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13 декабря, 16:19

Yemen: ceasefire agreed for port city of Hodeidah

UN secretary general hails ‘real progress’ as truce agreed at end of peace talks in SwedenYemen’s warring parties have agreed to an immediate ceasefire in the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, the UN secretary general has said, in a potential breakthrough at the end of a week of peace talks in Sweden.Antonio Guterres said the agreement included the future deployment of UN-supervised neutral forces and the establishment of humanitarian corridors. Troops from both sides will withdraw from the entire Hodeidah area within a maximum of 21 days in a process overseen by a UN-chaired committee. Continue reading...

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Foreign Office 'softly-softly' tactics in spotlight after Hedges ordeal

Families say FCO’s ‘institutional bias’ for keeping cases private could be a smokescreen for diplomats to do littleOn Monday night as Matthew Hedges waited at Dubai airport for a flight back to London ending his six-month ordeal in the United Arab Emirates, his wife, Daniela Tejada, was in an Italian restaurant close to the BBC headquarters, sharing her nervous expectation for a couple of hours with the spouses of other British detainees. Richard Ratcliffe, the husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, still detained in Tehran, was there, as was Yemi Tsege, the wife of Andy Tsege, released from an Ethiopian jail in May after four years on death row in political detention. Family members of other detainees and former detainees who have chosen to keep their cases private were also present. Continue reading...

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Siemens Launches Adnoc Taweelah Project

The new capacity will boost deliveries within Abu Dhabi.

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British academic arrives in London from UAE after pardon for spy conviction

A flight carrying British academic Matthew Hedges landed at London Heathrow airport on Tuesday morning, a day after he was pardoned in the United Arab Emirates from a life sentence for spying, a Reuters photographer said.

29 ноября, 10:00

Yemen ceasefire resolution blocked at UN after Saudi and UAE 'blackmail'

Britain had drafted resolution to avert famineSecurity council threatened with boycott of Stockholm talksA United Nations resolution calling for a ceasefire and the resumption of humanitarian deliveries in Yemen has been stalled by the US and other security council members after a lobbying campaign by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to diplomats at the UN. Related: UK tables UN security council resolution calling for Yemen truce Continue reading...

28 ноября, 23:35

Yemen: investigation finds Saudis diverting weapons to factions loyal to their cause

Investigators say weapons from UK and US have fallen into hands of splinter groups in Yemen, some with links to al-Qaida and IsisAn investigation into weapons being used in the war in Yemen has shown numerous examples of arms supplied by the UK and the US, among others, ending up in the hands of militias including those linked to al-Qaida and Isis.In an apparent abuse of trade agreements by the Saudi- and UAE-led coalition, sophisticated armoured vehicles, rocket launchers, grenades and rifles are among the weapons being purchased from European and US companies and reaching local factions and groups. Continue reading...

28 ноября, 19:09

Is Middle Eastern Rivalry Good for Africa?

Seth J. Frantzman Security, Africa Turkey is increasing its influence in Sudan and Somalia amid Saudi Arabia and the UAE's role in the Horn of Africa, a contest for military and economic influence that has regional and global implications for Washington. In mid-June the pro-government Turkish daily Yeni Safak ran an article accusing the United Arab Emirates of “swimming in dangerous waters” by expanding its role in the Horn of Africa. Excoriating the UAE for its role in Africa doesn’t come in a vacuum. In March Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote that “we want to walk with Africa as a new world order is established.” In the wake of the Gulf crisis that began in June of 2017 between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and which has pitted a Turkish-Qatar alliance against Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, influence in Africa is increasingly important to both sides. This has wider regional implications and is important as Washington also engages with Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Ankara. With Yemen ceasefire talks scheduled for December, the wider role of the Horn of Africa, which has played a key role in the Yemen conflict, will continue to reverberate among Middle Eastern states. The intervention in Yemen, launched by Saudi Arabia and its allies in 2015, has increasingly drawn in east African countries. Initially Riyadh and its allies wanted to push the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels back from the port of Aden and any threats they might make either to Saudi Arabia or to the Bab el-Mandeb straits which see 3.8 million barrels of oil pass a day. Read full article

27 ноября, 16:45

Sonatrach Firms Up Petrofac Contract

It firms up a contract initialed three months ago.

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27 ноября, 12:08

Matthew Hedges: pardoned academic returns to UK

Durham University student lands at Heathrow a day after being freed from UAE jailThe British academic Matthew Hedges has returned to the UK, a day after he was pardoned and released in the United Arab Emirates after being sentenced to life in prison for spying.The UAE released Hedges, 31, on Monday after showing a video of him apparently confessing to being a member of Britain’s MI6 intelligence agency. Britain denied he was a spy and welcomed his release. Continue reading...

26 ноября, 18:05

Aramco Signs Contractor Agreements

Saudi Aramco says it has signed a slew of agreements, but details are sketchy and it may be more window-dressing.

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26 ноября, 13:05

'Mr Hedges will be permitted to leave' : UAE pardons UK academic – video

Matthew Hedges to be released after being jailed for life on charges on espionage in the United Arab Emirates. The 31-year-old PhD student was visiting the country for research purposes but the UAE insists he was an MI6 agent Continue reading...

26 ноября, 12:50

Wintershall Joins UAE Ghasha Concession

The agreement is the first time a German firm has been awarded a stake in an Abu Dhabi production concession area.

26 ноября, 12:00

Matthew Hedges, British Student Accused of Spying, Is Pardoned by U.A.E.

The conviction of Mr. Hedges, and his sentence of life in prison, had been met with outrage in Britain.

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26 ноября, 11:14

Matthew Hedges: jailed British academic released by UAE

Durham student given life sentence on spying charges granted ‘gracious clemency’Matthew Hedges, the 31-year-old British academic jailed for life on spying charges by the United Arab Emirates, has been released hours after a presidential pardon by the country’s rulers, according to local officials. .The move follows intense lobbying by the British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, amid an international outcry that left the UAE scrambling to produce evidence to justify claims that Hedges was a spy. Continue reading...

25 ноября, 20:07

Hunt has 'constructive' call with UAE counterpart over jailed academic

Family of Matthew Hedges, jailed for life on espionage charges, have made plea for clemencyEfforts to secure the release of the jailed British academic Matthew Hedges are continuing as the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, called the United Arab Emirates’ foreign minister to discuss progress on his family’s appeal for clemency.A Foreign Office spokeswoman said of Sunday’s call: “They had constructive talks and agreed to keep in close contact over the coming days.” Continue reading...

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25 ноября, 09:00

What price football and books when an innocent man is jailed in the UAE? | David Olusoga

The emirates have spent big to win our affection. Matthew Hedges’ case makes us think againEverything about the United Arab Emirates is unlikely. Nothing about its transformation over the past century from a string of tiny, backwater Arab emirates, best known for their pearls and pearl divers, into a petroleum-fuelled federation of extraordinary wealth and ambition was particularly likely. Even for the Middle East, where the laws of econophysics rarely seem to apply, the UAE is exceptional.Equally unlikely was the decision by the rulers of the seven emirates to use a hefty chunk of their vast wealth to do more than just buy Ferraris and build skyscrapers. In 2007, the UAE and the French government began work on the creation of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The star of this billion dollar gallery is Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, bought in 2017 for £351m, making it the most expensive painting ever sold. Continue reading...

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25 ноября, 00:57

Jailed academic Matthew Hedges’ wife told: don’t give up

Husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe offers support to Daniela Tejada, who is also fighting for her spouse’s releaseIt is a club to which neither wants to belong. But Richard Ratcliffe and Daniela Tejada have built an alliance in adversity based on their shared trauma: the detention of their British spouses abroad.Last week, as Matthew Hedges, Tejada’s husband, was sentenced to life in a United Arab Emirates prison, Ratcliffe, the husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, immediately got in touch with her to express his solidarity and support. Continue reading...

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24 ноября, 16:39

Matthew Hedges jailing: two more UK universities cut ties with UAE

Durham University and University of Exeter join backlash against Gulf state over academic’s imprisonment The academic backlash against the life imprisonment of Matthew Hedges is growing, with two more UK universities cutting ties with the United Arab Emirates until the Durham PhD candidate accused of spying is released.Durham University has suspended all field research in the UAE, while lecturers at the University of Exeter, where Hedges did his master’s degree, have voted in favour of an academic boycott and called on the vice-chancellor to suspend all business partnerships with the Gulf state. Continue reading...

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24 ноября, 11:00

Manchester City fans’ defence of UAE shows sportswashing in action | Barney Ronay

Tribal loyalty has been taken too far when supporters pontificate on an area that has nothing to do with football as if they are debating an offside decisionIt seems an odd detail now but the first person to find oil in Abu Dhabi was the deep sea explorer Jacques Cousteau, who was employed by a British-run expedition to look for telltale signs in the ocean floor. Modern-day oil prospecting involves satellite imaging and infrared. Back in the 1950s the state of the art was a broodingly handsome celebrity diver in a pair of Speedos.It worked, though. In those days the Persian gulf was a coral paradise, home to a booming pearl diving trade. You wonder if, down in the glitter and the deep blue shadows, drawing back his hand from the telltale rock formations, Cousteau saw a gleam of something else too, a reflection in his mask of sky blue figures moving on a field of green, vision of some perfect footballing future waiting to be hoisted out of the ocean floor. Continue reading...

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23 ноября, 21:26

Hopes grow for release of UK academic jailed for life in UAE

UAE says pardon for Matthew Hedges will be considered in context of close UK relations and could happen next weekOptimism that Matthew Hedges, the British academic jailed for life in the United Arab Emirates, will be released next week grew on Friday after the Hedges family pleaded for clemency, and the UAE said a pardon would be considered in the context of close British-UAE relations.If nothing changes, it is likely Hedges will be released next Thursday, the UAE National Day and a time when traditionally as many as 1,000 people jailed for a range of offences are granted a pardon by the president. Continue reading...