profound. While traditional diesel truck makers are testing truck-suitable electric motors by the hundreds, Tesla could be making them by the hundreds of thousands—even before its first big rig hits the road. *  *  * Tesla shares have been on the downtrend since mid-September... So this event could be just what Musk needs to turn things around and distract investors from the massive cash burn the company is suffering while hand-making Model 3s...

17 ноября, 06:40

Rickards On Gold, Interest Rates, & Super-Cycles

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Authord by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, When the Fed raised interest rates last December, many believed gold would plunge. But it didn’t happen. Gold bottomed the day after the rate hike, but then started moving higher again.  Incidentally, the same thing happened after the Fed tightened in December 2015. Gold had one of its best quarters in 20 years in the first quarter of 2016. So it was very interesting to see gold going up despite headwinds from the Fed. Meanwhile, gold has more than held its own this year.  Normally when rates go up, the dollar strengthens and gold weakens. They usually move in opposite directions. So how could gold have gone up when the Fed was tightening and the dollar was strong? That tells me that there’s more to the story, that there’s more going on behind the scenes that’s been driving the gold price higher. It means you can’t just look at the dollar. The dollar’s an important driver of the gold price, no doubt. But so are basic fundamentals like supply and demand in the physical gold market. I travel constantly, and I was in Shanghai meeting with the largest gold dealers in China. I was also in Switzerland not too long ago, meeting with gold refiners and gold dealers. I’ve heard the same stories from Switzerland to Shanghai and everywhere in between, that there are physical gold shortages popping up, and that refiners are having trouble sourcing gold. Refiners have waiting lists of buyers, and they can’t find the gold they need to maintain their refining operations. And new gold discoveries are few and far between, so demand is outstripping supply. That’s why some of the opportunities we’ve uncovered in gold miners are so attractive right now. One good find can make investors fortunes. My point is that physical shortages have become an issue. That is an important driver of gold prices. There’s another reason to believe that gold could be in a long-term trend right now. To understand why, let’s first look at the long decline in gold prices from 2011 to 2015. The best explanation I’ve heard came from legendary commodities investor Jim Rogers. He personally believes that gold will end up in the $10,000 per ounce range, which I have also predicted. But Rogers makes the point that no commodity ever goes from a secular bottom to top without a 50% retracement along the way. This means the 50% retracement is behind us and gold is set for new all-time highs in the years ahead. Gold bottomed at $255 per ounce in August 1999. From there, it turned decisively higher and rose 650% until it peaked near $1,900 in September 2011. So gold rose $1,643 per ounce from August 1999 to September 2011. A 50% retracement of that rally would take $821 per ounce off the price, putting gold at $1,077 when the retracement finished. That’s almost exactly where gold ended up on Nov. 27, 2015 ($1,058 per ounce). This means the 50% retracement is behind us and gold is set for new all-time highs in the years ahead. Why should investors believe gold won’t just get slammed again? The answer is that there’s an important distinction between the 2011–15 price action and what’s going on now. The four-year decline exhibited a pattern called “lower highs and lower lows.” While gold rallied and fell back, each peak was lower than the one before and each valley was lower than the one before also. Since December 2016, it appears that this bear market pattern has reversed. We now see “higher highs and higher lows” as part of an overall uptrend. The Feb. 24, 2017, high of $1,256 per ounce was higher than the prior Jan. 23, 2017, high of $1,217 per ounce. The May 10 low of $1,218 per ounce was higher than the prior March 14 low of $1,198 per ounce. The Sept. 7 high of $1,353 was higher than the June 6 high of $1,296. And the Oct. 5 low of $1,271 was higher than the July 7 low of $1,212. Of course, this new trend is less than a year old and is not deterministic. Still, it is an encouraging sign when considered alongside other bullish factors for gold. But more importantly, gold has held its own despite higher interest rates and threats of more. That tells me we’re seeing a flight to quality, meaning people are losing confidence in central banks all over the world. They realize the banks are out of bullets. They’ve been printing money for eight years and keeping rates close to zero or negative. But it still hasn’t worked to stimulate the economy the way they want. So gold has been moving up in what I would consider a challenging environment of higher rates.  The question is, where does gold go from here? The market is currently giving close to 100% odds that the Fed will raise rates next month. I disagree. I’m skeptical of that because of the weak inflation data. There will be one more PCE core data release before the Dec. 13 meeting. That release is due out on Nov. 30. If the number is hot, say, 1.6% or higher, that will validate Yellen’s view that the inflation weakness was “transitory” and will justify the Fed in raising rates in December. On the other hand, if that number is weak, say, 1.3% or less, there’s a good chance the Fed will not raise rates in December. In that case, investors should expect a swift and violent reversal of recent trends. Markets have priced a strong dollar and weaker gold and bond prices based on the expectation of a rate hike in December. If that rate hike doesn’t happen because of weak inflation data, look for sharp rallies in bonds and gold. Now, the last time gold sold off dramatically was on election night, when Stan Druckenmiller, a famous gold investor, sold all his gold. It’s only natural that when someone dumps the amount of gold he deals in, the price will go down. That move reflected a change in sentiment. What Stan said at the time was very interesting. He said, “All the reasons that I own gold in the first place have gone away because Trump was elected president.” In other words, he was buying into the story that Hillary Clinton would be bad for the economy but Donald Trump’s policies would be beneficial. If we were going to have strong economic growth with a Trump presidency, maybe you didn’t need gold for protection. So he sold his gold and bought stocks on the assumption that the economy would grow under Trump. But earlier this year, Stan has said he’s buying gold again. What that means is that people are finally reconsidering the reflation trade. Tax reform is still a big question mark. And when’s the last time you heard a word about infrastructure spending? Investors will once again flock into gold once reality sets in. Mix in rising geopolitical tensions in Asia and the Middle East, and gold’s future looks bright.

16 ноября, 15:00

Saturday Night Live: the best and worst musical hosts

Ahead of Chance the Rapper’s bow as the emcee of SNL, we take a look at his musical forebears who have pleased, shocked and nosedived over the yearsThis weekend, Chance the Rapper will take the stage to host Saturday Night Live, leaving the musical guest duties to Eminem. Last weekend, Taylor Swift rejoined the late-night sketch institution for a couple of songs, but she also handled full hosting responsibilities back in 2009. Ever since Paul Simon emceed the second-ever episode back in 1975, SNL has granted adventurous musicians the opportunity to try their hand at sketch work. Episodes hosted by non-professional actors are always dicey; there are few experiences more exquisitely painful than watching a good-natured quarterback stumble his way through a commercial parody. Musicians generally have a better go of things, channeling their natural stage presence into a more precise format. But when they tank, they tank hard. We’ve surveyed Saturday Night Live’s long history of turning the host’s mic over to music stars. Continue reading...

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16 ноября, 11:32

Mugabe’s Refusal to Resign Is Stalling Zimbabwe’s Transition

President Robert Mugabe’s refusal to publicly resign is stalling plans by Zimbabwe’s military to swiftly install a transitional government after seizing power on Wednesday, two people familiar with the ...

16 ноября, 10:30

Appointment in Arezzo by Alan Taylor review – the truth about Muriel Spark

Ahead of the centenary of Spark’s birth, this beguiling memoir of a friendship is revealing of the novelist’s personal entanglements and ScottishnessIn 1976, when I was in my early 20s, I wrote to Muriel Spark – I was an avid fan – asking if I could interview her at her house in Italy, in Arezzo. I was spending some weeks in Tuscany researching the death, in 1822, of Percy Bysshe Shelley and thought I might profit by interviewing some writers I admired who happened to live in the area. Spark declined, swiftly, politely: alas, it wasn’t convenient. It would be another 15 years before I met her.Alan Taylor, author of this beguiling, fascinating memoir, had more luck. He went to Arezzo to interview her in 1990 and a lasting friendship ensued that went as far as regular house-sitting for her and her friend Penelope Jardine, as Muriel and Penny quit Italy in the hottest weeks of summer for more temperate climes. Taylor came to know her well in the last decade-and-a-half of her life. He was often called on to be her walker-cum-cicerone on trips she made, in failing health, to Oxford or New York or other places where she was being feted. She was Dame Muriel Spark, then, with a long literary career that seemed enviably successful. It’s only now, posthumously – she died in 2006 – that the riven complexities of her early life, the entanglements of her personal relationships and the various glosses and concealments that Spark deployed to enhance her elaborate myth are coming into sharper focus. The Spark persona becomes more and more fascinating. Continue reading...

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15 ноября, 23:42

Media Attacks Taylor Swift For Not Being Rabidly Anti-Trump

Paul Joseph Watson breaks down why liberals have been attacking singer/songwriter Taylor Swift for not being political enough during the 2016 Presidential Election and pressure her to 'pick a side.' Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com/show Follow Alex on TWITTER - https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones Like Alex on FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderEmerickJones Infowars on G+ - https://plus.google.com/+infowars/ :Web: http://www.infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplanet.com/ http://www.infowars.net/ :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: http://www.prisonplanet.tv http://www.InfowarsNews.com Funding the Infowar is more important than ever! Visit http://infowarsStore.com to get the latest books, documentaries, Infowars swag, survival & preparedness gear & nutritional products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation. Sign up for the Infowars daily newsletter to become an 'Underground Insider' & bypass censorship bots of social media plus get exclusive content + coupon codes for our shop! http://www.infowars.com/newsletter INFOWARS HEALTH - START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE - http://www.infowarshealth.com/ The Alex Jones Show ©copyright, Free Speech Systems.LLC 1995 - 2017 All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes #AlexJones #Infowars

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PM criticised over plan to toughen up Westminster sexual harassment policies

Members of cross-party working group on sexual harassment say proposals do not sufficiently protect those making accusations against MPsTheresa May’s plan to toughen up sexual harassment policies at Westminster has run into criticism from some members of the working group created by the prime minister who say it will not sufficiently protect those making accusations against MPs. Some MPs involved with the discussions told the Guardian they were unhappy that the current proposals were based on a mechanism designed to deal with employment grievances, rather than swift investigation of MPs accused of sexual wrongdoing. Continue reading...

15 ноября, 22:45

These Are the Latest Actresses Speaking out About Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

From Portia De Rossi to Ellen Page, these actresses are joining the chorus of women sharing stories of being sexually harassed in Hollywood.

15 ноября, 22:11

Alabama publisher: 'We will not be silenced' by Moore legal threat

One of Alabama’s top local news companies said Wednesday its newspapers “will not be silenced or slowed” by Senate candidate Roy Moore’s threat to sue them over their reporting on his alleged sexual misconduct. The Alabama Media Group, owners of some of the state’s largest newspapers and the news site AL.com, issued a statement Wednesday that said the publisher “stands by its reporting” on Moore, who over the past week has been accused by five women of pursuing them as teenagers, including one woman who says she was 14 when Moore, then a 32-year-old assistant district attorney, approached her. "Roy Moore seeks election to the United States Senate. As such a public figure, he merits and can expect intense scrutiny by the electorate and the media on its behalf, including by Alabama Media Group, the state's largest media outlet,” Michelle Holmes, vice president of content for the Alabama Media Group, wrote on Wednesday.The publisher confirmed that Trenton Garmon, an attorney for Moore, sent a letter dated Tuesday indicating his intent to pursue legal action in response to their coverage. "This letter is provided in anticipating (sic) of our firm preparing and filing a lawsuit against your client and its agents," the letter stated, according to the publisher.The letter appeared to be obtained and published by Steve Deace, a prominent conservative radio talk show host, on his social media page late Tuesday.Moore and his campaign have taken aim at the media over its reporting of his alleged sexual misconduct. In a Washington Post report released last Thursday, Leigh Corfman said Moore had a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 and he was 32. Since then another accuser has claimed Moore sexually assaulted her as a teenager. This week, AL.com published a report headlined "Gadsden locals say Moore's predatory behavior at mall, restaurants not a secret."The Moore campaign swiftly disputed the initial report, calling it in a statement last Thursday “completely false" and "a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.”Moore — who has blasted the reporting as “fake news” — claimed he was being “harassed” by the press while speaking at a church conference in Jackson, Ala., on Tuesday,"Why do you think they're giving me this trouble? Why do you think I'm being harassed by media and by people pushing allegations in the last 28 days of the election? ... After 40-something years of fighting this battle, I'm now facing allegations and that's all the press wants to talk about," he said.

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Taylor Swift Is The First Artist To Debut Four Albums With At Least One Million Copies

Swift now has several titles on the list of the biggest opening weeks of all time.

25 августа, 20:56

Пронько.Экономика: Национализация «Открытия» - провал политики ЦБ

1. Национализация «Открытия» - провал политики ЦБ Сегодня в моменте акции «ФК Открытие» рухнули почти на 10%, после, правда, им удалось вернуть потерянные позиции. Высокая волатильность по бумагам одного из системообразующих кредитных учреждений связана с появившейся в прессе информации о возможной национализации банка. Согласно одному из сценариев, банк может перейти под контроль Фонда консолидации банковского сектора, который был создан ЦБ для санации кредитных учреждений. Основной акционер «ФК Открытие» эту информацию опровергает. 2. Митинг вкладчиков банка «Югра»: ограничить полномочия ЦБ Между тем, в центре Тюмени прошёл массовый митинг вкладчиков банка «Югра». Он собрал порядка 300 человек – все эти люди лишились своих денег в результате топорных действий ЦБ. Клиенты «Югры» требовали ограничить полномочия мегарегулятора и вернуть из Монако одного из замов Набиуллиной, который принимал решения по ликвидации «Югры» - Василия Поздышева. 3. Ложь правительства: роста нет, есть обрушение Кроме провалов есть и откровенное вранье, но уже со стороны финансово-экономического блока правительства, которое бравурно рапортует о выходе экономики из кризиса. Аналитики ВЭБа на этой неделе опровергли реляции чиновников. Рывок российской экономики, который официальная статистика фиксировала в первой половине года, захлебнулся: в июне темпы роста замедлились до нуля, а в июле ВВП вновь начал сокращаться, такова оперативная оценка экспертов Внешэкономбанка. За прошедший месяц с учетом календарных факторов экономика сжалась на 0,6%, в месячном выражении спад стал рекордным с марта 2016 года. 4. Финансовая провокация США Пустой треп – это обличительная черта не только «слуг народа», но и тех, кто возглавляет крупнейшие госбанки страны. Речь идет о таких деятелях, как Греф и Костин. До сих пор эти кредитные учреждения, которые «жируют» на бюджетные деньги, не пришли в Крым и Севастополь. Между тем, именно в этом регионе американцы решили нанести по нашей финансовой системе очередной удар. Пока он коснулся только региональных банков региона, но именно на примере Крыма США дают понять, как может в дальнейшем развиваться ситуация. 5. Пугачевой посоветовали стать безработной пенсионеркой В Пенсионном фонде России отреагировали на жалобы Аллы Пугачевой на то, что у нее маленькая пенсия. Как заявила пресс-секретарь ПФР, пенсия народной артистки СССР значительно увеличится, если певица бросит работу. Кроме того, представитель Пенсионного фонда отметила, что Пугачева даже может оформить материнский капитал и направить его на образование детей. Маргарита Нагога, пресс-секретарь ПФР: "Алла Борисовна пока не обращалась к нам за получением материнского капитала. И, соответственно, приглашаем прийти в Пенсионный фонд Российской Федерации оформить заявление на получение сертификата. Если детям есть три года, этими средствами можно уже распорядиться". Напомним, ранее на свадьбе внука Алла Пугачева публично заявила о том, что получает маленькую пенсию в размере 17 тысяч рублей. При этом, по данным Forbes, состояние певицы оценивается в 100 миллионов долларов. Сайт Царьград ТВ: http://tsargrad.tv/ Подписывайтесь: https://www.youtube.com/tsargradtv Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/tsargradtv ВКонтакте — https://vk.com/tsargradtv Twitter — https://twitter.com/tsargradtv Одноклассники — http://www.ok.ru/tsargradtv