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02 декабря, 03:01

Tesco Bank cyber attack involved guesswork, study claims

Academics say working out card number, expiry date and security code of Visa card takes ‘as little as six seconds’A team of academics claims an unsophisticated type of cyber attack that exploits “flaws” in the Visa card payment system was probably used to defraud Tesco Bank customers of £2.5m last month. Related: Cyber attack: hackers 'weaponised' everyday devices with malware to mount assault Continue reading...

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30 ноября, 15:15

Tesco and Sainsbury's ban plastic cotton buds to cut waste

UK’s two largest supermarket chains will replace the plastic stems with paper ones in all own-brand products by the end of 2017The UK’s two largest supermarket chains have committed to end the sale of cotton buds with plastic stems, which are the most common litter from toilets flushed on to the country’s beaches.Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s will replace the plastic stick with paper by the end of 2017 in their own-brand products. Continue reading...

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30 ноября, 04:00

Supermarket shoppers can get their Christmas dinner for £20 – survey

Cost of buying 11 festive ingredients comes to £19.82 if consumers shop around across Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Morrisons and IcelandSupermarket shoppers can pick up everything they need for Christmas dinner for eight people for less than £20 this year, a survey has found.The cost of buying 11 Christmas dinner essentials – including a turkey, plum pudding, fresh vegetables and cranberry sauce – comes out at £19.82, or £2.48 a head, after shopping around for the best prices at Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Morrisons and Iceland, Good Housekeeping magazine found in its annual festive shopping basket cost survey. Continue reading...

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29 ноября, 03:38

SFO will not charge former Tesco boss over accounting scandal

Serious Fraud Office says ‘there is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect’ of convicting Philip ClarkeTesco’s former chief executive Philip Clarke will not face charges in relation to an accounting scandal at the supermarket chain, it has been confirmed.Clarke’s lawyer, David Corker, said on Monday that he had received a letter from the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) informing him of the decision. Unconfirmed reports in recent weeks had suggested Clarke would escape prosecution. Continue reading...

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28 ноября, 16:49

Morrisons consolidates its position amid big four

Potts-led turnround shows promising signs but Tesco and Sainsbury’s retain clear lead

Выбор редакции
25 ноября, 15:43

Of Course British Black Friday Is Incredibly Polite

Black Friday in the U.S. is often characterized as a chaotic and sometimes sadly violent rush to bag as many bargains from inside a store as possible. Similar scenes of frenzied shoppers fighting over limited discounted items played out in the United Kingdom when its stores latched onto the trend in 2014. This year, however, it appears that Britain’s Black Friday participants are taking a decidedly more chilled out approach to getting a good deal. Photographs taken by the Press Association on Friday show no early long lines outside stores, no scrums over marked down products and no violent altercations. It actually looked like the shoppers were having an enjoyable experience. Of course, these photographs only document the calm scenes at a select number of stores in Manchester and London and there may well have been busier scenes at other retail outlets. But they seem to be representative of what was happening elsewhere across the country. ITV News referred to the shopping day as “Slack Friday,” and the Guardian noted that many people were instead choosing to either take advantage of the deals online or wait until Cyber Monday for further discounts. Deals have also been available via other retailers in the days leading up to actual Black Friday. Bluewater carpark 7.45am seems the bargain hunters are having a lie in? #blackfriday pic.twitter.com/jss40wIQG3— Andrew Busby (@andrewbusby) November 25, 2016 The security barriers are up, but where are the shoppers? #blackfriday at Tesco in Trafford. pic.twitter.com/e7wgO4mn3k— Emma Simpson (@BBCEmmaSimpson) November 25, 2016 type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58333724e4b0eaa5f14d48c3,582dd689e4b058ce7aa97f4f,58346f0fe4b0eaa5f14d4ad5,5654db79e4b0258edb335edc -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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24 ноября, 21:41

Britons expected to spend £1.3bn on Black Friday bargains

US import has intensified battle on virtual high street, though analysts say sales boost may not benefit retailers in long runBritons are expected to embark on a record-breaking £1.3bn online spree as Black Friday kicks off the biggest shopping weekend of the year. The US import has taken the UK by storm, with retailers launching discounts even earlier than usual this year as the battle for Christmas shoppers intensifies. Some of the high street’s biggest names, including Tesco, Argos, Currys PC World and Amazon have upped the ante: offering more discounts, spread over more days, and, in Tesco’s case, opening its largest stores at 5am. Continue reading...

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24 ноября, 15:51

Tesco to phase out microbeads from its products by end of 2016

All of the supermarket’s own-brand cosmetics and cleaning products will be free from the tiny plastic pieces within a monthTesco will have phased out microbeads from all its own brand cosmetics and household cleaning products within a month, it was announced on Thursday.While UK ministers recently said personal care products containing these tiny pieces of plastic will be banned from sale by the end of 2017, it is not clear yet whether the ban will extend to other types of products that rely on their abrasive properties. Continue reading...

23 ноября, 20:56

Man is fined for punching five-day-old girl at Tesco

David Hardy convicted of assault and told to pay total of £1,500 after he hit Elsie Temple at supermarket in BaguleyA man who punched a five-day-old girl in the face at a supermarket has been fined after being convicted of assault. David Hardy, 64, was told to pay a total of £1,500 after hitting Elsie Temple as she lay asleep in her carry cot inside a trolley. Continue reading...

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23 ноября, 09:00

Бесконтактные грабежи: самые громкие атаки хакеров на банки

Если в прежние времена лучшими друзьями грабителя считались верный кольт и верный конь, то в XXI веке ставка делается на технологии. Банки не жалеют денег на кибербезопасность, но иногда против хакера нет приема.

Выбор редакции
22 ноября, 21:55

Aldi and Lidl hike milk and banana prices as pound's fall bites

Move marks step change in price war between German discounters and Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco Discount chains Aldi and Lidl have begun putting up the price of basic groceries, including milk and bananas, as the squeeze from the Brexit-driven fall in the value of the pound hits.The two supermarket companies have raised the price of a four-pint bottle of milk to 99p, from 95p – a 4% lift, which puts them on a par with Asda and just 1p behind Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco. Continue reading...

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22 ноября, 15:24

Tesco denies pupil lunchtime discrimination at Edinburgh store

Tesco denies claims it has been discriminating against state school pupils at one of its Edinburgh stores.

Выбор редакции
22 ноября, 10:00

Tesco store in Edinburgh accused of discriminating against state school pupils

Boroughmuir students claim staff make them queue outside while George Watson’s college pupils enter shop unchallengedA Tesco store in Edinburgh has been accused of discriminating against state school children by making them queue outside while private school pupils are allowed to come and go as they please.It has been claimed that students from Boroughmuir high school, near the city centre, were made to stand behind a barrier by Tesco staff and only allowed to enter their local store in small groups. But students at the nearby George Watson’s college were not stopped at all. Continue reading...

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20 ноября, 12:59

The 50 best wines for Christmas 2016

Observer Food Monthly’s seasonal picks, from supermarket budget wines to high street bargains and top-end quality – plus suggested food matchesTesco Finest St-Mont, France 2014 (£6, Tesco)Made by the ever-reliable Gascon co-operative Producteurs Plaimont, this south-western French budget staple of the Tesco range is in fine nick this vintage. Its super-tangy grapefruit and tropical flavours make it a good allrounder for fish and white meat. Continue reading...

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18 ноября, 11:33

Tesco warns global suppliers over price rises

Tesco boss Dave Lewis warns global suppliers not to artificially inflate their prices because of the fall in the pound following Brexit.

Выбор редакции
17 ноября, 21:49

Tesco chief warns brands not to make UK shoppers pay for weak pound

Dave Lewis says he accepts inflation is starting to raise prices but vows to fight unjustified hikes based only on currency fluctuationsThe chief executive of Tesco has fired a fresh warning shot at multinational consumer brand owners, such as Marmite’s parent company Unilever, by asking them not to push currency-related price hikes on to British shoppers. In his first comments since last month’s “Marmitegate” stand-off, Dave Lewis said consumers should not be asked to pay “inflated prices” due to fluctuations in currencies, such as the post-referendum slump in the pound. Continue reading...

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17 ноября, 16:13

Asda sales slump puts chain at bottom of UK supermarket league

Walmart-owned firm is worst performing grocer after 5.8% sales fall at established stores and 4.2% decline in shopper trafficAsda has reported a near 6% fall in sales at established stores, confirming its position as the worst performing major UK supermarket.Sales at the Walmart-owned chain’s established stores dropped by 5.8% in the three months to 30 September. That was an improvement on the previous quarter, when sales were down by 7.5%, but puts Asda well behind rivals Tesco and Morrisons, which recently reported underlying sales growth. Continue reading...

17 ноября, 15:00

The Marmite row is the first sign of the true cost of Brexit for food producers

The result of the Brexit-inspired falling pound is that we are, and will continue to be, at the mercy of increasingly expensive importsLast month, Marmite managed to leave a nasty taste in the mouth for even those of us who like it. Unilever’s attempt to increase the price, allegedly in response to rising costs as a result of a Brexit-inspired falling pound, was fought off by plucky old Tesco. Critics pointed out that Unilever had also benefited from the falling pound because it exported so many of its products. The company backed down and Tesco won the day. Hurrah. The diehard Brexiteers were able to claim that the portents of doom around our leaving the EU were misplaced. It was buttered toast all round.Except the Unilever story has managed to obscure the reality, which is this: when it comes to food, Brexit has utterly screwed us all. I ran into a friend recently who runs a food import and restaurant business. They spend more than £10m a year on produce, purchased in euros. Because of the falling pound their costs have gone up by 20%. They have to find an extra £2m just to stand still. I spoke to a man in the steakhouse business, who imports beef from the US. It was chaos, he said. The falling pound against the dollar had decimated the business. Continue reading...

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17 ноября, 10:44

Big Data At Tesco: Real Time Analytics At The UK Grocery Retail Giant

Big data and real time analytics are helping to transform the performance of UK retail giant Tesco. This use case outlines how Tesco is applying the latest data science tools to deliver real world results in the retail industry.