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23 января 2016, 00:16

Arts & Culture › New Pokemon Center to open in Kyoto with exclusive goods

In Kyoto, Pikachu wears a kimono with a Ho-Oh design and a Vivillion-adorned hair accessory. Kyoto will finally get its very own Pokemon Center, set to open on March 16 on the fifth floor of the city’s Takashimaya department store. The new shop will sell over 2,500 different kinds of…

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04 января 2016, 00:20

Events › Tokyo Traditional Crafts Fair

The 59th Tokyo Traditional Crafts Fair will be held at Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku from Jan 13-18. There will be exhibitions of craftsmanship at select corners and handicraft classes where you can experience traditional techniques yourself. The event is sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and admission is free.…