Уилбур Росс
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The Wall Street Journal: "The Economy Revs Up"

“But the biggest change has been in U.S. economic policy, notably the Trump Administration’s deregulatory efforts and the boost they have given business confidence.” The Economy Revs Up Editorial The Wall Street Journal December 8, 2017 The Labor Department reported Friday that the U.S. created 228,000 net new jobs in November, in the latest sign that the American economy is growing at a healthier pace. … There’s little doubt now that the economy has reached a higher growth plane over the past nine or so months. Growth in GDP hit 3% in the second and third quarters, and all signs point to another in the fourth quarter. That would mark the first such string of 3% quarters since 2014, after which growth fell back to the 2% range. The rising growth is touching most industries and parts of the country. Manufacturing is healthy—note to Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross —thanks to growth abroad and rising exports. The housing market is doing well overall, and consumer confidence is high. The best news may be the surge in small business optimism that began with the election and has persisted, as measured by the National Federation of Independent Business. … The jobless rate among college graduates is down to 2.1%, which has to be near full employment and is close to the lowest since before the 2008 recession. Even more striking is the rapid decline in the jobless rate among workers over age 25 without a high school diploma. … But the biggest change has been in U.S. economic policy, notably the Trump Administration’s deregulatory efforts and the boost they have given business confidence. Barack Obama’s economists dismissed regulation as a minor concern, and even called it a boon to growth, but the costs of compliance were real and added to uncertainty. Businesses held back because they didn’t know how or when government might strike next, which contributed to historically low levels of capital investment in this expansion. That has begun to change, and the main promise of tax reform is to create the incentive to produce an investment surge. … But for now U.S. economic portents look as good as they have in years. If Congress can get its tax reform over the finish line without watering down its pro-growth elements, “secular stagnation” may go down in history as one more failed progressive diagnosis. Read the full editorial here.

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Демократы требуют от Минфина США документы о связях министра торговли с РФ

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Демократы из Палаты представителей Конгресса США потребовали от Министерства финансов США предоставить любые имеющиеся данные разведки о прошлых связях министра торговли Уилбура Росса с бизнесом РФ и возможной причастности компании Trump Organization к легализации преступных капиталов в Панаме. Об этом сообщает CNN. Сообщается,  что речь идет о конгрессмене Максин Уотерс и еще четырех законодателях, имена которых не приводятся...

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Steel Stocks Pop As U.S. Slaps Huge Duties on Vietnam Imports

The Commerce Department's ruling provided a boost to the stocks of American steel companies that are struggling to cope with a renewed tide of cheap steel imports this year.

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President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts

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The following individuals to be Members of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council: • Greg Abbott, Governor of the State of Texas • John Bel Edwards, Governor of the State of Louisiana • Phil Bryant, Governor of the State of Mississippi • Kay Ivey, Governor of the State of Alabama • Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture • Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and designate Chairperson • Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce • Rick Scott, Governor of the State of Florida • Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior • Mark T. Esper, Secretary of the Army • Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security

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Wrong Ross

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(Don Boudreaux) TweetHere’s a letter to the Wall Street Journal: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross boasts that the Trump administration will escalate what you describe as its “fight against ‘dumped’ goods” (“The Coming Aluminum War,” Dec. 4).  Well.  Forget that the bureaucratic process for determining if imports are “dumped” in America is notoriously biased in favor of a […]

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President Donald J. Trump Promotes American Entrepreneurship

“I know that starting and growing a business takes tremendous grit and that facing the unknown requires determination.  I also know that taking on that risk makes our Nation and our world a better place.” -  President Donald J. Trump A COMMITMENT TO GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The United States is co-hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with India, which brings together more than 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters. • Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump is leading a contingent from the United States to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad, India, on November 28-30. o This year, more than 350 entrepreneurs from the United States are attending the GES. • The Summit’s theme, “Women First, Prosperity for All,” reflects that for the first time ever, the majority of United States and global attendees will be women entrepreneurs, a particular point of pride for Advisor Trump.   o This year’s GES is focused on four key industry sectors: Energy and infrastructure, healthcare and life sciences, financial technology and digital economy, and media and entertainment. • GES 2017 brings together emerging innovators from 150 countries and empowers women entrepreneurs in particular to take their ideas forward, and create new jobs and technologies that will benefit the United States and the globe.   • In preparation for the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, cities around America held thematic events to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. These include: o Pittsburgh: Technologies for the Smart City o Houston: Investment in Energy & Infrastructure o Milwaukee: MSME Value in Global Supply Chain o Washington D.C.: Entrepreneurship Policy • The Trump Administration, since day one, has created conditions that support small businesses, innovation, and entrepreneurs.  o In America there are 11 million women-owned businesses that employ nearly 9 million people and generate more than $1 trillion in revenue.  SUPPORTING AMERICA’S ENTREPRENEURS AND INNOVATORS: President Donald J. Trump and his Administration have taken action to help Americans innovators succeed. • In February, the President signed into law the INSPIRE Women Act (H.R. 321) and the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act (H.R. 255) to promote women entering and leading the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and math – and preserve America as an innovation hub for generations to come. • The Small Business Administration (SBA) is focused on using privately raised capital and SBA-guaranteed leverage, stimulating technological innovation through small businesses, and supporting parts of the country where there are gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. o SBA’s microloan program provides loans up to $50,000 and technical assistance for small businesses and not-for-profit childcare centers.  o Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) in more than 100 locations across the United States promote the growth of women-owned businesses through training and technical assistance, and provide access to credit and capital, Federal contracts, and international trade opportunities o The Small Business Technology Transfer is a program that extends funding opportunities of $295 million annually to forge public-private partnerships that can help commercialize U.S. Federal research and development. • The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship fosters the commercialization of new technologies, products, processes, and services.  o In September 2017, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that 42 organizations from 28 states would receive $17 million through the Regional Innovation Strategies program, a grant program for American entrepreneurship ecosystem supporters. o In October, Secretary Ross announced $30 million to support 35 projects in 16 states under the 2017 Assistance to Coal Communities initiative, which include activities and programs that support economic diversification, job creation, capital investment, workforce development and re-employment opportunities. HELPING GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: President Trump and his Administration are supporting American partnerships to help global entrepreneurs in line with the GES’s mission. • The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the U.S. Government’s “Feed the Future” program, will launch a global competition in January 2018 for women-led enterprises to access investment and other business services to take their food businesses to the next level.   o Feed the Future will also work with American food companies to mentor women entrepreneurs in Africa who seek to build their expertise, optimize business operations, and scale up their companies. USAID’s initial contribution of $2 million will leverage contributions from the business community. o Building on existing and previous programs, USAID and partners are launching the WomenConnect Challenge to support comprehensive approaches to closing the digital gender divide.   • The United States, in partnership with the World Bank, launched the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) at the 2017 G20 Leaders’ Summit along with 12 other countries. We-Fi has already raised more than $340 million in commitments.  • America’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) works alongside the private sector to provide access to finance and services and to mobilize capital supporting business development.  In the last five years, OPIC provided loans to 3.7 million women.  This includes a $225 million loan to IndusInd Bank, which lends to 3,000 micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises and serves 1.3 million women entrepreneurs in India.   • The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Bureau of International Information Programs connect entrepreneurs from around the world with United States businesses to exchange best practices and expand their business networks. • U.S. Embassies and Consulates support entrepreneurs by advocating for improvements to business climates and by hosting hundreds of public events around the world each year from setting up mentoring connections, to hosting workshops on angel investing, crowdfunding, or business incubation.

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Steel Imports Still Haunt U.S. Mills: All Eyes on Section 232

U.S. steel makers continue to pin their hopes on Trump administration imposing new restrictions on imported steel.

29 ноября, 01:00

Trump ratchets up pressure on China with rare trade action

The Trump administration fired a trade salvo at China on Tuesday by launching a pair of investigations that could lead to steep duties on imports of aluminum sheet valued at more than $600 million.The move was the first time a U.S. administration has “self-initiated” an anti-dumping or countervailing duty case in at least 25 years and marked an escalation of the Trump administration’s antagonistic trade relationship with Beijing.Most trade remedy cases begin with a petition, whether it be filed by an industry group, a collection of companies, or even an individual firm. Such petitions generally accuse foreign producers of selling products in the U.S. at unfairly low — or “dumped” — prices, or they take issue with a foreign company receiving government subsidies that give them an unfair advantage.But in this case, the Trump administration took action in the absence of a petition as it continues to drive a hard line against China for what the White House views as Beijing’s unfair trade practices and government support of industry.The Commerce Department has had the authority to self-initiate anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations since 1980, but has used it sparingly. The last self-initiated countervailing duty investigation was against imports of Canadian softwood lumber in 1991, and the last self-initiated anti-dumping case was against imports of Japanese semiconductors in 1985.Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in a conference call with aluminum industry executives on Tuesday, welcomed the fact that industry-driven anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases are up markedly in the first year of the Trump administration — and said he wants to receive more of them.“While we stand ready to self-initiate investigations where warranted, I once again encourage those with knowledge of unfair trade practices to come forward so that Commerce can defend against such inequities,” Ross said.Commerce worked with the Aluminum Association, an industry group, to help develop the case, but took the step of initiating the two investigations on its own, Ross said during the call. Both the anti-dumping and the countervailing duty probes could take up to a year to complete.For the duties to be imposed, the U.S. International Trade Commission must make both a preliminary and a final determination that U.S. producers have been materially injured or threatened with material injury by the Chinese imports."In this case, available evidence indicates that Chinese producers are selling aluminum sheet in the United States at prices that are less than fair value and that the Chinese government is providing unfair subsidies to producers of aluminum sheet," Ross said. “Available evidence also indicates that U.S. producers of aluminum sheet are suffering injury caused by these imports."Commerce's decision to self-initiate the two investigations “sends a strong signal to China that the United States will aggressively enforce its trade laws,” Aluminum Association CEO Heidi Brock said during the call with Ross.Common alloy aluminum sheet has a variety of uses in building and construction, transportation, basic electrical applications and home appliances. It is “a key product segment for the U.S. aluminum industry," Brock said, noting that U.S. producers supply about 2 billion pounds of sheet each year out of the total U.S. market of about 26 billion pounds.The two investigations will cover about $603.6 million worth of common alloy aluminum sheet imports from China. Ross said the probes are separate from other trade cases involving aluminum that the department is now handling. Those include an active investigation into aluminum foil imports from China as well as a much broader probe, under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, which could lead to duties being imposed on aluminum imports from a variety of countries to protect manufacturing interests that are critical to U.S. national security.Despite the administration’s decision to opt for a unilateral move absent a petition, Commerce officials said the two probes would be conducted the same as any other anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigation. According to that process, the ITC will make preliminary injury determinations on or before January 16. If the two cases clear that hurdle, Commerce will announce preliminary countervailing duties in February and preliminary anti-dumping duties in April.President Donald Trump "made a promise to American businesses, workers and farmers that he would vigorously enforce our trade laws and be more enforcement-minded than our predecessors,” Ross said. “Today's action shows that we intend to make good on that promise to the American people."

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США ввели пошлину на стальную катанку из России

Министерство торговли США пришло к выводу, что производители углеродистой и стальной катанки из России, Белоруссии и Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов (ОАЭ) поставляют свою продукцию на американский рынок по заниженным ценам, сообщает ТАСС.

22 ноября, 08:19

США ввели пошлину на стальную катанку из России

Министерство торговли США пришло к выводу, что производители углеродистой и стальной катанки из России, Белоруссии и Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов (ОАЭ) поставляют свою продукцию на американский рынок по заниженным ценам, сообщает ТАСС.

22 ноября, 03:48

США вводят пошлины на стальную катанку из России, Белоруссии и ОАЭ

Министерство торговли США обвинило производителей стальной катанки из России, Белоруссии и Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов (ОАЭ) в том, что они продают свой товар в Америке по заниженным ценам. В Минторге утверждают, что компании из ОАЭ, Белоруссии и России продавали в США катанку «на 84,1-756,93% ниже» ее реальной стоимости. В связи с этим министерство обязывает Службу таможенного и пограничного контроля собирать пошлины с этих производителей. Для российских поставщиков ставка составит 436,8%, а отдельно для Абинского электрометаллургического завода и НЛМК-Урал она установлена на уровне в 756,93%.«США привержены свободной, честной и взаимовыгодной торговле с этими странами, и в данном случае решение было принято исключительно на основании полной и справедливой оценки фактов»,-- цитирует ТАСС главу американского министерства торговли Уилбура Росса.

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De Blasio and his administration had a warm relationship with Kushner, emails show

Long before Mayor Bill de Blasio started to define New York City as the nexus of anti-Donald Trump sentiment, the mayor and other senior officials in his administration maintained friendly relations with the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request show. The emails, spanning from de Blasio’s first year in office in 2014 through the spring of 2017, show de Blasio’s occasionally fawning overtures to Kushner and others in the Trump Organization in the weeks after the 2016 election. They also show Kushner’s intense involvement in local and state politics, before his father-in-law’s surprise election catapulted him to becoming one of the most powerful political figures in the United States. De Blasio had been a fervent critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign, calling him “dangerous” and comparing him to a “third-world dictator,” but he harbored no such sentiment for his son-in-law. After the election, and after a meeting with Trump at Trump Tower, where de Blasio said he told the president-elect about how New Yorkers were “fearful” of his policies, de Blasio reached out to Kushner in a personal email. “Jared, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a little break from the swirl of activity these last few weeks have brought,” the mayor wrote on Nov. 26, 2016. While de Blasio had spoken with Trump about New Yorkers’ fears, he reached out to Kushner with a different, and very specific, request. “As we discussed, I encourage the President‐elect to meet with a bi‐partisan leadership group from the US Conference of Mayors sometime in December,” de Blasio wrote. The mayor has assiduously courted the favor of other mayors around the country, and is said to be eyeing a larger role within the U.S. Conference of Mayors at some point in the future.“One [of] the organization's central concerns in infrastructure, and this would certainly be the #1 agenda item for the meeting. The current USCM president is Mick Cornett, Republican of Oklahoma City. With your assent, I'd like to connect him by email to you or whoever you indicate,” de Blasio wrote to Kushner.He added: “Finally, whenever you have a moment for a drink or a cup of coffee, I'd love to spend a little time with you. I can only imagine how tough your schedule has become, and I'm happy to accommodate whatever time and place works for you. Much appreciated — Bill.” Kushner replied with equal politeness: “We had a great holiday — I hope you did as well. Can you please connect me with Mick and I will make this happen? Would be a pleasure to get together. Is there someone I should work with to schedule?” Kushner said. The meeting between Trump and the U.S. Conference of Mayors did end up happening in December of 2016. A few weeks later, de Blasio publicly praised Kushner to reporters.“About the person of Jared Kushner — I respect him a lot,” he said in early January. "I’ve known him for years and find him to be a very reasonable person," de Blasio said of the young real estate developer and former owner of the New York Observer. “He’s certainly someone I’ve been talking to over these last weeks. He’s someone I intend to stay in touch with on behalf of the people of New York City. He’s someone who really cares about New York City and is someone that would be very helpful to us. So I’m certainly pleased he’ll be in that role,” de Blasio said. “And I can say clearly compared to many other people who've been named to other positions, I find him to be a lot more reasonable and a lot more moderate.”The mayor's anti-Trump rhetoric has ratcheted up over the last year, however — just Tuesday, he led an anti-Trump rally outside of Trump Tower — and the last time de Blasio appears to have spoken with Kushner was in March of 2017, his schedules show. A de Blasio spokesman said the mayor had an obligation to both lobby on behalf of the city and to protest federal policies he believes would be harmful to his constituents. "Protesting with the people impacted and lobbying behind the scenes are not mutually exclusive," de Blasio spokesman Austin Finan said Tuesday in an email to POLITICO. "So far, we’ve seen the president lobby for a myriad of policies that would directly harm New Yorkers. It’s the mayor’s job to give voice to New Yorkers and he’s a strident believer that protest is one of the most effective ways to create change." The relationship between the de Blasio administration and Kushner extended back for years. Kushner was invited to — but couldn’t attend — a July 2016 going-away party for the mayor’s former counsel Maya Wiley at a restaurant near City Hall, the same month de Blasio ripped his father-in-law at the Democratic National Convention, calling him a "little man" who was "born rich." Kushner was personally invited to attend the mayor’s 2016 State of the City address, and to a 2015 event on broadband adoption in low-income communities. Both Kushner and now-Treasury Secretary Wilbur Ross were invited to an event at Gracie Mansion celebrating Jewish heritage. The invitations in some cases went beyond the merely formal. “The Mayor and First Lady asked that I personally make sure you had the information for the upcoming Fashion Week Kick Off Reception at Gracie Mansion,” the director of the mayor’s Office of Special Projects and Community Events wrote in an invitation to Ivanka Trump in an August 2014 email. Ivanka Trump wrote back that she would have “loved to join” but couldn’t attend because of a conflicting event at her daughter’s nursery school. “Thank you for thinking of me. I hope it is a wonderful night,” she wrote back.And Kushner, whose emails were punctuated with exclamation marks, smiley faces and general sunniness, was a relatively frequent correspondent with de Blasio’s deputy mayor of Housing and Economic Development, Alicia Glen. He met with her to discuss real estate matters, but also corresponded over ongoing legislative battles in Albany and, in one exchange, the joys of jury duty. He sought her intervention on behalf of a friend who was struggling to negotiate a community board matter involving the Collegiate School in February of 2015.“Dear Alicia, the below is why I called you earlier,” Kushner wrote. “I don’t have a horse in this race but my friend Sandeep is involved and passionate about this. I wouldn’t call for a just anyone — but he is someone I really respect and has his heart in the right place. I believe he called into you to try and help find a solution and a win-win for the school/city," Kushner wrote. "Perhaps this is something your office can get involved with to help satisfy all of the stakeholders and be the glue to bring everything together! As my editors tell me all the time, the city works the way it does but the people running it get involved to trouble shoot when the systems fail. I am happy to get involved and be helpful if need be.”Glen promised her immediate attention. “Jared — I was not aware that you had called me so I will check on the disconnect,” she replied. “On the substance this issue had been addressed to Tony Shorris (I guess bc he went to Collegiate), so I was only recently made aware of it bc it is in my domain. That said, I now have been briefed on the issue and am happy to assist in driving to a solution that will make sure the City gets the benefit of the bargain and allows the school to move forward.” The matter was resolved to Kushner’s satisfaction, and he praised Glen for her assistance. “First off — thank you so much for getting involved in the issue with my friend Sandeep. He said you did a masterful job helping to create a true win win win for everyone involved!!! He was super appreciative and complimentary of you,” Kushner wrote. In 2015, Kushner asked Glen to be the keynote speaker at an event the Observer was hosting for its annual “Power 100” issue. “I think you would make a great speaker and certainly are relevant to all of the people who will be in the room! No need for a long speech, unless you have more to say!” Kushner wrote. She agreed to keynote the speech. “Thank you for coming by last night. You spoke really well and I thought your message to the crowd was spot on,” Kushner wrote. “I’m glad that we were able to add some civic messaging along with the self-congratulatory nature of the evening. Overall though, great fun and great for the publication.” That spring, Glen asked Kushner to sign on to a letter with other real estate officials and business leaders calling on Albany to reach a deal on a new 421-a program. Kushner went one better. His newspaper, the New York Observer, wrote an editorial calling out Albany’s dysfunction in not reaching a compromise on the legislation. “I think this was more effective than a letter :))” Kushner wrote to Glen, as he forwarded an email from a real estate industry official praising the editorial. “I saw.” Glen wrote in response. “Great piece.”“Hope it helps!” Kushner wrote about the editorial, offering praise of the city’s positioning on the issue. “I think you guys did a really good job trying to thread the needle on this one and put something thoughtful together that accomplishes a lot of objectives.”At the time, in the spring of 2015, Glen and Kushner were corresponding about trying to set up a meeting, but were having difficulty finding time because Kushner had jury duty. “I am actually in grand jury duty for next 2 weeks. Some crazy stuff but very interesting to experience …” Kushner wrote to Glen. “Thank you for your citizenship! I actually enjoyed jury duty last year!” Glen wrote back. “We are lucky to live in an amazing democracy!” Kushner replied.

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Leading Trump Census pick causes alarm

The 2020 count might be put in the hands of an inexperienced professor who wrote that 'Competitive Elections are Bad for America.'

17 ноября, 02:16

Political Corruption Enters a New Golden Age

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A series of high-profile prosecutions have ended in failure or been overturned by courts, while high-profile leaders model bad behavior publicly.

16 ноября, 13:00

Налоговый скандал 2017

Это очередное дело о крупном и мощном подрыве налоговых систем мира. Но разве могут кого-нибудь по-настоящему удивить разоблачения из «Райского досье» касательно того, как работает индустрия «налогового рая»? Из 13.4 миллионов файлов, раскрытых Международным консорциумом журналистов-расследователей Süddeutsche Zeitung и примерно 90 его глобальными медиа-партнёрами, 6.8 миллионов приходится на оффшорную юридическую фирму Appleby. Ещё полмиллиона относятся […]

16 ноября, 07:42

Как правильно называть санкции: антироссийскими или антиевропейскими?

Россия одержала очередную важную победу в газовой войне «за Европу». Принятый в августе пакет санкций оказался «пустышкой», а газ, который США собираются поставлять в Европу, будет в том числе и российским. Иногда мне кажется, что санкции названы антироссийскими неправильно. На самом деле они антиевропейские.

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Wilbur Ross loses his billionaire title -- again

Last week, it was Forbes; this week, it was Bloomberg. But the conclusion from both was the same: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is not a billionaire.

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Three Former Colleagues Sue Secretary Of Commerce Wilbur Ross

Three longtime colleagues of Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross filed a lawsuit against him and his old private equity shop WL Ross & Co. on Wednesday, accusing Ross and the firm of charging millions in improper fees and taking the money for themselves.

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49 минут : Уилбур Росс, министр торговли США

Ведущие: Алексей Нарышкин , Алексей Соломин