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Torm started at outperform with $13 stock price target at Evercore ISI

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12 декабря 2015, 00:50

A Call To All Albanians

It is Wednesday 9-December-2015. Only the day before former Albania's Finance Minister Arben Malaj has invited me to present "The Drama Of Albania" before his elite master's students at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tirana. At 11H00 I enter the classroom. Four among Professor Arben Malaj's elite students who have read the HuffPost article explain to me why they agree or disagree with "The Drama Of Albania". They indicate that the analysis criticizes but does not present solutions. They suggest that they agree with 70% of the content and disagree with the remainder 30%. Professor Arben Malaj gives me 20 minutes to follow up with suggestions for improvement. I recall that "The Drama Of Albania" is not my own creation but the testimony of 100 among Albania's most renowned personalities. I explain to the elite students that the first two priorities Albanians must embrace are the emancipation from politics and the political establishment and eventual divorce, and the acknowledgement that the current situation is dramatic in order to embrace alternative radical policymaking. Albania is today a country closer to a mafia state or a banana republic than to a well run developed nation of its size like the neighboring Croatia or Slovenia. The fallacy of thinking that Albania will become Switzerland within 25 years shows some leading authorities' wishful thinking when it comes to failing to realize the tragic outcome that awaits the Balkan republic in the absence of major changes going forward. In the meantime there is Real Drama playing in Albanian politics. It is a scenario where every political leader rehearses a well memorized role, where the great pretenders who do not deserve to play the role transmit to society a context of normality and management which does not hold. It is a scenario where apparent priorities are embraced for the sake of the international institutions accomplices of the fiasco. It is a scenario where apparent confrontation and polarization is portrayed to secure a share of the electoral pie. It is a scenario in which the absence of incentives and individual discipline perpetuates. In the absence of role models every individual becomes a lazarillo de Tormes. System failure in Albania is nothing but a repetition of the symptoms undergone and observed in many other emerging and developing countries. The West has failed in its attempt to impose its already obsolete governance system through its myriad of agencies and international institutions. In the meantime the Ambassadors who refuse to accept an invitation to meet represent mere puppets of Western oligarchic corporate establishments whose first but not unique priority is to allocate its manufactured exports and defend its vested historical interests on Albanian soil. In the absence of an original model the mediocre elites believe that a mere copy paste of the policies, institutional framework and legislation of better off nations will be sufficient condition for finally taking off towards prosperity. But it is not sufficient but necessary. Basic algebra shows that Albania and Albanians need to design their own way, a new model, a new approach in order to actually take off towards prosperity, without hesitation, without confrontation. There might be a new model, a new approach for Albania which remains particular. But in today's World new governance schemes must be global, interconnected. I refuse to believe and accept that we ought to stick to the current system. The current governance paradigm in Albania and many developing countries is obsolete. New alternative governance schemes must emerge. The current establishment must be challenged and confronted. Professional politicians with blurry and spurious interests and connections with corporations and the media need to be replaced by a different kind of leadership, a new guild of individuals gifted with integrity, independence, pragmatism and vision, organized in a common front, a common alliance at the service of society. It is more appropriate to start a new building from scratch than it is to restore an old structure with rusty foundations. Systems, paradigms are born, live and become obsolete only to be substituted by better approaches. There is resistance by the stakeholders who maintain undeserved privileges in the current status quo. There is conservatism and fear among citizens who think alternatives may lead to chaos, disorder and revolt. But this may not be the case, for there are new technologies that bring about changes elegantly in a peaceful means and manner through the use of the most powerful weapons available: the weapons of mass persuasion. A call to All Albanians abroad and particularly the more talented with an ambition to radically change the system and the status quo encourages me to address this urgent memorandum. Some of the protagonists that have responded to my call are afraid, hidden in their bunkers of comfort, retaining a competitive advantage they legitimately exploit to maintain their lifestyles. Be not afraid I command you today for there is no battle to fight but that of persuasion and seduction. Be not afraid I urge you in this very occasion for there is no fear that fear itself. Our intent is explicit, brave, visionary. It is to imagine the best possible future and present it to society in the most entertaining manner. In the best possible future Albania is part of a larger fiction state called Balkanland, along with Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Former rivalries must be left behind to embrace new and long-lasting cooperation frameworks. We must take integration beyond the limits of the possible towards the impossible. We must design a new philosophy of supranational cooperation that well exceeds the ambitions of post World War II Europe. This is a call to All and every Albanian, not an attack or an ultimatum. It is an invitation to embrace a new paradigm called post-politics in which six cooperating High Performance Teams in each of the six Balkan republics dream of new long-term horizons for the new fiction state Balkanland where identities are respected but borders and barriers are demolished whether psychological or physical. Like in an Agatha Christie's novel or Alfred Hitchcock's movie the suspense and the intrigue of our narrative will make each and every of you anxiously await the next delivery of our series. Citizens who vote become active viewers who tune to Balkanland. There must be no limitation but that of our imagination. In my pipeline there is a guarantee, a commitment and a promise: that I stick to my lifetime determination to identify, meet and recruit the best Expert Dreamers in order to design High Performance Teams at the service of society; that I shall abide by one single priority to always defend the interest of the vulnerable and bring about prosperity for all and not only a few; that I shall embrace no third-party agenda remaining at the service of the worse off. It is Thursday 10-December-2015 and I walk along the Boulevard Martyrs of the Nation in Tirana towards the Royal Court where at 12H00 o'clock the Royal Prince Leka II is waiting for me in his official residence. A déjà vu of his grandfather's King Zog's successful tenure may be on its way I can anticipate, but always in the form of fiction. A concerned citizen Prince Leka II is in agreement with my recent analysis and reminds me of the delicate environment his beloved country currently undergoes. There is glory ahead if we work together, united. Those that shout revolution must be careful in view of the recent instances. Demand driven revolution articulated around massive and violent demonstrations has proven ineffective and conducive to repeating the same regimes the very own arab springs intend to get rid of. Offer driven revolution is the only one which can take off elegantly. A new scenario then opens up in which citizens, the new audience, chooses where to go. Limited by its own inability to design new horizons the current political establishment has become a duopoly aware of the fact that at any given point in time approximately half of the pie will belong to each party. The inability to envision converts the political establishment into a liability, a burden. The political establishment not only pretends to know but maintains the absurdity of the moving forward towards and ill-designed destination. In the meantime the media fills in its broadcasting hours with loads of irrelevant charlatan-based politics which matter little to perhaps nothing. The microphone is provided to the ones that do not deserve it. The contemporary folly perpetuates because the linkages across politics and the media are manifest and explicit across all ideologies and technical platforms. Deliberate and parasitic symbiosis of politics and media finally exploits citizens as a victim, citizens who grant them a 007 license to hide the hen of golden eggs who nobody knows of in spite the fact that it exists. The Drama Of Albania shall as a result perpetuate, for those who block the light choose to remain and stick to positions of privilege they no longer reserve. The preposterous context remains for Albanians blindly accept their leaders as the legitimate and only heirs of the representativeness, so long as Albanians continue to procrastinate seduced by the temptations of modern life where individual narcissism dominates the defense of the common good. In the meantime the market economy of the fallen angel allocates rewards to those who do not deserve it while the hard-working struggle to reach the means to the end of survival. The perfect equilibrium among oligarchs and the political establishment guarantees citizens' acquiescence. It is no longer enough to shout that another Albania is possible. I encourage the real brave and talented to join us in our efforts to launch a paradigm shift. The current political establishment must be challenged to move up or to move out. A non-cooperation Nash game is cooking in the oven, on the other side of the chess board the entire political establishment. To dream or not to dream, that is the question. If you would like to join our emerging team in Albania, send us your resume to [email protected] No previous political experience or affiliation and a successful track record internationally are must haves. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

13 октября 2015, 19:10

The Mayor's Silence and the President's Guffaw

New York City's landmark Municipal Building will soon be named in honor of its 106th Mayor, David N. Dinkins. After being engaged in 36 political campaigns over the last 27 years -- from presidential to judicial -- I have a lot of stories to tell, including this one featuring the first African-American Mayor of the City of New York. In 1993, I was working as a special assistant to the campaign manager for the re-election effort of New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins. I shared an office with the present NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio (we were both special assistants to the legendary Bill Lynch, who reprised his role as campaign manager, having scored the historic win over Rudolph Giuilani in 1989). It was getting late in the campaign cycle, and it was time for our biggest fundraising event, a September 26 gala featuring the Big Dog, President William J. Clinton, and a bevy of Democratic Party heavyweights, both the elected and the moneyed varieties. The ballroom at the New York Sheraton was packed. It had been a contentious campaign (yes, Mr. Giuliani was just as nasty back then as he is today), and this event was timed to help provide a big momentum boost in terms of campaign cash and also to serve as a wake-up call to the flagging coalition of democratic voters who helped make history in the 1989 general election. We needed them at our backs in a big way, and this event was our campaign's alarm clock. As the evening's program began and the preliminary speakers sought to excite the standing-room only crowd, I found myself in a small holding room adjacent to the main stage. Remarkably, there were only a handful of people in that room: secret service and other security personnel, President Clinton, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Governor Mario Cuomo, and Mayor Dinkins. The four electeds were standing in a row, waiting for the cue to go onto the stage. I was standing with them, fretting over the Mayor, making sure he had his speech, hoping that the lights weren't too hot so they wouldn't cause excess sweating, and generally trying my best to do my job. Each of the four men were quiet, perhaps mentally going over their remarks, or thinking of dinner, or of a million different things. Whatever they were each thinking, they weren't really talking to each other. The only one to speak was Senator Moynihan, who kept saying in a somewhat annoyed and insistent voice, "Let's go!" The words sounded like, "Let's gaw-o!" Perhaps he had someplace to go after the event, but despite his frequent two-word request/demand, the four men stood while the speakers on stage made the most of their allotted time, basically repeating what the previous speakers had said. Actually, most of the speakers went over their allotted time, but sharp elbows and egos are always at play at these events. Hence, Senator Moynihan's plaintive "Let's go!" After what to the Senator probably seemed like an eternity, it was almost time for this big four to make their way into the ballroom. Caught up in this significant moment, I had a passing thought which somehow seeped from my sleep deprived brain into my mouth (at this point in the campaign, we were working around the clock). Just when all four were focused on the next step, I blurted out in a soft but audible voice: "I suppose you gentlemen are wondering why I asked you all here today." Silence. I heard my breath, like Dr. David Bowman inside his spacesuit in "2001, A Space Odyssey." Inhale, exhale - inhale, exhale. Then Mario Cuomo offered a wry smile, his left eyebrow arching up, Mr. Spock-like. Daniel Patrick Moynihan stared at me, his face pulled into an even bigger frown. He began to speak but probably decided not to waste the effort. Mayor Dinkins glowered, his eyes sparking like the wheels on the old red Broadway local trains, yet he did not speak (or scream, because that's what I was expecting). President Clinton -- the leader of the free world -- fixed his gaze on me. He had his hands clasped together. Jeez, he seemed really tall! I stood shock still, but figured whatever he was going to do, it would probably pale in comparison to what my boss the Mayor would do to me later on that night (not to mention what Bill Lynch would do). After a few more beats of silence, POTUS smiled and then let out a heaven-sent guffaw. "That's okay," he chuckled, and as the four men were ushered out of the room, he repeated it: "That's okay." One guy from the secret service detail patted me on the shoulder - it's the only time I ever saw one smile while they were on duty. I tried to keep a low profile after the program ended, but that was rather difficult to do as I couldn't avoid Mayor Dinkins, since I was bodying him. After the speeches were over they all trooped off the stage, stopping momentarily to acknowledge Mel Torme (somehow, the Velvet Fog was on the wrong side of the velvet rope). DND (David Norman Dinkins) walked up and handed me his speech folder. I told him that he did a great job on his speech, and then steeled myself for the verbal assault that would soon burst forth. The assault never came. Given the context of the event, perhaps bigger things were on his mind, fortunately for me. So Mr. Mayor, if you are reading this, I hope you accept my apology, 22 years late. Mr. President, thank you for your apparently impromptu line in the speech: "Too many of us are still unwilling to vote for people who are different than we are." Despite much work to be done, we've come a long way since 1993. And Mr. President, thanks, too, for that priceless guffaw. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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23 июня 2015, 14:47

Danish ship rescues more than 200 migrants off Libyan coast

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A refined product tanker owned by Danish shipping company Torm rescued more than 200 migrants off the coast of Libya on Sunday and took them to Italy at the request of the Italian coastguard, the company said.

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25 июля 2014, 00:42

TOR Minerals International EPS $0.04

TOR Minerals International (NASDAQ:TORM): Q2 EPS of $0.04Revenue of $12.39M (+15.5% Y/Y)Press Release Post your comment!

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01 мая 2014, 03:02

TOR Minerals beats by $0.19

TOR Minerals (TORM): Q1 EPS of $0.21 beats by $0.19.Revenue of $13.1M (+15% Y/Y).Press Release Post your comment!

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28 февраля 2014, 02:36

TOR Minerals EPS of -$0.60

TOR Minerals (TORM): Q4 EPS of -$0.60.Revenue of $13.0M.Press Release Post your comment!

25 декабря 2013, 12:04

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

Mel Torme: ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 7/9/99 I want to tell you a story... The scene is Farmers Market — the famed tourist mecca of Los Angeles.  It's located but yards from the facility they call, "CBS Television City in Hollywood"...which, of course, is not in Hollywood but at least is very close. Farmers Market is a quaint collection of bungalow stores, produce stalls and little stands where one can buy darn near anything edible one wishes to devour.  You buy your pizza slice or sandwich or Chinese food or whatever at one of umpteen counters, then carry it on a tray to an open-air table for consumption. During the Summer or on weekends, the place is full of families and tourists and Japanese tour groups.  But this was a winter weekday, not long before Christmas, and the crowd was mostly older folks, dawdling over coffee and danish.  For most of them, it's a good place to get a donut or a taco, to sit and read the paper. For me, it's a good place to get out of the house and grab something to eat.  I arrived, headed for my favorite barbecue stand and, en route, noticed that Mel Tormé was seated at one of the tables. Mel Tormé.  My favorite singer.  Just sitting there, sipping a cup of coffee, munching on an English Muffin, reading The New York Times.  Mel Tormé. I had never met Mel Tormé.  Alas, I still haven't and now I never will.  He looked like he was engrossed in the paper that day so I didn't stop and say, "Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed all your records."  I wish I had. Instead, I continued over to the BBQ place, got myself a chicken sandwich and settled down at a table to consume it.  I was about halfway through when four Christmas carolers strolled by, singing "Let It Snow," a cappella. They were young adults with strong, fine voices and they were all clad in splendid Victorian garb.  The Market had hired them (I assume) to stroll about and sing for the diners — a little touch of the holidays. "Let It Snow" concluded not far from me to polite applause from all within earshot.  I waved the leader of the chorale over and directed his attention to Mr. Tormé, seated about twenty yards from me. "That's Mel Tormé down there.  Do you know who he is?" The singer was about 25 so it didn't horrify me that he said, "No." I asked, "Do you know 'The Christmas Song?'" Again, a "No." I said, "That's the one that starts, 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...'" "Oh, yes," the caroler chirped.  "Is that what it's called?  'The Christmas Song?'" "That's the name," I explained.  "And that man wrote it."  The singer thanked me, returned to his group for a brief huddle...and then they strolled down towards Mel Tormé.  I ditched the rest of my sandwich and followed, a few steps behind.  As they reached their quarry, they began singing, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." directly to him. A big smile formed on Mel Tormé's face — and it wasn't the only one around.  Most of those sitting at nearby tables knew who he was and many seemed aware of the significance of singing that song to him.  For those who didn't, there was a sudden flurry of whispers: "That's Mel Tormé...he wrote that..." As the choir reached the last chorus or two of the song, Mel got to his feet and made a little gesture that meant, "Let me sing one chorus solo."  The carolers — all still apparently unaware they were in the presence of one of the world's great singers — looked a bit uncomfortable.  I'd bet at least a couple were thinking, "Oh, no...the little fat guy wants to sing." But they stopped and the little fat guy started to sing...and, of course, out came this beautiful, melodic, perfectly-on-pitch voice.  The look on the face of the singer I'd briefed was amazed at first...then properly impressed. On Mr. Tormé's signal, they all joined in on the final lines: "Although it's been said, many times, many ways...Merry Christmas to you..."  Big smiles all around. And not just from them.  I looked and at all the tables surrounding the impromptu performance, I saw huge grins of delight...which segued, as the song ended, into a huge burst of applause.  The whole tune only lasted about two minutes but I doubt anyone who was there will ever forget it. I have witnessed a number of thrilling "show business" moments — those incidents, far and few between, where all the little hairs on your epidermis snap to attention and tingle with joy.  Usually, these occur on a screen or stage.  I hadn't expected to experience one next to a falafel stand — but I did...

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07 ноября 2013, 15:13

Gunvor поставит в Европу 38 тыс тонн биотоплива из США

Нефтетрейдер Gunvor поставит в Европу 38 тыс тонн биотоплива из США, сообщает Platts. Поставка будет осуществлена дочерней компанией трейдера - Clearlake. Партия будет отгружена на танкер Torm Platte 10 ноября. Стоимость фрахта - 115 единиц по шкалеWorldscale (Worldwide Tanker Nominal Freight Scale, отражает отношение цены на перевозку к базовому тарифу,устанавливаемому Worldscale Association раз в год) –$26,64 за тонну. Подробнее читайте на нашем сайте www.oilru.com

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09 октября 2013, 13:55

Испания: создан уникальный маршрут "Живые кафедральные соборы"

Новый экскурсионный маршрут включает в себя 10 уникальных деревьев, которые находятся в различных муниципалитетах исторического  региона Кастилия. Всех их отличает почтенный возраст, редкость и необычный внешний вид. Туристы увидят тысячелетние оливы (г. Сан-Эстебан-де-ла-Сьерра), каштановые леса (Лагунилья), дубовые рощи (Эль-Серро), кипарисовые леса (Монтемайор-дель-Рио) Маршрут "Живые кафедральные соборы", официально открывающийся сегодня, 9 октября, стал данью памяти пропавшему без вести испанскому натуралисту Феликсу Родригесу де ла Фуэнте. Одиль Родригес де ла Фуэнте, его дочь и генеральный директор фонда Tormes-EB процитировала слова своего отца, который считал, что "кафедральный собор в Леоне или египетские пирамиды мы можем уничтожить когда угодно, это всего лишь вопрос наличия взрывчатки, а их восстановление – вопрос времени. Когда же исчезает тот или иной вид, мы теряем его навсегда, потому что создать его может только Бог".

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29 сентября 2013, 17:11

Как звучал индоевропейский праязык

Журнал Archaeology, выпускаемый  Американским археологическим институтом (Archaeological Institute of America), предложил посетителям своего сайта услышать, как звучала речь на индоевропейском праязыке. Подготовил реконструкцию и выступил в качестве диктора компаративист Эндрю Бёрд (Andrew Byrd) из Университета штата Кентукки. Бёрд использовал два текста, которые уже известны в индоевропеистике. Первый - басня «Овца и кони» опубликован в 1868 году одним из пионеров реконструкции индоевропейского праязыка Августом Шлейхером. Шлейхер придерживался оптимистичных взглядов на результаты праязыковой реконструкции. Он писал, что индоевропейский праязык «нам совершенно известен», и, видимо, был уверен, что написанная им басня была бы без труда понята древними индоевропейцами. В дальнейшем компаративисты стали сдержаннее оценивать праязыковую реконструкцию. Они лучше, чем Шлейхер представляли всю сложность реконструкции связного текста, а главное - понимали некоторую условность реконструируемого праязыка. Им была ясна и сложность синхронизации восстановленных языковых явлений (ведь праязык менялся во времени), и диалектная неоднородность праязыка, и то, что какие-то элементы праязыка могли не отразиться в языках-потомках, а значит, реконструировать их невозможно. Тем не менее, периодически лингвисты предлагают обновленные версии текста шлейхеровской басни с учетом последних достижений сравнительно-исторической фонетики и грамматики индоевропейских языков. Текст оказался удобным способом продемонстрировать развитие индоевропейской реконструкции. Второй текст называется «Царь и бог». Он основан на эпизоде из древнеиндийского трактата «Айтарея-брахмана», где царь просит бога Варуну даровать ему сына. Профессор Калькуттского университета Субхадра Кумар Сен предложил ряду ведущих индоевропеистов написать "перевод" текста на индоевропейский праязык. Результаты были опубликованы в Journal of Indo-European Studies в 1994 году. Целью опроса было на наглядном материале продемонстрировать различия во взглядах ученых на индоевропейский язык. Порой различия касались не только фонетики или морфологии языка. Например, Эрик Хэмп предпочел вместо бога Веруноса (Варуны) упомянуть  другого - Лугхуса (известно в ирландской мифологии под именем Луг), видимо, посчитав, что Варуна недостаточно надежно реконструируется на праиндоевропейском уровне. Несмотря на занимательность подобных опытов, не следует забывать всю условность и предлагаемых текстов, и, тем более, их звукового облика. «Овца и кони» Овца, [на] которой не было шерсти, увидела коней: одного, везущего тяжелую повозку, другого - с большой поклажей, третьего, быстро несущего человека. Овца сказала коням: сердце теснится [во] мне, видя коней, везущих человека. Кони сказали: послушай, овца, сердце теснится [от] увиденного: человек - господин, делает шерсть овцы теплой одеждой [для] себя, и [у] овец нет шерсти. Услышав это, овца повернула [в] поле. Вот как должен был выглядеть индоевропейский текст басни, по мнению Августа Шлейхера. Avis akvāsas ka Avis, jasmin varnā na ā ast, dadarka akvams, tam, vāgham garum vaghantam, tam, bhāram magham, tam, manum āku bharantam. Avis akvabhjams ā vavakat: kard aghnutai mai vidanti manum akvams agantam. Akvāsas ā vavakant: krudhi avai, kard aghnutai vividvant-svas: manus patis varnām avisāms karnauti svabhjam gharmam vastram avibhjams ka varnā na asti. Tat kukruvants avis agram ā bhugat. Такой вариант предложили в 1979 году Уинфред Леманн и Ладислав Згуста: Owis eḱwōskʷe Gʷərēi owis, kʷesjo wl̥hnā ne ēst, eḱwōns espeḱet, oinom ghe gʷr̥um woǵhom weǵhontm̥, oinomkʷe meǵam bhorom, oinomkʷe ǵhm̥enm̥ ōḱu bherontm̥. Owis nu eḱwobh(j)os (eḱwomos) ewewkʷet: "Ḱēr aghnutoi moi eḱwōns aǵontm̥ nerm̥ widn̥tei". Eḱwōs tu ewewkʷont: "Ḱludhi, owei, ḱēr ghe aghnutoi n̥smei widn̥tbh(j)os (widn̥tmos): nēr, potis, owiōm r̥ wl̥hnām sebhi gʷhermom westrom kʷrn̥euti. Neǵhi owiōm wl̥hnā esti". Tod ḱeḱluwōs owis aǵrom ebhuget. А вот этот текст басни «Овца и кони» озвучил Бёрд: H2óu̯is h1éḱu̯ōs-kwe  h2áu̯ei̯ h1i̯osméi̯ h2u̯l̥h1náh2 né h1ést, só h1éḱu̯oms derḱt. só gwr̥hxúm u̯óǵhom u̯eǵhed; só méǵh2m̥ bhórom; só dhǵhémonm̥ h2ṓḱu bhered. h2óu̯is h1ékwoi̯bhi̯os u̯eu̯ked: “dhǵhémonm̥ spéḱi̯oh2 h1éḱu̯oms-kwe h2áǵeti, ḱḗr moi̯ aghnutor”. h1éḱu̯ōs tu u̯eu̯kond: “ḱludhí, h2ou̯ei̯! tód spéḱi̯omes, n̥sméi̯ aghnutór ḱḗr: dhǵhémō, pótis, sē h2áu̯i̯es h2u̯l̥h1náh2 gwhérmom u̯éstrom u̯ept, h2áu̯ibhi̯os tu h2u̯l̥h1náh2 né h1esti. tód ḱeḱluu̯ṓs h2óu̯is h2aǵróm bhuged. «Царь и бог» Жил-был царь. У него не было детей. Царь хотел сына. Он попросил жреца: «Пусть родится у меня сын!». Жрец сказал царю: «Молись богу Веруносу». Царь обратился к богу Веруносу с молитвой: «Услышь меня, отец Верунос». Бог Верунос спустился с небес: «Чего ты хочешь?» - «Я хочу сына» - «Да будет так» - сказал сияющий бог Верунос. Жена царя родила сына. Этот вариант реконструкции использовал Эндрю Бёрд: H3rḗḱs dei̯u̯ós-kwe H3rḗḱs h1est; só n̥putlós. H3rḗḱs súhxnum u̯l̥nh1to. Tósi̯o ǵʰéu̯torm̥ prēḱst: "Súhxnus moi̯ ǵn̥h1i̯etōd!" Ǵʰéu̯tōr tom h3rḗǵm̥ u̯eu̯ked: "h1i̯áǵesu̯o dei̯u̯óm U̯érunom". Úpo h3rḗḱs dei̯u̯óm U̯érunom sesole nú dei̯u̯óm h1i̯aǵeto. "ḱludʰí moi, pter U̯erune!" Dei̯u̯ós U̯érunos diu̯és km̥tá gʷah2t. "Kʷíd u̯ēlh1si?" "Súhxnum u̯ēlh1mi." "Tód h1estu", u̯éu̯ked leu̯kós dei̯u̯ós U̯érunos. Nu h3réḱs pótnih2 súhxnum ǵeǵonh1e. 

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Аналитика NYSE на 26 июля

Спайдер снижается перед открытием торгов на NYSE.  Европейские индексы на отрицательной территории. SPY (внутридневной график) снижение на премаркете. Сопротивление: 168.00 Поддержка: 168.50 Премаркет NYSE/NASDAQ: Gapping up: • In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: ATVI +17.7%, (Activision Blizzard announces transformative purchase of shares from Vivendi (VIVEF) and new capital structure), LOGM +13.5%, PSO +8.2%, SBUX +7.1%, CLF +5.3%, GILD +4.7%, MITK +3.4%, (light volume), WIRE +3.2%, (light volume), ABBV +3.1%, PFG +2.6%, WETF +2.3%, CB +1.9%, VRSN +1.7%, WY +1.4%, FLEX +1.2%, HP +0.9%. • M&A news: SKS +0.9% (reports of renewed KKR interest), • Other news: GENT +29.7% (receives positive opinion from EMA's CHMP for Defitelio), ETRM +25.2% ( announces PMA Application for VBLOC therapy in obesity accepted for review and filing by FDA), HAL +4.4% ( announces commencement of $3.3 bln modified Dutch tender offer for its common stock, greed to plead guilty to destruction of evidence in connection with Deepwater Horizon tragedy), DD +1.6% (Bloomberg discusses speculation of DD breakup or unit sales ), WNR +1.5% (Western Refining Logistics announces filing of registration statement for initial public offering. • Analyst comments: TSLA +3.6% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Deutsche Bank), RYL +1.4% (upgraded to Strong Buy from Neutral at ISI Group), PHM +0.9% (upgraded to Outperform at Credit Suisse). Gapping down: • In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: EXPE -22.6%, SWI -20.8%, ZNGA -17.1%, HTCH -13.5%, (light volume), TPX -11.8%, TSYS -9.7%, OUTR -9.6%, GPN -9.3%, QLIK -8.3%, ABAX -6.9%, LEG -6.7%, (light volume), INAP -6.6%, (light volume), CRUS -6.4%, DLB -6.4%, (light volume), AWAY -5.8%, DECK -5.7%, KKR -5.7%, SLT -5.6%, MXIM -5.5%, ERJ -4.3%, BGG -3.4%, INFA -3.1%, KLAC -3%, BMRN -2.9%, (provides BMN 673 program update: RECIST Response rate increases to 50% in gBRCA breast cancer, study ongoing; Phase 3 trial to start in Q3 2013), N -1.9%, CERN -1.3%, AMZN -1.2%,. • Other news: DLIA -22.6% ( announces proposed underwritten public offering of common stock; size not disclosed), IPCI -12.2% (announces proposed public offering of units of common shares and warrants), VRTX -8.7% ( receives notice from the FDA that a partial clinical hold has been placed on Vertex's ongoing Phase 2 U.S. study of the nucleotide analogue hepatitis C virus polymerase inhibitor VX-135), SCSS -2.7% (following TPX results), PCLN -2.6% (following EXPE results), OWW -2.4% (following EXPE results), DFRG -1.1% (prices 6 mln shares of common stock at a price of $21.25 per share by existing shareholders). • Analyst comments: MKTX -2.4% (downgraded to Mkt Perform from Outperform at Raymond James), FSL -1.5% (downgraded to Perform from Outperform at Oppenheimer), FB -1.1% (downgraded to Hold from Buy at Argus), LUV -0.9% (downgraded to Mkt Perform from Outperform at Raymond James), POT -0.9% (downgraded to Mkt Perform from Outperform at Raymond James), TAL -0.8% (downgraded to Mkt Perform from Outperform at Raymond James). Отчеты компаний: Сегодня перед открытием: ABBV ACO AHGP AON ARLP B BBGI CHH CMCO COBR DLR DRC DTE ESXB FET HMSY HP KKR LEA LPNT MTRN NS NSH NVE NWL OFC OPY PFS PSTB RJET SAIA SCBT SWK TYC TYPE UTI WBC WETF WLB WTBA WY Вчера после закрытия: ABAX ACGL AGYS AIMC AIR AMZN AWAY AWH BAS BBNK BCOV BLDR BMRN CB CBG CERN CINF CLF COLM CPSI CPT CRUS CTCT DCOM DECK DGII DLB DMRC DOLE DTLK DWCH ECHO EHTH ELY EPR EW EXPE FFBC FII FLEX FPO FR FSL GB GBCI GFIG GIFI GILD GPN GSIT HBHC HITT HIW HLS HTCH IDTI IKAN INAP INFA INPH IPCM ISBC KBR KEG KLAC KTEC LEG LOGM LSCC MBTF MCK MCRL MITK MOFG MOH MRH MSCC MTD MTX MXIM N NBHC NBIX NEM NR NTGR OLN OUTR PEB PFG PFPT QLGC QLIK RCKB RGA RGC RSG SBUX SIVB SOFO SPF SPSC SRCE SSD STSA SWI TCO TGI THRX TNAV TORM TPX TSRO TSYS UHS VR VRSN WBCO WIRE WOOF WSFS WSTG WWD ZNGA Торговые идеи NYSE и NASDAQ: SBUX – лонг выше максимумов премаркета. GILD – шорт ниже 64.00, выше 64.50 смотрим акцию в лонг. EXPE – лонг при закреплении выше 50.00. SWI – лонг выше локального максимума премаркета. TPX – шорт ниже 36.00 VRTX – лонг выше 80.00 DECK – лонг выше 56.00 Оригинал статьи: shark-traders.com/blog/analitika-nyse-na-26-iyulya/

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TOR Minerals (TORM): Q2 EPS of $0.04 misses by $0.05. Revenue of $10.7M. (PR)

TOR Minerals (TORM): Q2 EPS of $0.04 misses by $0.05. Revenue of $10.7M. (PR) Post your comment!

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Специальные цены на блошином рынке Мадрида

Блошиный рынок Мадрида Mercado de las Cucas проведет благотворительную акцию, в рамках которой одежда, украшения и аксессуары будут продаваться по цене 1 и 2 евро. Вырученные средства будут переданы двум бедным семьям, в каждой из которых по шесть человек.   Акция пройдет 5-7 июля. Рынок Mercado de las Cucas работает каждые выходные и является самым известным в мадридском районе Boadilla del Monte. Здесь можно приобрести винтажные костюмы и антикварную мебель по доступным ценам, одежду разных времен, как ношеную, так и новую со скидками. В пятницу и субботу, 5 и 6 июля, рынок будет открыт с 11:00 до 21:00, в воскресенье 7 июля - с 11:00 до 15:00. Mercado de las Cucas находится по адресу: улица Valle del Tormes 2, Ciudad Comercial Las Lomas, Boadilla del Monte. Источник:travel.ru

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Shares in Danish tanker group Torm ([[TRMD]] +122%) are ripping today after blowing away Q1 estimates, posting results that showed its first return to quarterly operating profits since 2011 and the best tanker freight rates in four years. The shipper, who was on the verge of bankruptcy until a restructuring and deal with creditors last year, said spot tanker rates on the various sized tankers were up between 20% - 30% or more versus the previous year.

Shares in Danish tanker group Torm (TRMD +122%) are ripping today after blowing away Q1 estimates, posting results that showed its first return to quarterly operating profits since 2011 and the best tanker freight rates in four years. The shipper, who was on the verge of bankruptcy until a restructuring and deal with creditors last year, said spot tanker rates on the various sized tankers were up between 20% - 30% or more versus the previous year. Post your comment!

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01 мая 2013, 16:35

Аналитика на 1 мая

Спайдер торгуется почти без изменений перед открытием торгов на NYSE.  Европейские индексы изменяются разнонаправленно.  Nikkei -0,44% SPY (внутридневной график) боковое движение на премаркете. Сопротивление: 160.00 Поддержка: 159.75-159.50 Премаркет NYSE/NASDAQ: Gapping up: In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: MSPD +31% (also Mindspeed hires Morgan Stanley to evaluate strategic alternatives), RATE +12.8%, IQNT +12.4% (also sells global data business to GTT for $54.5 mln), GPRE +11.1%, FIRE +9.9%, TRLA +9.3%, JRCC +7.9% (light volume), DWA +7.2% (Dreamworks Animation to purcahse a teen centered YouTube network, according to reports; upgraded to Neutral from Underperform at BofA/Merrill), CAVM +6.5% (light volume), SONS +6.2% (light volume), GNW +6%, GDOT +5.4%, BGFV +5.4%, PBIB +5.4%, (light volume), SHOR +5.3%, (light volume), CHK +4.2%, BCOV +4% (light volume), NCR +3.8%, LCI +3.4%, XCO +3.3% (light volume), EZPW +3% (light volume), ENR +1.9%, ELLI +1.8%, MX +1.6%, SIMG +1.4% (light volume), CMCSA +0.9%, HCC +0.6% (light volume). M&A news: OUTD +5.7% (InterMedia Partners VII and InterMedia Outdoors Holdings deliver proposal to Outdoor Channel Holdings; proposed offer to acquire 100% of outstanding common stock of Outdoor Channel at $9.15 per share). Select oil/gas related names showing strength: RDS.A +1.7%, BP +1.6%, RIG +0.8%, SDRL +0.1%. Other news: AVEO +5.1% (modestly rebounding), OPEN +1.5% (S.A.C. Capital discloses 5.0% passive stake in 13G filing), NUAN +1.1% (Carl Icahn discloses 10.72% passive stake in amended 13G filing, up from 9.27% previously reported on 4/1), Z +1.6% (following TRLA results), VOD +0.6% (Verizon is planning to line up funds for $100 bln bid to buyout VOD joint venture, according to reports), GM +0.2% (reports suggesting the company may return to the S&P 500 index). Analyst comments: AMGN +2.5% (added to Conviction Buy List at Goldman) Gapping down: In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: MELA -13.8%, SWI -7.2%, BGC -7.2% (light volume), UNXL -6.6%, GEVO -5.1%, (light volume), SPW -4.7%, MRK -4.6%, TRMB -4%, CSGS -4% (light volume), IACI -3.8%, QCOR -3.6%, ACAS -2.7%, TWX -2.6%, AUY -2%, CRAY -1.9% (light volume), MA -1.6%, MTW -1.4% (light volume), OKE -1.3% (also downgraded to Equal-Weight from Overweight at Morgan Stanley), VRSK -1.3% (light volume), FISV -1.2%, FTNT -0.9%, FLEX -0.8% (light volume), SIMG -0.8%. Select metals/mining stocks trading lower: SLW -2.2%, ABX -1.1%, KGC -1.1%, SLV -0.7%, GLD -0.4%. Other news: EKDKQ -29.7% (Eastman Kodak initiates emergence process: files plan of reorganization and disclosure statement), HIMX -4.5% (filed shelf to potentially offer and sell from time to time in the future, in one or more public offerings, up to 25,472,673 and 25,399,753 of American Depositary Shares), PEI -4% (announces launch of 10 mln common share offering), DCTH -3.5% (continued weakness), CALL -3.2% (filed amended 10-K), NTI -0.3% (announces pricing of public offering of 12 mln common units at $26.28 per unit). Analyst comments: LSI -1.7% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Goldman) OIS -1.1% (downgraded to Underperform from Market Perform at BMO Capital), BII Отчеты компаний: Вчера после закрытия: AAT ACAS ACCL ACMP ACPW AFFX AJG AMRS APU ARNA ATEC AVB AZPN BCOV BFS BGC BGFV BKI BLMN BOOM BRE BTUI BXP CACC CAVM CBT CCG CCUR CERS CHKE CLD CPTS CRAY CRDC CSCD CSGS CVG CYTK DDR DENN DOX DWA EIX ELGX ELLI ENTR EPIQ EPR EQR EXAR EXTR EZPW FEIC FELE FIRE FISV FLEX FMC FTNT GDOT GEVO GLAD GNW HCBK HCC HIW HT HTCH HTCO IACI INT IO JBSS JIVE JKHY JLL JMBA KEYN KEYW KFRC KTCC LEAP LMAT MELA MERU MIG MRCY MSPD MTSI MTW MWA MX MXL NANO NATL NCR NUVA NVMI OKE OKS PRAA PRXL PSEM QCOR QEP QNST RATE RBC REXX RGC ROG RPXC SGI SHOR SIMG SKT SM SONS SPB SQI STR SWI SYX TE TMH TORM TRLA TRMB TRN UGI ULTI UNTD UTI VHS VNR VRSK VRTS VRTX WMGI WNC WRI WSH WTS WU XCO XXIA Сегодня перед открытием: AB ADGE ADT AFSI AGN AMT ARW AVA BLKB CHK CLH CLX CMCSA CRRC CVH CVS DLPH DVN EDGW ENR EXAS EXC GRMN GTS H HAE HSP HUM ICE IMN IQNT IRM JNY JRCC KFN LDL MA MDXG MFA MPAC MRGE MRK NEWS OIIM PDCE PKD PNK POR PSX RDC RDN SBGI SEE SMED SPW TRK TWX TYPE USAP VG VIAB VIMC VPHM WEX Торговые идеи NYSE и NASDAQ: RATE – шорт ниже 15.00 FIRE – лонг выше 53.00 TRLA – лонг выше 34.00 DWA – шорт ниже максимумов премаркета. SWI – лонг выше 48.00 или от минимумов постмаркета. QCOR- шорт ниже 29.00, выше 31.00 возможен лонг. Оригинал статьи: shark-traders.com/blog/analitika-na-1-maya/

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TOR Minerals (TORM): Q1 EPS of -$0.03 beats by $0.04. (PR)

TOR Minerals (TORM): Q1 EPS of -$0.03 beats by $0.04. (PR) Post your comment!

16 января 2013, 03:34

PR Pioneer Daniel Edelman Dies In Chicago At 92

NEW YORK -- Daniel J. Edelman, who built one of the world's top public relations companies and pioneered celebrity endorsements and media tours, has died at age 92. Edelman is credited with developing many of the methods now standard in the field, after transforming the firm he started more than 60 years ago with two people into a global marketing force with more than 4,500 employees in 66 offices worldwide. His son Richard Edelman said he died of heart failure on Tuesday at a Chicago hospital. Richard Edelman, president and CEO of the Edelman firm, said his father was "a marketing and public relations genius, because he really understood that PR could sell brands." The firm's clients include Microsoft, Pfizer, Wal-Mart and Royal Dutch Shell. Daniel Edelman, a New York City native and Columbia University journalism school graduate, worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers in Poughkeepsie, about 75 miles north. He was drafted into the Army during World War II and first honed his public relations skills analyzing German propaganda as a member of a psychological warfare unit. "I provided information about what they were claiming, so we could answer it with our own broadcasts," he later recalled. After the war, he worked as a news writer for CBS radio in New York. His career in public relations began as a publicist for Musicraft Records, whose musical stars included Mel Torme, sponsored on radio by the Toni hair care products manufacturer. Edelman credited that pairing with launching his marketing creativity: He packaged Torme's records in an album designed to look like a Toni product, gaining attention from disc jockeys and earning him a job as Toni's public relations director in Chicago. By the 1960s, Edelman's own company was promoting California's wine industry. Edelman retained movie star Vincent Price as a spokesman and booked him on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. California wines that day won a tasting test that included entertainer Zsa Zsa Gabor. "It was a great coup, and a turning point for the California wine industry," Edelman said later. Edelman also hired baseball great Nolan Ryan for Advil and activist Gloria Steinem to promote birth control pills. Then, his son said, he would "put people on the road" – pushing the concept of media tours using radio and television. And Daniel Edelman had a sense of humor. Promoting a crabmeat company, he persuaded Carson to invite the owner on his show – along with a crab that promptly bit the TV host's hand. When former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis announced he was running for president, Edelman proved that Morris the Cat, representing the 9Lives cat food brand, had higher name recognition. Kentucky Fried Chicken took center stage on TV during Elizabeth Taylor's lavish 1991 wedding to construction worker Larry Fortensky. Reporters were barred from the ceremony, so Edelman arranged for a KFC executive to show up outside dressed as the late Colonel Sanders, serving reporters chicken they jokingly mentioned during broadcasts. "You can't make these stories up," Richard Edelman said. "My father had these kinds of ideas." Even after Daniel Edelman stopped running the firm more than a dozen years ago, he still called his son daily to find out what was happening and give advice. A private funeral is planned for Wednesday at the Riverside Memorial Chapel in Manhattan, followed by burial at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Queens.

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Banks throw ailing shipping firm Torm lifeline

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Banks are taking control of Danish shipping group Torm A/S in a rescue deal that extends repayments on $1.8 billion of debt and provides fresh funds, giving the firm time to...