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29 мая, 09:00

From Being Boiled to I Feel Love: Gary Numan’s top electro tracks

The musician chooses his favourite songs – and admits that his own discovery of synths was all down to chance“Recently, one of my friends told me how genius it was that at the start of Cars there is just one note that stays and stays and stays,” begins affable electro overlord Gary Numan, a few days after landing in the UK from his California home to collect the inspiration award at this year’s Ivor Novellos. “I had to break it to them that when I was in the studio I started playing the first note and couldn’t think what to do next. I wasn’t a genius at all, just bereft of ideas.”Numan’s status as one of pop’s most inventive synth-botherers is itself the result of a happy accident. In the late 70s, he had been signed to Beggars Banquet as a punk artist and released the Tubeway Army album in 1978. But after a chance encounter with a Minimoog left behind by another artist in the recording studio, he made an electronic album – 1979’s Replicas – instead. Continue reading...

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20 мая, 13:00

Making sounds with Suzanne Ciani, America's first female synth hero

She was one of the few women working in sound design during the 1970s and here she talks about a long career, from appearing on Letterman to how she ended up making the famous Coke noiseIt might not seem so much of a stretch any more, but imagine spending your entire life in a tempestuous relationship with a machine. Not a sleek smartphone or tablet – we’ve seen how that can escalate in Spike Jonze’s Her. Instead picture a tapestry of tangled multicoloured wires, knobs and buttons, a bulky modular synthesizer otherwise known as the Buchla. Suzanne Ciani has spent much of her career testing the limits of one of these cumbersome instruments. So dedicated to its oscillating drones, burbles and bleeps did she become that has jokingly referred to the Buchla as “her boyfriend”. At times that affair was “traumatic”, she says now, down the phone from her studio in the Californian coastal enclave of Bolinas, sounding like both Marilyn Monroe and a Woodstock hippie. “Technology’s always very risky – you never know when it might break.” Related: Alright everyone, chill: why ambient is one of the sounds of the summer Continue reading...

18 мая, 13:42

Sigrid review – flag-waving Scandipop with plenty of muscle

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London A patriotic crowd welcome a Norwegian singer-songwriter who brings complexity and plot twists to the genreThe last 18 months has been dominated by female-led Scandipop, a genre so brimming with sugar-spun vocal perfection that it’s the first port of call for producers seeking “features” for otherwise anonymous tracks. Sigrid Raabe could end up as a featured artist at some point, but she is cut from more characterful cloth than many.The 20-year-old from Ålesund, on Norway’s west coast, marks her first London headliner by noting her origins: Norwegian flags poke out of the synth consoles, and, because today is the country’s Constitution Day, there is a rendition of the national anthem. It is mountain climbing music, bracingly delivered (and sung along to by half those present, giving a clue as to the predominant nationality of the sold-out house). And “bracing” also applies to the rest of the set. Continue reading...

10 мая, 16:49

Are Your Investments Fashion-Forward?

In the cutthroat climate of the clothing industry, understanding fashion trends can help you identify the best-valued retail stocks.

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07 мая, 10:00

Alice Coltrane: The Ecstatic Music of Turiyasangitananda review – spiritually uplifting

(Luaka Bop)The spiritually questing output of the late Alice Coltrane, wife of sax genius John, was for many years too way out even for hardened jazzniks. These days, her albums are feted. This compilation draws from her later years when she led a Californian ashram and issued her music on cassettes for the faithful. The mood is prayerful and contemplative, the music a mix of synth drones, Krishna-style chants and Coltrane’s poised, yearning vocals. There are echoes of her earlier cosmic jazz on Er Ra, a hymn to the Egyptian sun god, but the themes are mostly Vedic, focused by Coltrane’s lovely, transcendent singing. Continue reading...

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28 апреля, 16:00

Bleachers’ Hate That You Know Me: early-80s synth-pop perfection

Also this week: Lady Gaga makes a welcome return to pop, while Stormzy inexplicably teams up with Linkin ParkTRACK OF THE WEEK Continue reading...

12 апреля, 16:06

Pacira Focuses on Lead Candidate Exparel's Label Expansion

We issued an updated report on Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PCRX) on Apr 11.

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12 апреля, 01:02

France migrants: Hundreds without shelter after Grand-Synthe camp fire

Unaccompanied children as young as 12 are among those sleeping outside, NGOs say.

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11 апреля, 21:57

France: Refugees left without shelter after fire destroys camp

France: Refugees left without shelter after fire destroys camp. A camp sheltering about 1,500 refugees has burned down in northern France. Officials say the fire started after a fight between Afghan and Kurdish refugees. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire and inhabitants have been taken to temporary shelters in gymnasiums nearby. Al Jazeera's Natacha Butler reports from the camp in Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/

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11 апреля, 15:24

Fire ravages migrant camp in northern France

A blaze at Grande-Synthe migrant camp near Dunkirk in northern France has destroyed most of the facility after fighting among its residents left several people injured. Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/reuterssubscribe More updates and breaking news: http://smarturl.it/BreakingNews Reuters tells the world's stories like no one else. As the largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters provides coverage around the globe and across topics including business, financial, national, and international news. For over 160 years, Reuters has maintained its reputation for speed, accuracy, and impact while providing exclusives, incisive commentary and forward-looking analysis. http://reuters.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Reuters https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/reuters https://twitter.com/Reuters

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11 апреля, 10:58

Huge fire destroys camp housing 1,500 migrants in France

The blaze at Grand Synthe camp started after a fight between migrants, say officials.

Выбор редакции
11 апреля, 09:43

Fire ravages migrant camp in France

A fire destroyed large swathes of the Grande-Synthe migrant camp near Dunkirk in northern France on Monday night following skirmishes that injured several people earlier in the evening, firefighters and regional authorities said. Mia Womersley reports. Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/reuterssubscribe More updates and breaking news: http://smarturl.it/BreakingNews Reuters tells the world's stories like no one else. As the largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters provides coverage around the globe and across topics including business, financial, national, and international news. For over 160 years, Reuters has maintained its reputation for speed, accuracy, and impact while providing exclusives, incisive commentary and forward-looking analysis. http://reuters.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Reuters https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/reuters https://twitter.com/Reuters

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11 апреля, 09:27

Fire ravages migrant camp near Dunkirk's Grande-Synthe

Camp housing 1,500 people destroyed in blaze, which officials said began during a fight between Afghans and Kurds.

Выбор редакции
11 апреля, 09:20

French migrant camp destroyed by blaze

The blaze reduced the Grande-Synthe migrant camp near Dunkirk to a "heap of ashes", officials said.

Выбор редакции
11 апреля, 07:43

France migrants: Huge fire guts Grande-Synthe Dunkirk camp

At least 10 people were injured in the blaze, which officials said started during a fight.

Выбор редакции
11 апреля, 02:37

Fire destroys French migrant camp, leaving hundreds homeless

GRANDE SYNTHE, France (Reuters) - A fire has destroyed most of a migrant camp in northern France after fighting between rival groups injured five people, leaving officials scrambling on Tuesday to rehouse around 1,700 people.

07 апреля, 12:33

Harry Styles debuts Sign of the Times. Is he really the new Bowie?

The ex-One Direction star’s solo turn has drawn frenzied whispers of Freddie Mercury and Ziggy Stardust. This crashing ballad swaps boyband for bombastIt was Father John Misty who really got us intrigued about Harry Styles’ new solo material – not a sentence we ever expected to be writing. Last month, the arch singer-songwriter responded to a question on Twitter asking who his favourite member of One Direction was with the response: “Harry’s new album is FUCKING INSANE.”Truth be told, nobody’s really been sure what to expect from Styles – would he follow the synth-soul zeitgeist, like his former bandmate Zayn Malik? Stick to his boyband roots? Or – as industry rumours suggested tantalisingly – swerve down a road marked “David Bowie meets Queen”. Continue reading...

06 апреля, 19:32

French pop star Jain: an electropop journey from Congo to Colbert

The UK and US are catching on to the synth-playing singer, whose explosive sound blends global influences in a multicultural rebuke to the likes of Le PenJain has gone awol. It’s early March and the French pop star is due to soundcheck for a second sold-out night at L’Olympia in Paris. Her name is in foot-high letters above the 19th-century venue’s front door. Just before 5pm, the 25-year-old, born Jeanne Galice, rushes up Boulevard des Capucines looking apologetic. She had gone home for a nap and missed her alarm. Sleep is at a premium – in less than a week she will fly to Austin for SXSW, where she will play eight considerably less glamorous shows in three days.L’Olympia should have been the end of the campaign for Zanaka, Jain’s first album. It means “child” in her Madagascan mum’s first language, and documents Jain’s youth, spent in the UAE and Republic of Congo thanks to her dad’s job in the oil industry. Released in France in November 2015, it went gold three months later. But since the UK and US are now catching on, the promo cycle is starting again. There has been some daytime Radio 1 airplay, and Chris Martin said her song Makeba, a funky tribute to South African singer and activist Miriam, was one of his current favourite tracks. In February, Jain performed Come on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, flanked by eight singers wearing her trademark white-collared dress. She wrote the song in her teens, and made a point of including it on her debut. “It’s the song that started everything, so I wanted to say to this girl of 16, you see, your song is working!” she says backstage after the soundcheck has finished. Continue reading...

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02 апреля, 11:00

Jamiroquai: Automaton review – Jay Kay’s back as a Daft Punk tribute act

(Virgin EMI)Clever, clubbable pop makes for an audacious but strangely listenable comebackImitation, we’re told, is the sincerest form of flattery. What are we to make, then, of the surprise return of British acid funkateers Jamiroquai as a Daft Punk tribute act? Band leader Jay Kay, once known for his statement hats, now sports a glowing robot Pokémon headdress in the video for comeback single Automaton, an appealing, synth-driven disco burbler. You might counter that Jamiroquai planted a flag in space long ago, with songs such as Cosmic Girl and Space Cowboy. But on this eighth Jamiroquai album, parallels with the shiny French duo go beyond a penchant for android cool.Vintage synths squelch throughout; swirls of disco strings dance up suggestively against Vocoders (Superfresh) or Giorgio Moroder basslines (Shake It On). The more organic aspects of Jamiroquai’s career funk have been superseded by the neon glow of electronics. Had a cut like Dr Buzz been included on Daft Punk’s 2013 Random Access Memories, few would have cried foul. Fast-forward to 2017, and Daft Punk’s continued ubiquity (in cahoots with the Weeknd) means the French duo’s chrome-plated thumbprints remain all over this sound. Automaton seems an audacious comeback, to say the least, but also strangely listenable. Continue reading...

28 марта, 11:14

Почему европейские дома для бедных лучше наших "элиток"?

Несмотря на то, что некоторые города Казахстана их администрация хотела бы сделать похожими на европейские, тем не менее, настоящей европейской практичностью многие из них так и не обросли. Например, если взять жилые комплексы, то по-настоящему современными можно назвать элитные дома. А комплексы эконом-класса не всегда даже бывают пригодны для жизни. Вспомнить, например, новостройки в карагандинском микрорайоне «Бесоба» - пять лет назад рухнули несколько подъездов жилого дома. По счастливому стечению обстоятельств никто не пострадал. Не далее как летом прошлого года напугала жителей микрорайона «Алгабас» в Алматы социальная новостройка, заселенная по программе «Казахстан-2020». Дом накренился на 32 сантиметра. Жильцов тогда эвакуировали, а дом прошел реконструкцию. Современные европейские кварталы социального жилья внешне не уступают нашим элитным комплексам, зато европейские строители умудряются выжимать поразительный комфорт из минимальных региональных бюджетов. Grand Synthe — Place Du Courghain, Дюнкерк, Франция Парковку по возможности стараются вынести как можно дальше от окон. Люди должны видеть под окнами зелень, пусть даже это будет простой газон и молодые деревья. Обратите внимание, что рельеф на участке неровный, небольшими холмами зонируют двор и немного скрывают машины. Благоустройство часто выходит за пределы участка. Во-первых, это необходимо, чтобы удовлетворить требования норм. Во-вторых, это позволяет создать единые места для отдыха жителей различных домов. Чем больше будут общаться жители между собой, тем безопаснее будет район. В-третьих, бизнес с радостью заезжает на первые этажи тех зданий, где есть такие общие места отдыха. La Fontenette Social Housing, Каруж, Швейцария Экономия — главный параметр социального жилья. Застройщики будут максимально пользоваться теми возможностями, что дает участок. И если в проекте надо подвинуть дом, чтобы сохранить взрослое дерево, — значит, подвинут дом. Ведь одно взрослое дерево в десятки раз лучше сказывается на внешнем виде двора, чем любые другие зеленые насаждения. Тогда как в Алматы ради строительства жилого комплекса пилят многолетние деревья. Дворы закрыты от машин. Участок маленький, посадка домов плотная. Все благоустройство состоит лишь из идеально ровного покрытия для пешеходов и небольшого полупрозрачного заборчика для создания деревенского колорита. Даже при таких простых исходных данных все выглядит интересно и практично. Нет дорогих зеленых посадок и сложных архитектурных форм, а значит, содержание дома будет стоить очень дешево. 219 Social Dwellings in Vitoria, Витория-Гастейс, Испания Обслуживание и квартплата — больная тема для жителей многих стран. Дополнительные 10 евро к и так большому счету могут восприниматься как неподъемный груз. Поэтому даже для благоустройства простой бетонной площадки и посадки газона могут привлекать лучших специалистов в стране. Ведь их работа должна простоять без вмешательства и обслуживания еще лет 30. Пройдет время, и саженцы превратятся во взрослые деревья, а все остальное благоустройство не должно потерять свой внешний вид: никаких трещин, перекосов и запустения. При этом чем меньше возможностей для вандализма, тем лучше. Parcial Plan R-8, Асторга, Испания Социальное жилье редко строят высоким. Обычно это малоэтажные дома, но посаженные очень плотно. А один из главных факторов создания качественного благоустройства — это разнообразие. Удалось найти немного денег на тротуарную плитку — значит, обыграем ей деревья. Есть забор, зачем его пускать ровно? Творчество через экономику, и наоборот. Если всмотреться, то можно заметить, что исходных деталей тут совсем немного. Бордюрный камень, три вида покрытия и газон. Но при должном уровне фантазии и свободы можно создать интересное разнообразие. CasaNova Social Housing, Больцано, Италия Комплексная застройка дает важное преимущество: вместо того, чтобы строить в каждом дворе по чуть-чуть, есть возможность сфокусироваться на определенных точках и потратить на них больше денег. К примеру, детскую площадку сделать единую на много домов, но зато совершенно иного качества. Сами дворы являются зеленым каркасом. Снова двор закрыт от машин, снова газон и тропинки для пешеходов. Соразмерная количеству жильцов застройка, освещение и недорогие зеленые насаждения позволяют сделать узкий двор невероятно уютным. Причем вместо размазывания бюджета по участку все сконцентрировано весьма точечно. Читайте также: 11 историй о счастье людей, которые сменили пол Шокирующая Индия из окна рейсового автобуса Клуб неверных жен: 10 звезд, которые изменяли своим мужьям Кто больше всех злоупотребляет алкоголем среди российских звезд Жуткие фигуры звезд на пляже ужаснули пользователей сети