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22 июня, 12:32

UN envoy confident of Yemen deal to prevent Hodeidah port violence

Martin Griffiths ‘encouraged’ after ceasefire talks with Houthi rebels over strategic portThe UN’s special envoy to Yemen has expressed confidence that a deal can be struck between Houthi forces and the Saudi-backed Yemeni government to prevent an escalation of violence around the strategic port of Hodeidah. The rebel-held Red Sea port – the distribution point for more than 70% of the aid reaching Yemen – is under assault from an array of forces, including those of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading...

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20 июня, 12:46

Sexual abuse rife at UAE-run jails in Yemen, prisoners claim

Witnesses tell Associated Press men were sexually tortured and beaten, and others rapedHundreds of detainees have been sexually abused at a jail in southern Yemen believed to be run by the United Arab Emirates, according to several witnesses.Fifteen officers who arrived at Beir Ahmed prison in Aden hid their faces behind their headdresses, but their accents were clearly identifiable as from the UAE, Associated Press reported. They lined up the detainees and ordered them to undress and lie down. The officers then searched the anal cavity of each prisoner, claiming to be looking for contraband mobile phones. Continue reading...

19 июня, 23:49

Battle Intensifies for Yemeni Port as Dock Workers Still Unload Aid

Three ships with enough aid to feed six million people for a month were unloaded in Al Hudaydah, even as fighting around the Yemeni port raged.

18 июня, 18:32

Yemen crisis: Saudi coalition demands Houthis' unconditional withdrawal

UN’s hopes of negotiating ceasefire and handover of vital port of Hodeidah appear dashedThe UN’s hopes of negotiating a ceasefire with Houthi rebels in the vital port of Hodeidah in Yemen appear to have been dashed after the Saudi-led coalition backing the Yemeni government said it would only accept the rebels’ unconditional withdrawal from the area.The UN special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has been in the country seeking a deal whereby the port, currently under Houthi control, is handed over to the UN and its relief agencies. The port is the distribution point for up to 80% of the food, water and commercial fuel vital to the lives of more than 8 million Yemenis in severe need. The UN and aid agencies fear a prolonged fight will endanger the aid supplies. Continue reading...

17 июня, 20:47

The Guardian view on Yemen: our complicity lies bare | Editorial

Even if the UK warned against attacking the vital port of Hodeidah, we bear responsibility for the horrors of this warThe fig leaves covered little to start with, and withered long ago. Now the excuses for our role in Yemen’s misery have fallen away entirely. The assault on Hodeidah by the Saudi- and Emirati-led coalition can only deepen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis; 70% of the country’s imports pass through the port. Britain and France urged Saudi Arabia not to launch the attack, but the UK has now “said its piece”. The US rejected a UAE request for a minesweeper for the operation, but as an Emirati official observed: “Not giving us military assistance is not the same as telling us not to do it.”So they are doing it. They are conducting this war with British-, American- and French-made arms. They are conducting it with western military training and advice; British and US officers have been in the command room for airstrikes, and this weekend Le Figaro alleged that there are French special forces on the ground in Yemen. They are conducting it with diplomatic shelter from the west. On Friday, the UK and US blocked a Swedish drive for a UN security council statement demanding a ceasefire: “Britain, as the ‘penholder’ on Yemen at the UN security council, nevertheless takes a nakedly pro-Saudi approach to the conflict,” the former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell notes. Arms sales and security interests dictate. Continue reading...

17 июня, 15:56

UN in advanced talks to take over besieged Yemen port

Saudi-led forces have threatened military force to take Hodeidah port from rebelsTalks are at an advanced stage for the United Nations to take over the administration of the vital port of Hodeidah under siege from a Saudi-led coalition, the UN humanitarian coordinator Lise Grande said on Sunday.The Red Sea port is the main distribution point for commercial and humanitarian supplies into Yemen. Continue reading...

15 июня, 11:54

UN rejects plan to demand immediate ceasefire in Yemen port

UN impasse means Saudi-UAE coalition can continue direct attack on Hodeidah portThe UN security council has rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting around the strategic Yemeni port of Hodeidah despite warnings from aid agencies that an attack could jeopardise vital aid to a country on the brink of famine.The 15-strong body failed to agree to a statement calling on forces led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to implement a ceasefire, with the US and UK both voicing opposition to the text introduced by Sweden. Continue reading...

15 июня, 11:30

Uniper's Sharjah LNG Project Delayed

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A project to import LNG into the UAE has slipped two years behind its original schedule.

13 июня, 10:54

Who Is Behind Trump’s Links to Arab Princes? A Billionaire Friend

The connections nurtured by the financier Tom Barrack look to have paid off handsomely for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — and for his business.

13 июня, 07:58

Humanitarian Crisis Worsens in Yemen After Attack on Port

United Nations officials and others said that hundreds of thousands could starve if the assault drags on, closing a vital gateway for relief supplies.

12 июня, 00:45

UN seeks urgent ceasefire to stop UAE assault on Yemeni port

Saudi-led coalition says capturing Hodeidah will close off arms shipments to HouthisThe United Arab Emirates has given the UN less than 48 hours to try to negotiate a Houthi ceasefire at the strategic Red Sea port of Hodeidah before it mounts an attack on the port through which the bulk of food, medicine and gas to the rest of Yemen is distributed.Urgent British-led efforts at the UN were under way to dissuade the United Arab Emirates and the Saudis from pressing ahead with the attack – or at least to give undertakings that it will not seek to starve Hodeidah into submission. Aid agencies have warned that an attack would have catastrophic consequences. Continue reading...

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11 июня, 15:53

U.N. and Red Cross Pull Out of Yemeni City, Fearing Assault by Arab Coalition

Diplomats say the United Arab Emirates plans to attack Hudaydah, a rebel-held port that is an entry point for humanitarian aid.

08 июня, 15:24

5 Things You Need to Know About the IMF and Climate Change

By Ian Parry June 8, 2018 Versions in  عربي,  中文,  Español, Français, 日本語, Português, Русский  A polar bear on shrinking ice in the Arctic: climate change means the world is getting hotter (photo: Sven-Erik Arndt/Newscom) The world is getting […]

19 мая, 23:28

Donald Trump Jr met Gulf states emissary offering election help – report

New York Times reports August 2016 meeting at Trump TowerMeeting included Israeli social media expert and Erik PrinceDonald Trump Jr met with an emissary for foreign governments seeking to help his father’s presidential campaign three months before the 2016 election, the New York Times reported on Saturday.Citing several anonymous sources with knowledge of the meeting, the Times said Trump Jr met at Trump Tower on 3 August 2016 with an emissary for the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Also present, the paper said, were an Israeli specialist in social media manipulation, Joel Zamel, and Erik Prince, the founder of the private military contractor formerly known as Blackwater. Continue reading...

09 мая, 20:34

The Guardian view on Iran’s nuclear deal: Trump creates a narrative for war | Editorial

The US president’s invective is dangerous but should surprise no one. He relies on assertions that reinforce prejudices but have no basis in factDonald Trump’s voice in foreign affairs is one that slips between brash arrogance and oily smugness. He touts supremacy from behind thinly concealed contempt. In withdrawing America from the Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Mr Trump risks pushing Iran out into the cold, triggering a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and handing power to the hardliners in Tehran. In place of the UN-approved deal is little more than Mr Trump’s bombastic promises of greater American independence and fewer unnecessary constraints.Mr Trump all but declared war on Iran in a speech largely estranged from fact. Contrary to his claims, Iran has abided by the agreement, as UN weapons inspectors attest. Tehran is not on the “cusp of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapons”. In fact the deal allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium – but it is neither allowed nor technically able to use this process to produce weapons-grade uranium. Under the agreement, Iran cannot reprocess plutonium either, an alternative path to a nuclear explosive. Mr Trump’s invective should surprise no one; he relies on assertions that reinforce prejudices but have no basis in truth. Continue reading...

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07 мая, 04:22

Concerns grow for whereabouts of Dubai princess following failed escape

United Arab Emirates urged to allow Sheikha Latifa ‘contact with outside world’ two months after she was forcibly returned Concerns are growing for the whereabouts and wellbeing of a daughter of Dubai’s ruler, following reports she was forcibly returned after fleeing United Arab Emirates in March. Human Rights Watch has said failure to disclose the status of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammad al-Maktoum, 32, could “qualify as an enforced disappearance, given the evidence suggesting that she was last seen as UAE authorities were detaining her”. Continue reading...

06 мая, 08:05

From Qatar’s blockade, a bold, unexpected new vision is emerging

Enforced isolation has given the emirate confidence to pursue a political and cultural rebootFor most of the past year the city-state of Qatar, the wealthiest peninsula on the planet, has been exploring the law of unintended consequences. The trigger for that came last June, when Qatar’s closest neighbours, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE, escalated a simmering disquiet about the Gulf state’s role in the region to implement a full land and air blockade.Overnight, planes and cargo ships heading for Qatar were diverted, all diplomatic links were cut and Qatar’s sole land border, with Saudi Arabia, was closed. Even camels were not spared the politics – 12,000 Qatari animals were forcibly repatriated. Continue reading...

03 мая, 12:40

OMV Sees Strong Oil Price, Awaits Putin Visit

Austrian producer OMV has highlighted two key deals marking a shift from Russia. But its CEO said sanctions would not affect its business with Russia, hinting that relations may deepen with a state visit next month.

01 мая, 11:55

BP Reports Strong 1Q, Shah Deniz On Target

BP said it achieved its strongest quarterly underlying result since the oil price crash of 2014, and said its Shah Deniz ph2 project is almost complete.

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29 апреля, 09:59

To Build Dubai of the Balkans, Serbia Deploys Bulldozers and Baseball Bats

The government’s plan to make Belgrade a playground for the rich involves foreign money and evicting residents with what critics call strong-arm tactics.