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Tim Hortons
20 октября, 17:28

Can Restaurant Brands (QSR) Q3 Earnings Pull a Surprise?

Restaurant Brands International Inc. (QSR) is scheduled to report third-quarter 2016 numbers on Oct 24, before the opening bell.

17 октября, 18:00

Where Donald Trump and Warren Buffett Agree

Donald Trump and Warren Buffett differ sharply on taxes. But only in how they talk about them - not so much in what they actually do about them.

22 сентября, 02:16

Brits befuddled by who or what is Tim Hortons

Famed for its coffee and doughnuts, Tim Hortons is an institution in Canada. Now the chain is expanding to the UK - but British consumers have a lot to learn.

Выбор редакции
01 сентября, 18:58

Why you might see 'Tim Hortons' in your town (clue: doughnut holes)

The company that own Burger King says it's planning to open its first Tim Hortons outlets in Scotland, England and Wales.

31 августа, 15:56

Looking for Momentum? Ulta & 4 Other Retail Stocks to Buy

Amid these bullish sentiments, momentum investing should be a winning strategy for investors seeking higher returns in a short spell.

18 августа, 17:28

4 Canadian Stocks to Buy on a Thriving Domestic Market

Invest in Canadian stocks that are cheap and stable compared to their American cousins.

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02 августа, 01:35

Restaurant Brands (QSR) Q2 Earnings: What's in Store?

Restaurant Brands International Inc. (QSR) is set to report second-quarter 2016 results on Aug 4, before the market opens. Last quarter, this quick service restaurant company posted a positive earnings surprise of 50.00%.

28 июня, 16:30

Restaurant Brands International, Buffalo Wild Wings, General Electric, United Technologies and Honeywell International highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

Restaurant Brands International, Buffalo Wild Wings, General Electric, United Technologies and Honeywell International highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

28 июня, 14:01

Bull of the Day: Restaurant Brands International (QSR)

Bull of the Day: Restaurant Brands International (QSR)

06 мая, 19:24

58 Companies That Care About Your Families Just As Much As You Do!

They say, it takes a village to raise a child. If you are a busy parent striving to be at your best productive selves as a parent and a professional, it takes your employer to raise your child as well! In a quest to find out the most parent friendly companies, Kidskintha reached out to several organisations across the world. Here are 58 great companies that unabashedly support the parental responsibilities of their employees. Reading through this might just inspire you to spruce up your CV and LinkedIn profile - and who knows, I may even receive a thank-you email from you someday :) Note: This amazing list is a result of all those people who patiently responded to my queries over email, phone and skype interviews. A huge shoutout to this collectively amazing team! Thank you! CADENCE Cadence Design Systems, an American electronic design automation (EDA) software and engineering services company with customers all over the world that use their products to make other great products to connect the world.Cadence cares about its employees so much that it pays to freeze their eggs for future use! I think Demolition Man has inspired them! What makes it great for parents? New Parent Leave provides both male and female employees one week of paid time off to celebrate the addition of a new member to the family by birth or adoption; apart from maternity leave. Flexible schedules and transtion mentoring for new mothers. Quiet rooms for lactating mothers. Fertility Preservation Benefit provides cryopreservation services of eggs to help with flexibility in family planning. College Coach is a program in collaboration with Bright Horizons that assists parents and students with college admission and career counseling for their adolescent children. ACCENTURE Accenture is one of the world's leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies that helps its clients become high-performance businesses. What makes it great for parents? Parental leave benefits: 16 weeks of paid leave, 8 weeks of paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a new child for primary caregivers Backup dependent care recently doubled from 40 hours to 80 hours per year Hospital-grade equipment for lactating mothers Breast Milk Shipping services that ships breast milk for new mothers who are on business travel. Personalized portal and one-on-one support for childhood issues, such as ADHD and learning and developmental disabilities are also available. SAS A data-analytics giant, SAS has helped customers make better decisions with the power of business intelligence and data management software. I think the clincher for parents here is the subsidized on-site childcare facility. What makes it great for parents? Unlimited sick time for themselves and family Flexible work options. Subsidized on-site child-care centers at the world headquarters. Private nursing rooms for lactating mother along with lactation consultants and breastfeeding support network. Free on-site healthcare centre with adjacent pharmacy which is used by 90% of the employees to take care of their families. Free Work/Life counselling services and resources provided to manage everyday stress and distractions. Subsidised cafes with low-cost meals are available on-site, which many employees utilize for meal-planning at home. Catering services at low-cost (and payroll deduction) for employee personal events. ERNST & YOUNG Considered one of the "Big Four", Ernst and Young is a multi-national professional services firm that offers assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services and operates as a network of member firms. What makes it great for parents? EY proudly states that men avail all the parental benefits equally! Parental leave: 14 weeks of paid parental leave for mothers and 6 weeks of paid parental leave for al fathers after one year. Approximately, 1,200 people in the US each year take parental leave - and roughly half of them are men. Executive Coaching for New Parents: EY offers individual and group coaching throughout the parental leave period to help employees transition back to work. To date the coaches have worked with about 700 parents. Flexible work options. Privacy rooms for lactating mothers, dependent day care reimbursement, EYAssist for child and elder care, Backup Day Care, Adoption Assistance reimbursement, College Coach, Today's Families Network and Parents of Special Needs Children Network. MomEY, a program in India provides guaranteed jobs for working mothers who take a career break for child care, within 5 years of leaving the organisation without a formal interview process gDIAPERS Appalled by the statistics that about 50 million disposable diapers( each taking 500 years to decompose!) were discarded every single day in the United State alone, founders Kim and Jason Graham-Nye brought the idea of having fully compostable and flushable diaper inserts to the United States. gDiapers is very vocal about their environment-friendly policies. What makes it great for parents? Mostly run by mums, gDiapers has the energy of a team that is distributed across the world and yet has a fierce common goal. Distributed across US, UK and Australia, the teams meet once or twice every week in a coffee shop or an all-hands lunch. They also have: Subsidised on-site day-care Compressed work hours -where they work 4 days instead of 5 Extended paid maternity leave, and extended paid time off each year. BUFFER One of the fastest growing companies that has leveraged the rampant growth of social media, Buffer spews positivity and have established themselves as an unstoppable, transparent, fun and incredibly focused team. They make work look like actually a cool thing to do! What makes it great for parents? The Buffer Team works from around the world. Paid vacation policy and nobody counts the days anybody has taken off. Both mothers and fathers to take at least 1 to 3 months of (paid) parental leave Subsidies to Buffer retreats(which are a matter of envy, so to speak!). Dependent benefit of $3000 per year, per dependent. ZAPIER Zapier makes your computer work harder for you- so you can just work smarter. Zapier makes it a breeze to connect all the apps you use, automate tasks and make more out of your data. What makes it great for parents? The Zapier team is very nimble with a generous 14-week parental leave policy with no hidden expectation that you will be "available" during that time and a very supportive transition plan. PERKINS COIE Perkins Coie is an international law firm working in Intellectual Property, Venture Capital, Emerging Companies, Labor & Employment, Corporate Governance and Securities, Investigations and White Collar Defense, and Products Liability practices. Their clients range from FORTUNE 100 corporations to small, independent startups, as well as public and not-for-profit organizations. What makes it great for parents?Perkins Coie shatters the image that lawyers can hardly loosen up at all. Their parental policies are some of the coolest! Parental policies: 14 weeks paid parental leave for primary care parents, regardless of gender and including adoptive parents. 4-weeks paid parental leave for non-primary caregivers over a 6-month period following the birth or placement for adoption of a child. Leave bank of hours: 140 hours of legal credit for transition time to be used to extend the paid leave to a maximum of 18 weeks. The firm also offers a A near-site firm-sponsored child-care centre. Travel with children: Lawyers can take their children on business trips! Flexibility policies: reduced schedule, flextime and remote working unlimited rest and relaxation time. PATAGONIA An adventurer's clothing haven, Patagonia has carved a niche for itself as a highly conscious environment- friendly fabric-maker. Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia recently made a public appeal to learn the art of mending products to mend your clothes and other products to make the switch from being consumers to being owners(despite being a clothing company!). What makes it great for parents? Patagonia believes that prioritizing families has a direct business benefit. On-site child-care program: Buses dropping off kids from their day-care or school locations to the center Paid Leave program: for increased employee engagement Shared adoption fees with employees trying to become parents. COTOPAXI Another great company that inspires adventure, Cotopaxi sells high-quality outdoor gear at affordable prices based on their direct-to-consumer approach. They believe in their "move to do good" motto and have mission-driven ambitions. What makes it great for parents? Cotopaxi forces you to raise adventurous kids! And, get off your back yourself. Cotopaxi doesn't just limit its outdoor adventure spirit to its products and customers- The company encourages the spirit of adventure among their employees and families alike. Travel with kids Employees can take their children along when the fulfill their 10% travel requirement. FACTSET Factset converts raw data into powerful information by using their analysis and reporting tools. that are used by financial and investment professionals for their work. What makes it great for parents? Maternity Leave:16 weeks of paid maternity leave in addition to 4 weeks of parental leave effective 2016. Adoption leave: 6 weeks of adoption leave for the primary care-giver @100% base pay and 4 additional weeks of unpaid leave which is payable to the employee after returning to work at least 3 days a week. Flexible work options. CANVA Canva is an online graphic design platform.that offers free as wella s premium access to a wide assortment of design tools. It has neat templates for various graphics like blog posts, facebook & cover pictures, infographics and many more. What makes it great for parents? Flexi-hours and work-from-home options to start and finish their workdays as per their choosing. Child-safe areas in office where parents can spend time with their children at work. Generous paid parental leave package for new parents as soon as a child is born or adopted. Catered breakfast and lunch for all staff which helps stressed parents feel cared for and support. X.ai x.ai brings you a personal assistant who will take care of all the scheduling of your meetings. All you need to do is send an email ccing your own 'assistant' and forget about further follow-ups or back-and-forth email. What makes it great for parents? Full healthcare and dental coverage which is not standard of startups at their stage. Fully self-managed vacation and time-off by employees. Remote working options facilitated by collaborative tech tools. X.ai also supports bringing kids to work in case of a daycare fiasco. To work for a company that provides everyone a personal assistant! Wow! CRYPHO Crypho is an end-to-end encryption service for messages and files that ensures they are decrypted only after reaching the recipient. What makes it great for parents? Parental leave: 12 months off for the mother with (government funded) 80% of their normal paycheck or 10 months of 100% and 12 weeks is reserved for the father. The rest of this time can be divided among the parents freely. One year unpaid leave for each parent if they choose to avail it. 10 paid days off every year to care for sick children (or sick caretaker). These are however, base rules, and shared for all Norwegian companies and funded by the Government. IKEA IKEA is a homeware giant that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture appliances and home accessories with 332 giant stores in 38 countries and plans for rapid expansion. What makes it great for parents? Life insurance for co-worker and families Flexible work options Healthy meal deals, private nursing rooms for young mothers. 'Smaland' facilities in every IKEA store where children can be brought in and even left in the care of coworkers. Talk of playdates- I think that's taken care of on campus! *Children need to meet requirements by being at least 47" tall. ELLO Ello is a positive and safe community for creative people who want to discover and share inspiring content. Ello identifies itself as an alternative to other mainstream social networks- predominantly facebook and has a public manifesto that says they will never sell ads on the network. They also have three lovely dogs as part of their staff! How cool is that! Perhaps I will finally get rid of my fear of dogs if I visit them! What makes it great for parents? Fully paid maternity leave package Part-time work options to help with transitioning back to work, Invitation to bring children to work (or enroll in nearby day care) 6-hour workdays for parents to focus on their growing child ZERVANT Zervant is a super-simple online invoicing software and expense management tools for small business owners especially designed to make it easy for those with no background in Finance. What makes it great for parents? Full Salary Compensation for up to 4 days in a row to care for children under 10 years. Flexible work hours and work from home options to accommodate kids' schedules. 'Kids' Corner' in office where kids can be brought to office in case of emergencies. BLINKIST Blinkist has the perfect solution for people constantly on the move. Blinkist provides 2 -15 minute summaries of the classic best-selling to the newest non-fiction books to help professionals stay tuned and learn as they go! What makes it great for parents? Completely management-free and have adopted Holocracy wholeheartedly where there's every tool, channel and freedom needed for the employee to take it upon oneself to balance work and home. No scheduled timeframes or core working hours. They have no ranks - only responsibilities. Work from home options in the event of an epic daycare fail AFFECTIVA A product of the MIT Media Labs, Affectiva strives to bring emotion into the digital world. Affdex, their emotion recognition software gives brands invaluable insight into real customer engagement with their branding videos and other campaigns, and enables developers to add emotion-sensing to their apps and digital experiences. Uh! Guess they will find out even when I am making disgusting faces in my own home! What makes it great for parents? Flexible work hours and ability to work remotely. Unlimited vacation time to manage personal responsibilities. LEGO Lego is a household name all over the world, and probably there's no parent who doesn't know the brand. It was founded in Denmark in 1932 and is still a family-owned company. What makes it great for parents? Flex time policy to select their own flexible work hours, or work remotely Invitation to bring children to work in case of emergencies. Maternity leave: Up to 26 weeks and paternity leave up to 4 weeks. Employees are also welcome to bring their children to work when necessary. The Maternal/Paternal policy is Subsidized child care facility at the LEGO Enfield campus (US hub-office) Guess this compensates for all the agony of stepping over LEGOs. PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational professional services network headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the largest professional services firm in the world, with focus on audit and assurance, tax and consulting services. It is one among the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG. What makes it great for parents? Fully paid parental leave for childbirth, adoption or foster care placement; with no differentiation between primary and secondary caregivers. Flexible three weeks of intermittent time off or 6 weeks of consecutive time-off in the first year for those who return to work for at least 20 hours a week. Unlimited sick days can be availed in case of illness or to care for a sick family member. Flexibility: Working reduced hours or from home for 60% of the time job-sharing or compressed workweek. Extended job protection of 26 consecutive weeks beyond the 12 weeks the federal Family and Medical Leave Act Nursing Moms' program provides resource support and discounted breastfeeding equipment for new mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed after returning to work COOLEY LLP Cooley LLP offers a wide range of legal resources with added expertise in intellectual property, patent issues, employment law and complex business. CooleyGO, an outfit of Cooley LLP specifically addresses the legal concerns of entrepreneurs. What makes it great for parents? Flexible work hours to facilitate alternative work schedules and job share consideration for certain roles. Back-up Childcare Bright Horizon child care solutions available for up to 20 days for a small fee. Family Leave to stay connected to the group and the firm with the help of a liaison in the event of a family leave. Family-Friendly Events Cooley strives to create a very family-friendly environment, and proudly participates in the annual Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Celebrating New Family Members to celebrate the addition of Cooley babies to the family. Wellness Up to $65/month reimbursement on health club dues, yoga classes, tennis lessons, and other fitness activities and covers a one-time initiation fee of up to $350 at a health club of the employee's choice Generous Paid Time Off Cooley offers a generous amount of paid time off to employees, often exceeding up to thirty days a year. Leverage Concierge The complimentary personal assistant service helps book travel, run errands, make restaurant reservations, source child, elder and pet care, and help source and book auto and home repair. MITRE A not-for-profit organization that operates federally funded research and development centers that assist the United States government with scientific research and data analysis. MITRE works solely in the public interest. What makes it great for parents? Work-life balance at MITRE is achieved through 3 important areas of focus. They encourage flexible work schedules and telecommuting arrangement to meet employees' needs. They have a referral program that helps employees find professional services like child care, elder care, family counselling to legal services and financial advice. Their wellness programs include on-site health services including massage and physical therapy, on-site fitness centers, healthy cafeteria menus and much more! COMPASS Launched in 2013, Compass is a technology-driven real estate platform that combines the services of exceptional agents with technology to ease the process of buying, selling or renting home. What makes it great for parents? Fully paid leave of 12 and 4 weeks for the primary and secondary caretakers respectively Flexible work options Fully paid health insurance for any number of dependents is covered. Dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA) that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars towards dependent care services like daycare or preschool is widely used by parents. A lactation room where new mothers can pump in a private space is set up. ZOCDOC Zocdoc was created to solve patient problems. It enables you to doctors appointments online, verify reviews for the doctor as well as for the treatment plan, provide feedback , bypass the waiting room forms to register online just once and not worry about missing appointments; What makes it great for parents? Zocdoc provides full-time team members and their dependents access to premium free healthcare. Parental leave Paid leave for both primary and secondary caregivers. Paid time off Up to six weeks off for secondary caregivers and 16 weeks for primary caregivers. Active lifestyle offerings and discounts weekly in-office yoga classes and discounted memberships to local gyms to give Zocdoc'rs a chance to slow down and relax. Family-wide events Many company-wide events are planned for Zocdoc team members and their families. A crowd favorite is Family Movie Night. Free healthy catered lunch daily: Zocdoc offers free healthy catered lunch every day, which always comes with salad options and a vegetarian option. This is a particularly helpful offering for busy parents. GILT Gilt provides an exclusive member-only insider access to leading designer labels upto 70% off and promises to have something new everyday for men, women, kids, home. Gilt City tailors its services to specific cities and offers its members coveted access to unique experiences and services across cities like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. along with a range of chosen national offers from luxury brands. What makes it great for parents? Flexible working hours subject to the needs of the business to help create a work/parenting balance. Unlimited time- off policy to spend more time with families. Oh, and you also get to drool over all the coolest fashion clothing and accessories in town! MICROSOFT Microsoft needs no introduction. A worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions to help people and businesses and the company "that put a PC in every home". What makes it great for parents? Paid parental Leave : 12 weeks in addition to the eight weeks of maternity disability leave they currently receive for birth mothers at 100% pay and short-term disability leave of 2 weeks for birth mothers. Flexibility around leave: employees are allowed to take their Parental Leave either in one continuous 12-week period or split into two periods. Transition support for new parents with part-time work options-in addition to the other benefits available to all employees at Microsoft. IBM IBM is one of the world's oldest and largest information technology giants with products including hardware and software for a line of business servers, storage products, custom-designed microchips, and application software. IBM increasingly derives revenue from a range of consulting and outsourcing services. Even with intense competition, IBM has a long-established loyal base of customers among middle-sized and Fortune-100 companies. What makes it great for parents? Flexible working options- work-at-home and telecommuting to enable work across time-zones. Alternate work schedules for women talent post maternity. Work-Life Flexibility Options like reduced workload during the transition period. Quality child-care and priority seats with multiple childcare service providers. IBM Senior Care Program with specific non-critical but essential care services especially for the sandwich generation. INTUIT Intuit offers online accounting software to help small businesses. Intuit is the creator of 3 flagship products in the accounting and personal finance- QuickBooks, Mint, and TurboTax . Intuit is fuelled by a growth strategy that aims to manage the nations' taxes for USA and Canada; and evolve as the operating system behind the success of small businesses. What makes it great for parents? Paid maternity leave up to 26 calendar weeks and paternity leave up to 15 working days under the #GotYouCovered program. Gender-agnostic adoption assistance that helps new adoptive parents with adoption fees. Six free confidential counselling sessions from an expert under the Employee Assistant Benefit program AMEX American Express provides innovative payment, travel and expense management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler's cheque businesses. What makes it great for parents? Parents at Amex initiative- an employee network that aims to provide programs and resources to parent. Special access to the Parent Need support group through quarterly meetings over phone -no matter where employees are located. Back up Care program in collaboration with Bright Horizons if an employee's usual care arrangements fall through. Support for children with special needs through specialized support groups. Up to eight sessions of free, confidential counseling for employees and their families. Flexible working arrangements. AUTODESK Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in multinational 3D design software corporation that makes software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media industries. What makes it great for parents? Paid sabbaticals, including a compulsory rest week in December. Flexible work options like telecommuting and flexible hours. A wellness program that includes fitness reimbursement for a health club membership Employee assistance program that provides employees and their dependents with access to counseling sessions Multiple wellness rooms across facilities for use by nursing mothers, for relaxation, or to simply take a break. zSpace zSpace is a technology firm based in Sunnyvale, California dedicated to enhancing education and learning through the use of virtual reality and technology. It allows people to interact with simulated objects in virtual environments as if they are real. What makes it great for parents? zSpace Education Suite Access to the complete zSpace Education Suite for their children. Priority consideration When seeking interns, zSpace prioritizes children of parents studying in college if their skills are a match for the internship role. This pretty much means you get to show off what you do to your kids! Technically, now you are cooler than your teenager! HP Hewlett- Packard has a vision to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. What makes it great for parents? Parent Leave policy 4 weeks of paid leave for births and 8 weeks (40 days) of paid leave for adoptions for both new moms and. Concierge and Convenience services To assist new mothers and fathers to find a nanny and other childcare services. Partly paid back-up childcare HP provides 10 days paid per year of back-up childcare through Bright Horizons HP Live and Work Well An Employee Assistance Program to assist with stress and parenting issues and Webcasts/Brown bag sessions: through Bright Horizons to counsel employees on parenting issues Adoption assistance $3,000.00 in adoption assistance and participation in a pre-tax Dependent Care flexible spending account. Flexible Work Arrangements CA Technologies CA Technologies is one of the largest software corporations in the world providing software for that runs in mainframe, distributed computing,virtual machine and cloud computing environments. What makes it great for parents? Robust Parental Leave -12 weeks of leave on the birth of a child, care of a new born child, or placement of a child for adoption/foster care Short Term Disability- effective immediately upon hire and provides 100% of an employee's base salary for up to 26 weeks if they need to attend to their own medical needs which typically provides new mothers with 6 weeks of full pay for a medically uncomplicated delivery. Family medical leaves Up to 6 weeks of paid time off for medical emergencies in family which adds an additional 6 weeks to the parental leave. Two-week phase back to work program full pay while working a reduced schedule of 50% in their first week back and 75% of their regular schedule in the second week following their return. Workplace Flexibility telecommuting or remote work Onsite Montessori Children's Centers - CA Technologies provides subsidized onsite Montessori-certified Children's Centers. Adoption Assistance Program - The adoption assistance policy includes reimbursement of adoption-related expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 per child and $10,000 per family within a 24-month period. DELOITTE Deloitte is among the largest international professional services networks, offering audit, assurance, tax, consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance, and legal services and is counted among the Big Four. What makes it great for parents? Return-to-work placement programme aimed at women who are looking to return to work after a break of more than 3 years Shared Parental Leave To be appropriately divided between the primary and secondary caregivers. Maternity and adoption leave can also be shared with the partners and spouses. Paid time off Deloitte provides paid time off for fathers and partners to attend ante-natal appointments, and for co-adopters to attend adoption appointments. Deloitte also offers the same benefits and pay entitlement for those who become parents through surrogacy. Time Out This benefit enables Deloitte employees to take a four-week block of unpaid leave each year. They are particularly encouraged to share their experiences with their colleagues once they are back. LYST Lyst is a fashion ecommerce platform that allows you to shop from over 10,000 top designers and stores in one place and delivers fashion tailor-made for their customers. What makes it great for parents? Complete flexibility leaving early, starting later and working from home when needed. 3 months full maternity leave and 2 weeks full paternity pay. Shared parental and adoption policy where up to 50 weeks of leave between child's parents (or adoptive parents) can be shared with 12 weeks of full pay. Baby Shower for expecting parents to show how much they care! I guess, the ladies also occasionally swoon over all the awesome stuff! Lyst, do you have plans for that? BAIN & COMPANY Bain & Company is a global management consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It provides advisory services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governments, and is one of the Big Three management consulting firms. What makes it great for parents? Bain no longer distinguishes between primary and secondary caregivers. Paid Childbirth and Childcare Leave Eight weeks of paid childbirth leave and eight weeks of paid parental leave. This provides 16 weeks of paid leave for women giving birth and eight weeks of paid parental leave for all other new fathers and mothers not giving birth. Flexibility to take parental leave when it best meets their professional and personal needs within the child's first year. GROOVE Built exclusively for small businesses, Groove understands how critical customer support is for the growth of small businesses. Their simple tool helps growing businesses deliver personal customer support. What makes it great for parents? The team is completely remote and everybody is free to build their work schedules around their families. OFFERPOP Offerpop is a software-as-a-service platform that changes how global brands engage and convert today's mobile and social consumers with engagement marketing. What makes it great for parents? Flexible work-hours and work-from-home options whenever needed. Paid time off but for no more than 10 business days in a row. Kids are welcome in the OfferPop office. GLASSDOOR Glassdoor, headquartered in Mill Valley California is a platform where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. Glassdoor is home to a growing database of more than 8 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports,interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more. The source of all of this information is those who know a company best -- the employees. Glassdoor also has the latest scoop on millions of job openings along with information on what it's like to really work or interview in that company. Glassdoor is seen as an effective recruiting tool for both employees and employers. Glassdoor- I am actually feeling doubly honoured here. I got to interview a company that interviews thousands of other companies in the world! Thanks! What makes it great for parents? Paid maternity and paternity leave for 3 weeks. Unlimited paid time off, reduced, flexible or remote hours, dependent health benefits, catered lunches and snacks, and exercise classes on sites like cross-fit. An Emotional Intelligence Training which gives them additional skills to help relate and communicate with their family members, friends and colleagues. PHILIPS Royal Philips is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people's lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. Note: The benefits listed here are for Philips India Limited, a subsidiary of Royal Philips of the Netherlands. What makes it great for parents? Creche tie-ups and support Discounted childcare and provides a network of childcare providers to choose from. Avent Products for new-born babies. Flexible work options for upto 5 working days in a month and one full month in case of exigencies. Maternity Leave- 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and additional 12 weeks of part time working and 10 working days of Paternity Leave Privilege leave - 28 days Privilege leave (one of the more aggressive in the industry) Sabbatical of up to 6 months (for those completing 3 years of service) and 1 year (for those completing 5 years of service) Honorary (no defined limit) Sick Leave Child Adoption Leave- 8 Weeks for Female Employees and 10 working days for male employees. HACKEREARTH HackerEarth provides the perfect bridge between employers who are looking to hire the right technical talent and passionate developers waiting to be discovered. Their HackerEarth Recruit tool is seen as a trusted assessment tool to evaluate technical skills by scores of companies. What makes it great for parents? Unlimited maternity leave benefit for new mothers besides the 3-month mandatory paid leave. Flexible working hours to support personal schedules. Invitation to bring your child to work in case of emergencies. EXOTEL Exotel is one of India's largest cloud telephony companies. They help businesses, both large and small, plug their business phone system into a virtual phone system. Exotel's cloud telephony eliminates the need for companies to invest in any hardware or maintenance. What makes it great for parents? Extreme flexibility: Exotel believes that team members are perfectly capable of knowing what works for them - and the team. The culture is so flexible so there's no fear or reluctance in stating your constraints and expecting the team to work around it. They have no set policies around parental benefits and that gives employees the freedom to juggle work and children. BUZZSUMO A rapidly-growing company that serves as a great platform for discovering engaging and trending content, content ideas and outreach opportunities. What makes it great for parents? The team works from all over the world. Working from home offices is the norm and the company follows no formal reporting hours but believes in meaningful challenging work. WHAT3WORDS what3words is in the business of better addressing the world to improve business efficiency, enhance customer experience and help social and economic performance of countries all over the world. what3words creates a unique combination of any 3 words for every 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet to help identify and remember any spot better. What makes it great for parents? Flexible hours of work and working from home or remote work are accepted. Families are welcome to the office to enable empathy for the occasional long hours of work. CHARTBEAT Chartbeat strives to create and build the content that their users want to see. They provide real-time information that provides data to editors, writers, marketers and developers on what is driving or will drive their site. What makes it great for parents? Parental leave12 weeks of paid leave for primary caregivers and 4 weeks of transitional flex-time at 100% salary. 6 weeks of paid leave for secondary caregiver Unlimited vacation days to take care of last minute exigencies. Atleast 2 weeks of planned time off every year as strongly encouraged by the management. GOZOOP Gozoop is a digital services and products company of 150+ passionate digital intrapreneurs serving over 80+ of the world's top brands like Mumbai Indians, Dell, Ferrari, Asian Paints, Discovery Channel, Mad Over Donuts, ITC, Myntra, Lipton Ice Tea, Tim Horton's among others across India, Dubai, Singapore & New York. 4 year old Gozoop ranks No. 1 in the Professional Services Industry & also makes it to the list of Top 100 Best Places to work for in India in 2015. Gozoop is the only Digital Agency to have featured on the list for 2015 published by The Economic Times. Apart from their 360° digital marketing capabilities, they build their own products to help brands improve customer experiences. In June 2013, they increased their presence across India with the acquisition of Red Digital and in June last year, they further enhanced our technology capabilities with the acquisition of iThinkInfotech. Their objective is not just to be the largest independent or the most innovative digital agency, but one that their clients trust & where the team finds meaning in their work. What makes it great for parents? Gozoop is fairly new to parenthood with only 6 parents in the house. Maternity & paternity leaves following birth or adoption Flexi-work hours and work from home for new parents for up to a month after resuming work. Unlimited sick days off to care for oneself or a family member Team bonding where they visit each other's homes, especially during periods of absence. APPBOY Appboy is a mobile marketing automation service that empowers marketers to build better relationships with their customers with push, email, in-app campaigns that are sent out tailor-made to each individual customer to help businesses grow faster. What makes it great for parents? One week a day to take off early and dedicate their evenings entirely to their loved ones. Changes its off days to align with school holidays. Unlimited time-off MANAGEDBYQ Managed By Q is a service to simplify office maintenance where can customize tasks to suit your office needs. What makes it great for parents? ManagedbyQ offers paid parental leave of between 12-16 weeks, after one year of service with Managed by Q. They also offer flexible paid time off to help parent find the crucial balance. REI REI is a national outdoor retail co-op dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship that offers their own line of high-quality award-winning gear and apparel, in addition to products from the top brands for camping, climbing, cycling, fitness, hiking, paddling, snow sports and travel. What makes it great for parents? 26 weeks of time off for both the mother and father Flexible schedules in their retail environments and at headquarters PARSE.LY Parse.ly provides web analytics and content optimization software for online publishers. They partner with digital publishers to provide insights to the audience through an intuitive analytics platform. What makes it great for parents? Standing desks to encourage activity and movement for its employees Flexible work hours that include work-from-home and altered hours of work. SCHOOLOGY Schoology strives to improve learning experience for students and instructors through its improved Learning Management Systems that is aligned with the education needs and learning styles of the real world. What makes it great for parents? A generous and open PTO policy that allows parents the flexibility to be present to address the needs of their family. Parental Leave Policy For employees over a year old with Schoology- 12 weeks paid leave for primary caregiver and 3 weeks paid leave for the secondary caregiver. For parents who have been with Schoology for less than a year - it would 8 and 2 weeks respectively. Employees transition plan to help employees phase back into work. Parent Support Chat Room for advice and support for parenting concerns. NAMELY Namely provides a complete HR-Technology platform comprising of HR, payroll, and benefits built for today's workplace. Namely is used by over 400 companies and 60000 employees worldwide. What makes it great for parents? Parental leave: For parents who have been with Namely between 6-12 months, Namely provides 9 weeks of paid leave for the primary caregiver and 3 weeks for the secondary caregiver. Those who have been at Namely for one year or more, get 12 weeks of paid leave for the primary and 6 weeks for the secondary caregiver. SHEKNOWS SheKnows is a digital media company for women headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It helps empower women through articles and discussion related to women's issues including beauty, relationships, sex and parenting. What makes it great for parents? SheKnows believes in hiring the best and then provides them incredible flexibility while trusting them with challenging responsibilities. Being a SheKnows Experts contributor myself, I can say first-hand that they are an excellent team! Kudos! MASTERCARD MasterCard is a technology company and payments industry leader reap the benefits of their innovative financial and payment products and solutions. What makes it great for parents? Flexible work options. Work from home for an agreed period of time. Incremental parental leave which provides 16 weeks leave for mothers, and 8 weeks for fathers to care for new- born child: 8 weeks for adoption leave. WHIRLPOOL Whirlpool is an American manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. What makes it great for parents? Flexible work options- altered hours of work reduced work schedules, and work from home. HEADSPACE Already a favourite self-development tool among world's leading experts, HeadSpace's mission is to make meditation simple. What makes it great for parents? Headspace practices meditation together at work- everyday! For the uninitiated- it means less freaking out on diaper explosion. This article first appeared on Kidskintha. About the Author: Devishobha is the founder of Kidskintha- a website dedicated to helping millennial parents raise happy kids. Grab the most comprehensive list of Productivity Hacks for Millennial Parents- totally FREE. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Hockey: A Sound Investment Or Skating On Thin Ice?

In my most recent HuffPost blog, I detailed my lack of investment foresight, lamenting the fact I waited too long before attempting to secure a retirement nest egg. No stocks, no bonds, no mutual funds, no successful high yield investments. Nada, zip, zilch. Memory however, is a selective thing. Because as it turns out, there was one financial venture I neglected to mention. And I got the ball rolling on it ridiculously early. We're talking the age of six. My investment? The beloved sport of hockey. No, I wasn't groomed from a young age to be the next Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin. That would have involved an amount of instinct and agility well outside my RNA sequencing. Instead, my ticket to a life of luxury was hockey cards. I accrued a bunch of 'em throughout my childhood. Most from the 1970s. Some from the early '80s and even the late '60s. By the time I hit my teen years, I had hundreds of them. All-stars, obscure players, and everyone in between. All safely nestled in a series of unassuming cardboard boxes. I sat on these suckers for a good 30 some odd years, as they appreciated in value like fine vintage wines. Then, a little while back, I pulled them out of their hiding place. The next step: I purchased a $75 book with up-to-date appraisals on decades' worth of hockey cards. Slowly and methodically, I pulled out the crème de la crème of the cards and looked up their value. "Bring on the riches. baby!" And heeeeeere's the rub. After a third of a century of appreciation, they were worth pretty much squat. We're talking ever-so-slightly north of zero. Why? My mind harkened back to a high school economics class I took, where the teacher explained the concept of scarcity. To paraphrase, it went something like this: "When there's less of something, its value increases." With regards to my brilliant money-making scheme, it turned out way too many industrious kids had the same card hoarding idea back in the 1970s. And with next to no scarcity, my so-called treasure trove was all but useless. "Well, I know one thing I'll be keeping in mint condition," I thought as I placed the appraisal book back in its bag. This marked the end of my sports-related investment strategy. Ah, the untold wealth that could have been. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids. There is a silver lining. A back-up plan, if you will. When I was nine years old, my family moved into a home previously owned by a hardcore hockey enthusiast. And for whatever reason, he left a bunch of memorabilia behind. The piece de resistance: a pair of hockey sticks autographed by numerous Toronto Maple Leaf heavy hitters from the late 1960s. (a.k.a. the last time the team won the Stanley Cup.) We're talking Red Kelly, Frank Mahovlich, Dave Keon, Ron Ellis, Johnny Bower, and Tim Horton. (Yep, the man behind the iconic coffee/donut franchise. It's 'Horton' -- don't buy into this 'Hortons' crap.) Like my ill-fated hockey cards, these sticks have been lying dormant for the better part of three decades. And although my expectations are tempered (for obvious reasons), I'm cautiously optimistic they might just bring a few dollars my family's way. (At the very least, they'll look pretty sweet above the ol' mantle.) So hey, maybe there's a future in hockey futures after all. Anyone out there good with stick appraisals? -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Restaurant Brands Q1 Earnings and Revenues Beat

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Restaurant Brands International Inc. (QSR ) came into existence with the merger of Tim Hortons Inc. and Burger King Worldwide Inc.

27 апреля, 01:41

Restaurant Brands (QSR) Q1 Earnings: Stock to Surprise?

Restaurant Brands International Inc. (QSR) is set to report first-quarter 2016 results on Apr 28, before the market opens.

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25 апреля, 22:47

Earnings Alert: 4 Restaurant Stocks to Watch (BWLD, CMG, QSR, DPZ)

Restaurants are in focus thanks to a strong industry rank, but several companies have fallen by the wayside. How is yours looking this earnings season?

21 апреля, 15:38

Что думают иностранцы о наших ядерных "медведях" и "белых лебедях"?

В День Победы над Красной площадью пролетят модернизированные стратегические бомбардировщики Ту-160M1 и три Ту-95МСМ. Впервые представителей воздушной части нашей ядерной триады заметили 13 апреля на репетиции парада. Какие эмоции вызывают грозные "медведи" и "белые лебеди" у иностранцев - читайте в нашей подборке комментариев с YouTube. Возможно, это не выглядело бы настолько круто, если бы они не приближались так близко к земле. Видео о том, как Ту-160 заплывает в облака и выходит из них - просто потрясающее. Мне это напомнило, как акула приплывает на кормежку. "Блэкджэк" может быть немного быстрее, но B-1 точно будет победителем на конкурсе красоты. Это мое личное мнение. Tim Horton У меня прям мурашки по телу при виде "Белого лебедя". Space Man Очень жаль, что такой красивый самолет принесет огромные разрушения. Я думаю, что два таких самолета с ядерным боезапасом могут из всей территории Турции сделать сплошной пляж с черным песком. Zorica Tasic Видео "Белый лебедь" и "Медведь" - красавчики! Phill Faile Ааа! У русских новый разрушитель планеты! kurt "kurttexas" Edwards Все, теперь воюем за Россию, а не за США. King of Galaxy Красивый самолет, но эта красота смертельна. cp arquit До чего же красивая птичка! marc smender Бесстыдно скопированный B-1A. United States of Embarrassment "Белый лебедь", какое же сексуальное имя... moist faucet Подозрительно похож на "Конкорд", который создали британцы и лягушатники. Karl Korp Вот, что я называю мощью. Martin Helthuis Ermoso excelente bombardero! ferney alexander Plazas Если бы B-1 "спарился" с "Конкордом", у них родился бы вот такой ребенок. James Owen Что?! В Ту-95 нет туалета? Ад земной! superllama666 А у него что, радар с системой алкогольного охлаждения? lolcatmisso Да, радар с системой охлаждения "Водка со льдом", в России выпивка же дешевая. Ivor Dozenbikes Видео(https://defendingrussia.r...)

19 марта, 00:24

Man arrested after forcing Toronto bus to Tim Hortons

A Canadian man who hijacked a city bus and demanded he be taken to Tim Hortons, a popular coffee and doughnut chain, has been arrested.

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18 марта, 22:43

СМИ: в Торонто мужчина угнал автобус, чтобы быстро доехать до закусочной

Мужчина, чья личность не раскрывается, зашел в автобус и, угрожая ножом водителю, потребовал без остановок его быстро довезти до сети закусочных Tim Hortons. Водитель не стал сопротивляться

02 марта, 13:55

Рейтинг Forbes на 1 марта 2016 года

Самые богатые люди мираАмериканский Forbes 1 марта обнародовал ежегодный мировой рейтинг долларовых миллиардеров, 30-й по счету. В список попали 1810 человек, на 16 меньше, чем в прошлом году. Их совокупное состояние — $6,48 трлн, на $570 млрд меньше, чем годом ранее. Список «молодеет»: рекордное число участников, 67, оказались моложе 40 лет. Стоимость активов, принадлежащих миллиардерам, оценивалась по состоянию на 13 февраля 2016 года. Подробнее о лидерах глобального рейтинга — далее.1. Билл ГейтсСостояние: $75 млрдИзменение за год: -$4,2 млрдИсточник состояния: MicrosoftВозраст: 60Страна: СШАБилл Гейтс снова на вершине мирового списка Forbes – в 17-й раз за последние 22 года. Уже несколько лет о нем говорят не только как о основателе Microsoft, но и как об одном из самых щедрых в мире меценатов – благотворительный Фонд Билла и Мелинды Гейтс занимается, в частности, вопросами улучшения медицинского обслуживания и вакцинации в развивающихся странах. Совокупно на меценатские проекты Гейтс направил уже $31,5 млрд. В декабре 2015 года Гейтс в числе 20 других миллиардеров принимал участие в Климатическом саммите в Париже. Бизнесмены выступили с инициативой инвестировать в развитие чистой энергии. «Наша главная цель, — заявил Гейтс, — объединиться, чтобы добиться результата в развитии чистой энергии». К проекту основателю Microsoft удалось привлечь Марка Цукерберга, основателя Alibaba Group Джека Ма и богатейшего человека Африки Алико Данготе.20% состояния Гейтса в этом году принесли ему 3% акций Microsoft, которыми владеет бизнесмен. В числе других его вложений, инвестиции в Канадскую национальную железную дорогу, американскую машиностроительную компанию Deere & Co., компанию по переработке отходов Republic Services, а также в компанию Ecolab. В октябре 2015 года Гейтс инвестировал в стартап Impossible Foods, который занимается выращиванием растительных продуктов, способных заменить мясо.2. Амансио ОртегаСостояние: $67 млрдИзменение за год: +$2,5 млрдИсточник состояния: ZaraВозраст: 79Страна: ИспанияАмансио Ортега – самый богатый человек в Европе и самый богатый ритейлер в мире. Он родился в семье испанского железнодорожного рабочего, и в 1975 году основал фирму Zara – тогда под ныне всемирно известным брендом начинающий предприниматель вместе со своей первой женой Розалией Мерой (умерла в 2013 году) занимался пошивом нижнего белья и банных халатов, причем производство они наладили в собственной гостиной. К середине 1980-х сеть Zara охватила уже всю Испанию и начала зарубежную экспансию, в 1989 году Ортега открыли первый магазин в США.Управляющая компания Ортега Inditex в отличие от конкурентов не слишком тратилась на рекламу, зато много инвестировала в открытие новых магазинов и жестко управлялась своим основателем. Фэшн-директор Louis Vuitton Дэниэл Пьет однажды назвал бизнес-империю миллиардера «вероятно, самым инновационным и разрушающим ритейлером на планете». Во многом благодаря подобному стилю управления, компании бизнесмена невероятно успешно пережили последний глобальный финансовый кризис: за период с 2009-го по 2014 годы Ортега стал богаче на $45 млрд благодаря быстрым темпам роста стоимости акций Inditex, что особенно впечатляло на фоне стагнации испанской экономики. Основатель Zara за эти годы получил миллиарды долларов инвестиций, но большую часть средств пустил не на дорогие покупки, а вернул в бизнес – для диверсификации своего портфеля активов бизнесмен вложил около $8 млрд в недвижимость в крупных городах, таких как Мадрид, Барселона, Лондон, Чикаго, Майами и Нью-Йорк.3. Уоррен БаффетСостояние: $60,8 млрдИзменение за год: -$11,9 млрдИсточник состояния: Berkshire HathawayВозраст: 85Страна: СШАВ письме акционерам Berkshire Hathaway в начале 2016 года Баффет выразил оптимизм по поводу американского будущего, несмотря на воинственную риторику кандидатов в президенты США. Его уверенность в завтрашнем дне легко объяснима – в 2015 году его инвестиционная империя Berkshire Hathaway провела величайшую сделку в своей истории по покупке металлургической Precision Castparts. Инвестиционный холдинг Баффета купил ее за $37 млрд. Кроме того он активно скупал акции нефтяной компании Phillips 66, а также проводил совместные сделки с 3G Capital (фирма управляется несколькими бразильскими миллиардерами), касающиеся Kraft Foods, Heinz, Burger King and сети кофеин Tim Hortons. Berkshire Hathaway — пятая по доходности корпорация в США – владеет компаниями Geico, Dairy Queen и Fruit of the Loom, инвестирует в Wells Fargo, IBM and Coca-Cola.Баффетт по-прежнему называет лучшей инвестицией в своей жизни прочтение в 1949 году книги Бенджамина Грэма «Умный инвестор». Позднее Грэм стал ментором молодого талантливого предпринимателя. В 1962 году Баффетт перебрался в Небраску, где взялся реанимировать бизнес стагнирующей текстильной компании Berkshire Hathaway. К 2015 году скромное предприятие превратилось в четвертую по рыночной капитализации корпорацию в мире стоимостью $335 млрд.Что касается политических амбиций Баффета, он активно поддерживает кандидата в президенты Клинтон и даже является спонсором ее предвыборной компании.4. Карлос Слим ЭлуСостояние: $50 млрдИзменение за год: -$27,1 млрдИсточник состояния: телекоммуникацииВозраст: 76Страна: МексикаНесмотря на сложную конъюнктуру, Карлос Слим Элу остается одним из богатейших людей мира. Мексиканские власти постепенно ужесточают антимонопольное законодательство в отрасли телекоммуникаций, что буквально обрушило акции телеоператора America Movil, который принадлежит Элу. Это, а также ослабление мексиканского песо и кризис в Бразилии сделало бизнесмена беднее на $27,1 млрд. Это крупнейшее падение в рейтинге в этом году. Тем не менее миллиардер остается богатейшим человеком Мексики.Кроме того, мексиканец – крупнейший акционер издательского дома The New York Times. В январе 2015-го он довел долю во влиятельном ИД до 17% и сохранил опционы на дальнейшее наращивание. Миллиардер контролирует промышленный конгломерат Grupo Carso, финансовую Grupo Financiero Inbursa и инфраструктурную Ideal.5. Джефф БезосСостояние: $45,2 млрдИзменение за год: +$10,4 млрдИсточник состояния: Amazon.comВозраст: 52Страна: СШАДжефф Безос одновременно управляет тремя компаниями и, кажется, справляется. В ноябре 2015-го его аэрокосмическая компания Blue Origin успешно провела контролируемую посадку многоразовой ракеты BE-3, чем вызвала зависть у Илона Маска. Amazon в 2015 году заработал рекордные $107 млрд. Тем не менее в начале 2016 года компания потеряла часть своей стоимости на рынке. Во многом на это повлияла статья в The New York Times, в которой рассказывалось о рабских условиях труда в Amazon и постоянном давлении, оказываемом руководством на сотрудников. В ответ на это Безос разослал работникам Amazon письма. По его словам, в компании, описанной в статье The New York Times, он не узнал Amazon, но заявил, что те работники, кто согласен со сказанным в материале, «просто сумасшедшие, если решат остаться».6. Марк ЦукербергСостояние: $44,6 млрдИзменение за год: +$11,2 млрдИсточник состояния: FacebookВозраст: 31Страна: США2015 год для Цукерберга был особенно удачный. Растущая цена Facebook принесла ему дополнительные $11,2 млрд к прошлогоднему состоянию. Кроме того, и это более важно, Цукерберг впервые стал отцом. В связи с этим бизнесмен и его жена Присцилла Чан объявили о том, что отдадут 99% своих акций соцсети на благотворительные цели. Об этом они написали в письме, адресованном их дочери Макс, на странице в Facebook. Там же миллиардер размещает фотографии первой прививки Макс, празднования первого китайского Нового года в ее жизни, ее нарядов и т.д.Выручка Facebook продолжает расти, кроме того, Цукерберг делает ставку на шлемы виртуальной реальности Oculus Rift – за их производителя, компанию Oculus VR хозяин Facebook выложил $2 млрд, хотя сам гаджет до сих пор находится на стадии прототипа. А мессенджер WhatsApp, купленный в 2014 году за рекордные $19 млрд, вырос еще на 1 млрд пользователей только в феврале.7. Ларри ЭллисонСостояние: $43,6 млрдИзменение за год: -$10,7 млрдИсточник состояния: OracleВозраст: 71Страна: СШАЛарри Эллисон покинул пост гендиректора Oracle в 2014 году, оставив за собой позиции директора по развитию технологий и председателя совета директоров. Настоящая рок-звезда Кремниевой долины, он вырос в доме своей двоюродной бабушки в Чикаго и никогда не встречал отца. Талантливый разработчик софта, на заре карьеры он успел поработать на ЦРУ, после чего в 1977 году основал Oracle. В 2015 году Эллисон объявил, что Oracle займется разработкой облачного софта и в скором времени станет конкурентом Amazon в этой области.Фанат парусного спорта, миллиардер является одним из крупнейших спонсоров профильных соревнований в США. Он также увлеченно скупает недвижимость. Например, за $300 млн в 2012 году бизнесмен приобрел гавайский остров Ланаи – ему принадлежит каждый гостиничный номер в этом райском уголке. Дочь Эллисона Меган – успешный кинопродюсер. Ее студия Annapurna Pictures стояла за оскароносными «Цель номер один» и «Афера по-американски».8. Майкл БлумбергСостояние: $40 млрдИзменение за год: +$4,5 млрдИсточник состояния: Bloomberg LPВозраст: 74Страна: СШАМайкл Блумберг оставил пост мэра Нью-Йорка в конце 2013 года. Сегодня все чаще можно слышать предположения о том, что миллиардер может стать независимым кандидатом и выдвинуть свою кандидатуру на пост президента США, несмотря на многократные обещания посвятить остаток жизни благотворительной деятельности. В интервью The Financial Times он признался, что рассматривает возможность баллотироваться, учитывая недовольство кандидатами от обеих партий. Вернуться в политику Блумберга призывали и друзья-миллиардеры – Билл Экман и Руперт Мердок.В 2015 году Блумберг вернулся в бизнес – на пост генерального директора основанного им агентства финансовой информации Bloomberg LP. Он намерен вдохнуть новую жизнь в компании, которые носят его имя. Первым делом миллиардер сократил штат. Оставшиеся журналисты теперь больше работают по профилю – над финансовыми и бизнес-новостями.Блумберг имеет репутацию одного из самых щедрых в США филантропов: на благотворительные цели он в совокупности пожертвовал уже $3,8 млрд, включая $1 млрд своей альма-матер и $100 млн Фонду Билла и Мелинды Гейтс для борьбы с полиомиелитом. Миллиардер также получил статус специального посла ООН по делам городов и климатических изменений.9-10. Чарльз КохСостояние: $39,6 млрдИзменение за год: -$3,3 млрдИсточник состояния: Koch IndustriesВозраст: 80Страна: СШАБратья Чарльз и Дэвид Кохи – в числе самых влиятельных фигур в американском бизнесе, благотворительности и политике. Кохи совместно владеют семейным холдингом Koch Industries с выручкой $115 млрд. Многоотраслевой холдинг занимается строительством трубопроводов, нефтепереработкой, производством стройматериалов, бумажных полотенец и стаканчиков и еще многих товаров. Чарльз Кох с 1967 года занимает в Koch Industries пост председателя совета директоров, курируя интенсивный рост бизнеса.Братья активно финансируют Республиканскую партию. Чарльз Кох сравнивает свой крестовый поход за минимизацию участия правительства в экономике и экономическую свободу с борьбой за права человека. Кохи пока не объявили, какого кандидата в президенты от Республиканской партии они поддерживают в текущей предвыборной гонке, но известно, что это не Дональд Трамп.Среди главных благотворительных проектов миллиардеров – поддержка образования. В середине 2014 года они, к примеру, выдали грант на $25 млн фонду по поддержке афроамериканских студентов.9-10. Дэвид КохСостояние: $39,6 млрдИзменение за год: -$3,3 млрдИсточник состояния: Koch IndustriesВозраст: 75Страна: СШАДэвид Кох на паритетных началах со старшим братом Чарльзом владеет многоотраслевым холдингом Koch Industries – вторая после Cargill по размеру частная компания США стоимостью около $100 млрд. Дэвид Кох потратил около $900 млн на поддержку образования, деятельности Республиканской партии и отдельные проекты в ходе текущей президентской гонки в США вроде реформы системы уголовного правосудия.Братья Кохи также активно занимаются благотворительностью: фонд Дэвида Коха за все время его существования пожертвовал на различные цели более $1,2 млрд. Нью-Йоркский музей Метрополитен, на реконструкцию которого Дэвид Кох пожертвовал $65 млн, в сентябре 2014 года назвал одну из площадей на своей территории его именем.