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08 декабря, 17:30

Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Murphy USA, Oceaneering International, Flotek Industries and Transocean

Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Murphy USA, Oceaneering International, Flotek Industries and Transocean

07 декабря, 23:57

Bumpy Road Ahead for These Energy Stocks

Bumpy Road Ahead for These Energy Stocks

07 декабря, 00:48

Oil & Gas Stock Roundup: OPEC Deal, Approvals for BP and Kinder Morgan Projects and More

The successful OPEC deal dominated market tone for the week.

05 декабря, 11:40

Крупные нефтяные компании в упадке, и сделка ОПЕК не может спасти дело

Главной новостью прошлой недели стала сделка ОПЕК, которая внесла некоторую ясность в отношении будущего глобальной добычи. Соглашение должно снизить глобальную добычу на 2%, страны ОПЕК сокращают ее на 1.2 млн. баррелей в день, не входящие в картель страны, снижают добычу на 600k баррелей в сутки. Новости оказали существенное влияние на рынок, что вылилось в двузначный рост нефти, цены преодолели отметку $50 впервые с июня. Менее крупные нефтяные компании демонстрировали особенно примечательный рост: Whiting Petroleum Corp. WLL + 25%, обслуживающая нефтяные месторождения компания RPC Inc. + 16%, компания по добыче на глубине Transocean Ltd. +15%, нефтеперерабатывающая компания Refiner Sunoco L.P. SUN +13%. Одним интересным событием стала сравнительно слабая реакция крупных нефтяных компаний: гиганты вроде Royal Dutch Shell и Chevron Corp. выросли лишь на 3% или около этих значений, акции Exxon Mobil Corp.  были едва в зеленой зоне, так как рост составил менее 1%! Крупные нефтяные компании застряли в состоянии долгосрочного снижения. Это означает, что всем инвесторам нужно крайне осторожно относиться к мысли о восстановлении цен на нефть. Что касается поставок, то глобальный избыток нефти сохранится в течение некоторого времени. По данным IEA, глобальные поставки нефти расширятся с 90.4 млн. баррелей в день в начале 2013 года до 97.2 млн. баррелей в день в конце третьего квартала 2016 года. Это рост на 8% всего за три года, и происходил он на фоне обвала цен на нефть с $90 за баррель до текущих “максимумов” около $50. Big Oil is in decline, and the OPEC deal can’t rescue it, MarketWatch, Dec 4 Источник: FxTeam

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01 декабря, 01:11

OPEC Surrenders And Makes A Rebound Year For Energy Stocks Much Better

OPEC Surrenders And Makes A Rebound Year For Energy Stocks Much Better OPECs production deal sent energy stocks flying, as oil prices surged. The 18 best stocks in the S&P 500 were all in the oil business, led by Marathon Oil and Transocean.

30 ноября, 18:01

Transocean Affiliate Prices Senior Notes Worth $625 Million

Transocean Proteus Limited, a fully owned indirect affiliate of offshore drilling giant Transocean Ltd. (RIG), announced the pricing of senior secured notes worth U.S. $625 million in a public offering. These notes are due to mature by 2024.

30 ноября, 17:30

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: ExxonMobil, BP, Transocean, Transocean Partners and Suncor Energy

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: ExxonMobil, BP, Transocean, Transocean Partners and Suncor Energy

30 ноября, 00:47

Oil & Gas Stock Roundup: Exxon's Liberia Drilling, BP's Egyptian Deal and More

ExxonMobil's (XOM) started drilling a deepwater exploration well offshore of Liberia, while BP (BP) has agreed to buy a 10% interest in Egypt's Shorouk concession.

23 ноября, 15:35

Transocean Raises Acquisition Offer for Transocean Partners

Transocean Ltd. (RIG) and Transocean Partners LLC (RIGP) jointly announced the increase of shareholding by the former to 1.2 shares from 1.1427 shares ??? the consideration for its pending merger of each common unit of the latter that it does not already own.

23 ноября, 01:00

Oil & Gas Stock Roundup: Acquisition News from Sunoco Logistics, Tesoro and More

M&A is picking up pace with Sunoco Logistics (SXL) set to merge with Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Tesoro (TSO) acquiring Western refining (WNR).

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17 ноября, 22:52

Helmerich & Payne (HP) Posts Narrower-Than-Expected Q4 Loss

Contract driller Helmerich & Payne (HP) reported strong numbers on the back of greater operational efficiency.

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08 ноября, 20:54

Catching A Falling Knife: A Deepwater Buyout

Across the oil industry, many firms have started to see their stock prices stabilize. The offshore deepwater drilling industry is the exception. Deepwater drillers have continued to collapse in value. It is always dangerous to try catching a falling knife, but at this point the stock prices on many firms in the space don’t have much more to lose. The biggest firms in the industry, Noble, Enesco, and Transocean now trade at prices of around $4.75, $7.50, and $9.75 respectively. Stock price by itself means nothing, but it’s important…

04 ноября, 22:25

Pioneering Wind Farm Hopes To Clean Up The 'Deepwater' Name

OFF THE COAST OF RHODE ISLAND ― The oil industry left a smudge on the country’s first offshore wind farm six years before it ever came on line. Just a year after Jeff Grybowski proposed building the five-turbine project, which began operations last week three miles off Rhode Island’s Block Island, one of the worst oil disasters in history struck. Deepwater Horizon, an offshore rig pumping oil for BP, exploded, killing 11 workers and unleashing an undersea gusher on April 20, 2010, that spewed crude into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days. The problem for Grybowski: He named his Providence-based developer Deepwater Wind. “Maybe we can redeem the Deepwater name,” Grybowski told The Huffington Post during a boat tour of his wind farm last week. “We’re the offshore wind guys. That’s how people know us.” The BP blowout became international news. CNN’s Anderson Cooper aired live undersea video footage of the seafloor well gushing thick, brown fluid for weeks. At the time, Deepwater Wind was just beginning to navigate the labyrinthine regulations and approvals needed to build its farm. Grybowski kept the name. Then came Hollywood. Summit Entertainment recently released “Deepwater Horizon,” a feature film about the explosion, starring Mark Wahlberg. Google the term “Deepwater” and you’re unlikely to find anything but the movie or reports on the 6-year-old disaster. “It definitely mixes up our search results,” Grybowski said. “But we’re two very different companies.” Plus, Transocean, the operator of the destroyed rig, used “Deepwater” for at least 10 other offshore oil sites. Grybowski said he never considered changing the name. “Since our name is Deepwater Wind, I think we’ve always sufficiently differentiated from the other project,” Grybowski said on a follow-up call on Friday. “In our markets where we’re obviously working, in the Northeast, offshore oil really isn’t something that happens. I don’t think folks in the Northeast associate it with that.”  Offshore wind seems poised to become a major source of clean electricity. President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan calls for major reductions in carbon emissions from utility companies that rely on burning natural gas and coal to produce electricity. Wind energy from turbines built onshore has been increasing in recent years as technology makes it more affordable. But windmills located offshore, where wind is stronger and more reliable, could, in theory, generate up to 4,223 gigawatts of power, according to a 2012 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. That’s roughly four times the amount of electricity generated in the U.S. today from all sources. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

04 ноября, 20:08

Kurdistan Dismisses $1 Billion Per Month Oil Revenue Claims

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) denied on Thursday a report by news outlet NRT that the autonomous region in northern Iraq is selling 910,000 bpd and reaping nearly US$1 billion in oil revenues every month. Earlier this week, NRT reported that the fields in the Kurdistan Region and in Kirkuk under the control of the KRG Ministry of Natural Resources are producing a total of 910,000 bpd, or 27,300,000 barrels every month. If oil is sold at US$36 as the KRG has indicated, this means almost US$1 billion…

04 ноября, 20:08

Libyan Car Blast Injures Leader Who Brokered Oil Ports Takeover

A car blast in Libya’s city of Benghazi injured on Friday a tribal leader who had helped the Libyan National Army take control over the eastern oil export terminals in September - a move that led to the lifting of the blockade of oil exports from the so-called Oil Crescent shortly after. According to security and medical officials, the leader of the Magharba tribe, Saleh al-Ateiwish, was wounded but in stable condition in the hospital. Three other people were also injured in the car explosion, Reuters reports, quoting a hospital official.…

04 ноября, 02:20

Venezuelan Crude Exports To U.S. Nosedive By 23 Percent

Export of crude oil from Venezuela to the United States (US) plummeted by 23 percent in October, according to Thomson Reuters trade flows data published on Thursday. The US, which is one of Venezuela’s top export partners for oil, received 37 cargo shipments of crude in October. This amount is nine fewer cargo shipments than were obtained in September, and thirteen fewer than the total received in October 2015. The primary recipients of Venezuela crude last month where Chevron, Phillips 66, and Citgo Petroleum, the latter of which is the…