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16 июля, 08:00

At last, a law that could have stopped Blair and Bush invading Iraq | Geoffrey Robertson

The Hague’s new crime of aggression might give belligerent heads of states a reason to pauseTuesday is a red-letter day for international law: from then on, political and military leaders who order the invasion of foreign countries will be guilty of the crime of aggression, and may be punishable at the international criminal court in The Hague. Had this been an offence back in 2003, Tony Blair would have been bang to rights, together with senior numbers of his cabinet and some British military commanders. But if that were the case, of course, they would not have gone ahead; George W Bush would have been without his willing UK accomplices.The judgment at Nuremberg declared that “to initiate a war of aggression … is the supreme international crime”. But this concept never entered UK law (as the misguided crowdfunded effort to prosecute Blair discovered last year). International acceptance of it stalled until states could agree on an up-to-date definition. The crime was included in the ICC jurisdiction back in 1998, but was suspended until its elements could be decided (in 2010) then ratified by at least 30 states (in 2016). At last it is finally being “activated”. In the meantime, Iraq and Ukraine have been invaded and other countries threatened, while Donald Trump attacked Syria last year. Now, the very existence of the crime of aggression offers some prospect of deterrence, and some degree of certainty in identifying the criminals. Continue reading...

16 июля, 02:08

Justine Greening shows support for second Brexit referendum

Former education secretary calls Theresa May’s Chequers plan ‘a fudge I can’t support’Justine Greening became the most high profile Conservative to endorse the idea of a second referendum, to end what she said would be a likely parliamentary deadlock over Brexit, warning that Theresa May’s Chequers plan did not represent “a workable compromise” that a majority of MPs could get behind.The former education secretary and remain supporter said that May’s plan was “a fudge I can’t support” and, in a blow to the prime minister, said it amounted to “the worst of both worlds” – complying with EU rules without the influence of being a member of the multi-country bloc. Continue reading...

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27 июня, 12:28

Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs 12.20pm BST Corbyn says Labour’s priority is protecting jobs. He quotes a Honda employee saying May will be responsible if his job is at risk. Did Andrea Leadsom speak for the government when she said the customs partnership plan was unwieldy?May says the government is looking at both options. Corbyn says Labour’s priority is delivering jobs. So why does every Labour government leave office with higher unemployment? 12.16pm BST Corbyn says Johnson did not back Heathrow either. But he did his bit for the air indusry by spending 14 hours in a plane for a 10-minute meeting.He quotes the head of BMW, employing 8,000 people in this country, needs to know the government’s plans for customs. Without clarity, they will have to implement contingency plans. He asks May how many more firms are telling May in private what Airbus and BMW are saying publicly? Continue reading...

27 июня, 02:01

Tony Blair: return to dark 1930s politics no longer far-fetched

Former PM to say Trump must preserve the transatlantic pact and unite with EuropeA return to the dark politics of the 1930s is no longer far-fetched today because of rampant nationalist populism and the widespread rejection of multilateral alliances, according to Tony Blair.In a stark speech to the Chatham House thinktank in London, the former British prime minister will say he has never been so worried about the future of the UK. Continue reading...

24 июня, 12:54

Tony Blair says Trump must reassure EU of support for bloc

Ex-British PM says US stance risks individual nations falling into orbit of other powersDonald Trump must reassure Europe by clearly stating his support for democratic values and the survival of the EU if the US is not to suffer as individual European nations are picked off by rival powers such as Russia and China, Tony Blair has said.Speaking ahead of the US president’s visit to London and the Nato summit next month, the former British prime minister said Trump had to reassure Europe that he was not seeking the disintegration of the EU. Continue reading...

22 июня, 14:41

Demagogues and charlatans are stoking fear, says Joe Biden

Former US vice-president compares situation to 1930s as migration convulses politicsThe former US vice-president Joe Biden has accused “demagogues and charlatans” of stirring up voters’ fears just as they did in the 1930s as the issue of migration convulses politics on both sides of the Atlantic.Biden, seen as a potential Democratic party candidate against Donald Trump in 2020, did not mention the US president by name but linked his anti-immigrant drive and that of European populists and the far right to pre-war fascists who were willing to create scapegoats to retain their grip on power. Continue reading...

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18 июня, 13:17

Peers defeat government on Brexit 'meaningful vote' with increased majority - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May’s speech on the NHS and the Lords debate on the EU withdrawal billJeremy Hunt’s morning interviews - Summary 6.31pm BST Some 22 Tory peers, including several former Cabinet ministers, just rebelled to defeat Theresa May on her Brexit bill. https://t.co/s89a4T8r2D pic.twitter.com/Il4u9nsggO 6.30pm BST Here are the voting figures showing how peers voted on the “meaningful vote” amendment.Some 22 Tory peers rebelled. And the crossbenchers divided more than three to one in favour of the Hailsham amendment. Continue reading...

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29 мая, 02:01

Government needs to act on key Chilcot inquiry finding, committee warns

Recommendation of Iraq war inquiry regarding lack of cabinet discussion has not been acted upon, report saysMPs have called for tougher safeguards to be introduced to prevent a prime minister taking the country to war without adequate cabinet consultation.The Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee said a key finding of the Chilcot inquiry into the run-up to the Iraq war, regarding lack of cabinet discussion, had not been acted upon. Its report says the cabinet secretary must be given more power to act if a prime minister decides to take action without properly consulting the cabinet. Continue reading...

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28 мая, 01:30

Jonathan Meades on Jargon review – blisteringly brutal, clever and hilarious

Meades delivers his latest polemic, on how ‘the language of the trained liar’ has infected all aspects of life, in inimitable deadpan styleJonathan Meades has taken a swig from an Alice “drink-me” bottle. He’s tiny, sitting on a used syringe, on a cigarette butt, among the trash. Because he’s not in Wonderland, he’s in the gutter: a place where slang is the lingua franca.Jonathan Meades On Jargon (BBC Four) begins with a splendid and heartening defence of slang. Slang is centripetal, it gets to the core of what we actually think rather than what we are bullied into thinking (and not thinking). It is creative: “Slang is about showing off, about increasing one’s idiolect, about finding a better expression for blowjob than blowjob. It’s about flexing one’s lingo-muscle,” he says, flexing his; also possibly – cunningly – finding a better expression for blowjob than blowjob. Fancy a lingo flex? No, maybe not better. Continue reading...

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26 мая, 19:13

Alastair Campbell: Labour under Corbyn 'does my head in'

Ex-press chief condemns demonisation of Tony Blair, hailing him as party’s most successful leaderTony Blair’s former press chief Alastair Campbell has condemned the demonisation of the ex-prime minister. Continue reading...

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22 мая, 22:23

Steve Bell on Abdel Hakim Belhaj – cartoon

Continue reading...

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22 мая, 15:22

John le Carré letter reveals author's contempt for British political class

Message to American friend in 2010 pours scorn on ‘ragbag of ivy league Tories’, ‘eco-ostriches’ and ‘born again PR men’ returned to power in UKJohn le Carré’s stinging disdain for British politicians is displayed in a caustic letter to an American friend, coming up for auction, which sees him pouring scorn on the Tories, the Liberal Democrats and Labour alike.The handwritten letter to an obstetrician from Maine was written by the author in August 2010, after the Conservative party had failed to win a majority in the general election and had formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. Or as Le Carré astringently put it: “The Etonians have taken back the shop with the help of some B-list inexperienced liberals who will evaporate in their own hot air before long, leaving the shop to a ragbag of ivy league Tories, born again PR men, sexists, anti-Europeans, nostalgists and eco-ostriches.” Continue reading...

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22 мая, 12:31

Tory MP reports Bercow to Commons standards commissioner over 'stupid woman' Leadsom jibe - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happenBlair’s Today interview on Brexit - SummaryLunchtime summary 2.09pm BST The Brexit department has now published the analysis mentioned earlier about how the House of Commons Evel (English votes for English laws) rules apply to the amendments to the EU withdrawal bill passed in the Lords. As expected (see 10.56am), it confirms there are no Evel implications. This is from the BBC’s Daniel Kraemer.Full statement has been published. Basically says "Nothing. Has. Changed."...but comes with a nice table of Lords amendments to put on your walls(cc: @labourwhips ) pic.twitter.com/kvaE8GZrNa 1.11pm BST What is also now clear is that the leadership of both main political parties are engaged in the same sleight of hand, namely pretending that we can have frictionless trade while leaving the single market.As our report shows, this is simply wrong. The single market is a unique trading area where not only is trade tariff free, but it is also free of non-tariff barriers, through regulatory alignment. It therefore allows complete freedom of trade for goods and a substantial amount of free trade in services where Europe has adopted common sets of rules. Continue reading...

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22 мая, 12:08

Tony Blair refuses to apologise to Libyan torture victim Abdel Hakim Belhaj

Former UK prime minister says he knew nothing about case until after he left officeTony Blair has refused to personally apologise to the Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who was tortured in a jail in Libya following a rendition operation mounted with the help of MI6, saying he knew nothing about the case until after he left office.Blair, speaking about the case for the first time since Theresa May’s government apologised to Belhaj and his wife, Fatima Boudchar, said he was “content to go along with” that apology, but did not express any personal remorse. Continue reading...

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13 мая, 08:00

In the Belhaj case, Britain set aside the rule of law and moral principles | Will Hutton

Abdel Hakim Belhaj got his apology, but we still lost the moral high groundIt was one of the most shaming, self-abasing apologies ever made in the House of Commons, indeed arguably in any western legislature. On Thursday, the attorney general read the prime minister’s statement saying sorry for Britain’s complicity in the abduction of a free man to live through six years of imprisonment and torture at the hands of a dictator, through which we hoped to gain information. His crime? He was the enemy of a murderous regime which realpolitik dictated we temporarily befriend.Mrs May could scarcely have been more abject. “On behalf of her majesty’s government,” she wrote, “I apologise unreservedly… what happened to you is deeply troubling. It is clear that you were subjected to appalling treatment and that you suffered greatly.” Continue reading...

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12 мая, 14:54

Abde​​l Hakim Belhaj rendition: ex-minister calls for inquiry

Malcolm Rifkind says intelligence and security committee should investigate role of Labour ministers in 2004 rendition of LibyanThe former foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind has called for a parliamentary inquiry into the rendition of the Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhaj. Related: Jack Straw faces call to give evidence over role in Libyan rendition Continue reading...

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27 апреля, 13:40

Бегство от реальности и русский трибунал в Гааге. Александр Роджерс

Самая сильная новость вчерашнего дня – делегация Российской Федерации привезла на заседание ОЗХО в Гаагу...

23 апреля, 20:02

The Guardian view on Macron in Washington: a need for results | Editorial

France’s president has forged a good relationship with Donald Trump. But he needs policy concessions as well as handshakes from his US visitA young European leader flies to Washington on an official visit. He is a modernising charmer from the progressive wing of politics, articulate and comfortable with the media. He arrives to meet an American president whose politics are emphatically not his, and whose election has dismayed US liberals, disrupted the transatlantic alliance and alienated European opinion. The new US president is an American exceptionalist. He is no respecter of human rights and international institutions. But the European leader has decided to hug him close in the hope of influencing his decisions. Washington rolls out the red carpet. It is captivated by the visitor’s eloquence and charisma, such contrasts to their own leader’s bombast. Improbably, the two men find themselves starting to make big plans together.For anyone whose memory goes back to the run-up to the Iraq war, this is a sobering vision. When Tony Blair first visited George W Bush in 2001, he began a process that would end, among other things, in the wreck of his own reputation, the collapse of his party’s electoral ascendancy and the undermining of his country’s moral and international standing, all of which continue in some degree to this day. Whether Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Washington on Monday for a two-day state visit to Donald Trump, will give way to a Blair-like hubris in his dealings with the White House is too early to say. There are sound, serious reasons for thinking history will not repeat itself. But the risk is undoubtedly there. Continue reading...

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12 апреля, 17:40

Why deny Mo Mowlam, my stepmum, credit for the Good Friday agreement? | Henrietta Norton

Amid this week’s official celebrations her name was barely mentioned. But ordinary people know what she didAs I watched the 20-year celebrations of the Good Friday agreement play out, my frustration and anger began to boil over. “Where the fuck is she?” I wanted to shout at the television and radio. As the day went on I decided to just avoid the media altogether; it was only going to make me cross, and that’s not what the day was about. It was a day to celebrate something extraordinary, the impossible becoming possible.Mo Mowlam was my stepmum, but for most people she is remembered for the work she did helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland. When Mo arrived as Northern Ireland secretary in 1997, the job was reputed to be a “poisoned chalice”. However, Mo not only brought the opposing parties to the table but also helped persuade a country of divided communities to come together for the sake of peace and progress. Continue reading...

07 августа 2017, 19:20

Дмитрий Перетолчин. Константин Черемных. Битва за средиземноморский шельф

Писатель Дмитрий Перетолчин и аналитик Константин Черемных о политических играх вокруг средиземноморского шельфа. Совместное заявление России и Китая - шок для всех элитных групп США. Какие противоречия существуют внутри израильской элиты, почему евреи выступили против договорённостей Путина и Трампа. Как избрание Макрона меняет расклады на Ближнем Востоке. #ДеньТВ #Перетолчин #БлижнийВосток #Трамп #Путин #Израиль #Китай #энергетика #нефть #Иран #мировыеэлиты #Северныйпоток #Черемных #Левиафан #аналитика

04 апреля 2017, 17:32

Дмитрий Перетолчин. Константин Черемных. "Глубинное государство" против Дональда Трампа

Как устроено американское государство, почему у Трампа так мало возможностей проводить самостоятельную политику. Кто управляет США на самом глубинном уровне. Кто входит в ближний круг Трампа, и какое влияние они на него оказывают. #ДеньТВ #Перетолчин #Трамп #Черемных #американскиеэлиты #Богемскаяроща #закрытыеклубы #мироваяэлита #глобализация #глубинноегосударство #Бэннон #Турция #спецслужбы #консерваторы #Тиллерсон

14 сентября 2016, 10:51

WSJ: военная операция Британии в Ливии была основана на ложных домыслах

Военное вмешательство Великобритании в Ливию в 2011 году было основано на "ошибочных предположениях и неполном понимании" ситуации, пишет издание Wall Street Journal со ссылкой на доклад законодателей, который должен быть опубликован в Британии в среду.   По мнению парламентариев, авиаудары Британии и Франции по Ливии в 2011 году привели к политическому и экономическому коллапсу, гуманитарному и миграционному кризису, межплеменной вражде, а также к расширению террористической группировки "Исламское государство" (запрещена в России) в Северной Африке. Они полагают, что существовали и другие политические решения, благодаря которым можно было избежать подобных последствий.   Международный комитет британского парламента считает, что правительство страны, которое на тот момент возглавлял премьер-министр Дэвид Кэмерон, должно было знать заранее, что экстремистские группировки попытаются воспользоваться восстанием против главы государства Муаммара Каддафи. Отмечается, что комитет не нашел никаких доказательств того, что правительство провело надлежащее изучение ливийского восстания. Власти также не смогли установить, представляет ли режим Каддафи угрозу для мирных жителей, и приняли диктаторскую риторику за чистую монету.   "Действия Великобритании в Ливии были частью непродуманного вмешательства, последствия которого разворачиваются до сих пор", — заявил глава международного комитета парламента Великобритании Криспин Блант.   МИД Великобритании заявил, что решение о военном вмешательстве было международным. Кроме того, в ведомстве отметили, что у Каддафи были средства и мотивация для осуществления своих угроз.   После свержения и убийства Муаммара Каддафи в октябре 2011 года в Ливии возникло двоевластие: с одной стороны — избранный на всеобщих выборах парламент, заседающий в Тобруке на востоке страны, с другой — происламский Всеобщий национальный конгресс в Триполи. При этом ряд районов Ливии вообще не контролируется центральными властями, а на территории страны активно действуют боевики ИГ.   В июле был опубликован доклад о расследовании вторжения британских войск в Ирак в 2003 году. Тогда специальная комиссия также признала, что правительство Тони Блэра приняло решение на основании ошибочных разведданных.   Источник:  РИА новости 14.09.2016 Tweet сентябрь 2016