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23 июня, 20:02

Yahoo! прекратит выпускать News Digest

Интернет-компания Yahoo! сообщила, что 30 июня прекратится создание контента и выпуск обновлений для приложения Yahoo! News Digest. Об этом сообщает Business Insider.Новостной сервис Yahoo! News Digest (ранее — Summly) был запущен в январе 2014 года. Приложение, разработанное 17-летним программистом Ником Д’Алоизио, было приобретено за $30 млн. В рамках соглашения разработчик сервиса также получил рабочий контракт с корпорацией.Напомним, 13 июня американский провайдер беспроводной связи Verizon Communications завершил сделку по покупке активов Yahoo! за $4,5 млрд. Подробнее о поглощении Yahoo! читайте в материале «Ъ» «Yahoo! явился конец блестящей карьеры».

23 июня, 16:59

Is Charter Communications Mulling to Buy Cox Communications?

According to a recent report by the New York Post, Charter Communications Inc. (CHTR) is considering bidding for privately held Cox Communications Inc.

23 июня, 16:30

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: T-Mobile US, CenturyLink, AT&T, Comcast and Verizon Communications

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: T-Mobile US, CenturyLink, AT&T, Comcast and Verizon Communications

23 июня, 07:23

Verizon New York 2016 Annual Report Reveals Massive Financial Cross-Subsidies. State Investigation Heats Up; FCC’s Deformed Accounting Rules To Blame

The Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report was released at the end of May, 2017 and the IRREGULATORS just put out an analysis: “Follow the Money: Financial Analysis and Implications.” (It part of our ongoing series, Fixing Telecom.) At the core of this, Verizon NY is still the state-based telecommunications utility serving the majority of New York State. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company, Verizon Communications. Meanwhile, AT&T California or AT&T Illinois, (controlled by AT&T) or Verizon Massachusetts or Verizon Pennsylvania are also state-based utilities. Alongside this, there was an ‘evidentiary hearing’ planned for June 26th, 2017 as part of an investigation of the quality of service of Verizon New York’s wireline networks, but also of its business practices. However, as of this writing it appears Verizon has decided it might be time to discuss a settlement. One would suspect the plan is to shut down these proceedings before they get out of hand and to stop further ‘discovery’. Click to read the documents filed. (Some of the issues brought up in this investigation stem from one of our earlier reports published in 2012.) Based on what we uncovered over the last five years, every state and every city in the US should be demanding answers and calling for investigations of the Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink incumbent state utilities that control the copper and fiber optic wires (even the wires to the cell sites). Moreover, the FCC needs to be taken to court as its accounting rules are the cause of massive financial cross-subsidies that have been going on for over a decade, and the FCC’s plans are to erase the rules instead of fix them. Follow the Money: The Primary Findings Verizon NY’s financials have been manipulated to make local service/the copper wires look unprofitable. Verizon customers received multiple rate increases based on “massive deployment of fiber optics” and ‘losses’. The ‘losses’ were not caused by the local service/wireline business, but through various means. Local Service is paying the majority of all expenses. For example, Local Service is paying 60% of the Corporate Operations expenses. At the same time, Verizon subsidiaries, like Verizon Wireless, are only paying a fraction of the expenses to use the networks. Instead of upgrading the cities or even maintaining the existing infrastructure, in NY a large part of the utility capex was diverted to build out the wireless business. At the same time, “Special Access” services (renamed “Business Data Services”) have a 50+ profit margin, even though they are using the exact same wires as Local Service. Local phone customers in New York, especially low income families and rural areas, all paid extra—about $1,500 and counting, for these cross-subsidies. At issue is not just the ‘landlines’ or the wired network but the impacts on all services and companies that use the wires, from competitors offering service to the cost of wireless service. And, let us stress that while these companies have tried very hard to remove or deny the fact that they are utilities, (like water or electricity), the truth is that these companies control the wires—not only the copper wires but also the fiber optic wires that are used for FiOS or are the wires that go to the cell sites to offer cell phone service or are used for ‘hot spots’. And these are also the wires used for services that are supposed to offer competition to the cable provider or to make sure that there is phone service available so that someone can call E911 in an emergency. Putting this in Perspective The Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report is part of and must be seen in light of what is happening throughout the US and at the FCC. First, New York is the only state we found that requires the incumbents to do an annual report, though some states keep the info and require a FOIA request to obtain it. The FCC has never audited these financial books, even though they are making rules that directly impact customers, cities, etc. FCC’s Corrupted Cost Accounting Rules are to Blame for the Cross-Subsidies. Worse, the FCC’s accounting rules have caused much of this overcharging as they are set to reflect the expenses based on the year 2000, 17 years ago. In 2001, the FCC ‘froze’ the allocation of costs so that every year, regardless of the revenues, the expenses would be applied as if it was the year 2000. This has made Local Service look unprofitable on paper and has placed the majority of expenses into Local Service. Local Service was 65% of the revenues in 2000 and paid 65% of the expense; in 2016 it is only 23% of the revenues but pays 56% of the expenses. This also had the effect of cross-subsidizing all of the other lines of business in multiple ways as Local Service customers are paying the expenses that should be paid by the other Verizon subsidiaries. For the excruciating details of this accounting boondoggle see our reports: “The Hartman Memorandum” and “The History & Rules of Setting Phone Rates in America”. FCC Actions This current FCC is oblivious to the actual markets, financial data or the public interest, it would seem. In fact, the FCC has multiple proceedings underway or recently decided. The FCC’s plan includes: “Shut Off the Copper” — The FCC has a group of proceedings to remove all obligations or regulations and is planning on giving the incumbent phone companies, including Verizon New York, the right to ‘shut off the copper’ as a federal law, preempting state laws. “Business Data Services” (also known as “Special Access”) Deregulation — These services use the same wires that are used for phone service. The FCC has ruled that the incumbents can shut off various classes of these services or not have to rent them at reasonable rates to competitors including the wireless companies. (Sprint and Windstream have already filed an appeal.) Erasing the FCC’s Accounting Rules — The FCC has multiple current proceedings, some already decided, to erase all obligations, such requiring the use of the Uniform System of Accounting (USOA). The FCC has also extended the ‘freeze’ on how the expenses are allocated until 2018 so it can finish removing all rules instead of fixing them, thus immortalizing the harms. “IP Transition” — Rarely mentioned anymore, this is actually a plan to shut off the copper and claim that the ‘old’, “Title II” services should be replaced with new services, even though they use the exact same wires. The other part of the plan is to force customers onto wireless. Net Neutrality, Title II, Privacy — The FCC has decided to kill off Net Neutrality and restrict privacy by letting these few companies control the wires as they see fit, public be damned. The IRREGULATORS filed in some of these current FCC proceedings. State Actions: Besides the current investigation in New York: The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission just required Verizon to fix parts of the copper infrastructure in some areas where the company has not deployed FiOS, fiber to the home. The Illinois State legislature voted to remove the obligations of the incumbent telephone companies to offer service or repair the existing service. With all of these activities one thing is abundantly clear; most of the regulators and politicians have no idea about the actual revenues, expenses and cross-subsidies that are in play. And it is clear that the FCC has never examined the actual impacts of their own distorted accounting rules, but is removing the rules and obligations without basic facts, with the outcome—help the phone companies and harm customers. In fact, the FCC’s ‘shut off the copper’ proceeding never uses the word “utility” in context to the access lines in service, or even mentions how many total lines are in service. Examining the Financials Here are two exhibits detailing the revenues and expenses taken directly from the Verizon New York 2016 Annual Report. (Read “Follow the Money” report for details and caveats.) Verizon New York Revenues and Losses, 2016 (Note: The exhibits are excerpts and not the full accounting.) $5.2 billion in revenues for wireline telecom services in just New York — The wires are still in use and the utility company is still enormous. NOTE: These are not all of the revenues of Verizon in New York; it leaves out revenues from Verizon Online, Verizon Business, Verizon Long Distance or Verizon Wireless, among other Verizon affiliates that use the wireline networks. $1.2 billion of revenue, 23%, are from Local Service. $2.5 billion of revenue (47%), are from “Access” services (83% are “Business Data Services”). 50% EBITDA for Access services. Using the exact same wires for Local Service, somehow Access services had a whopping 50% profit margin in New York, while Local Service lost money. $1.1 billion in losses are shown in the 2016 financial report. The report shows that $2.1 billion dollars was claimed as losses for just Local Service. $1 billion of annual losses for years. Verizon NY claims it keeps losing money (not counting accounting changes) and has been hemorrhaging one billion+ a year since at least 2009. Not paying most taxes. Verizon New York uses these losses for multiple benefits, including not paying many taxes, which also helps the holding company. Breakout of the Revenues and Expenses as a Percentage of the Total But something is seriously amiss. If you examine the percentages of the expenses being charged to Local Service, somehow Local Service is paying the majority of expenses. Local Service was charged 56% of all expenses, including Corporate Operations, Marketing and Construction and Maintenance (Plant). Local Service was charged 60% of Corporate Operations, which can include the corporate jets, or the lawyers to defend rate increases or getting rid of Net Neutrality. Local Service paid 44% of Construction and Maintenance (“Plant”) even though it only generated 23% of revenues. Even the Number of Access Lines has been Manipulated. 2.2 million “POTS”, plain old telephone service, copper-based Verizon NY lines are in service. These are only a fraction of the total lines, copper or fiber, in place. “0” Access lines for $4 billion in revenue. The financial report supplies zero lines for either the Access services or the Nonregulated services, which include revenues from part of the FIOS services. How can $4 billion dollars in revenue have no access lines listed? 7-8 million lines are potentially missing from the “landline”/access line accounting. All of the “interstate” services, like special access or FiOS, all lines rented to competitors and all ‘IP-based’ lines are not included in the NY State or FCC or Verizon accounting. I.e., the majority of Verizon NY access lines in use in 2016 have been hidden from view. Construction Budgets Diverted to Wireless Much of the construction budgets have been diverted to pay for the wireless networks – which has meant that the cities were not properly upgraded and maintained by the utilities. 5,515 cell sites were built from 2010-2013 at a cost estimated to be $2.8 billion and charged to Verizon New York. According to Verizon’s own press statements, this came out of the wireline construction budgets. $6.5-$7.5 billion in revenue was generated by Verizon Wireless, we estimate, in just New York State. Only $69 million was paid to Verizon New York from “Cellco Partners” (Verizon Wireless is a D/B/A) for use of the networks and any construction – which now includes the fiber that was supposed to be used for FiOS, the Fiber to the Home service, but are now wires to the wireless antennas. Verizon NY Estimated Overcharging and Underbilling $1.4 billion was overcharged to Local Service based on revenues, in just 2016. Local Service is profitable if the actual costs were properly assigned. $1.2 billion of expense was not properly allocated to Access services, based on costs. $1,500 per line was overcharged to local phone customers through multiple rate increases due to ‘losses’ and “massive deployment of fiber optics” (from 2006-2015). Prices should have been in steep decline because of major staff cuts and cutbacks in Local Service construction expenses. However, we are told by Verizon, the FCC and State that there is plenty of competition. Isn’t competition supposed to lower prices? Implications By claiming Local Service loses money and that the wires are not being used, or that the networks are not profitable enough to even upgrade and maintain, Verizon has manipulated every aspect of public policy. National Issue; Federal and State Issue This financial shell game is a state-by-state as well as a national and federal issue as it has been happening in every state and it impacts every city, and it is based on the FCC’s deformed federal accounting rules. This next exhibit supplies the “Corporate Operations” expense from the FCC’s 2007 “ARMIS” reports which covered the state-based telecom utilities, and it is the last available data. In this exhibit we sorted this group to detail the range of Corporation Operations expense added to the Local Service expenses. Throughout America, on average, in 2007, 70+% of Corporate Operations expense had been dumped into Local Service. We note that Access paid only 30% of this expense. Though it varies by phone company and location, the Verizon California territory (added as part of the GTE merger, which was then sold off to Frontier) dumped a whopping 78% of the Corporate Operations expense into Local Service (intrastate) category, as did AT&T in Illinois. Conclusion The Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report reveals a massive cross-subsidy scheme that has been in play for over a decade. It also reveals that there are massive holes in the FCC’s current and proposed plans to erase the accounting rules, shut off the copper, or deregulate special access. Instead, the FCC should be investigating these issues, not attempting to cover them up by erasing the accounting rules. This will only immortalize the cross-subsidies. The current investigation in New York has been underway for over a year, and it is being spearheaded by the Communications Workers of America, CWA. We applaud their efforts but for us the examination of the cross-subsidies and financial hanky panky was first documented in our report in 2012, which was filed with the NY State PSC and ignored, as were the multiple updates to that research. This new Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report shows that while a settlement in New York may curtail some egregious acts, it is not a cure, especially with the FCC’s current plans. It is time that every state and every city call for and start investigations and use this as a roadmap for change. And it is time to take the FCC to court over their current and proposed plans. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

22 июня, 17:01

Telecom Stock Roundup: T-Mobile US to Rollout 600 MHz Spectrum, CenturyLink May Face $12 Billion Lawsuit

The U.S. telecom industry remained rather subdued over the last week. Nevertheless, a few developments were worth noting.

22 июня, 16:46

Apple Adds Virgin Mobile to its List of Domestic Carriers

Per Reuters, after a span of nearly four years, Apple Inc (AAPL) has added a new carrier, Virgin Mobile USA.

22 июня, 15:56

Wall Street. Акции на премаркете

(компания / тикер / цена / изменение ($/%) / проторгованый объем) Amazon.com Inc., NASDAQ AMZN 1002.99 0.76(0.08%) 14009 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP AIG 62.88 -0.34(-0.54%) 170 Apple Inc. AAPL 145.92 0.05(0.03%) 31364 AT&T Inc T 38.19 0.04(0.10%) 2119 Barrick Gold Corporation, NYSE ABX 15.92 0.18(1.14%) 18907 Boeing Co BA 199.5 0.33(0.17%) 2995 Chevron Corp CVX 104.78 0.29(0.28%) 3761 Cisco Systems Inc CSCO 31.9 0.06(0.19%) 1947 Exxon Mobil Corp XOM 81.61 0.17(0.21%) 1103 Facebook, Inc. FB 154.03 0.12(0.08%) 18836 FedEx Corporation, NYSE FDX 211.1 -1.20(-0.57%) 1866 Ford Motor Co. F 11.06 0.02(0.18%) 2425 Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., NYSE FCX 11.25 0.04(0.36%) 25619 General Motors Company, NYSE GM 34.06 -0.07(-0.21%) 1052 Intel Corp INTC 34.6 0.02(0.06%) 4304 JPMorgan Chase and Co JPM 87.05 -0.07(-0.08%) 1755 Microsoft Corp MSFT 70.7 0.43(0.61%) 19130 Nike NKE 52.4 -0.19(-0.36%) 11846 Starbucks Corporation, NASDAQ SBUX 60 0.04(0.07%) 643 Tesla Motors, Inc., NASDAQ TSLA 376.52 0.12(0.03%) 84649 Twitter, Inc., NYSE TWTR 17.8 0.02(0.11%) 44609 Verizon Communications Inc VZ 45.55 0.14(0.31%) 1253 Visa V 95.35 0.81(0.86%) 126 Yandex N.V., NASDAQ YNDX 27.3 0.52(1.94%) 4025 Источник: FxTeam

22 июня, 15:32

Sprint's (S) Prepaid Arm Offers iPhone, Boosts Subscriber

Sprint Corp.'s (S) wholly owned prepaid subsidiary, Virgin Mobile USA, has inked a deal with tech giant Apple, to relaunch itself as an exclusive iPhone carrier, amidst stiff competition poised by others on similar policies.

21 июня, 18:16

Wireless Carriers' Conflicting Views on Copper Retirement

U.S. wireless carriers ??? CenturyLink Inc. (CTL), Windstream Holdings Inc. (WIN), Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) ??? having conflicting opinions on the time period for copper retirement set by the FCC.

21 июня, 17:32

Stock Market News for June 21, 2017

Benchmarks finished in negative territory on Tuesday, dragged down primarily by decline in energy shares

21 июня, 16:31

Sprint (S) to Provide 6 Gbps Data Speed over LTE Network

U.S. national wireless carrier, Sprint Corporation (S) has decided to offer 6 Gbps gigabit data transmission speed over LTE network in major markets.

20 июня, 17:14

Verizon Crowned the Fastest Network in U.S. in Latest Study

According to a latest study conducted by PCMag.com. , Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) is the fastest high-speed network operator among all other mobile networks in the U.S.

20 июня, 15:50

Wall Street. Акции на премаркете

(компания / тикер / цена / изменение ($/%) / проторгованый объем) ALCOA INC. AA 30.5 -0.39(-1.26%) 4623 Amazon.com Inc., NASDAQ AMZN 995.25 0.08(0.01%) 19071 Apple Inc. AAPL 146.43 0.09(0.06%) 162605 AT&T Inc T 38.93 0.02(0.05%) 4274 Barrick Gold Corporation, NYSE ABX 15.75 0.05(0.32%) 30439 Boeing Co BA 200.5 1.42(0.71%) 5854 Chevron Corp CVX 106.31 -1.15(-1.07%) 9897 Cisco Systems Inc CSCO 32 0.01(0.03%) 3135 Citigroup Inc., NYSE C 64.19 -0.29(-0.45%) 3990 Exxon Mobil Corp XOM 82.12 -0.64(-0.77%) 18634 Facebook, Inc. FB 152.77 -0.10(-0.07%) 27581 FedEx Corporation, NYSE FDX 211.1 0.65(0.31%) 2910 Ford Motor Co. F 11.22 -0.02(-0.18%) 1532 Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., NYSE FCX 11.42 -0.17(-1.47%) 13947 General Electric Co GE 28.83 0.03(0.10%) 1435 General Motors Company, NYSE GM 34.18 -0.17(-0.49%) 860 Goldman Sachs GS 225 -1.13(-0.50%) 2517 Google Inc. GOOG 957.3 -0.07(-0.01%) 2030 Home Depot Inc HD 159.17 0.36(0.23%) 250 Intel Corp INTC 35.45 -0.06(-0.17%) 1547 International Business Machines Co... IBM 154.71 -0.13(-0.08%) 300 JPMorgan Chase and Co JPM 87.75 -0.32(-0.36%) 28551 McDonald's Corp MCD 154 0.86(0.56%) 5958 Microsoft Corp MSFT 70.62 -0.25(-0.35%) 16075 Nike NKE 52.35 0.33(0.63%) 3080 Pfizer Inc PFE 33.16 -0.06(-0.18%) 1459 Procter & Gamble Co PG 89.76 -0.10(-0.11%) 103 Tesla Motors, Inc., NASDAQ TSLA 373.99 4.19(1.13%) 509651 Twitter, Inc., NYSE TWTR 17.07 0.01(0.06%) 34724 Verizon Communications Inc VZ 46.5 -0.07(-0.15%) 1125 Visa V 94.35 -0.44(-0.46%) 748 Yandex N.V., NASDAQ YNDX 26.4 -0.20(-0.75%) 300 Источник: FxTeam

20 июня, 09:21

Dow Jones и S&P 500 в понедельник обновили рекорды вслед за технологическим сектором

Фондовые индексы США выросли в понедельник вслед за возобновившимся ростом котировок акций высокотехнологичных компаний, существенно снизившихся за последние две недели.

19 июня, 23:02

Why the Cuban Dream May Be Over for U.S. Telecom Operators

President Trump recently announced that his administration will do away with many policies related to the communist state of Cuba, taken by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

19 июня, 19:51

Infrastructure Stocks 101: Key Factors Investors Need to Know

Infrastructure Stocks 101: Key Factors Investors Need to Know

19 июня, 15:55

Wall Street. Акции на премаркете

(компания / тикер / цена / изменение ($/%) / проторгованый объем) ALCOA INC. AA 30.3 0.30(1.00%) 2048 Amazon.com Inc., NASDAQ AMZN 996 8.29(0.84%) 61702 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP AIG 63.99 0.20(0.31%) 105 Apple Inc. AAPL 143.6 1.33(0.93%) 163854 AT&T Inc T 39.05 0.09(0.23%) 10725 Barrick Gold Corporation, NYSE ABX 15.62 -0.07(-0.45%) 192420 Boeing Co BA 198.3 1.86(0.95%) 7098 Caterpillar Inc CAT 108.1 0.50(0.46%) 9130 Chevron Corp CVX 108.88 0.53(0.49%) 262 Cisco Systems Inc CSCO 31.72 0.09(0.28%) 2886 Citigroup Inc., NYSE C 64.32 0.43(0.67%) 9014 Exxon Mobil Corp XOM 83.5 0.01(0.01%) 244783 Facebook, Inc. FB 152.04 1.40(0.93%) 92008 Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., NYSE FCX 11.56 0.14(1.23%) 14855 General Electric Co GE 29.14 0.14(0.48%) 69510 General Motors Company, NYSE GM 34.34 0.05(0.15%) 104 Google Inc. GOOG 948 8.22(0.87%) 6033 Home Depot Inc HD 157.37 0.73(0.47%) 528 Intel Corp INTC 35.36 0.15(0.43%) 1979 International Business Machines Co... IBM 155.95 0.57(0.37%) 704 JPMorgan Chase and Co JPM 86.75 0.57(0.66%) 11401 McDonald's Corp MCD 152.5 0.51(0.34%) 1183 Microsoft Corp MSFT 70.5 0.50(0.71%) 23365 Nike NKE 51.37 0.27(0.53%) 11589 Pfizer Inc PFE 33 0.03(0.09%) 3490 Procter & Gamble Co PG 89.54 -0.12(-0.13%) 439 Starbucks Corporation, NASDAQ SBUX 60.44 0.30(0.50%) 3946 Tesla Motors, Inc., NASDAQ TSLA 374.4 3.00(0.81%) 57903 The Coca-Cola Co KO 45.21 -0.10(-0.22%) 245 Twitter, Inc., NYSE TWTR 16.78 0.11(0.66%) 41894 UnitedHealth Group Inc UNH 180.5 -1.13(-0.62%) 500 Verizon Communications Inc VZ 46.75 0.12(0.26%) 372 Visa V 94.6 0.43(0.46%) 1850 Wal-Mart Stores Inc WMT 75.6 0.36(0.48%) 18354 Yandex N.V., NASDAQ YNDX 25.55 -0.02(-0.08%) 3851 Источник: FxTeam

19 июня, 15:50

United States Cellular Offers Free iPhone 7 to Lure Users

United States Cellular Corporation (USM) is offering a free iPhone 7 to those who switch to its network from rival carriers in a bid to attract new customers.

16 июня, 23:19

Dow 30 Stock Roundup: GE Appoints Flannery as CEO; UTX, CAT Hike Dividends

The Dow notched up successive record gains during a week marked by losses for tech stocks

16 июня, 20:17

Billions Being Poured into IoT: Are You Invested?

The total expenditure on hardware, software, services and connectivity to back Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to increase 16.7% year over year in 2017 all over the world, making this an $800-billion market.

19 ноября 2014, 12:16

Всего-то 34 рубля в секунду (и раньше можно было похвастаться, что 1 доллар в секунду))

Cемь из 30 крупнейших американских корпораций (Boeing Co, Ford Motor Co, Chevron Corp, Citigroup Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, JPMorgan Chase & Co и General Motors Co.) заплатили своим руководителям больше денег, чем федеральных подоходных налогов. В среднем по 5 компаниям руководители получили сущие пустяки -- $ 17,3 млн за 2013 год (по нынешнему курсу это 800 млн. с гаком, т.е. по 2,22 млн.рублей в день) Boeing и Форд Моторс выплатили своим генеральным директорам более $ 23 (т.е. за миллиард р. или 2,96 млн.руб. в день -- по 123,4 тыс.руб в час, по 2 тыс. в минуту по 34,3 рубля в секунду -- сущие пустяки) Интересно, если была бы возможность провести в компании этих приятных людей минут 15-ть -- выпить по чашечке кофе и заплатить за это 30 тыс.рублей -- о чем можно было порасспросить этих выдающихся людей?))  Американские руководители получили в 296 раз больше, чем рабочие их компаний, говорится в исследовании