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23 июля, 20:20

Chris Froome wins fourth Tour de France after Champs Élysées procession

• Team Sky rider tops overall standings 54sec ahead of Rigoberto Urán• Dylan Groenewegen wins final stage in Paris sprint finishThe French capital was in lockdown on Sunday, with extra rings of security around the Champs Élysées, which had been turned into a vast sterile zone as a foretaste of what awaits the French capital when the Olympics arrive in either 2024 or 2028. In an understandable attempt to put Paris on display as never before, the race was routed through the Grand Palais with the riders racing under the famous glass roof, originally erected in 1897 for the universal exposition of the turn of the century.For Chris Froome it was but a novel diversion en route to confirmation of his fourth Tour de France victory. The Team Sky rider crossed the line in the bunch behind the stage winner, Dylan Groenewegen, to win the yellow jersey by 54 seconds from Rigoberto Urán. Continue reading...

21 июля, 18:45

Банковские долги Жеваго перед государством: ритуальная борьба

Олигарх и миллиардер Константин Жеваго может быть вполне доволен своими успехами в решении вопросов с государством.

20 июля, 15:30

UR-Energy (URG) Worth a Look: Stock Jumps 9% in Session

UR-Energy Inc. (URG) shares rose over 9% in the last trading session.

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19 июля, 18:41

Chris Froome extends narrow Tour de France lead as Roglic wins in Alps

• Briton now leads by 27 seconds from Rigoberto Uran and Romain Bardet• Roglic prevails after Galibier test; Marcel Kittel abandons earlier on stageThe finish at the summit of the Col d’Izoard will provide another reshuffle, probably a more meaningful one, but over another great ascent, the Galibier, the first Alpine stage provided more than a few hints of what may be seen amidst the Death Valley decor of the Casse Deserte. The Slovenian time triallist Primoz Roglic was a worthy winner at the expense of Alberto Contador, but they were essentially the warm-up act.With the help of his team-mate Mikel Landa, Chris Froome brushed aside attacks from Romain Bardet and Daniel Martin to retain the yellow jersey, gaining ground on all his rivals apart from Rigoberto Urán, while Fabio Aru looks to be running out of steam and Simon Yates’s grip on the white jersey is far from secure. Continue reading...

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18 июля, 19:05

Correction for Bahari-Javan et al., HDAC1 links early life stress to schizophrenia-like phenotypes [Correction]

NEUROSCIENCE Correction for “HDAC1 links early life stress to schizophrenia-like phenotypes,” by Sanaz Bahari-Javan, Hristo Varbanov, Rashi Halder, Eva Benito, Lalit Kaurani, Susanne Burkhardt, Heike Anderson-Schmidt, Ion Anghelescu, Monika Budde, Roman M. Stilling, Joan Costa, Juan Medina, Detlef E. Dietrich, Christian Figge, Here Folkerts, Katrin Gade, Urs Heilbronner, Manfred Koller,...

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17 июля, 21:25

Team Sky’s Sir Dave Brailsford launches verbal attack on cycling journalist

• Sir Dave Brailsford excludes cycling journalist from listening to Chris Froome• Froome names Colombian Rigoberto Urán as closest challenger for Tour titleTeam Sky may be leading the overall standings with Chris Froome but the British squad’s principal, Sir Dave Brailsford, is ruffling feathers with his attitude towards the world’s leading specialist cycle sport website, cyclingnews.com, with whom he has publicly fallen out during the race.Here, as journalists attempted to glean something from Team Sky’s limited media access on the rest day, Brailsford accused a cyclingnews.com writer, Barry Ryan, of “writing shit about [him]” and told him he was excluded from listening to Froome as the race leader spoke to television outlets. That came after a similar episode with the website’s editor Daniel Benson earlier in the race. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 12:39

Tour de France enters final week with all to play for … and the Galibier looms | William Fotheringham

Friday’s time trial from Marseille’s Stade Vélodrome could prove crucial but two huge mountain stages before then may be pivotal for Chris Froome and coThe gaps in the Tour are small but nothing has yet been seen on the scale of the four monstrous climbs that await on Wednesday and Thursday, all over 2,000m in altitude and, in the case of the Croix de Fer and Galibier, of a length we haven’t seen in the race so far. Chris Froome and his team have only to watch the rest, while grabbing what time they can close to the finish, because on paper the Briton is the strongest time triallist so can bank on gaining time on Saturday in Marseille. Thus, it falls to Romain Bardet, Fabio Aru, and Rigoberto Urán – the strongest climbers in the race so far – to attack; Dan Martin and Simon Yates have not looked quite at the level of the top four to date when the hammer goes down. Froome has the strongest team in the race, and he should have Mikel Landa to cover moves, so he is in the box seat. However … Continue reading...

13 июля, 01:38

Yes. David Brooks Has Always Been an Ignorant Ass. Why Do You Ask?: Hoisted/Smackdown from 2007

**Hoisted from 2007**: Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Yet Another David Brooks/New York Times Edition): I can't stand it. I can't keep quiet any more... ...Could the New York Times please replace David Brooks with a literate columnist: somebody with minimal, and I mean minimal, contact--even contact through the Cliff Notes versions alone would do--with the Western cultural heritage? Somebody who has seen, heard, or read at least one thing like Medea or Agamemnon or some version of the Song of the Waelsungs (Wagner's Ring operas would do) or Tam Lin? It's really embarrassing when you get howlers like: >The New Lone Rangers: If you’ve been driving around listening to pop radio stations this spring and summer, you’ll have noticed three songs that are pretty much unavoidable, and each of them is a long way from puppy love. First, there’s “Before He Cheats,” by Carrie Underwood. This is a song about a woman who catches her boyfriend in a bar fooling around with someone else. But she’s not wounded or insecure. She’s got nothing but contempt for the slobbering, cologne-wearing jerk.... The second song is “U + Ur Hand,” by Pink. This is about a...

12 июля, 23:56

ICYMI: [VIDEO] Victims of Illegal Immigration Urge the Senate to Pass Legislation to Save American Lives

Victims of Illegal Immigration Urge the Senate to Pass Legislation to Save American Lives On Wednesday June 28, 2017, President Donald J. Trump met with American families whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens. Many of these illegal aliens had extensive criminal records and had been repeatedly deported. During their meeting with the President, these American families urged the passage of two critical pieces of legislation that the President campaigned on. Both Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act easily passed the House with bipartisan support. If enacted, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act will cut federal grant money to cities that prevent law enforcement officers from turning over dangerous criminal aliens to federal authorities and Kate’s Law will enhance criminal penalties for those who repeatedly reenter the country illegally. The President is now calling on the Senate to act swiftly to take up these bills, pass them, and send them to his desk for signature. Compilation Video Juan Pina's Story Every year, far too many Americans are victimized, assaulted, and killed by illegal aliens who have been removed from the country multiple times.  Sanctuary cities are releasing violent criminals, including members of the bloodthirsty MS-13 gang, back onto our streets every single day.  Innocent Americans are suffering unthinkable violence as a result of reckless policies. It is time for these tragedies to end. Excerpts from personal stories told at the roundtable discussion: Laura Wilkerson: “My son Joshua was eighteen years old and in November 2010, he was systematically tortured, brutally beaten, murdered, and then his body set on fire after death [by] somebody who shouldn’t have been in this country. Josh was a good kid.… This is not about politics. This is about safety.… That’s all it’s about. Both parties should be on board with this. There shouldn’t be any objection to it.… We don’t want [any] other families to have to endure this. It’s about public safety.” Julie Golvach: “[O]ur son, was the second of four shot that night and… we’ve lost everything. He was my only child. I want some action. If this … ha[d] been done years ago, my son would still be here. I want action. I want some action so nobody else has to go through the loss that we feel.” Dan Golvach: “This is what some politicians in the country ha[ve] decided is acceptable for us. It’s not acceptable. While these politicians are sitting at home on the holidays, all warm and cozy with their families, most of us [at this table] are at the cemetery. And it’s just not acceptable.” Mary Ann Mendoza: “I’m tired of our politicians not caring about their fellow Americans. Why? When did it ever become more important to our elected officials to protect illegal criminals in our country and not care about us?” Melissa Oliver-Storz: “The man that murdered my father was deported twice previously and returned to our country illegally. This senseless crime has affected my family … in many ways that are unexplainable. The pain is tremendous and it’s something we’ll never get over. I think it is important that we focus on these laws and getting them passed…. We need our law enforcement officers to have more information about these people that are in our country illegally, so we can go ahead and get them detained, and so this can’t happen to another family.” Juan Pina: “My daughter, Christy Sue Pina, she was murdered. She was strangled, stabbed, raped, [and] sodomized. Her nude body was thrown in an artichoke field in the winter. The person that did this … had kidnapped another fourteen-year-old girl. He tortured her, got put in jail, he got out [on bail]. He went back to Mexico. This was in July of ’87. In September, he came back. He kidnapped another one. Did the same thing…. He got put in jail again…. Went back to Mexico. Came back in ’90. February 8th, they found my daughter out there in an artichoke field and he took off. They didn’t catch him that time either. He left, but they had an idea who it was. A few months later, he came back [and] tried to kidnap a little twelve-year-old at seven o’clock in the morning on her way to school.… I’m my daughter’s voice. [W]hat [the] President, here, is trying to do is the best thing ever.… I’m all for everything that you’re doing…. Americans first. Americans first.” Michelle Root: “Why do we have to encounter any type of violence? And I'm sorry, but these laws that are trying to be passed? Most of them are common sense, and until this happened to me, I thought this is what was in place. And to find out it wasn't was terrifying to me….” Sabine Durden: “I’m a legal immigrant, and I did it the right way. I came here knowing I wanted to be here. I had to go through all the steps … and I’m proud to be a citizen now. And I had one son, Dominic. I brought him with me. That’s all I got. He was my only child… Mr. President, since I had no family left, I wanted to commit suicide.… I wanted to be with my son. And on June 16, when you came down the escalator, and you mentioned those words ‘illegal immigration,’ I was walking through my living room and I dropped to my knees, because it was my little sign from God…. And a month later, I met you personally in Los Angeles. You were the only one that ever met with us, and became our voice…. So you’re not only my hero, [and] my President, you are my lifesaver. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you. And we need to pass these two laws. They need to be passed in [the] Senate… Stop wasting time, sign these bills, please.” Steve Ronnebeck: “My son was Grant Ronnebeck, 21 years old. He was killed January 22nd of 2015 by an illegal immigrant while he was working the overnight shift at his convenience store. Grant was killed because he wasn’t counting change fast enough for a pack of cigarettes. Grant was just one of the kindest, nicest kids you will ever meet.... One thing that I think that you, Mr. President, realize [is] that every one of our children’s deaths has been preventable. All … the deaths of our loved ones … [were] preventable. And Mr. President, Chairman Goodlatte, I think you guys realize that and that’s why you’re doing what you’re doing and I want to thank you both for what you’re doing. Passing these laws is instrumental. I don’t think that I would wish the devastation that we’ve felt everyday on anyone.… [W]hen your child’s death was preventable, it’s even harder than if they were to die from cancer or something like that. It just—it rips part of you away that you’ll never get back.”

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10 июля, 18:28

Monday Smackdown: Why Do I Find John McWhorter so Annoying?

Is it me? Or is it him? I find an interesting link on Making Light , follow it, immediately find that the introduction annoys me—gets my back up—and then I notice that it is by John McWhorter. Other people like McWhorter a lot: . But I read: **John McWhorter**: English is not normal : "*Hwæt, we gardena in geardagum þeodcyninga þrym gefrunon*... >...does that really mean ‘So, we Spear-Danes have heard of the tribe-kings’ glory in days of yore’? Icelanders can still read similar stories written in the Old Norse ancestor of their language 1,000 years ago, and yet, to the untrained eye, _Beowulf_ might as well be in Turkish... And my immediate response is: the cards have been dealt from the bottom of the deck here. Let me note three ways: the word breaks are wrong, the þ-th thing, and the c-k thing. So let's try the opening of _Beowulf_ again, slightly differently: >Hwæt! We gar-Dena in gear-dagum theod-kyninga thrym gefrunon. >What! We war-Danes in yore-days tribe-kings glory heard. >So, we Spear-Danes have heard of the tribe-kings’ glory in days of yore. *Hwæt, we gardena in geardagum þeodcyninga þrym gefrunon* is unintelligible to a modern English reader. But—once you...

09 июля, 16:30

Richie Porte and Geraint Thomas crash out of Tour as Froome keeps yellow

• Porte suffered heavy crash and hit rock wall on descent• Thomas’s exit leaves Froome without his lieutenant Chris Froome will ride the rest of the Tour de France without his first lieutenant, Geraint Thomas, and close friend and principal rival, Richie Porte, after the Welshman and Australian were forced to quit the race following slippery descents which turned the ninth stage into a chaotic demolition derby from Nantua to Chambéry. Froome retained the yellow jersey after the stage was won by the Colombian Rigoberto Urán.The day’s official medical bulletin listed 11 fallers with a range of classic crash injuries: a shoulder dislocation and punctured lung for Manuele Mori, a broken vertebra for Robert Gesink, a dislocated kneecap for Jesús Herrada, who was announced as having abandoned but finished the stage. The 2016 King of the Mountains, Rafal Majka, was blamed for the Thomas crash and ended up with deep abrasions to both knees and elbows. Continue reading...

09 июля, 13:32

Urán wins, Froome keeps yellow but Porte and Thomas crash out: Tour de France stage nine – as it happened

A brutal, dramatic stage saw Geraint Thomas and Richie Porte crash out and Rigoberto Uran steal a stage victory on a broken bikePorte and Thomas out of Tour de France after crash on stage nine 4.34pm BST And with that, I’m done. It’s been remarkable. Bye! 4.34pm BST So today’s big GC losers, other than Thomas and Porte, are probably Dan Martin, who from 14sec behind in fourth place is now 1min 44sec behind in sixth, and Alberto Contador, who from 52sec behind and well poised is now 5min 15sec behind and out of contention. Continue reading...

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06 июля, 12:30

Первые испытания персонализированных вакцин против меланомы прошли успешно

Получены первые сообщения об успехе клинических испытаний вакцин, предназначенных для борьбы с меланомой. Вакцины, адаптированные к индивидуальным мутациям пациента, обучают его иммунную систему борьбе с опухолевыми клетками. Сообщения о двух клинических испытаниях были опубликованы в журнале Nature. Одно из них было проведено в США под руководством Кэтрин У (Catherine Wu), Патрика Отта (Patrick A. Ott) и Чжутин Ху (Zhuting Hu), второе провели исследователи из Германии и Австрии. Принципы работы вакцин против меланомы аналогичны вакцинам, направленным против инфекционных заболеваний. Уникальные компоненты опасного для организма объекта – в данном случае опухолевых клеток – смешиваются с агентами, которые стимулируют иммунный ответ. Но данные противораковые вакцины адаптируются к каждому пациенту индивидуально и вводятся уже после появления у него меланомы, а не с профилактической целью. В обоих случаях исследователи сначала секвенировали гены опухолевых клеток, связанные с кодированием определенных белков, которые наиболее вероятно вызовут иммунный ответ. В американском исследовании приняли участие шесть пациентов, перенесших операцию по удалению опухоли. Обычно рецидивы после таких операций возникают у половины больных. Для каждого участника была подготовлена вакцина, содержащая до 20 фрагментов белков, соответствующих мутациям в их опухолях. Среди шестерых пациентов, получивших персонализированную вакцину, у четверых в течение года не было отмечено новых признаков меланомы. Те же двое, у которых меланома появилась вновь, полностью от нее избавились после приема препарата, который активизировал иммунную систему, блокируя белок PD-1. Германско-австрийская группа, которую возглавлял профессор Угур Шахин (Uğur Şahin) из Университета имени Гуттенберга в Майнце, включила в испытание 13 пациентов с меланомой. Вакцина, которую они использовали, включала РНК, кодирующую до десяти мутированных белков у каждого пациента. У восьми пациентов, не имевших видимых опухолей во время вакцинации, так и не появились новые опухоли в течение 23 месяцев. У оставшихся пятерых в момент вакцинации были опухоли. После введения вакцины у двоих из них размеры опухолей уменьшились, но у одного позднее возобновились. Однако после применения ингибитора PD-1 у него наступила полная ремиссия. Хотя в обоих случаях число участников испытаний было очень невелико и отсутствовала контрольная группа, первые результаты можно считать обнадеживающими. Специалист по онкологической иммунологии из Университета Вашингтона в Сент-Луисе Роберт Шрайбер (Robert Schreiber) отмечает, что масштабные испытания уже идут и что исследователи считают особенно перспективным сочетание вакцин с ингибиторами PD-1. Но есть целый ряд нерешенных проблем. На генетическое исследование и подготовку персонализированной вакцины у обеих групп ушло около трех месяцев. Это слишком долгий срок для лечения многих видов рака. Правда, обе группы утверждают, что в состоянии ускорить процесс. По оценке Кэтрин У, время подготовки вакцины можно сократить до шести недель.

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29 июня, 21:20

Seventeen Nominations Sent to the Senate Today

NOMINATIONS SENT TO THE SENATE: Jerome M. Adams, of Indiana, to be Medical Director in the Regular Corps of the Public Health Service, subject to qualifications therefor as provided by law and regulations, and to be Surgeon General of the Public Health Service for a term of four years, vice Vivek Hallegere Murthy. Luis E. Arreaga, of Virginia, a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counselor, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Guatemala. Brenda Burman, of Arizona, to be Commissioner of Reclamation, vice Estevan R. Lopez. Christopher Campbell, of California, to be an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, vice Cyrus Amir-Mokri, resigned. Peter B. Davidson, of Virginia, to be General Counsel of the Department of Commerce, vice Kelly R. Welsh, resigned. Joshua A. Deahl, of the District of Columbia, to be an Associate Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for the term of fifteen years, vice Eric T. Washington, retired. Janet Dhillon, of Pennsylvania, to be a Member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for a term expiring July 1, 2022, vice Jenny R. Yang, term expiring. Douglas W. Domenech, of Virginia, to be an Assistant Secretary of the Interior, vice Esther Puakela Kia'aina. Matthew P. Donovan, of Virginia, to be Under Secretary of the Air Force, vice Lisa S. Disbrow, resigned.    Eric S. Dreiband, of Maryland, to be an Assistant Attorney General, vice Thomas E. Perez, resigned.   William J. Emanuel, of California, to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board for the term of five years expiring August 27, 2021, vice Kent Yoshiho Hirozawa, term expired.   Gerald W. Fauth, of Virginia, to be a Member of the National Mediation Board for a term expiring July 1, 2020, vice Harry R. Hoglander, term expired.    Susan M. Gordon, of Virginia, to be Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, vice Stephanie O'Sullivan.    Jason Kearns, of Colorado, to be Member of the United States International Trade Commission for the term expiring December 16, 2024, vice Dean A. Pinkert, resigned.    Ellen M. Lord, of Rhode Island, to be Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, vice Frank Kendall III.    Robert L. Sumwalt III, of South Carolina, to be Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board for a term of two years, vice Christopher A. Hart. Krishna R. Urs, of Connecticut, a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counselor, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Peru.  

29 июня, 04:08

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts

President Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key positions in his Administration: Brendan Carr of Virginia to be a Member of the Federal Communications Commission for the remainder of a 5-year term expiring June 13, 2018 and an additional term of 5 years expiring June 13, 2023.  Mr. Carr is currently the General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In that role, he serves as the chief legal advisor to the Commission and FCC staff on all matters within the agency’s jurisdiction.  Previously, he served as the lead advisor to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai on wireless, public safety, and international issues.  Before that, Mr. Carr worked as an attorney in the FCC’s Office of General Counsel, where he provided advice on a broad range of wireless, public safety, and international matters.  Mr. Carr previously worked as an attorney at Wiley Rein LLP. Earlier in his career, Mr. Carr clerked for Judge Dennis W. Shedd of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  Mr. Carr holds a B.A. in Government from Georgetown University and a J.D., magna cum laude, as well as a Certificate in Communications Law Studies, from the Catholic University of America. Janet Dhillon of Pennsylvania to be a Member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for a 5-year term expiring on July 1, 2022, and designate chair upon confirmation.  Ms. Dhillon has served as General Counsel for three Fortune 500 companies.  She is currently Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Burlington Stores, Inc.  Previously, Ms. Dhillon served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of JC Penney Company, Inc., and before that, as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of US Airways Group, Inc.  Ms. Dhillon began her legal career at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, where she practiced for thirteen years.  Ms. Dhillon is a graduate of Occidental College, magna cum laude, and the UCLA School of Law, where she was awarded Order of the Coif and ranked first in her class.  Ms. Dhillon lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  Richard Glick of Virginia to be a Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the remainder of a 5-year term expiring June 30, 2022.  Mr. Glick is General Counsel for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  Prior to joining the Committee staff in February 2016, Mr. Glick was Vice President, Government Affairs for Iberdrola’s renewable energy, electric and gas utility, and natural gas storage businesses in the United States.  Mr. Glick previously served as a Director of Government Affairs for PPM Energy and before that was a Director, Government Affairs for PacifiCorp— a multistate electric utility company.  Between 1998 and 2001 Mr. Glick served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson.  Before that he was the Legislative Director and Chief Counsel to Senator Dale Bumpers, of Arkansas.  From 1988 to1992 Mr. Glick was an Associate with the law firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand.  Mr. Glick received a B.A. from George Washington University and a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center. Susan M. Gordon of Virginia to be Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence.  Ms. Gordon is the Deputy Director for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), assisting the Director in leading the agency and in managing the National System for Geospatial Intelligence.  Before joining NGA, Ms. Gordon served concurrently as Director of the CIA’s Information Operations Center and as the CIA Director’s senior advisor on cyber.  She was responsible for fully integrating advanced cyber capabilities into all of CIA’s mission areas, while protecting against the cyber threat to the CIA’s information, operations, and officers.  Ms. Gordon also served as Deputy Chief of the Information Operations Center from September 2009 to December 2011 and then as the CIA’s Director for Support from January 2012 to November 2013.  Ms. Gordon holds a B.S. in Zoology from Duke University.  She and her husband live in Northern Virginia, and have two grown children. Krishna R. Urs of Connecticut to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Peru.  Mr. Urs, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor, has served as an American diplomat since 1986.  He is currently Charge d’ Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain, where he was also the Deputy Chief of Mission.  During three decades of State Department service, Mr. Urs has specialized in economic issues and developed extensive policy experience in the Andean region of South America.  He has served at seven United States embassies as well in senior leadership positions in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Urs earned a M.S. from the University of Texas and a B.S. from Georgetown University.  He speaks fluent Spanish as well as some Hindi and Telegu.

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27 июня, 11:48

Trumpcare против Obamacare

В Конгрессе США обнародован доклад о новом законопроекте системы медицинского страхования, принятие которого будет означать, что через 10 лет доступа к мединскому страхованию лишаться по меньшей мере 49 миллионов американцев. В настоящее время страховки лишены 28 миллионов граждан США. Demand UR senators vote NO(202) 224-3121#aca #trumpcare #healthcare #SavetheACA #AARP#HealthcareBill [email protected] @SenateGOP pic.twitter.com/UDXcH1uryq— don_of_arcadia (@don_of_arcadia) 26 juin 2017 … ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ: http://ru.euronews.com/2017/06/27/warning-over-new-draft-trumpcare-bill euronews: самый популярный новостной канал в Европе. Подписывайтесь! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronewsru euronews доступен на 13 языках: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels На русском: Сайт: http://ru.euronews.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101036888397116664208/100240575545901894719/posts?pageId=101036888397116664208 VKontakte: http://vk.com/ru.euronews

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NEO-NEOCON: Leftist guilt about “privilege” as motivation dates back to the Soviet revolution. Re…

NEO-NEOCON: Leftist guilt about “privilege” as motivation dates back to the Soviet revolution. Related: Jonathan Kay Of Canada’s National Post On the Tyranny Of Twitter: How Mob Censure is Changing the Intellectual Landscape. “Without intending to, Twitter’s culture warriors have created a sort of crowdsourced ideological autocracy ― and paradoxically, it’s left-wingers who are often […]

28 января 2015, 22:27

Симпозиум, посвященный 120-летию со дня рождения Михаила Бахтина (Венгрия)

28 – 29 мая 2015 г. Литературо- и Культуроведческий Институт Университета Паннон совместно с Академической Комиссией Венгерской Научной Академии г. Веспрема и Института Изучения Языков и Культуры Университета Монаш организует международный симпозиум к стодвадцатилетнему юбилею со дня рождения Михаила Бахтина и в память сороколетия со дня его смерти.  Михаил Бахтин (1895–1975) является одним из самых часто цитируемых оригинальных мыслителей двадцатого века, который оказал исключительное влияние на формирование дисциплин изучения человеческой природы. Вся многослойность и важность этого влияния еще так и не была до конца раскрыта богатыми и широкоохватывающими исследованиями. Его произведения в большинстве университетов являются частью процесса изучения гуманитарных наук. Самая известная его работа – полифоническая модель романа, разработанная им для описания прозаических произведений Достоевского – содержит ключевые мотивы воззрения ученого и мыслителя. Эти мотивы – диалог, многоязычие, речевые жанры, двуголосое слово (карневализация, хронотоп) – выходя далеко за рамки литературоведения, охватывают области философических, эстетических, языковых, коммуникативно-теоретических и культурно-теоретических дискурсов. Данную обширную продуктивность, очевидно, можно объяснить такой укладкой, что Бахтин переосмысливает предметы разъясняющих наук, сопровождающиеся изолированием, с позиции модальности жизненной событийности, посредством чего «исследует» не только мысль и ее объект, но и формирует культуру мышления. Находки, разгадки и концепции Бахтина по этой причине также влияли и на начавшиеся во второй половине двадцатого века исследования семиотики, теории прозы, поэтики, риторики, нарратологии, культуры семиотики и культурологии, а также широко и на лингвистическую сферу. Полный спектр его работ мы так и не смогли оценить до последнего момента по той причине, что часть его трудов была доступна только в форме рукописей. В период 1996–2012 гг. было издано семь томов произведений Бахтина на русском языке, содержащих также и критические замечания, параллельно с этим были опубликованы тексты со спорным авторством. Таким образом, стало возможным создать обширную картину его творчества, и подвергнуть его детальному изучению. Прочитать до конца теоретические труды Бахтина означает сегодня то же самое, как если бы через ракурс некоторых ключевых проблем переосмыслить процессы формирования лингвистики, философии и изучения литературы начиная с 20-х годов прошлого века до наших дней, а также заново поставить их актуальные вопросы. На сегодняшний день уже и так понятно, что Бахтин сделал попытку перешагнуть через гносеологическое и феноменологическое мышление, когда инициировал толкование диалога в качестве методологического принципа в области гуманитарных наук. В результате этого человеческое мышление переместилось в горизонт онтологии, субъект которого – согласно аргументации Бахтина – «бытие, раскрываемое в высказывании и в речи», которое не уступает принуждениям, не может быть сковано, а свободно раскрывается перед нашими познавательными поступками. Предлагаемые для обсуждения темы: - Теория поступка Бахтина и традиция философской антропологии (Kierkegaard, Scheler, Cassirer, Buber и другие) - Место Бахтина в современной теории литературы и в философском дискурсе (Ricœur, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty, Lacan, Frye, Mamardashvili, Jauss, Gadamer и другие) - Слово, знак, троп, символ – аспекты семиотики и лингвистики - Лингвистические и металингвистические аспекты высказывания и языковой гибридности (многоязычие, перевод и т.д.) - Теория жанров художественных произведений (от речевых жанров до романа) - Культура смеха - Нарративная идентичность и диалогическая идентичность (теории субъекта) - Поэтика и герменевтика двуголосого слова - Искусство прозы Достоевского - Продуктивность взгляда Бахтина в толковании литературных произведений Языки симпозиума: английский, русский. Дата проведения симпозиума: 28 – 29 мая 2015 г. Место проведения: Веспрем (Венгрия), Университет Паннон, ул. Вар 20. Заявки и участие: Просим подавать заявки на английском и русском языках. Просим включить в заявку название выступления и краткое описание (аннотация) объемом не более 300 слов или 3000 знаков, имя автора и принадлежность к научной организации, почтовый и электронный адрес. Заявки просим отсылать на имя Гезы Хорват Horváth Géza ([email protected]) или Каталин Ситар Szitár Katalin ([email protected]) в формате ВОРД WORD. Срок подачи заявок: 1 марта 2015 г. Ответы на заявки мы разошлем до 1-го апреля 2015 г. Регистрационный взнос: 100 ЕВРО Важнейшие сроки: 1 марта: подача заявок 1 апреля: регистрация заявок, ответ 15 апреля: утверждение заявок 28-29 мая: конференция: Интернет-страничка конференции: http://magyarweb.uni-pannon.hu/index.php/hu/irodalom-es-kulturatudomanyi-muhely/bakhtin-after-cognition