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19 марта, 09:00

Why Israel is quietly cosying up to Gulf monarchies

After decades of hostility, a shared hatred of Iran – and a mutual fondness for Trump – is bringing Israel’s secret links with Gulf kingdoms out into the open. By Ian BlackIn mid-February 2019, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, flew to Warsaw for a highly unusual conference. Under the auspices of the US vice-president, Mike Pence, he met the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and two other Gulf states that have no diplomatic relations with Israel. The main item on the agenda was containing Iran. No Palestinians were present. Most of the existing links between Israel and the Gulf have been kept secret – but these talks were not. In fact, Netanyahu’s office leaked a video of a closed session, embarrassing the Arab participants.The meeting publicly showcased the remarkable fact that Israel, as Netanyahu was so keen to advertise, is winning acceptance of a sort from the wealthiest countries in the Arab world – even as the prospects for resolving the longstanding Palestinian issue are at an all-time low. This unprecedented rapprochement has been driven mainly by a shared animosity towards Iran, and by the disruptive new policies of Donald Trump. Continue reading...

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18 марта, 09:52

Inpex Gets Abu Dhabi Block

Jodco Exploration will hold and manage the interest in the concession on behalf of Inpex.

05 марта, 19:33

No peace in Yemen until south’s wish to split with north heard, MPs told

Head of southern transitional council says ignoring will of people is ‘recipe for instability’Peace in Yemen is impossible without acknowledgement of southern Yemen’s calls for independence from the north, leaders of the United Arab Emirates-backed southern transitional council (STC) are due to tell British MPs and officials as they step up efforts to be involved in the peace talks.The south of Yemen, briefly a communist state, was united with the north in 1990 and southern separatists were then beaten militarily when they tried to secede in 1994. Continued southern resentment at the north’s control of the country’s resources, including by the rebel Houthis, is a large undercurrent in the civil war. Continue reading...

27 февраля, 07:04

Adnoc Signs Agreements with Korean Firms

The agreements were signed with the Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas), Korea National Oil Company (Knoc) and GS Energy.

26 февраля, 21:37

More than half of $2.6bn aid to Yemen pledged by countries involved in war

Saudi Arabia, US and UAE among top donors at summit to ease crisis in country where they are fighting or selling arms More than half of $2.6bn (£1.9bn) in donations at a special one-day conference to ease humanitarian crisis in Yemen was pledged by countries that are either fighting in the civil war or selling arms to those undertaking the fighting.The UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres nevertheless hailed the money raised and the news that talks had led to the UN finally gaining access to a grains facility near Hodeidah port that contains enough supplies to feed more than 3m people for a month. Continue reading...

26 февраля, 13:44

UN target of $4bn in aid for Yemen reliant on Saudi and US pledges

Dominant donors to record appeal to alleviate suffering of civil war will include countries leading aerial bombing campaignThe international community will gather on Tuesday to try to raise more than $4bn to help alleviate the suffering and famine caused by Yemen’s civil war, but will find itself heavily dependent on three combatants in the conflict – Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the US – to reach its fundraising target for 2019.The $4.2bn (£3.2bn) target for 2019 – the largest sum sought for any single year since the start of the civil war in 2015 and an increase of 33 % on last year – will be the focus of an all-day pledging conference in Geneva. Continue reading...

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26 февраля, 02:47

Danny Burch, U.S. Hostage in Yemen, Has Been Released, Trump Says

Danny Lavone Burch, an engineer at a Yemeni oil company abducted in September 2017, has been rescued, the president said, crediting the United Arab Emirates for helping.

20 февраля, 13:17

Despite the slaughter in Yemen, Britain is still chasing arms sales | Andrew Smith

Defence contractors are in Abu Dhabi this week for the Middle East’s biggest arms fair – supported to the hilt by UK ministersA Khaleeji bagpipe band, a colourful aircraft display, a performance by the Armenian Military Orchestra and a big show of support from the Emirate royal families. These were some of the touches at Sunday’s opening ceremony for the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (Idex 2019) in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East’s biggest arms fair.It’s a decadent and distasteful celebration of militarism and weaponry. Missiles, rifles, tanks, helicopters and warships are on display for anyone that can afford them. More than 100,000 people will attend this week, including representatives from all of the world’s biggest arms companies and military delegates from 57 nations. Among those looking to do business is the UK government, which has sent a team of civil servants to support UK arms company reps in doing as much business as possible. Particularly with the uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon, they will pull out all stops to cement sales. Continue reading...

17 февраля, 11:00

Land Mines Block Saudi-Led Assault in Yemen, Killing Civilians

Hundreds of thousands of land mines have stymied the Saudi-led forces in Yemen, and could pose a danger to civilians for decades to come.

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15 февраля, 16:20

'I was sure I'd die': UK football fan detained in UAE feared for his life

Ali Issa Ahmad says he was cut with a knife, beaten and deprived of sleep and foodA British football fan who was detained in United Arab Emirates after being accosted by security officials for wearing a Qatar football shirt, has told the Guardian he was convinced he was going to die.Ali Issa Ahmad, 26, a security guard from Wolverhampton, said he was stabbed in prison, and deprived of sleep, food and water for several days while being held in a security building. “I thought 100% that I was going to die in the UAE,” he said. “I thought I would commit suicide rather than letting them kill me.” Continue reading...

13 февраля, 15:53

Time running out to turn Yemen ceasefire into peace, says Hunt

Lack of trust between warring countries putting people at risk, UK foreign secretary saysJeremy Hunt has warned of “a shortening window of opportunity” to save Yemen’s partial ceasefire in advance of talks in which Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will face pressure to not resume their military offensive.The two countries are backing a UN-recognised Yemen government seeking to repel an Iranian-supported Houthi administration, and are frustrated that Houthi forces have not withdrawn from the vital port of Hodeidah. Continue reading...

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13 февраля, 15:47

Former UK soldier held in UAE for drug dealing

Andrew Neal, who has PTSD, was forced to sign confession, say legal campaigners Detained in DubaiA former British soldier, who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, is being detained in the United Arab Emirates over what his lawyers claim was a forced confession for drug dealing.Andrew Neal, 44, who received 17 medals during 24 years in the army, was arrested at his home in Dubai on 4 October. Continue reading...

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10 февраля, 20:37

UAE woman who fled family begs to be allowed to claim asylum

Hind Mohammed al-Bolooki could be sent home after North Macedonia rejected her claimAn Emirati woman who fled her family and is now trapped in a detention centre in North Macedonia is begging to be allowed to claim asylum elsewhere instead of being deported back home, the Guardian has learned.Hind Mohammed al-Bolooki, 43, says she was locked in a room at her home in Dubai in October last year by family members after she asked for a divorce, but she managed to escape and leave the country. Continue reading...

10 февраля, 15:09

Louvre Abu Dhabi to exhibit Rembrandt and Vermeer masterpieces

Dutch Golden Age art exhibition to open at museum in UAE capitalThe Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first museum to carry the name outside France, has announced that it will display works by the Dutch masters Rembrandt and Vermeer this month.Works by the two artists are part of the gallery’s first exhibition of 2019 – Rembrandt, Vermeer and the Dutch Golden Age: Masterpieces from the Leiden collection and the Musée du Louvre. Continue reading...

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06 февраля, 17:28

UAE officials suggest detained UK football fan beat himself up

Official denies British tourist Ali Issa Ahmad was arrested for wearing Qatar shirtFriends of the British football fan arrested and detained in the United Arab Emirates have called on the Gulf state’s government to allow him to return home safely to the UK after officials suggested he beat himself up.They are appealing to the Foreign Office to advocate for the freedom of Ali Issa Ahmad, 26, an Arsenal supporter from Wolverhampton, through diplomatic channels. Continue reading...

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05 февраля, 15:29

British man detained in UAE after wearing Qatar football shirt to match

Ali Issa Ahmad held over ‘false allegations against security officials’ after initial arrestA British football fan has been arrested and detained in the United Arab Emirates after he wore a Qatar national team shirt to a match.Ali Issa Ahmad, 26, a British Arsenal fan who lives in Wolverhampton, travelled to the UAE for a holiday in January. While he was there he got a ticket for an Asian Cup match between Qatar and Iraq on 22 January. The tournament took place in the UAE between 5 January and 1 February and was won by Qatar. Continue reading...

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05 февраля, 13:07

'I am blessed': UAE’s expatriate workers marvel at mass with the pope

Show of public Christian worship considered largest ever seen on the Arabian peninsulaMarivic Sorita’s eyes filled with tears as she spoke of her daughters back in the Philippines. She has seen them only three times in the 11 years she has worked as a housemaid in Abu Dhabi. Her eldest, now 21, recently completed her studies “thanks to the sacrifice” Sorita made by the separation, sending almost all her salary back home.Maybe one day, when her 14-year-old daughter has also finished her studies, Sorita would be able to go back to Manila and be reunited with her family. But for now, she was enjoying a rare day off work for what she described as a “very, very special” occasion. Continue reading...

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04 февраля, 20:55

Pope and grand imam sign historic pledge of fraternity in UAE

In first papal visit to Arabian peninsula, Francis calls for end to wars in Middle EastThe pope and the grand imam of al-Azhar have signed a historic declaration of fraternity, calling for peace between nations, religions and races, in front of a global audience of religious leaders from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faiths.Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s Catholics, and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the head of Sunni Islam’s most prestigious seat of learning, arrived at the ceremony in Abu Dhabi hand-in-hand in a symbol of interfaith brotherhood. Continue reading...

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04 февраля, 18:55

Pope Francis Breaks Some Taboos on Visit to Persian Gulf

The remarks, delivered in the United Arab Emirates, were exceptionally candid for a pontiff who usually does not criticize the country that hosts him.

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04 февраля, 04:16

Occidental Gets Abu Dhabi Onshore Block

Onshore Block 3 is located in the Al Dhafra region.