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23 января, 06:00

Homeland recap: season six, episode two – The Man in the Basement

Week two, and classic Homeland is back. Everyone has something to hide as Sekou explains the cash under his mattress, Saad reveals his criminal past and Carrie flatly denies her friends in high placesSpoiler alert: this blog is published after Homeland airs in the US. Only read on if you’ve watched series six episode two.No wonder Carrie took offence at Otto’s “small potatoes” dig about her new legal venture. She must have been biting her tongue hard, trying not to reveal that she was essentially dictating America’s future foreign policy in the Middle East all this time. This means she’ll be butting heads with Dar Adal again soon, which can only be good for the show. However solid the intel on Iranian nukes turns out to be, it felt like the old Homeland was back this week. Continue reading...

23 января, 04:07

BRIEF-Procurri Corporation updates on joint venture between Procurri LLC and Congruity LLC

* JV Co, Rockland Congruity LLC will be 51%-owned by Procurri LLC, with Congruity Holding remaining 49% stake

23 января, 02:44

Group plans suits over Trump's foreign-government profits

A liberal watchdog group plans to file a lawsuit Monday arguing that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution's ban on officials accepting benefits from foreign governments.The suit will claim that Trump's business dealings with foreign countries who rent space in his buildings or lend money to his real estate ventures run afoul of the foreign emoluments clause, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said in a statement Sunday evening. "President Trump has made his slogan ‘America First,’” CREW's Noah Bookbinder said in a statement. “So you would think he would want to strictly follow the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause, since it was written to ensure our government officials are thinking of Americans first, and not foreign governments.”Several prominent constitutional scholars were involved in drafting the suit, including Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, University of California-Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chermerinsky and New York University law professor Zephyr Teachout, as well as Supreme Court litigator Deepak Gupta.The suit is expected to be filed Monday morning in federal court in Manhattan, apparently geographically targeting Trump's buildings in Manhattan.One challenge the suit is expected to face is proving legal standing to pursue the case. Normally, plaintiffs have to show that they suffered direct injury of some sort as a result of the actions they're complaining about. Some legal experts believe that will be hard to do, although some have suggested that landlords, hotels or other businesses who compete with Trump's businesses could have standing to move forward with a lawsuit.Trump announced earlier this month that he plans to hand over management of his businesses to his two adult sons while he is in the White House, but Trump does not plan to sell his businesses. That means he could profit from business foreign countries direct his way. Trump has pledged to give the U.S. Treasury any profits made from business his firms do with foreign nations, but it's unclear how those amounts would be calculated and what insight the public will have into that process.

22 января, 05:46

EY Says Venture Capital Is Ready To Go & IPO In 2017

To see what may be ahead for Venture Capital, I spoke to Jeff Grabow, US Venture Capital Leader for EY. These are some of his predictions for 2017.

20 января, 21:50

The Pivot That Wasn’t

In his first shot at a presidential moment, Trump went with his campaign’s grievances, promises—and a clenched fist.

20 января, 20:43

DeVos review identifies 102 financial interests with potential conflicts

Betsy DeVos has agreed to sever ties to several companies that provide services to schools and colleges, as well as a debt collection agency that collects student loans on behalf of the Education Department, according to government ethics paperwork released Friday. DeVos, a Michigan billionaire with a complicated web of financial holdings, reached an agreement on Thursday with government ethics officials that will require her to divest from 102 of those assets that could potentially pose a conflict for her as Education secretary. DeVos listed on her financial paperwork a holding company that invests in Performant Business Services, Inc., which the Education Department hires to collect defaulted federal student loans. The holding company, from which DeVos has agreed to divest, also has investments in T2 Systems Inc., which provides parking payment services to colleges and universities, and in U.S. Retirement Partners, Inc., a financial services company that “specializes in public school and governmental employee benefit plans,” according to the disclosure statement. DeVos listed an investment between $500,001 and $1 million in KinderCare Education, formerly Knowledge Universe Education, which is a provider of day care and early childhood education programs. She agreed to divest from the company. In addition, DeVos has agreed to divest from an “early stage venture fund” that invests in Varsity News Network, Inc., a software developer for school athletics, and Flip Learning, which develops interactive digital textbooks for college students. She will also divest her interest, through a holding company, in N2Y, LLC, which “provides cloud-based learning services for special education,” and in a company, Caldwell and Gregory, Inc., which provides laundry equipment for colleges and universities and apartments. DeVos’ financial disclosure statement also lists Dick DeVos as a co-borrower on a more than $1 million loan from PNC Financial Services Group for West Michigan Aviation Academy, the charter school that the DeVos’ founded and have funded. The ethics agreement reached by DeVos and government ethics officials outlines the 102 entities from which she will divest within 90 days of her confirmation as Education secretary. According to the agreement, the Education Department’s top ethics official determined that it wasn’t necessary for DeVos to divest from her remaining assets because of the “remote” chance she’ll have to make an official decision that affects them. “However,” DeVos wrote, “I will remain vigilant in identifying any particular matters involving the interests of these entities and their holdings …”DeVos agreed to resign her position from her family’s investment firms, RDV Corporation and the Windquest Group, but will keep her financial interest in those companies. The release Friday of the long-awaited documents meets a deadline set by Senate HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) earlier this week. Alexander said he would hold a committee vote on DeVos’ nomination next Tuesday as long as her ethics paperwork was completed by the end of this week. A spokesman for Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the top Democrat on the committee, said Murray was still reviewing DeVos’ financial disclosure statement. The spokesman said Murray had not yet received answers to information she requested of DeVos about her confidential Senate financial questionnaire. Among her hundreds of holdings, DeVos listed a stake in the embattled blood-testing company Theranos, valued at more than $1 million. Federal prosecutors launched a probe into the company last year about allegations it misled investors about its technology. The company has also drawn scrutiny from the FDA and CMS, and it has been the focus of multiple federal lawsuits over faulty blood tests. DeVos lists the income from her stake in Theranos as none or less than $201. DeVos also lists a stake in OSI Group, LLC, valued at $250,000 to $500,000. The company was fined $3.6 million by regulators in China last year for selling expired meat that was repackaged with newer expiration dates in a 2014 fast food safety scandal. DeVos also lists the income in OSI Group, LLC, as none or less than $201. Caitlin Emma contributed to this report.

20 января, 19:56

Are Startups Cultivating a Work From Home Culture?

Is there a trend around funded startups with a work from home culture? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Anne K. Halsall, CPO & co-founder, Winnie, on Quora: There are many thousands of funded startups, and without public data about their team composition and office life, it's hard to say whether there is a trend one way or another. However, here are a few things which are trends: The SF Bay Area is still the heartland of venture capital. It is very expensive to live here. It is very expensive to have office space here. Traffic in SF, the East Bay, and the Peninsula is worsening, while public transit is overloaded and underfunded. The funding climate is tightening and founders today will have to do a lot more with less. The area is flush with unicorns who shored up all the venture funding and can afford to pay outsized salaries. I like to think a responsible founder, considering all of these points, would absolutely consider remote workers and build support for distributed teams into their processes & culture. At Winnie we planned for this from the beginning because we knew we would find amazing contributors outside of the Bay Area and we wanted to be able to hire them. We also knew this same culture would benefit team members with care responsibilities such as children, sick partners, elderly parents, or very needy pets. (Just kidding on that last one. Sorta.) It just seemed like an obviously good thing to do, for a number of reasons. No founder today is going to make it without being very thrifty and very creative. So yeah, it's a smart move to spend as little of your funding on rent as possible (either via employee's salaries or office space) and use it instead to build better products and value for your customers. This question originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. More questions: Offices: What is the most amazing office that you see (with pictures only)? Venture Capital: What advice do VCs want to give founders during pitches, but refrain from? Startup Advice and Strategy: What are some good tips for performing well at a fast growth startup? -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

20 января, 19:30

BP's Juniper Platform Sails off for Trinidad Installation

BP has announced that the new Juniper offshore platform has begun its journey towards the southeast coast of Trinidad where it will become the company's 14th offshore installation. The Juniper project, with a production capacity of 590mn ft³/day, is a $2bn investment in Trinidad &...

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20 января, 19:28

Aviva turns digital in Hong Kong with Tencent deal

Joint venture will focus on selling basic life insurance and investment products online

Выбор редакции
20 января, 19:28

Aviva turns digital in Hong Kong with Tencent deal

Joint venture will focus on selling basic life insurance and investment products online

20 января, 18:13

How A Lifelong Marketer Leveraged His Experience In Corporate Innovation to Launch A Tech Company

Rodney Williams has had a knack for marketing his whole life. But his multiple business degrees and real-world experience are what propelled him to create industry-disrupting technology and grow his venture-backed business from Cincinnati, Ohio.

20 января, 16:47

BRIEF-China Ocean Fishing says Jinyutang enters JV in Cambodia

* Jinyutang entered into joint venture agreement for setting up JV company in Cambodia with Khmer

20 января, 15:12

Why Is Navistar (NAV) Down Nearly 9% Since the Last Earnings Report?

Navistar (NAV) reported earnings a month ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

20 января, 13:43

Why Alibaba wants to start a joint venture with Russia's Sberbank

China’s Alibaba Group and Russia's Sberbank are conducting talks about the creation of an e-commerce joint venture, the Kommersant business daily wrote on Jan. 18, citing sources in the Russian government. Russian government officials along with the presidential administration and the Central Bank are close to finalizing an agreement on the main conditions for the joint venture, where Sberbank is expected to hold a stake of at least 50 percent, the paper said. With a pragmatic Asia strategy, Russia shifts focus away from China The Alibaba Group may bring its current cross-border trade business in Russia and former Soviet republics into the joint venture, as well as its businesses in Turkey and several Eastern European countries. Sberbank will provide most of the financing for the joint venture, as well as the marketing and logistics technologies. This will, in effect, be a company with an international network worth several billion dollars. In November 2016, Sberbank proposed to build a "national ecosystem" with its resources and infrastructure, modeled after the large American and Chinese companies in the field of e-commerce such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba. By 2025 the economic value of such an ecosystem may be more than 1 trillion dollars (65 trillion rubles), the bank estimates. Russian ambitions Besides a profitable investment in a growing company, Sberbank is also interested in the field of digital technologies and electronic payments. “The Russian side is interested in the online retail business that is actively growing globally but still underdeveloped in Russia,” Irina Bolotova, retail consultant at the JosdeVries agency told RBTH. Oleg Remyga, China director at the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, believes that Sberbank and Alibaba have a convergence of interests. “It is no secret that Sberbank is positioning itself as the most innovative bank [in Russia], and access to Alibaba Group's new financial and banking technologies will help it obtain that status,” Remgya told RBTH. “Taking into consideration Sberbank First Deputy Director Lev Khasis's long-term retail experience, the Russian side knows what it's doing," adds Bolotova. Lev Khasis is famous for having successfully managed one of Russia's largest retailers, the X5 Group. Why do the Chinese need the joint venture? While Sberbank's interest in the joint venture is clear, Alibaba’s aims are still vague, and may even include the achievement of several goals simultaneously: a facilitated entry in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), overcoming bureaucratic barriers, and overtaking its competitors. 5 reasons why Russia's pivot to Asia is more serious than you thought The Chinese want to create the joint venture to have a large state company as an ally, the head of which has "direct access to Putin," believes Alexander Gabuev, director of the Russia in the Asian-Pacific Region program at the Carnegie Moscow Center. “This is the best protection from local competitors and those who try to impede Alibaba's business,” Gabuev told RBTH. “The creation of a joint venture on Russian territory will help obtain relatively easy access to the EAEU market,” Remyga says. The EAEU countries are key to the realization of China's ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative. That is why it is important for the Alibaba Group to participate in the formation of the transport-logistics corridor and the innovational corridor, according to Remyga. Moreover, the Chinese company needs a strong Russian partner that will take care of legislative, financial and fiscal issues. “It is not a secret that Alibaba's subsidiary structures occasionally come across bureaucratic barriers within the Russian government (delays at customs, problems with the Russian postal service),” Remyga adds. The creation of the joint venture with Russia's largest bank will definitely help the company find more ways of solving such problems.

20 января, 09:36

Питч-презентация Theranos для инвесторов в 2006 году: целевой рынок и преимущества перед конкурентами

Сайт Axios опубликовал презентацию, которую медицинский стартап Theranos показывал потенциальным инвесторам во время питчей в 2006 году — ещё до того, как проект был оценён в $9 млрд, а затем оказался в центре скандала.

20 января, 07:31

Венчур для реального сектора: чего ждать от 2017 года

Российские стартапы в энергетике, робототехнике и электроники будут все популярнее среди инвесторов

Выбор редакции
20 января, 05:59

BRIEF-Evolable Asia's Vietnam-based unit to set up JV with GREE

* Says its Vietnam-based unit Evolable Asia Co Ltd plans to set up a joint venture named as GREVO Co Ltd, jointly with GREE Inc, on April 1

20 января, 04:42

Миллиард на ветер: куда уходят деньги госхолдинга «Байтерек»

Практически миллиард тенге вложенных инвестиций от национального управляющего холдинга «Байтерек» не помогли шымкентской фабрике «Oxy Textile» спастись от банкротства, сообщает корреспондент NUR.KZ. Многострадальная фабрика стала символом чиновничьей забавы: помпезно открывать предприятия, а спустя некоторое время их уже реанимировать, вкладывая еще большие средства. Комплексная автоматизированная прядильно-крутильная фабрика ТОО «Oxy-Textilе» появилась на территории специальной экономической зоны «Онтустик» в 2010 году. Современное производство сразу окрестили флагманом создаваемого на тот момент в ЮКО хлопково-текстильного кластера. В проект, рассчитанный на производство более 6 000 тонн хлопчатобумажной пряжи, было вложено 5,4 млрд тенге. Руководство фабрики даже планировало выйти на экспорт, получив на продукцию международный сертификат соответствия. Но уже в апреле 2011-го, промышленный гигант встал. Сказалось резкое повышение цен на хлопоковолокно и как следствие нехватка оборотных средств на приобретение сырья. Кроме того, у предприятия стали расти долги перед кредиторами. АО «БРК-Лизинг» задолжали 20 млн долларов, «Инвестиционному фонду Казахстана» - 5 млн долларов. С учетом штрафов долговая нагрузка выросла до 40 млн долларов. За время простоя на фабрике украли кабели, пришла в негодность кровля, часть дорогостоящего оборудования. После того, как на простаивающее предприятие обратил внимание президент страны Нурсултан Назарбаев, власти ЮКО засуетились. В 2012 году ТОО «Oxy-Textilе» был предложен кредит всего под три процента годовых, но достигнуть договоренности с Банком развития Казахстана не удалось: у фабрики не оказалось свободного залогового имущества. В августе 2013 года специализированным межрайонным экономическим судом ЮКО в отношении ТОО «Oxy-Textilе» была введена процедура внешнего наблюдения и сформирован комитет кредиторов из АО «БРК-Лизинг», «Инвестиционный фонд Казахстана», ТОО «Хлопкопром Целлюлоза». Предприятие было включено в программу посткризисного оздоровления: новые кабели, крыша, оборудование, ремонт производственных линий с участием швейцарских специалистов. Местные кадры снова пригласили на работу. Но чуда не случилось: менее чем через год фабрика вновь остановилась все по той же причине: отсутствие сырья и оборотных средств. Реанимацией ТОО «Oxy-Textilе» занялся НУХ «Байтерек», с завидным упорством вкладывая миллионы тенге в практически бездыханное предприятие с кучей системных проблем и долгов. В октябре 2014 года был одобрен план реабилитации, который предполагал схему оздоровления и запуска завода группой компаний холдинга: АО «Инвестиционный Фонд Казахстана», АО «Банк Развития Казахстана-Лизинг» и АО «Baiterek Venture Fund». Сумма инвестиций на покупку сырья и запуск производства ТОО «Oxy Textile» буквально шокировала: 907,5 млн. тенге. Долги кредиторы хоть и не простили, но пересмотрели график погашения по обязательствам. «Байтерек» обещал пригласить инвестора для обеспечения предприятия оборотным капиталом. А власти области - создать хлопковый фонд для бесперебойного снабжения сырьем. Появились даже договоренности об экспорте пряжи в Китай. Очередное возрождение фабрики, в которое, впрочем, уже мало кто верил, прошло помпезно: с участием властей области и руководства НУХ «Байтерек». Хвалебные статьи были оплачены щедро. Но, увы, это не помогло избежать печального конца. Растратив за полгода почти миллиард инвестиций, фабрика остановилась окончательно, наступив на те же грабли. По словам финансового директора ТОО «Oxy-Textilе» Ермека Сатыбалдиева, выплаты по кредитам снова просрочены, сырья нет, да и рынка сбыта тоже. «Холдинг перестал финансировать, и мы встали, - пояснил он. - Сейчас проходим процедуру банкротства. Но есть покупатель, который готов купить фабрику. В течении двух месяцев вопрос решится». Новому покупателю, если таковой все же существует, достанется фабрика, которая сегодня представляет весьма унылое зрелище: изрядно потрепанное здание с кучами мусора вокруг. Заглянув в битые окна, можно увидеть пустые, покрытые пылью помещения, брошенные столы и стулья. Оборудования не видно: возможно, схоронили в укромном местечке от мародеров. Двери опечатаны, правда, даты указаны разные: самая «свежая» - 6 января 2017 года. Единственный живой человек – сторож, не пожелавший даже выйти из сторожки для общения. Одним словом, точно не захочется нового владельца поздравить с покупкой. Но главное – неизвестно, вернет ли кто-нибудь государству вложенные холдингом «Байтерек» миллиард инвестиций. Читайте также:  В ВКО хозяин до смерти избил гостя за курение в доме В Актобе осудили прятавшихся в туалете от террористов военных (фото) Русская келин: Быть женой казаха - это здорово (фото) Швед о Казахстане: У вас доступные девушки и не развит туризм Сабина Алтынбекова навестила растрогавшую Казахстан онкобольную из Актобе В ВКО женщина сломала ребра якобы обидевшему детей пьяному мужчине

20 января, 02:49

Bush’s letter to Obama in 2009: The country is ‘pulling for you’

On Jan. 20, 2009, George W. Bush wrote to Barack Obama to congratulate the 44th president on beginning a “fantastic chapter” in his life and assure him that while the Oval Office could be trying, the country was rooting for him. “Very few have had the honor of knowing the responsibility you now feel,” Bush wrote to Obama on his inauguration day in a handwritten note on White House letterhead, published Thursday by ABC News. “Very few know the excitement of the moment and the challenges you will face.” “There will be trying moments,” he continued. “The critics will rage. Your ‘friends’ will disappoint you. But, you will have an Almighty God to comfort you, a family who loves you, and a country that is pulling for you, including me. No matter what comes, you will be inspired by the character and compassion of the people you now lead.” The handwritten note from president to successor has become a tradition. The day before Trump will assume the office, ABC News also published the 2001 letter to Bush from Bill Clinton, who called the presidency the “greatest venture, with the greatest honor, that can come to an American citizen.” Clinton wrote: “Like me, you are especially fortunate to lead our country in a time of profound and largely positive change, when old questions, not just about the role of government, but about the very nature of our nation, must be answered anew. “You lead a proud, decent, good people. And from this day you are President of all of us. I salute you and wish you success and much happiness. “The burdens you now shoulder are great but often exaggerated. The sheer joy of doing what you believe is right is inexpressible.”

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20 января, 00:45

BRIEF-Aurora Labs signs term sheet with Worleyparsons Services Pty Ltd

* Non-binding term sheet for proposed commercial venture signed by Aurora Labs

15 мая 2016, 11:36

Hyperloop объявила о 1-ом тестировании в ближайшие сутки

Испытания нового вида транспорта.Как мы знаем, наиболее видными «материализаторами» амбициозных планов Илона Маска являются две американские компании с похожими названиями и одинаковыми расположением (обе зарегистрированы в Лос-Анжелесе): Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) и Hyperloop Technologies.Испытательный полигон Hyperloop One в Лас-ВегасеК слову, последняя на днях сменила название на Hyperloop One и привлекла дополнительные инвестиции в размере $80 млн в очередном раунде финансирования серии B (в результате общий размер инвестиций достиг $120 млн). Именно о ней и пойдет речь в данной заметке.За последнее время обе компании приложили огромные усилия, чтобы новый вид транспорта в будущем ассоциировался с именем одной из них. В частности, HTT на днях заключила партнерство с Ливерморской национальной лабораторией касательно использования технологии Inductrack для собственных поездов Hyperloop. Но похоже, что на практическом фронте Hyperloop One незначительно опережает HTT.На данный момент у Hyperloop One есть достаточно много партнеров, среди которых можно упомянуть 137 Ventures, Khosla Ventures, французскую национальную железную дорогу, Sherpa Ventures, Eight VC, ZhenFund и Caspian VC Partners. Только этот раунд венчурного финансирования пополнил список партнеров Hyperloop One десятком новых имен, включая международную проектно-конструкторскую компанию Aecom.Напомним, последняя совместно с SpaceX сейчас строит тестовый трек Hyperloop протяженностью 1,5 км для проведения соревнований в июне 2016 года.Но главное другое — в ближайшие 24 часа компания проведет первое тестовое испытание собственной системы на испытательном треке в северной части Лас-Вегаса. Целью данного поистине исторического события является демонстрация того, что Hyperloop на самом деле является реальностью, а не нелепой выдумкой фантастов.Само собой, в данном случае речь не идет о полномасштабной системе с передвигающимися капсулами, заполненными пассажирами, но компания покажет технологию, лежащую в основе системы. Текущий тестовый трек Hyperloop One предназначен для проведения испытаний под открытым небом, которые в основном состоят из передвижения линейных двигателей по 800-метровому треку со скоростью 530 км/ч.Более серьезные испытания Hyperloop One планирует провести в четвертом квартале этого года, но подробностей на сей счет пока, увы, нет.отсюда