20 ноября, 13:12

Зачем травят старого Боба? О чем главный редактор «АиФ» говорил с Мугабе

Главный редактор «АиФ» Игорь Черняк вспоминает свои встречи с президентом Зимбабве и перечисляет не самые очевидные факты о Роберте Мугабе.

17 ноября, 11:22

Politicians must dare to shape public opinion, not just follow it | Abi Wilkinson

Research shows public opinion swung against unemployed people after New Labour had begun to denigrate themWithin Labour, there are two competing narratives about the 1997 general election. The first is that Tony Blair was the party’s saviour. After the best part of two decades in the wilderness, his programme of “modernisation” finally made the party electable again.By ditching Clause Four and embracing some elements of the neoliberal economic consensus – combined with a commitment to poverty reduction and, perhaps the central principle of Blairism, meritocracy – New Labour was able to appeal to a broader cross-section of voters than a more traditional incarnation of the party ever could – particularly to the aspirational “Mondeo man” – a traditional Labour voter who had switched to the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher thanks to tax cuts and policies such as right-to-buy. Continue reading...

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15 ноября, 15:30

UK calls for 'greater clarity' on ICC's new crime of aggression

Britain among four countries looking to block court’s jurisdiction which could protect likes of Tony Blair from prosecutionThe UK government is lobbying to block the international criminal court from activating the war crime of aggression, according to campaigners, in a move that could protect Tony Blair and other British politicians from the risk of future prosecution.A three-page position paper circulated by the UK, Canada, France, Japan and Norway earlier this year, and seen by the Guardian, argues that the offence should not yet be operated within the court’s jurisdiction on the grounds that there is a need for “greater clarity”. Continue reading...

14 ноября, 10:21

Пушков ответил на антироссийские заявления Мэй

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Председатель Комиссии Совета Федерации по информационной политике Алексей Пушков на своей странице в Twitter прокомментировал обвинения премьер министра Великобритании Терезы Мэй в адрес внешней политики России. «Миропорядок, который угоден Мэй, с захватом Ирака, войной в Ливии, появлением ИГ* и терроризма в Европе, себя изжил. Атакой на Россию его не спасти», - написал сенатор. Также, говоря об использовании информации в качестве оружия, Пушков предложил Мэй вспомнить, как её предшественник Тони Блэр оперировал недостоверными сведениями, чтобы обосновать участие Британии в войне с Ираком. «Международную систему правил надо спасать не от России, а от адептов интервенций, госпереворотов и смены режимов. Вот эти "правила" Россия не примет», - добавил Пушков. Напомним, 14 ноября премьер-министр Великобритании Тереза Мэй обвинила Россию в попытке изменить устоявшийся мировой порядок через вмешательство в выборы других государств, а также в использовании информации как оружия. * «Исламское государство» (ИГИЛ) — террористическая группировка, деятельность которой на территории России запрещена решением Верховного суда РФ от 29.12.2014.

13 ноября, 10:37

Наследный принц Салман арестовал основного приспешника США, вооружавшего джихадистов в Сирии

Как стало известно накануне, помимо известных арестантов, в СА также был арестован принц Бандар бин Султан - самый известный торговец оружием, личный друг бывшего посла в США в СА, и недавний глава разведки Саудовской Аравии. Как пишет "The Middle East Eye", он также был среди задержанных в рамках антикоррупционного, читай кланового, расследования-расправы, инициированного теперь уже наследным принцем Мухаммедом Бен Сальманом. 

12 ноября, 10:00

My Life, Our Times by Gordon Brown review – formidable but destructively flawed

Brown’s memoir is great on his years in the Treasury but suffers from his fixation with the leadershipWhen he was at the Treasury, it was one of Gordon Brown’s stock jokes that there are two kinds of chancellor: those who fail and those who get out in time. There is actually a third type: himself. He has a unique record. In post for more than a decade, he was the longest-serving chancellor under universal suffrage. Thanks to the enormous latitude over economic and social policy that he was granted by Tony Blair, no postwar chancellor has been a more formidable force. He married the energy of his ideas with the force of his personality and combined them with the power of the Treasury to drive an impressive agenda of domestic reform.He made a successful mission of tackling child poverty. He did the same for pensioners to the point where debate has moved on to whether older people are now getting too good a deal at the expense of the young. He gave the Bank of England its operational independence, blocked Blair’s desire to take Britain into the euro and introduced the minimum wage. When he imposed a windfall profits levy on the privatised utilities and later raised national insurance contributions to bring in extra money for the NHS, he proved that progressive governments can sometimes make tax rises that are popular. He was also a force abroad, not least as a spearhead of the effort to wipe out debts in the developing world. He makes the claim – and I think this is a highly reasonable contention – that Britain became “a fairer country” during the New Labour years in which he played such a pivotal role. Continue reading...

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11 ноября, 13:05

Tony Blair: 'Labour should be 20 points ahead in polls'

The former PM suggests Jeremy Corbyn isn't capitalising on the problems facing the current government.

09 ноября, 09:00

How Britain did Gaddafi’s dirty work

Secret papers show how far MI6 went to please Libya’s ruthless intelligence agents – including helping to kidnap the dictator’s enemies. By Ian CobainFive days after 9/11, early on a Sunday evening, a small group of senior CIA officers drove from their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, to the British embassy at 3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW in Washington DC, in order to brief MI6 on the agency’s planned response to the attacks.Leading the delegation was Cofer Black, head of the CIA’s counter-terrorist centre. Black was still wearing the same suit he had put on five days earlier, and looked shattered: he had been working day and night to draw up a cogent plan to protect his country from any further attacks. Continue reading...

07 ноября, 18:20

What can we learn about politics from Gordon Brown’s memoir?

He doesn’t rate Corbyn, didn’t like ‘touchy-feely’ politics, and still hates Tony Blair – a roundup of all the hot revelations from the former prime minister’s new bookFor reasons now lost to me, I read Gordon Brown’s previous book, Beyond the Crash, in which he revealed precisely nothing about himself, except for that fascinating quirk of the unusual mind. He’d say a big thing with no explanation at all (“that’s what an economy is for, to create jobs”), then explain a small, obvious thing at the most tremendous length. Imagine the surprise, therefore, to find his latest work, My Life, Our Times, so studded with news. Here’s what we have learned so far:Jeremy Corbyn – repeat, Jeremy, and not Peter Mandelson or David Cameron – was the real culprit in the failure of the remain campaign. “A few days before the referendum, David Cameron phoned me … the call started well,” he writes. (See what I mean about the over-explaining?) Cameron wanted all living former prime ministers, on a stage, fighting to stay in the EU. Brown demurred on the basis that it would look like “an establishment stitch-up” and “perceived as the agenda of the elites”. Instead, he wanted all living former Labour leaders on a stage together, which Jezza refused to go along with for, one presumes, the same reason. But never mind that. This is the most concrete evidence yet of Corbyn’s halfheartedness. Continue reading...

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07 ноября, 09:00

Brown’s greatest hits are eclipsed by his endless grudge against Blair | Polly Toynbee

He could have settled for being one of the greatest chancellors. But his new autobiography reminds us that wasn’t enoughGordon Brown saved the world. He really did, bringing world leaders to agree a gigantic fiscal stimulus and bank rescue. But the trouble with saving us from a 1930s-style depression is that people never see what didn’t happen. Few feel gratitude towards the person who prevented the mass unemployment, devastated savings and home repossessions that never poleaxed them. The Tories went on to win the argument overwhelmingly: Brown maxed out the credit card and left shedloads of debt, went the story, licensing their lost decade of austerity. Related: Labour's spending worked. Why don't they defend it? | Polly Toynbee Continue reading...

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06 ноября, 21:18

Blair agreed 'second term' exit before Granita dinner says Brown

Gordon Brown says he reached an "explicit understanding" with Tony Blair about a handover of power.

05 ноября, 22:00

Киселев - о Пучдемоне: эталон европолитика - слабый, скользкий, трусливый

Экс-премьер Каталонии, затеявший референдум о независимости автономии от Испании, бежал в Бельгию. С ним еще несколько министров его бывшего правительства. Других министров - тех, кто остался в Барселоне, уже арестовали и будут судить по статье за мятеж.

05 ноября, 22:00

Киселев - о Пучдемоне: эталон европолитика - слабый, скользкий, трусливый

Экс-премьер Каталонии, затеявший референдум о независимости автономии от Испании, бежал в Бельгию. С ним еще несколько министров его бывшего правительства. Других министров - тех, кто остался в Барселоне, уже арестовали и будут судить по статье за мятеж.

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05 ноября, 09:00

Gordon Brown says Pentagon misled UK over case for Iraq invasion

Secret US intelligence report on weapons of mass destruction was not shared with Tony Blair’s cabinet, new book claimsThe US defence department knew that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction but kept Britain in the dark, according to an explosive new claim from Gordon Brown.In an extraordinary allegation, the former prime minister states that a secret US intelligence report into Iraq’s military capabilities was never passed to Britain and could have changed the course of events. The revelation leads Brown to conclude that the “war could not be justified as a last resort and invasion cannot now be seen as a proportionate response”. Continue reading...

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02 ноября, 12:00

When They Go Low, We Go High review – the best ever political speeches

Tony Blair’s former speechwriter Philip Collins considers the greatest hits and why they matter, with orators from Elizabeth I to Abraham Lincoln to Barack ObamaIn Philip Collins’s new book, 25 great speeches through history are given around 10 pages or so each. They include a potted biography of the speaker, a sketch of the historical moment, and a discussion in accessible but not simplistic terms of what the speech is doing and how it works. It deserves to find a home in many Christmas stockings, in the library of anyone interested in oratory or political theory, and on the odd A-level reading list.As far as the choices go, it’s a parade of greatest hits: Pericles’s funeral oration; Cicero’s first philippic against Antony; Jefferson’s first inaugural address; Lincoln’s snappy sally at Gettysburg; JFK’s “ask not”; Churchill’s “finest hour”; Elizabeth I at Tilbury; Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate; Mandela in court; and Nehru round midnight in Delhi. Collins throws in the odd baddie – Hitler, Castro, Robespierre and Mao – and the odd semi-baddie (Dolores Ibárruri, the communist firebrand better known as La Pasionaria, is ticked off for her lifelong Stalinism but admitted to have been on the right side in the Spanish civil war). And he chooses – unexpectedly and interestingly – Obama’s second-term victory speech over the more usual anthology candidates. But for the most part it’s a middle-of-the-road setlist. Continue reading...

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30 октября, 21:43

Gordon Brown’s tragedy is not his flaws, but his failure to admit them | Deborah Orr

The former prime minister is less honest than he would like to think, especially when it comes to his own recordGordon Brown is a funny old stick: clever, complicated, full of contradictions. He’s got an autobiography coming out next week, My Life, Our Times, and edited highlights are already in circulation. There may be interviews to promote the book. Brown probably feels a bit uncomfortable about that aspect of writing a book. Brown is a man who often feels uncomfortable.Brown probably feels uncomfortable about being the sort of politician who writes books at all. The money he makes from it will go to the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory at Edinburgh University, set up in memory of the baby daughter he and Sarah Brown lost in 2002. Which is admirable, of course. One has the feeling that Brown would run a mile from any suggestion that he was “cashing in”, like other politicians. Continue reading...

30 октября, 08:00

New $400m army to fight human traffickers and terrorists faces UN moment of truth

Plan for 5-nation force in the Sahel strongly backed by France and Italy but funding resisted by Trump administration Unprecedented plans to combat human trafficking and terrorism across the Sahel and into Libya will face a major credibility test on Monday when the UN decides whether to back a new proposed five-nation joint security force across the region.The 5,000-strong army costing $400m in the first year is designed to end growing insecurity, a driving force of migration, and combat endemic people-smuggling that has since 2014 seen 30,000 killed in the Sahara and an estimated 10,000 drowned in the central Mediterranean. Continue reading...

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28 октября, 23:16


REMINDER: IF YOU CAN HEAR THE DOG WHISTLE, YOU’RE THE DOG. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Trump’s Use Of ‘Strong On Crime’ Is A Racial Dog-Whistle. More so than when MSNBC claimed “golf” and “Chicago” were racist GOP dog whistles in 2012? More so than when Tony Blair of the UK Labour Party used “tough on crime, […]

28 октября, 12:28

«Администрация роста» — в России могут создать штаб реформ

С идеей создания подобного центра выступал ранее бизнес-омбудсмен Борис Титов. По его словам, правительство не может заниматься одновременно всем, нужен отдельный орган, который будет разрабатывать именно стратегию развития России

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27 октября, 13:04

Cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood treated for cancer

Whitehall’s most senior civil servant was diagnosed in June and treatment has gone well, says Cabinet Office The cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, Whitehall’s most senior civil servant, has been treated for cancer, the Cabinet Office has said.Heywood, the prime minister’s top policy adviser, served in Downing Street under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, becoming cabinet secretary under David Cameron. Continue reading...

07 августа, 19:20

Дмитрий Перетолчин. Константин Черемных. Битва за средиземноморский шельф

Писатель Дмитрий Перетолчин и аналитик Константин Черемных о политических играх вокруг средиземноморского шельфа. Совместное заявление России и Китая - шок для всех элитных групп США. Какие противоречия существуют внутри израильской элиты, почему евреи выступили против договорённостей Путина и Трампа. Как избрание Макрона меняет расклады на Ближнем Востоке. #ДеньТВ #Перетолчин #БлижнийВосток #Трамп #Путин #Израиль #Китай #энергетика #нефть #Иран #мировыеэлиты #Северныйпоток #Черемных #Левиафан #аналитика

04 апреля, 17:32

Дмитрий Перетолчин. Константин Черемных. "Глубинное государство" против Дональда Трампа

Как устроено американское государство, почему у Трампа так мало возможностей проводить самостоятельную политику. Кто управляет США на самом глубинном уровне. Кто входит в ближний круг Трампа, и какое влияние они на него оказывают. #ДеньТВ #Перетолчин #Трамп #Черемных #американскиеэлиты #Богемскаяроща #закрытыеклубы #мироваяэлита #глобализация #глубинноегосударство #Бэннон #Турция #спецслужбы #консерваторы #Тиллерсон