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Hormel Foods stock price target raised to $37 from $33 at CFRA

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BUT OF COURSE: New Yorkers are footing the bill for Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s quixotic …

BUT OF COURSE: New Yorkers are footing the bill for Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s quixotic energy-efficiency plans. Even if we stipulate that increased energy efficiency in New York buildings is a good thing, the emissions-reduction targets are financially burdensome and unrealistic. Cuomo’s appointees at the New York State Public Service Commission have mandated […]

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21 ноября, 20:30

Zimbabwe : Mugabe’s Succession Crisis

 BAKU - In a televised broadcast, on November 15th, the military of Zimbabwe announced that President Robert Mugabe had been put under house arrest. The spokesman said that the army was targeting criminal elements within the ruling party and denied that the operation was a plot to overthrow the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit http://FinanceArmageddon.blogspot.com or http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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Australia Government Spending

Government Spending in Australia increased to 80079 AUD Million in the second quarter of 2017 from 79133 AUD Million in the first quarter of 2017. Government Spending in Australia averaged 37224.61 AUD Million from 1959 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 80079 AUD Million in the second quarter of 2017 and a record low of 9161 AUD Million in the second quarter of 1960. Government Spending refers to public expenditure on goods and services and is a major component of the GDP. Government spending policies like setting up budget targets, adjusting taxation, increasing public expenditure and public works are very effective tools in influencing economic growth. This page provides - Australia Government Spending - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.

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21 ноября, 20:24

U.S. air strike kills more 100 militants in Somalia: military

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Tuesday that an air strike targeting an al Shabaab camp had killed more 100 militants.

21 ноября, 20:14

Meet Riot Blockchain, Wall Street's Latest Trendy Stock

Riot Blockchain (RIOT) briefly gained more than 15% in morning trading Tuesday, extending the stock's strong run and lifting it to a new 52-week high. Here's what Riot does and why its share price keeps soaring.

21 ноября, 20:13

Yemen Government Spending

Government Spending in Yemen decreased to 375277077.27 YER THO in 2015 from 483654675.80 YER THO in 2014. Government Spending in Yemen averaged 365534372.54 YER THO from 1989 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 548619690.40 YER THO in 2012 and a record low of 161379823.86 YER THO in 1989. Government Spending refers to public expenditure on goods and services and is a major component of the GDP. Government spending policies like setting up budget targets, adjusting taxation, increasing public expenditure and public works are very effective tools in influencing economic growth. This page provides - Yemen Government Spending - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.

21 ноября, 19:50

Iranian charged in HBO hack as Congress weighs nuclear pact

The Justice Department on Tuesday charged a part-time Iranian government hacker with infiltrating HBO and trying to extort the company, a move that comes amid allegations the charges were rushed to bolster President Donald Trump's case against Tehran.The man, Behzad Mesri, is charged with orchestrating the high-profile hack of the premium cable channel earlier this year, which led to a standoff over a demanded ransom payment and the leak of unaired episodes of HBO's biggest shows, including "Game of Thrones."The charges are the latest in a string of geopolitically loaded indictments of hackers linked to foreign governments including China, Iran and Russia, a once unprecedented move that has become increasingly common in recent years.But Tuesday's indictment comes just days after The Washington Post reported that Trump administration officials were pressuring DOJ prosecutors to announce more cases against Iranian hackers, giving it added diplomatic significance.According to prosecutors, Mesri used stolen login credentials to access HBO’s network, stole material including TV episodes and demanded the company pay $6 million in the digital currency bitcoin.A grand jury in the Southern District of New York charged Mesri with seven counts, including wire fraud, unauthorized access to a protected computer and threatening to damage a protected computer.In addition to the HBO infiltration, Mesri also allegedly conducted cyberattacks on behalf of the Iranian military, targeting “military systems, nuclear software systems and Israeli infrastructure.” Additionally, prosecutors say he defaced websites in the U.S. and other countries as part of an Iranian criminal hacking group, Turk Black Hat Security.According to the Post's report, DOJ officials were pressured to announce more cases against these types of Iranian hackers, a move some found suspect after the president in October refused to certify Tehran’s compliance with the deal the country struck in 2015 with the United States and five other world powers to restrain its nuclear program in exchange for reduced economic sanctions.Trump's move gave Congress 60 days to consider moving a bill to reimpose sanctions on Iran, which would violate the agreement.Cyber experts are concerned Iran will refocus its hacker army on the U.S. if the Trump administration and Congress abandon the deal.Trump officials have “caused internal alarm” with their efforts to make Iranian hacking cases public, according to the Post story. Several sources told the publication that “a series of criminal cases could increase pressure on lawmakers” to reimpose sanctions on Tehran.Observers quickly noted the indictment was thin on evidence and included the unredacted name of the grand jury foreperson, suggesting the document had been rushed. “Not a serious criminal indictment but a badly executed press release,” tweeted independent national security journalist Marcy Wheeler.According to the indictment unsealed on Tuesday, Mesri stole multiple HBO employee user accounts and repeatedly accessed the company’s servers to steal unaired episodes of shows like “Ballers,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Deuce.” He also stole scripts for the hit series “Game of Thrones,” contact information for HBO series’ cast and crew, corporate financial documents and login credentials for HBO’s social media accounts.In late July, Mesri began contacting HBO employees to inform them of his theft and demand ransom payment in exchange for not releasing the data. He said he had taken a huge trove of data — approximately 1.5 terabytes — and provided proof of his claim.“HBO was on[e] of our difficult targets to deal with but we succeeded,” he wrote in one July 23 email, according to the indictment.Mesri initially demanded HBO pay him $5.5 million in the hard-to-trace digital currency bitcoin, but he later upped his demand to $6 million. He also added a new threat: If HBO didn’t pay up, he would destroy data on the company’s networks.It's unknown if HBO paid its hackers any money, but the stolen HBO files began leaking on July 30.The United States has previously charged other nations’ hackers in similar cases.In March, DOJ charged four men, including two Russian intelligence officers, for hacking Yahoo and stealing information on 500 million users. During the Obama administration, the U.S. charged five Chinese military officers for hacking American corporations to steal trade secrets and seven Iranian men for crippling bank websites with barrages of traffic, as well as infiltrating an upstate New York dam.The U.S. also blamed North Korea for a bruising hack on movie studio Sony Pictures — the first in a string of headline-grabbing hacks targeting entertainment firms — but chose to impose sanctions on the country instead of charging specific hackers.Indicting foreign government hackers is often viewed more as a tool of deterrence and diplomacy than an attempt to bring the digital assailants to justice, since their governments will never extradite them to face charges. Instead, the U.S. uses the charges as part of its burgeoning “name-and-shame” strategy of charging foreign nationals, hoping the ensuing travel and financial restrictions will deter others from following in their footsteps.

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MARKET WATCH: NYMEX down slightly but holds above $56/bbl

Light, sweet crude oil futures declined slightly but still settled above $56/bbl on Nov. 20 on the New York market as oil prices traded fairly flat in anticipation of a Nov. 30 producers’ meeting in Vienna. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and some non-OPEC producers, including Russia, are expected to decide whether to extend production-cut targets set to expire in March 2018.  

21 ноября, 19:12

Report: Trump On Pace To Bomb Afghanistan 300 Percent More Than Obama

Saagar Enjeti Security, The Taliban control nearly 40 percent of the entire country and one-third of the population. The U.S. Air Force is on track to drop 300 percent more bombs on Afghanistan in 2017 in comparison to the previous year, NBC News reports. The large uptick in bombings comes amid a renewed push by the Trump administration to end America’s longest war. Former President Barack Obama largely drew down the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and restricted rules of engagement to support operations to the Afghan Security Forces. Obama’s withdrawal of U.S. troops and robust support for the Afghan Security Forces largely facilitated large gains by the Taliban insurgency. President Donald Trump’s strategy seeks to roll back the militant Islamic group’s rise by supporting the Afghan National Security Forces, building their capacity to keep the militants at bay, and eventually drive the Taliban to the negotiating table. To bolster this effort, Trump committed thousands of more troops to the war effort for the foreseeable future in an Aug. 21 address pledging not to withdraw from the country until conditions on the ground merited doing so. Additional U.S. forces will also operate under looser rules of engagement that allow them to target Taliban militant safe havens, not just when they attack. These new rules of engagement were on full display Monday when commanding general in Afghanistan, John Nicholson, revealed the U.S. is now targeting Taliban militants opium production facilities. The General also estimated he needs approximately two years to restore the security situation in Afghanistan. Read full article

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Turkmenistan Government Spending

Government Spending in Turkmenistan increased to 3.44 USD Billion in 2015 from 3.25 USD Billion in 2014. Government Spending in Turkmenistan averaged 1.67 USD Billion from 1990 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 3.44 USD Billion in 2015 and a record low of 0.67 USD Billion in 1994. Government Spending refers to public expenditure on goods and services and is a major component of the GDP. Government spending policies like setting up budget targets, adjusting taxation, increasing public expenditure and public works are very effective tools in influencing economic growth. This page provides - Turkmenistan Government Spending - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.

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50 killed as suicide bomber targets mosque in Nigeria

AT least 50 people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a mosque in northeast Nigeria yesterday, police said. The attack was blamed on Boko Haram jihadists. The blast happened during

21 ноября, 19:01

Celebrations as Mugabe quits after 37 years

ZIMBABWE’S Robert Mugabe resigned as president yesterday after 37 years in power. “My decision to resign is voluntary on my part and arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and

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Syrians in Germany held for ‘terror plan’

GERMAN police yesterday arrested six Syrian refugees suspected of preparing a terror attack in the name of the Islamic State extremist group. Media reports said their target was a Christmas market. The

21 ноября, 18:45

Medtronic (MDT) Beats on Q2 Earnings, Reiterates FY18 View

Medtronic (MDT) rides high on strength in major business segments in Q2.

21 ноября, 18:38

Alnylam's RNAi Candidate Gains Breakthrough Therapy Status

Alnylam (ALNY) announced that the FDA has granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation for RNAi therapeutic candidate, patisiran.

21 ноября, 18:35

What If The "Exuberance" Is "Irrational"? Then Hold On To Your Hats...

As discussed earlier, Goldman's entire S&P500 price forecast for 2018 and the next three years is based on two things: tax reform passing, but more broadly, something that David Kostin dubbed "Rational Exuberance", to wit: “Rational exuberance” best describes our forecast for the trajectory of the S&P 500 during the next several years. Earnings drive stocks over time and should support the index rising to 2850 at year-end 2018, 3000 at the end of 2019, and 3100 by the close of 2020, representing a price gain during the next three years of 20%. Our price targets imply a modest expansion in forward P/E multiple to 18.2x at year-end 2018, a flat multiple in 2019, and a contraction to 18.1x in 2020. As Kostin describes it, "rational exuberance" is defined by "above-trend US and global economic growth, low inflation, low albeit slowly rising interest rates, and underlying corporate profits boosted by pending corporate tax reform likely to be adopted by early next year." So far so good, but as Kostin also explained, absent tax reform passing, the S&P will not only not hit 3,100 in 3 years, it may well be lower: "Assuming tax reform passes, we forecast S&P 500 adjusted EPS will jump by 14% to $150 in 2018. Equity investors will be rewarded as the index advances by 11% to 2850 at year-end 2018 and delivers a total return of 13% including the 2% dividend yield." Meanwhile, "If tax reform fails, S&P 500 will fall near-term by 5% to 2450." It was not clear what would happen to Goldman's 2020 S&P price target of 3,100 if tax reform does not pass. What was clear is what would - according to Goldman - happen if the rational exuberance is, in fact, irrational. Here the bank notes that it is impossible to know ex post what flavor the current exuberance has: "Unfortunately, it is only in retrospect that one can definitively establish that assets have reached unsustainable levels. Greenspan was prescient, but three years early. Following Greenspan’s speech warning of the potential for excessive valuations, the S&P 500 subsequently more than doubled (+116%) during the next three years before the Tech bubble finally peaked in March 2000 at a forward P/E multiple of 24x." So what would happen if the exuberance that awaits the S&P is, in fact, irrational? To that question, Goldman has a ready answer: "We would deem it “irrational exuberance” if the S&P 500 during the next three years followed the exponential trajectory of stocks in the late 1990s." In such a case, Goldman predicts that the S&P 500 would trade at 5300 by year-end 2020 (a 105% rise from today). If slightly "less irrational" bubble over the next three years would mean stocks instead trade at a similar forward P/E to the Tech Bubble (24x), and would imply a year-end 2020 index level of 4050 (57% above today). During the three years post Greenspan’s speech, S&P 500 EPS rose by 26% ($40 to $50). Translated to today, Goldman calculates such a growth rate would imply 2020 EPS of $166 compared with our estimate of $163. And for the visual traders, the light blue line in the chart below - i.e., the "irrational" one - would recreate the late 1990s exuberance in the context of today's market.

21 ноября, 18:30

Blockchain was hyped for a long time. Now they’re getting down to business

It’s getting near time. It’s getting near time for all the talk of adopting blockchain’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) in energy markets to transform itself into some real-life applications. That was an overriding theme at S&P Global Platts first-ever Digital Commodities Summit in London in mid-November, a packed-house event that will be followed by one […] The post Blockchain was hyped for a long time. Now they’re getting down to business appeared first on The Barrel Blog.

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The 5 Most Powerful Aircraft Carriers, Subs, Bombers and Fighter Aircraft Ever

Robert Farley Security, The list you have been waiting for.  The U.S. Navy supplemented Lexington and Saratoga, the most effective of the interwar battlecruiser conversions, with the purpose-built USS Ranger. Experience with all three ships demonstrated that the next purpose-built class would require a larger hull and flight deck, as well as a heavier anti-aircraft armament. This resulted in USS Yorktown and USS Enterprise, which along with their third sister (USS Hornet) would play a critical role in stopping the Imperial Japanese Navy’s advance in 1942. Capable of cruising at 33 knots, Enterprise displaced around 24,000 tons and could carry up to 90 aircraft. In today's world, where everyday it seems a new piece of military technology is poised to take over the battlefield and make everything else obsolete, there are several weapons of war that seem to have some staying power.  Aircraft carriers, while some may consider them obsolete, remain one of the ultimate ways to display national power and prestige, with the unique capability to attack targets from the world's seas with deadly accuracy. Submarines have many uses. Whether it is to exercise sea control, deter an enemy with underwater nuclear weapons or ensure you have the ability to strike with various types of conventional weapons like cruise missiles on land, subs seem to be only gaining in prominence.  Then there is the bomber. Some are old, like the B-52. Some are just getting started, like the B-21 Raider. Some we don't know much about, like Russia's PAK-FA. Yet, one thing is clear: Bombers can still make or break any conflict that could occur now or in the future.  And fighter jets are not going anywhere. The F-35 is the ultimate example--considering the massive cost--of this important military asset having clear staying power (the only debate at this point is whether it will be manned or unmanned).  So what are the best carriers, submarines, bombers and fighters ever? Robert Farley, one of the world's best defense experts and frequent TNI contributor, has written on this subject extensively. For your reading pleasure, we have packed together several pieces that take this subject on into this one post, which were written several years ago. Let the debate begin.  *** Read full article

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Watch Out for These 5 Stocks After Broker Rating Upgrades

In a bid to generate handsome returns, investors would like to add outperformers to their portfolios.

02 апреля 2015, 21:40

Нефтегаз США в картинках

Сколько нефти и газа обеспечивает ГРП