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Tony Blair warns Labour against letting SNP hold new referendum

Former prime minister says Jeremy Corbyn must avoid ‘horse-trading about the union’Tony Blair has warned the Labour leadership against using the union as a bargaining chip and accused Boris Johnson of putting the future of the UK at risk over Brexit.During a visit to Edinburgh, the former prime minister said it would be a “big mistake” for Jeremy Corbyn to enter into “horse-trading about the union”, when he was asked if the Labour leader should grant a section 30 order – which gives the Scottish National party the necessary legal powers to hold a second independence referendum – in order to secure their support at Westminster in the event of another hung parliament. Continue reading...

08 октября, 12:34

Brexit: Tusk accuses Johnson of 'stupid blame game' as No 10 signals talks about to collapse - live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as doubts grow over future of Brexit negotiations EU accuses UK of playing ‘stupid blame game’ after No 10 briefingNo 10 memo threatening EU states over extension ‘is shaming’Unofficial No 10 briefing on Brexit - Summary and analysis‘Enough, enough, enough - we need to leave,’ Gove tells MPs 8.25pm BST The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has met the US ambassador to London, Woody Johnson, to urge the latter country to reconsider its position on the diplomatic immunity given to the suspect in the case of Harry Dunn, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. A spokeswoman said:The foreign secretary met the US ambassador today and urged the US to reconsider its position and do the right thing by Harry Dunn’s family. 8.11pm BST Downing Street has now issued its own account of the discussions between the prime minister and the president of the European parliament, David Sassoli. A No 10 spokesperson has said:The prime minister welcomed President Sassoli of the European parliament to Downing Street this afternoon.The prime minister stated his preference for leaving the EU with a deal. He emphasised that the UK’s proposal represents a significant step and a reasonable compromise which respects the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement, the single market and provides for democratic consent in Northern Ireland. Continue reading...

24 сентября, 17:00

David Cameron's memoir fails to top Tony Blair’s in first week sales

For the Record, the former PM’s account of his time in office sold close to 21,000 copies in its first week, behind Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments, which topped 100,000Almost 21,000 people rushed out to buy a copy of David Cameron’s memoir in its first week on sale, placing it second on the latest book charts to Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments and, historically, behind Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair for the title of fastest-selling political memoir by a former prime minister.Published on last Tuesday, For the Record had sold 20,792 copies by Saturday, according to figures just released by official book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan. When Blair’s A Journey was published in 2010 – amid cancellation of launch events over protests from anti-war campaigners – it sold 92,060 copies in its first four days on sale. At the time, this made it the fastest-selling autobiography since Nielsen began to track book sales in 1998. Continue reading...

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Diane Abbott urges resigned Corbyn adviser to reconsider

Shadow home secretary calls Andrew Fisher ‘an asset’ and close friend of Labour leaderDiane Abbott has urged a key adviser to Jeremy Corbyn who resigned citing a lack of “professionalism, competence and human decency” in the Labour leader’s team to reconsider his decision.In a leaked resignation memo to colleagues, Andrew Fisher, who masterminded the party’s 2017 manifesto, said he no longer had faith that Labour would be successful and accused the leadership team of making a “blizzard of lies and excuses”. Continue reading...

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The Guardian view on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour: it should be a broad church | Editorial

The Labour leader ought to be true to his ideological roots and must not attempt to force members to back his Brexit policy on the back of trade union votesThe seeds of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory of 2015 were sown more than a decade earlier on the floor of a Labour party conference in Brighton. Then the Labour leader was Tony Blair and he had, in 2003, taken Britain into the Iraq war with predictable and disastrous consequences. By 2004, when Iraq was descending into chaos, Labour members were furious. Mr Blair only avoided an embarrassing defeat in Brighton that year when trade union power helped see off a conference motion calling for the early withdrawal of British troops from Iraq. Mr Blair won the vote, but he lost the argument with members. Mr Corbyn’s campaign was built on this disaffection. Key to Mr Corbyn’s appeal as Labour leader was that he promised not to let members down again.Yet this year Mr Corbyn is accused of doing just that over Brexit. Instead of Labour going into an election with a clear pro-remain position, something that the majority of ordinary members want, Mr Corbyn – with the backing of the big trade unions – will, it seems, bulldozer his “fudge” policy through. His plan seeks to persuade voters that compromise is needed to reconcile warring Brexit tribes. This is a brave and not unwelcome move in our polarised times. Mr Corbyn’s policy is for a Labour government to renegotiate a Brexit deal and put it to a plebiscitary vote within six months of winning an election. There would be a special conference to determine Labour’s position in that referendum. On Sunday Mr Corbyn refused to say how he would campaign in it. This approach recognises that the country is divided and that give and take might be required to bring people together. It allows those Labour MPs in leave constituencies to campaign in the next election as leavers, and those in remain constituencies to campaign as remainers. Continue reading...

19 сентября, 12:42

As David Cameron tells all, a guide to the best political memoirs

To coincide with publication of For the Record, a round-up of the best career reckonings by politiciansKen Clarke did it over late-night brandies and cigars. Tony Blair needed someone standing over him to make him knuckle down. David Cameron reportedly shut himself away in an excruciatingly tasteful shepherd’s hut to write For the Record. But grinding out a political memoir shouldn’t be an entirely painless process – the best involve an honest reckoning with mistakes as well as the inevitable recital of triumphs.Some of the most interesting recent political autobiographies come from those who might have led their parties but never did, and thus are less obsessed with creating legacies. Alan Johnson’s extraordinary trilogy, starting with This Boy and ending with The Long and Winding Road, revealed a natural writer with a remarkable life story to tell (orphaned at 13, he was raised by his older sister and worked as a postman before falling into politics via the union movement). Harriet Harman’s A Woman’s Work concludes with a heartfelt admission that after years of mockery she didn’t have the confidence to run for the leadership, which raises important questions about who rises to the top of politics – regardless of whether you think her reticence was the Labour party’s loss or gain. Ken Clarke’s witty, gossipy Kind of Blue takes on a new poignancy now he has lost the whip. He never seems to doubt the Tory party was mad to keep rejecting his offer to lead it, but it gives intriguing glimpses of an alternative path for the Tories that might have unfolded had he beaten William Hague in 1997. Continue reading...

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Labour to review language of Tony Blair's clause IV reform

Party to set up working group, as long as Scottish activists withdraw conference motionLabour has promised to look again at clause IV of its constitution, which sets out the aims and values of the party, leading to speculation the party could revert to its pre-Blair commitment to socialism.The party’s ruling body has said it will set up a working group to look at updating the language in the clause controversially replaced by Tony Blair in 1995, in what was seen as a milestone moment for the direction of the party. Continue reading...

09 сентября, 16:19

Brexit: Пришло время волевых стратегов. Однако, где они?

В 1989 году население Советского Союза не отходило от телеэкранов, на которых разворачивались перипетии горбачёвского... Сообщение Brexit: Пришло время волевых стратегов. Однако, где они? появились сначала на News Front - Новостной Фронт. Новости Мира России Украины.

07 сентября, 07:01

How UK's foreign policy efforts to dislodge Mugabe ended in failure

Series of misunderstandings and protection from other African leaders meant Britain could only wound the regimeBritain’s 40-year effort to find a way to either influence or dislodge Robert Mugabe is one of the country’s great post-war foreign policy failures. It is a story spanning six UK prime ministers, nearly £1bn in aid and every conceivable strategy.Whether the cause of that failure lies at the door of a colonial mindset in the Foreign Office, a failed land transfer policy, the collective weakness of the Commonwealth, a cowardly African political elite or simply the corrupt thuggery of Mugabe himself will be a matter of dispute for generations. Continue reading...

02 сентября, 11:31

Boris Johnson to seek 14 October election if rebels succeed, says government source – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including reaction to PM’s threat to remove whip from Tory MPs who vote against him on BrexitBoris Johnson says he will never ask EU for further Brexit delayFull text of Johnson statement outside No 10Tony Blair’s Brexit speech - SummaryCorbyn backs early election, but wants bill blocking no deal passed firstBoris Johnson to chair cabinet this afternoon 8.26pm BST A no-deal Brexit would mean “damage and danger” to the peace process in Northern Ireland, Corbyn has said. He also spoke about the challenges of climate change and the impact of the government’s austerity measures.Whenever this campaign begins, and you never know it might be almost upon us, we know what we’ve got to do.We’ve got to be united as a party and a movement, united in our determination to prevent a no-deal Brexit, for ensuring we come to an agreement in the future but deal with the injustice and the inequalities that exist in Britain and unite people around our programme which is one of delivering the houses, the jobs, the schools, the hospitals and above all that sense of hope in our community. 8.19pm BST With threats of withdrawal of the whip being made against those Tory MPs who refuse to back the government over a no-deal Brexit tomorrow, this will be an night of introspection for many. Their resolve appears to be holding, my colleague Jessica Elgot reports: Source close to rebels suggests group holding firm. “It’s a bit rich for PM to point the finger at colleagues who plan to defy the party whip - colleagues who voted for a deal 3 times - while he voted with Jeremy Corbyn to inflict the 2 biggest parliamentary defeats on a govt.""The Prime Minister seems to be doing everything he can to bring about an election, while claiming it’s the last thing he wants.” Continue reading...

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Iraq war whistleblower’s trial ‘was halted due to national security threat’

Ahead of a new film about Katharine Gun, the director of public prosecutions explains for the first time why he felt a court case would be too riskyShe was the whistleblower who risked her freedom to try to prevent war. By leaking to the Observer details of a secret American dirty tricks campaign to spy on the UN before the invasion of Iraq, Katharine Gun hoped she could stir the public’s conscience, ratcheting up political pressure to the point that conflict could be avoided.It was not, and Gun, then a 28-year-old working for GCHQ, the government’s eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, was later charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act. The case against her, however, was abruptly and mysteriously dropped. Continue reading...

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New law needed to take on far-right extremism, says Blair thinktank

Legislation would allow for hate groups to be punished before they turn to violence A new law allowing for hate groups to be designated and punished before they turn to violence is needed in order to tackle far-right extremists, according to a report by Tony Blair’s thinktank, which also seeks powers to ban marches and media appearances.Generation Identity, a racist movement that promotes a conspiracy theory that white people are being replaced by non-whites in Europe, would be among the groups targeted by new legislation, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change report said. Continue reading...

10 августа, 11:00

Stamina, intelligence, ego: which personality traits make the best leaders?

Some say a second-class mind makes for a first-class leader, others that madness is an essential feature of the role. From Trump and Obama, to Blair and Boris Johnson, which personalities are born to rule?There is a story that often gets told about modern presidents and prime ministers, and sometimes gets told by them as well. The politician spends half a lifetime working tirelessly towards the top job, with the goal of making a real difference once he or she gets there. They issue their instructions. Dutiful officials nod along encouragingly. But nothing really changes. Once the door to the Oval Office or No 10 closes behind them, and they settle their feet under the desk, the new president or prime minister finds out that it’s just another room and just another desk. It feels as if true power is still somewhere out of reach.In politics you should never assume that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s better to know how little is waiting for you, like a weird inversion of the parable of The Wizard of Oz. In place of the Yellow Brick Road is the greasy pole, which has to be ascended to reach the Emerald City. Yet the successful climber finds that his or her fate is not to encounter a shrunken wizard at the end of it. Instead it is to become that person: the impostor behind the curtain. Continue reading...

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Jo Swinson elected Lib Dem leader with big majority over Ed Davey - live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 4.25pm BST Brinton reads out the resultsEd Davey: 28,021 4.23pm BST She says Cable has campaigned tirelessly for the Lib Dems’ recovery.The Lib Dems won more than 700 council seats this year, and the party is now running at about 20% in the polls. Continue reading...

17 июля, 12:38

Theresa May delivers speech on state of politics today – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments, including PMQs and May’s speech on the state of politicsBoris Johnson ‘ignored expert advice’ over £1bn mayoral vanity projectsWhat is the Brexit backstop?Hammond ‘terrified’ by Rees-Mogg claim of no-deal Brexit boostPMQs - Snap verdictMay’s state of politics speech - Snap verdict 4.50pm BST In the House of Lords peers are now voting on an amendment to the Northern Ireland (executive formation bill) that is designed to stop a future prime minister proroguing parliament in the autumn to facilitate a no-deal Brexit.The amendment has been tabled by the crossbench peer David Anderson, the former independent reviewer of terror legislation, with support from Labour and the Lib Dems.Page 2, line 20, leave out subsection (2) and insert— “(2A) The secretary of state must make arrangements for— 4.40pm BST This is what political journalists and commentators are saying about Theresa May’s speech.In the Westminster village, it is getting panned.Theresa May is giving a speech of such staggering lack of self-knowledge that she can only be turning herself into a Maybot tribute actBlair's farewell speech hypocritically attacked the 'feral media'. May, a PM of notorious stubbornness, is going out with a sermon praising flexibility.This speech by May is about as convincing as a joint communique from the Crazy Gang endorsing passing the ball out from the backWe need solutions... not populist promises'- Theresa May-Translation: For God's sake, not Boris Johnsonhttps://t.co/7Z8cQcf2doI really think the person who most needs to watch this Theresa May speech is Theresa May about six months ago.It would have been great if Theresa May had penned this Theresa May speech about absolutism and compromise in 2016Theresa May, who brought us "citizens of nowhere" and obsessive migrant-bashing, whose media allies brought us "ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE" and "CRUSH THE SABOTEURS" is doing a speech warning of "absolutism" and the "coarsening of debate" in politics, and oh my word I am doneThe sad fact for Theresa May is that she only really discovered the art of “compromise” when it was far too late. These words may have been welcome after the referendum in 2016, but instead she took a highly partisan approach to Brexit.Theresa May’s speech extols the necessity of compromise in politics. Probably a speech she should have made immediately after the 2017 election.Compromise has become unfashionable, says Theresa May, who refused to offer a single meaningful compromise to the opposition on Brexit, even after her deal with the EU was voted down three times.Theresa May, the most stubborn & uncompromising Prime Minister in history, is currently lecturing us about the menace of uncompromising stubbornness. I can’t handle much more of her nauseating ‘Greatest Flops’ farewell tour of disingenuous bullsh*t.Theresa May attacking people's inability to compromise- and saying how vital it is to bring others with you and not just shout more to win people over. There will be a few raised eyebrows at this bit..Overall, this speech is classic May, sadly. There are all sorts of big issues relating to the topic, but she doesn't really dig into them, and has nothing of real interest to say about resolving them. Like all those podium statements that ended seemingly without a conclusion. Continue reading...

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Jack Thorne and John Tiffany: 'You're the warrior, I'm the worrier!'

After a string of hits, the writer and director are collaborating again but The End of History, a drama based on Thorne’s parents, is filling him with anxietyWhen Jack Thorne’s wife read the first draft she told him: don’t do this. Sounds harsh, but it wasn’t so much a literary judgment as a private one. The End of History, his bruising family drama, is “the most personal thing I’ve ever written”, Thorne admits.No wonder he looks tense during the rehearsal lunch break. He and his frequent collaborator, the director John Tiffany, sit in school-style plastic chairs, and Thorne – too tall for usual purposes – is awkwardly folded up, feet on the seat, in an orthopaedic nightmare. By contrast, Tiffany brings the jolly – tucking into lunch, lobbing in jokes. The air between them is all warmth and care. Continue reading...

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The rehabilitation of Tony Blair? - podcast

Tony Blair’s legacy since leaving office has been the subject of heated debate both within the Labour party and the country at large. As Paul Lewis reports, his re-entry into the national debate on Brexit comes at a time of a crisis of trust in British politics and a rise in populism. Also today: Jim Waterson on the Saudi investment in the Evening StandardTony Blair is Labour’s most electorally successful prime minister, but his legacy has been the source of bitter rows ever since he left office. Now he is back, and making a series of impassioned interventions on Brexit. He has recently released a video defending his record as prime minister after Jeremy Corbyn lumped together Blair’s Labour government with the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron. Continue reading...

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Corbyn to drop social mobility as Labour goal in favour of opportunity for all

Party leader says idea has failed and calls instead for social justice commissionJeremy Corbyn is dropping the idea of social mobility as a goal for the next Labour government, saying he would instead create a “social justice commission” with the power to audit policy.In a shift being billed by Labour strategists as the rejection of 40 years of political consensus, Corbyn said on Saturday that pursuing social mobility “has failed, even on its own terms”. Continue reading...

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17 мая, 15:44

Ken Loach: blame 'fake left' politicians like Miliband and Blair for gig economy

Director rails against ‘caring capitalism’ after his new film Sorry We Missed You premieres to acclaim at CannesKen Loach has criticised “fake left politicians” such as Ed Miliband and Tony Blair, whose brand of “caring capitalism” he says has resulted in rising job insecurity.Speaking at the Cannes film festival, where his new film, Sorry We Missed You, premiered on Thursday, the veteran film-maker said support for the free market from centre-left figures had resulted in the rise of the gig economy and a working class that is “weak and can be turned on and off like a tap”. Continue reading...

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17 мая, 08:00

If you didn’t desert Labour over the Iraq war, why give up on it over Brexit? | Gary Younge

Those who stuck with the party after its worst decision are now inexplicably drawing a line in the sandIn 2002 I accompanied Tony Benn for a short while on his lecture tour around Britain, watching him speak to packed auditoriums and outselling the magician Paul Daniels in Cornwall by three to one. It was a peculiar time that in many ways presaged the moment in which we find ourselves now.A year earlier, Labour had just been returned with a huge majority and the steepest slump in postwar voter turnout to date. A BBC survey, Beyond The Soundbite, prompted by concern about that decline in participation, found that, while voters were neither “de-politicised” nor “uninterested”, they were “disillusioned” and “disconnected”. When asked to finish the statement “I would get more involved if … ” more than a third of respondents ticked either “I thought my contributions made a difference” (24%) or “I thought anyone would listen” (12%). And that was before the Iraq war. Continue reading...

07 августа 2017, 19:20

Дмитрий Перетолчин. Константин Черемных. Битва за средиземноморский шельф

Писатель Дмитрий Перетолчин и аналитик Константин Черемных о политических играх вокруг средиземноморского шельфа. Совместное заявление России и Китая - шок для всех элитных групп США. Какие противоречия существуют внутри израильской элиты, почему евреи выступили против договорённостей Путина и Трампа. Как избрание Макрона меняет расклады на Ближнем Востоке. #ДеньТВ #Перетолчин #БлижнийВосток #Трамп #Путин #Израиль #Китай #энергетика #нефть #Иран #мировыеэлиты #Северныйпоток #Черемных #Левиафан #аналитика

04 апреля 2017, 17:32

Дмитрий Перетолчин. Константин Черемных. "Глубинное государство" против Дональда Трампа

Как устроено американское государство, почему у Трампа так мало возможностей проводить самостоятельную политику. Кто управляет США на самом глубинном уровне. Кто входит в ближний круг Трампа, и какое влияние они на него оказывают. #ДеньТВ #Перетолчин #Трамп #Черемных #американскиеэлиты #Богемскаяроща #закрытыеклубы #мироваяэлита #глобализация #глубинноегосударство #Бэннон #Турция #спецслужбы #консерваторы #Тиллерсон

14 сентября 2016, 10:51

WSJ: военная операция Британии в Ливии была основана на ложных домыслах

Военное вмешательство Великобритании в Ливию в 2011 году было основано на "ошибочных предположениях и неполном понимании" ситуации, пишет издание Wall Street Journal со ссылкой на доклад законодателей, который должен быть опубликован в Британии в среду.   По мнению парламентариев, авиаудары Британии и Франции по Ливии в 2011 году привели к политическому и экономическому коллапсу, гуманитарному и миграционному кризису, межплеменной вражде, а также к расширению террористической группировки "Исламское государство" (запрещена в России) в Северной Африке. Они полагают, что существовали и другие политические решения, благодаря которым можно было избежать подобных последствий.   Международный комитет британского парламента считает, что правительство страны, которое на тот момент возглавлял премьер-министр Дэвид Кэмерон, должно было знать заранее, что экстремистские группировки попытаются воспользоваться восстанием против главы государства Муаммара Каддафи. Отмечается, что комитет не нашел никаких доказательств того, что правительство провело надлежащее изучение ливийского восстания. Власти также не смогли установить, представляет ли режим Каддафи угрозу для мирных жителей, и приняли диктаторскую риторику за чистую монету.   "Действия Великобритании в Ливии были частью непродуманного вмешательства, последствия которого разворачиваются до сих пор", — заявил глава международного комитета парламента Великобритании Криспин Блант.   МИД Великобритании заявил, что решение о военном вмешательстве было международным. Кроме того, в ведомстве отметили, что у Каддафи были средства и мотивация для осуществления своих угроз.   После свержения и убийства Муаммара Каддафи в октябре 2011 года в Ливии возникло двоевластие: с одной стороны — избранный на всеобщих выборах парламент, заседающий в Тобруке на востоке страны, с другой — происламский Всеобщий национальный конгресс в Триполи. При этом ряд районов Ливии вообще не контролируется центральными властями, а на территории страны активно действуют боевики ИГ.   В июле был опубликован доклад о расследовании вторжения британских войск в Ирак в 2003 году. Тогда специальная комиссия также признала, что правительство Тони Блэра приняло решение на основании ошибочных разведданных.   Источник:  РИА новости 14.09.2016 Tweet сентябрь 2016