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24 марта, 23:47

USA places last in Forex market

Going back to the 'USA is Exceptional' meme- yes this is true!  But it's not necessarily a good thing (just like, being positive isn't always good, for example it's not good to be HIV positive).  USA has the highest per capita prison population - and is exceptional in a number of areas.  USA is number one in terms of real GDP, and last in many other terms.  One thing that the USA is last in - FX.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies - there is a paradoxical situation that in the land of the world's reserve currency, knowledge about currency is reserved to the few.  It is a specific USA issue - in other countries, even Canada - yes even in Canada - there is a real FX market.  Only in USA is there a big black hole.  Let's summarize what this means: We have 2 choices of Forex brokers, Oanda and Gain.  In the entire world, there are more than 10,000 Forex brokers. There is no Forex regulation system (NFA 'polices' FX but the NFA is a FUTURES regulator, hence the name "National Futures Association")   Foreign Futures, by the way - is not Forex.  Only one bank, Everbank, offers a non-USD account.  (Anyone who did business in another country knows that the first question a banker asks when you open a new account is 'what currency do you want as your denomination') The American knowledge of FX is so close to zero it's indistinguishable from zero. Practically, if you want to open an account at a non-US broker that offers normal options for trading and investing, you have to meet ECP criteria which for an individual, means you have about $10 Million cash in the markets.  But that's not all - you're going to need to involve your accountant (which as an ECP you probably have) to write a letter, and you're going to need to get ready for the FBAR, that's IF the foreign broker will accept you.  Going through that, you'll then need to wire your funds to the foreign broker - hopefully they will offer USD accounts (most do), but if they don't, unless you use an FX payment service, you'll be exit-taxed at a whopping rate of 8% (that means, if you want 100,000 USD to arrive at your foreign broker, you have to send 108,000 to overcome the massive spread charged by the US banks).  Multiple class actions have been settled by these banks and they continue raping their customers on foreign transfers, mostly because they don't know there are alternatives.  The alternative is a payment service that sits in between your bank in the US and the broker's bank overseas that will do the FX 'deliverable' transfer for you, at a really small spread, like .25% or 25 basis points compared to the potential 800 basis points charged by the big Wall St. banks.   But here again, why does this situation exist at all?   Going back to our ECP process, now that the ECP investor has jumped through all these hoops, prepared to fill out the FBAR, setup the FX payment service - now we hope after all this they're willing to invest at least $1 Million just to pay for all this nonsense.  There's a huge upside of course, that by being 'internationalized' as Simon Black would say, the ECP investor can tap into a world of FX algorithms that aren't available in the US which provide huge advantages over what's offered in the US.  To be clear on the point of the US black hole, 99% of FX strategies don't work with the US rules and the 2 choices of broker, are not good choices.  So trading FX in the US with the rules and the 2 available choices is really playing a game to lose.  That doesn't mean it is impossible to make money trading FX in the US, it's just very difficult, when compared with the plethora of options overseas.  Exiting orders in the same order that you entered (FIFO rule) as one example prohibits 90% of algorithms from working at all. Money doesn't grow on trees, but the Federal Reserve creates fresh US Dollars on a daily basis, making investing a game of hot potato.  Don't be left without a chair when the music stops. Want to know more?  Checkout Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex.  Get a copy today at Barnes & Noble.

24 марта, 20:41

Earth Without Art Is Just Eh

Eh, according to Merriam-Webster, is used to ask someone to repeat something, which makes, “Eh?” an appropriate response to the President’s FY18 budget blueprint to eliminate funding for The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Established in 1965, the NEA is an independent federal agency whose funding and support gives Americans the opportunity to participate in the arts, exercise their imaginations, and develop their creative capacities.  I for one am a lover, practitioner, and advocate for the Arts and Arts education. Because it is my life’s work, as well as my hobby, I see the benefit of the arts from a biased view. To me, everything else in the world is flat and boring. Art gives depth to life. When I was kid I could only tolerate the boring news because of the colorful info-graphic over the shoulder of the newscaster. Without The Arts, life is just 2D. “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ~ Confucius The Arts make us who we are. In early development, we learn through musical and visual cues. Can you recite the ABC’s without also hearing the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?  Numerous research studies show music in school improves language, math, attendance, and confidence. The Arts Education Partnership reviewed an extensive body of research to identify high quality, evidence-based studies that document student learning outcomes associated with music education. The results show that music education equips students with the foundational abilities to learn, to achieve in other core academic subjects, and to develop the capacities, skills and knowledge essential for lifelong success. The report from studies around the country showed that music education enhances fine motor skills; Prepares the brain for achievement; Fosters superior working memory; Cultivates better thinking skills; Sharpens student attentiveness; Strengthens perseverance; Equips students to be creative; Supports better study habits and self-esteem; Improves recall and retention of verbal information; Advances math achievement; Boosts reading and English language arts skills; and Improves average SAT scores – to name a few. “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” - Henry David Thoreau Brain development doesn’t stop when we are young. The Arts continue to have profound impacts on our adult lives.  A published study of music on a molecular level (The effect of listening to music on human transcriptome. PeerJ. 2015) showed that listening to classical music enhanced activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion, also known as the feel good hormone. Our brain rewards us with dopamine for various behaviors. Addictive food and drugs increase dopamine activity. Maybe instead of a war on drugs, we just pump better music into the airwaves. Art, Drama, and Music therapy are other areas of scientific interest. Research has shown hip-hop lyrics offer individuals suffering from cognitive illnesses a fresh way of thinking, while creating, singing, moving, and/or listening to music reduced symptoms in depressed adolescents. With the depressing unveiling of budget cuts, 10 out of 10 scientists recommend we all tune in to the classical station ASAP. Dear POTUS, try “Nocturnes Opus 9 no. 2” by Chopin. It might help you sleep better and prevent regrettable 3 AM Twitter rants.    If Trump wants to put “security” first, paying a larger sum to the first lady’s living expenses in NYC, while eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts, what does he anticipate the future looking like? And will it really be more secure? Because Art drives a movement, perhaps the POTUS will feel more secure with less pink knitted hats in circulation; or less of the best protest signs we’ve seen parading in recent history. Dear POTUS, try 'Nocturnes Opus 9 no. 2' by Chopin. It might help you sleep better and prevent regrettable 3 AM Twitter rants. Art is the reflection and celebration of diversity and heritage. It strengthens a nation. War only diminishes diversity and puts a country at risk. A country that truly cares about its own people and its future cares about how well our young people are set up to succeed. Investment in the arts and arts education for young people is a true demonstration that from the very seat of our government, we value each other, our people and who we will grow to be. Taking that away leads one to question, who benefits from this? Who do we value most in our society? Whose interests are we pandering to? Are our laws and policies really looking to the future of our people or the fattening of a fortunate few? The World Happiness Report is a measure of happiness published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network to help countries guide their public policies. Nations that top the list are typically those that address sustainability and well-being. An excerpt from the 2017 Report (Chapter 7, Restoring America’s Happiness,) states “income per person has increased roughly three times since 1960, but measured happiness has not risen. The situation has gotten worse in recent years: per capita GDP is still rising, but happiness is now actually falling.” What good comes from making America rich again, if America has no programs to improve the quality of life? Respectfully, if the administration is more concerned with business, then by all means invest in the Arts. Throw more parties. Produce more concerts. Celebrate our diversity with us. Girls just want to have fun. Even the Ukraine-born oil billionaire Len Blavatnik knew well enough to buy my record label’s parent company, Warner Music Group, as well as AI Film, and invest in Beats. Nations around the world adore and imitate American music and cinema. Entertainment is a major export, yet our Art sharing services are practically free and/or completely pirated by some countries. Art isn’t a renewable resource. If the Artists can’t feed their families, they will no longer be able to produce art. Get with the Arts program America!  “The arts are essential to any complete national life. The State owes it to itself to sustain and encourage them... Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence and delight which are their due.” - Winston Churchill Art is more than jazz, tap, and ballet. Art provides the rhythm and poetics behind the great speeches that define generations and change the world. Sir Winston Churchill used painting to steady his mind for leadership and stave off depression, eventually inspiring George W. Bush to demonstrate just how tender, healing and transformative the Arts can be. Which leads me to wonder: If funding for a new generation of artists and unifying programs goes away, just so we can refurbish our military might and security forces, who’s going to paint the beautiful murals on Trump’s wall? Investment in the arts and arts education for young people is a true demonstration that from the very seat of our government, we value each other, our people and who we will grow to be. In closing this case for the Arts, I’d like to add my personal observation that all people everywhere just want to be seen and heard. Without acknowledgement people lash-out and do harsh things just to say “I need love!” When we give our time or attention to someone, we help them. We see them. We connect at a deeper level. And we heal.  The Arts are a vital and intelligent way to be seen and heard. Artists share their stories – and the stories resonate with the true lives of an audience. In theaters, art spaces, and concert halls around the world we come together in harmony. Literally. And we heal the world.  “Music expresses that which cannot be said  and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

24 марта, 19:24

Here are Nigel Farage’s British values: rubbishing London for money on Fox News | Marina Hyde

He talks about ‘respect’, but the rightwing blowhard’s response to the Westminster attack has been tall tales he can only get away with on US TVDuring their jolly to Washington for Trump’s inauguration, Nigel Farage and Brexit financier Arron Banks staged the most solemn of pilgrimages to Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the grave of a British soldier who perished in 1944. The fact that he succumbed to anaemia whilst working a desk job approximately 4,000 miles from Normandy – perhaps the only person in Arlington not to have actually died for their country – was somewhat de-emphasised. It’s the pose that counts. They took a documentary crew with them, obviously, and I picture the footage as the political version of Spinal Tap at Elvis’s headstone. Related: The Guardian view on terror in London: standing together against cynicism | Editorial Continue reading...

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24 марта, 03:23


“I RECOMMEND READING THIS CLOSELY, LOOKING FOR THE WEASEL WORDS:” The NYT struggles to fight off Trump’s use of that NYT headline “Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides.” Liu writes that Trump was “misleading” to say that the Times said that “wiretap data” was “used in inquiry of Trump aides.” “Misleading” is NOT […]

23 марта, 20:13

The Key Things to Know When Trading Volatility with ETFs

Volatility investing can be a difficult concept to understand, but once traders get the hang of it, volatility can be a powerful tool. Today's podcast takes a look at this concept and what investors need to know before jumping into this market in a successful way.

23 марта, 19:52

Who Can Tell the Emperor When He Has No Clothes?

Donald Trump flaunted his elastic conception of truth in an interview with Time—but he may yet learn that facts are stubborn things.

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23 марта, 19:01

Lanxess’ sales rise

German chemicals producer Lanxess said yesterday that sales in China rose 6.5 percent to US$1.1 billion last year from a year ago as it tapped growth in the country’s automobile and property sectors.

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23 марта, 17:13

PaycomVoice: 4 Ways to Advance Your Career with Emotional Intelligence

If you’re still struggling to grow your career to the next level, maybe you’re not tapping into your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Ask yourself these four questions to employ EQ during your next promotion opportunity.

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23 марта, 16:00

Why Marketers Must Rethink The Value Of Rural Media

If you aren't tapping into regional and rural media markets, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to expand your reach.

23 марта, 15:00

Stop Mindlessly Going Through Your Work Day

How often have you looked at the clock stunned because even though you’ve been scrambling all morning, it’s now noon and you have no idea where the time went or what you’ve actually accomplished? There are sound reasons why it’s so hard for us to stay focused — and fortunately there’s research that shows what we can do about it. One of the most effective tactics for staying on task is to bring purpose to each moment of your work. That might sound daunting — and it does take work — but mindlessly performing tasks (think about slogging through emails or conducting meetings on autopilot) is a recipe for inefficiency, disengagement, and even poor health. On the other hand, the benefits to our productivity, well-being, and health of having a clear sense of purpose — even in our most trivial tasks — are well established. In one study of 106 male employees at a large Japanese IT firm, a higher sense of purpose as well as a sense of interdependence with coworkers was correlated with lower inflammation as well as a higher viral resistance in the bodies of the workers. Research has also shown a connection between a sense of purpose in our personal lives, and benefits including lower hypertension; reduced risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease; and even increased longevity. If we are clear about what we are meant to be tackling from moment to moment, and understand what our work amounts to, our sense of purpose increases and our stress decreases. To accomplish this, we need to constantly track where we are putting our attention. This tracking is known as meta-cognition, which is a practice that allows us to tap into a sense of purpose within what might seem like the most menial of tasks. Think of this as turning on your own internal project manager. Related Video Make Time for the Work That Matters Reclaim up to one day a week for your most important work with this video slide deck. To download a customizable version, visit the Visual Librar Save Share See More Videos > See More Videos > This isn’t always easy to do — our mind is easily pulled away from the task, conversation, or challenge at hand, especially if we find it uncomfortable — but you can improve your ability to do it with practice. For those who already take time to meditate at work, tracking your attention allows you to take what you practice in meditation and apply it to your most basic tasks. The goal is to bring a clarity of purpose to every moment and every task, or at least a higher percentage of them (let’s not try to make ourselves crazy). Here’s how. Act on purpose. The first step is to understand how your daily work connects to both your personal goals and the goals of the organization. Ideally you already have a sense of this and have even talked about it with your manager. But if you haven’t, it’s not too late. Let’s start with personal goals. What do you love? What are you good at? And, of course, what were you hired to do? Get clear on why you are in this particular job, what your trajectory looks like, and how you can apply your talents to support your career aspiration. You can employ the principles of job crafting to do this: take stock of your role and reflect on which aspects of it play to your strengths. Now for the organization’s goals. How does your job map to the overall goals of the company? You can assess this by articulating for yourself how your job contributes to the end game. For example, you may not be responsible for managing the bottom line, but you could make a list of ways that your daily decisions and contributions impact the company’s profitability. Making this tangible connection can be both clarifying and empowering. Once you’ve done this for yourself, sit down with your boss to discuss the connections you’ve made and get their input. They may have insight into your strengths, role, and the organization’s goals that will strengthen those connections. Map your plan. Like most people, you likely have dozens of tasks that you can be doing, so you need to understand which tasks, in what sequence, will amount to the greatest output. Create a roadmap where you identify which tasks are critical and which are less immediate. Then estimate how long it might take you to accomplish each task. With this information you can plot out your work so you know what you should be focusing on and when. Fridays are a good time to check in with your internal project manager. How well were you able to bring your attention to each task? Did you execute the plan that you laid out for the week, bringing a sense of purpose to each activity? Remember, though, that your roadmap isn’t meant to be written in stone. In fact, planning and honing your attention should equip you with the confidence to jettison a plan, say no, cancel, or delegate if necessary so that you can consistently focus your time where it will best serve your end-goals. Uproot your distractions. When you don’t know exactly where you should be focusing your attention, it’s easy to seek out tasks that bring an immediate sense of accomplishment but don’t actually amount to progress against your goals. For example, you may be in the habit of checking and responding to email before tackling other projects or you might focus on your inbox simply because you’re not sure what to do next. Or maybe you’re letting yourself get pulled into other people’s meetings and projects because you’re falling prey to what David Grady, TED speaker and creator of the viral video on ineffective conference meetings, calls “mindless accept syndrome.” Of course being generous to and collaborating with your coworkers is good, but not when it takes you away from what you should be working on. By naming your distractions —  and the root cause of them — you can catch yourself and return your attention to those tasks on your priority list that will produce a greater sense of meaning. It’s too easy to allow entire days to pass in a blur without being able to articulate what you’ve actually done. Instead, realize that your days are made up of thousands of discrete moments passing before you and you can consciously choose to make the most of them. Knowing what you are doing and why allows you to not only feel accomplishment in doing your work well, but also gives you a more fulfilling sense that your days actually matter.

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23 марта, 10:50

Senate panel to weigh confirmation for SEC nominee Clayton

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Jay Clayton, the Wall Street attorney tapped by President Donald Trump to lead the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, will face questions on his vision for the agency at his confirmation hearing on Thursday before the Senate Banking Committee.

22 марта, 22:51

Trump: I feel ‘somewhat’ vindicated on wiretap claim after Nunes’ statement

President Donald Trump said he felt “somewhat” vindicated on his wiretapping claims against former President Barack Obama after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said he had seen evidence that members of the Trump transition teams were surveilled following November’s election. “I must tell you, I somewhat do,” Trump said. “I very much appreciated the fact they found what they found.”Nunes briefed the White House on his findings Wednesday afternoon and said it is “possible” that Trump was correct in what he tweeted if he was referring to broader surveillance.Earlier on Wednesday, Nunes told reporters that members of the Trump transition team, possibly including Trump himself, were under U.S. government surveillance following the election.Nunes said the monitoring appeared to be done legally as a result of what's called "incidental collection," adding that he was concerned because it was not related to the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the election.“I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were, I guess, at least monitored,” Nunes told reporters. “It looks to me like it was all legally collected, but it was essentially a lot of information on the president-elect and his transition team and what they were doing.”However, when asked by reporters if Obama tapped Trumps’ phones, Nunes said “that never happened.”Without citing evidence, Trump had tweeted earlier this month, "President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!" The White House has since not presented any specific details to support the claim.Nunes said there will be more information by Friday.

22 марта, 22:18

FEC Commissioner Refuses To Let Trump Slide On Voter Fraud Claim

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); Ellen Weintraub, a federal election commissioner, is renewing her demand that President Donald Trump release evidence to support his claim that there was widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire during last year’s presidential election. Trump has made the claim since November, though he’s released no evidence to support that assertion. New Hampshire officials have refuted that there was widespread voter fraud in the state. Weintraub wrote a letter to Trump on Wednesday saying that the claim undermined America’s democratic process. In February, Trump claimed that he would have won New Hampshire in the election if thousands hadn’t been bused in. Weintraub argued that the claim fell within the purview of the FEC because if busing did occur no campaign had filed an expense for busing with the agency. Weintraub made a similar call for Trump to release proof of voter fraud in February. “This allegation of a vast conspiracy, involving thousands of people committing felony criminal acts aimed at stealing the election, has deeply disturbed citizens throughout America. I have heard from many of them, including proud and patriotic New Englanders who are shocked by the allegation and feel that it impugns their historic role in our democracy,” she wrote in her Wednesday letter. As several states across the country move to pass voting restrictions, Weintraub urged Trump to consider the weight that his allegations carry. “As the President of the United States of America ― our head of government and head of state ― your words carry considerable persuasive and legal weight. Because of the trust that Americans place in their presidency, some lawmakers around the country may be tempted to rely on your words and move forward with unwarranted voter restrictions,” she wrote. “Indeed, this could result in deterring or preventing American citizens from voting.” Trump has tapped Vice President Mike Pence to lead a national investigation into voter fraud. The White House hasn’t yet contacted top elected officials in different states about that effort and top Republicans in Congress have said they don’t have evidence of fraud. “This country should make policy based on facts, not unsupported statements, no matter how high-ranking the source. In these polarized times, we will never be able to find common ground on sound policy going forward if we are operating on different assumptions of what occurred in the recent past,” she wrote. “Our democracy depends on the American people’s faith in our elections. Your voter-fraud allegations run the risk of undermining that faith.” “Facts matter, Mr. President,” she continued. “The American people deserve to see your evidence.” type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58b97af8e4b05cf0f3ffcb18,58c9741ae4b0cb7d28ce2d3c -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

22 марта, 20:33

Surprised and Dismayed?

(Don Boudreaux) TweetBelow is a letter to WTOP Radio in Washington.  When I heard this college-age kid express his ‘surprise’ I burst out laughing. I’m struck by the young man interviewed on your station, during the 12pm hour, who said that the politics on display at the Senate hearings on Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination is “surprising […]

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22 марта, 15:48

Quotation of the Day…

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet… is from page 43 of my Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold’s compelling 2009 book, Mad About Trade: Globalization has helped to boost the net worth of American households in two main ways: first, by raising household income above what it would be without expanded trade, and second, by enlarging opportunities to tap into global […]

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22 марта, 14:43

Chinese Fury Clouds Soccer Showdown With South Korea

Chinese soccer fans are tapping nationalistic anger against Seoul to deride the visiting South Korean national team, ahead of a match that China must win to keep alive its fading ​bid to reach the next World Cup.

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22 марта, 13:51

Hope flows into Indian village in the form of clean water

Schoolchildren cheered and village women clapped as a gush of clean water flowed through a set of gleaming steel taps connected to a newly installed water filtration plant in a dusty north Indian village.

22 марта, 11:54

Singapore’s property firm buys into Shanghai’s premium office building

ASCENDAS-SINGBRIDGE, a property solution provider based in Singapore, completed the acquisition of a premium office building in downtown Huangpu District as the company further expands its portfolio of