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21 июня, 18:34

All the Times Stephen Colbert Went Too Far

More often than not, Stephen Colbert is a serious crack up. But sometimes he takes his jokes just a little bit too far and makes everyone uncomfortable.

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20 июня, 19:01

How To Start Your Career In Corporate Social Responsibility

Viacom’s BET Networks is known for building community. BET’s Nneka Norville shares her strategies and offers four tips to start a career in corporate social responsibility.

20 июня, 16:24

Comcast (CMCSA) Consolidates Advertising Technology Wing

Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) recently brought together its various advertising technologies under a new division - Advanced Advertising Group.

16 июня, 10:30

Friday Humor: Leaked Email Suggests 'Russophobia' Campaign Is Prelude To US Invasion Of Ukraine

Satirically authored by Ramin Mazaheri via The Saker, Leaked email suggests Russophobia campaign prelude to US invasion of Ukraine (Note: This leaked email has not yet been verified by WikiLeaks:) Date: 2017-06-14Source: PentagonClassification: SECRET/NOFORN/BLTPBJS E C R E TSECTION 03 OF 1,242 WASHINGTON – 314159265SUBJECT: Major General protests decision to continue the Russophobia campaignCLASSIFICATION APPROVED BY: CLASSIFIEDREASON: 1.4 (b), (d) I strongly urge those reading this email to finally acknowledge that the conditioning phase of the Russophobia campaign has been completed. The situation is exactly as planned to begin troop movements into Ukraine. Further delays are unnecessary and could jeopardize the long-range planning of Operation Reverse Mongol. President Trump has renounced his appeasement rhetoric concerning The Menace Putin. Trump has been rendered sufficiently pliable to formally announce conflict engagement. Media saturation has been total for some time, as is well-documented. Battalions – infantry, airborne and tank – have been placed on medium-high alert. However, Americans have a short attention span. Therefore, I strenuously object to the recent decision to continue the Russophobia campaign. How much longer is this going to go on? Now is time for Trump to declare hostilities in Ukraine! Follow normal procedures: This requires a formal letter to the UN on White House (not Trump) letterhead. Send copy to Kremlin. Make sure they sign for it. Let this email confirm that Lieutenant General Kleinphoffer was the first to request Trump’s signing pen as a souvenir. He says he is redecorating his den. I remind readers that the Russophobia conditioning campaign was neither meant to go on forever, nor was it done without a clear goal in mind. The US Army does not waste time, money, resources or manpower – that’s what we have the Navy for. (Don’t worry, they are not copied on this email.) The conditioning campaign must now be converted into a war propaganda campaign for multiple reasons, both theoretical and practical. Hillary is getting cabin fever, and Bill said that he never signed up to spend so much time with her. We know she needs the spotlight and, frankly, she deserves it: It wasn’t easy to get her on board, but she understood her fall was necessary in order to provide enough of a pretext to invade Ukraine. In fact, Hillary has acted like a champ for the Pentagon time and again, repeatedly postponing her ascendancy to the White House. First for 8 years of Obama, and now for 4 years of Trump. Hillary is indeed a true patriot of the Bilderberg Group, and this email serves to inform that I am recommending her for our highest honor: Ensign of the Cross of the Griffin of the 3rd Phase of the Moon. This also gives her a preferential parking space at future meetings. Frankly, I’ll be retiring when she does finally take office – she’s just going to keep us way too busy for my age. I have total confidence that she’ll be a great wartime president, just as she was a great wartime first lady, wartime New York senator and wartime Secretary of State. Note: We must increase funding to her “Resistance” Political Action Committee. Hats off to the people across the hall in PentPropInform who came up with that title. Excellent further conditioning – really makes one think that they are the good ones fighting pure evil. Personal statement: Gee whiz, I’m just so darn happy!!! I’ve been waiting so gosh darn long! Now we can finally start stopping the Red Menace! Yes, I know that Major General Feffernetter is adamant that Russia is not red anymore because they aren’t communist – he insists they should be brown: as in bears and birch trees. But I say birch is more of a gray! Get your eyes checked Feffernetter! Anyway, we cannot confuse our citizens, so stop bringing that up to CNN – Wolf Blitzer spent 22 minutes on this yesterday! But I’m just over the moon that we can finally land in Ukraine and start moving eastward to Russia: We almost let decades of planning go to waste! But I never had any doubt that Trump wouldn’t know which buttons to press – “small hands”, LOL. Obama’s “pivot to China” diversionary tactic has worked – they’ll close the back door as we sweep eastward! Exciting times, exciting times indeed! But we still have loose ends to tie up. To wit: Cultural Angles: Rachel Maddow is asking for more money – I guess #1 ratings aren’t enough. Give that braying giraffe whatever she wants. We can’t lose her now, and she knows it. But somebody simply HAS TO tell her that it’s too damned risky to keep letting her use an army barber! I don’t care how much they “understand her type of hair” – someone could see her and ask questions! I know I promised everyone an advance listening of the new Pussy Riot single, but they’re saying they need time to rehearse. When did they start doing that?! We all remember what happened when The Monkees tried to play their own instruments, right? For sure, whatever they come up with will be unlistenable, so let’s increase our funding to boost their single sales at the Apple Store. And what is going on with our Chinese version of Pussy Riot – “Sideways Sino Sucky Sucky”? I thought all the kids like that punky music nowadays? Somebody hook up one of those angular banjos they play to a distortion pedal and get it on MTV ASAP! Do I have to call Viacom myself? Like I did to get that Kardashian’s phone number for General Stupotski? (And what did he do with it? Nothing! Don’t believe his bragging – I’ve seen the surveillance tapes! Wasn’t even one of the good Kardashians….) I don’t want to say “I told you so”, but I remind people that we have gotten virtually nowhere with our program to promote Ai Weiwei. As I’ve said all along: the only people who care about modern art and Ai Weiwei are 2% of the New York Times readership, and 99% of them are bluffing. Human Rights Angles: Continue with the Chechnya homosexuals media campaign – DNA testing came back and Chechens do classify racially as White, and we cannot tolerate any sort of abuse of human rights for White people. Hey, I had them pegged as some sort of Turkic tribe, but you can’t argue with racial science. Anyway, we need some sort for pretext or the Russian invasion, right? We can’t use Communism anymore; there’s no American expatriate community to defend; I checked around, and it seems that Russians actually do have a somewhat solid claim to pretend they are Christians. Look at just the most recent example of French soldier pedophilia in Burkina Faso– nobody cares about kids. And don’t tell me it’s because they’re Black kids, because I just don’t buy it. So it’s the gays or back to the drawing board. Terrorism angles: You know, we need to stop breaking our arms from patting ourselves on the back for how good we’ve done with this angle in Muslim nations. Yes, this is our bread and butter…and yet we’ve done nothing as regards Russia. And yes, the neo-Nazi terrorists have done great in Ukraine – no one is denying that – but you know we can’t trumpet that success in the media. But I’m tired of hearing: “People simply won’t believe there are Russian bombers in Manchester or Paris.” I’d believe it! Maddow would too! Anyway, aren’t there Muslims in Siberia? Mongolian Muslims or something? If so, increase their funding immediately. Human Resource Issues: We do have a problem with our #3 agent in Operation Journalist Putemania: Agent Maxwell Klinger’s gender issues are causing major morale problems, so can we please clarify which bathroom the agent should use? Yesterday I caught him or her standing in front of a latrine door and crying – he or she said he or she didn’t know whether to use the his or hers! There was even a new secret EU Army delegation passing by, even! They’re already trying to bypass our munitions producers – we don’t need this negative press! Frankly, Klinger is rather chubby and I always thought she was man, but others said he was a woman, and now we all know that he or she has no idea. Us too. Can we please get this issue and Agent Klinger sorted out post-haste? I don’t even know why Klinger is hesitating? The men’s bathroom stinks like a rabbit hutch! We really need to get some young blood in the Pentagon…all the aiming equipment of us old farts has gone to pot without any action. This good long war will revivify us! But, yes, I take responsibility for that: I’m the one who insisted that my neighbor get the custodial contract. I’m telling you his kids were ruining my lawn! And you should see Mildred’s hydrangeas now that baseballs aren’t constantly rolling through there! I’ll talk to him about not being so cost-cutting with the disinfectant and also about getting some sort of gender-neutral signs. Maybe that’ll put the Klinger issue to bed. But frankly, someone needs stop Klinger from getting distracted from the larger issues. Operation Reverse Mongol is not fun and games. Yours sincerely and Bilderberg Forever, Maj. Gen. Lawrence Pepperbottom

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15 июня, 19:30

Musical.ly Launches Video Series With Viacom, NBCUniversal And Hearst

Musical.ly, the short-form video sharing app used widely by teens, will soon be publishing more than just lip sync videos.

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08 июня, 16:46

Is Viacom (VIAB) a Great Stock for Value Investors?

Viacom is an inspired choice for value investors, as it is hard to beat its incredible lineup of statistics on this front.

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08 июня, 12:34

Viacom (VIAB) Down 3.2% Since Earnings Report: Can It Rebound?

Viacom (VIAB) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

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07 июня, 10:27

The Sneaky, Secret Methods Employers Use to Steal From Your Paycheck

Is your boss stealing from you? There are numerous sneaky ways an employer can pilfer from your paycheck -- without you even knowing.

06 июня, 19:10

China's Scandal Tinged Push To Buy Up Hollywood Media

Via Disobedient Media As China's economy has boomed, corporations and individuals with historically close ties to the government have been the major beneficiaries. Sitting flush with massive amounts of cash on hand, power players in the Chinese markets have increasingly sought to branch out and increase their investments in foreign countries. Many of these investments target key industries despite their own government often restricting or forbidding the same kind of foreign investment domestically. Concerningly, figures with ties to anti-American factions of the Chinese government such as real estate mogul Wang Jianlin have targeted American media outlets in the U.S. as investment targets while at the same time beginning to increase rhetoric towards U.S. leaders and becoming involved in corruption scandals. The increased investment comes at a time where Hollywood celebrities have also become increasingly cozy with Asian investors and in some cases become embroiled in Asian financial scandals. I. Wang Jianlin Is A Former PLA Regimental Commander Whose Dailan Wanda Group Has Been Acquiring Various Hollywood Media Assets Wang Jianlin (???) is a Chinese billionaire who stands at what the New York Times has described as the intersection of business and power in China. Mr. Wang served 16 years in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, rising to the rank of regimental commander. He is described by Forbes magazine as connected to Ke Xiping, the Chinese Tycoon who played a middleman role in helping the government of China in buying influence in Democratic propaganda outlet Shareblue. In 1988 he was offered a management position at a debt-burdened state run enterprise while working at a provincial government post in Dalian, China. The company was transformed into the Dalian Wanda Group (??????) and established itself building and operating commercial property, luxury hotels, culture and tourism, and department stores. While the company has its roots in property and infrastructure, Mr. Wang has begun to push Dalian Wanda in a bold new direction: investing in all six of Hollywood's major studios. One of Dalian Wanda's first major acquisitions in Hollywood was AMC Entertainment Holdings, purchased in 2012 as part of what was described as being an attempt by the Chinese movie industry to study American markets and understand why viewers had previously been unresponsive to Chinese media. In January 2016, Dalian Wanda purchased Legendary Entertainment, who have co-financed dozens of movies with partners, including films such as “The Dark Knight,” “Jurassic World” and “Straight Outta Compton.” The investment was followed by a purchase of a stake in Sony Pictures. Dalian Wanda's push to acquire real estate in the Hollywood film industry has been fraught with pushback from both American interests as well as other Chinese groups competing with Wang for control in Hollywood. Wang also made a bid to acquire Dick Clark Productions, the company responsible for running the Golden Globes and Miss America pageants. On March 17th, 2017, Variety reported that the $1 billion deal had fallen through. Reuters speculated that the deal's failure might be due to high U.S.-China tensions and tight scrutiny by Beijing on outbound deals. In March 2017, Chinese president Xi Jinping replaced the PLA’s vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, a move that many observers saw as an effort to clean up corruption and consolidate Beijing’s control of the PLA. The action may have affected Wang's business dealings due to his affiliation with factions of the Chinese military. In September 2016, Viacom vetoed a deal to sell a stake Paramount Pictures to Dalian Wanda, instead opting to revive negotiations with two other Chinese media companies in April. II. Hollywood Celebrities Have Been Wooed To Asia, Become Involved In Scandals Wang Jianlin has also made overtures towards Hollywoods celebrities in an effort to draw them into the Asian film market. When Wang opened his Oriental Movie Metropolis in Qingdao, China, a number of A-list stars including Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckinsale, John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio and Zhang Ziyi were in attendance. Leonardo DiCaprio's increased focus on Asian markets and audiences has also managed to land him in scandal, specifically for his involvement in the Malaysian 1MDB scandal. The 1MDB Scandal began in 2015 when it was discovered that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had funneled over $700 million from the state run 1Malaysia Development Berhad development fund into his personal accounts. These reports sparked panic as 1MDB faced increasing difficulty repaying its debts. The scandal spread as governments around the world moved to arrest involved parties and seize assets. In the United States, the Department of Justice moved in and made what the BBC reported as being its largest asset seizure in history, over $1 billion. The scandal also involved Chinese banking conglomerates who have assisted with Dalian Wanda's acquisitions abroad. A press releases from 1MDB's website and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce revealed that the state run Export-Import Bank of China (???????) (China-Exim) agreed in 2014 to jointly develop the Tun Razak ITC Landmark Building in Malaysia. Started in 2014, the project was not scheduled to be completed until 2027, raising questions about whether or not the deal was a fraudulent transaction intended to conceal transfers of cash. DiCaprio's involvement centered around revelations that the production company behind the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The Hollywood Reporter also noted that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation allegedly received money from a Christie’s charity auction in which businessman Jho Low allegedly used $1.1 million from the 1MDB fund to purchase to pieces of art. The Wall Street Journal reported that DiCaprio was cooperating with the Department of Justice in their probe of the scandal. Disobedient Media has previously reported that DiCaprio has in the past been involved along with other celebrities in a money laundering scheme being run by an alleged Russian mobster. III. Concerns About Chinese Use Of Hollywood Media To Project "Soft Power" Many have expressed reservations about China's forays into American media outlets due to the influence they hold over American hearts and minds. The Los Angeles Times has cited concerns among some lawmakers that Dalian Wanda could wield too much control over the content and distribution of American movies given its close ties to the Chinese government. During the time that Wang Jianlin's holdings were exercising increased influence over the Golden Globes, the 2017 awards ceremony was one of the most political on record despite Wanda executives' assurances to the press that they would not use their control of Dick Clark to interfere with the awards process. In an October 2016 article by Variety, Hawk Koch, a Hollywood based advisor to Wang Jianlin, directly stated that Chinese films would play a larger role in studios purchased by Dalian Wanda. The deep ties that Wang Jianlin has to the People's Liberation Army do not inspire confidence in his claims that he would not use his control over U.S. media outlets for propaganda purposes. China has in the past used mediums such as radio to influence Americans and push tacitly pro-Chinese messages. In November 2015, a Reuters investigation into a local Washington D.C. radio station exposed the involvement of Chinese government in controlling radio broadcasting at 33 radio stations in 14 countries being run in a covert manner by the state run China Radio International. The Chinese government has at times played a central role to Dalian Wanda's expansion which accentuates concerns over how Wang Jianlin's control of U.S media will be used. When Wang purchased AMC Entertainment, the deal was financed by the China Exim Bank, which was previously also tied to the 1MDB scandal. The close relationship between Wang Jianlin, the PLA and the China-Exim Bank raises the very real possibility that factions within the country will exert their influence in Hollywood to push Chinese "soft power" to American and international audiences, given that China has a history of engaging in this kind of behavior. IV. Wang Jianlin Has Engaged In Anti-Trump Rhetoric And Become Involved In U.S. Scandals Since beginning his push to focus on acquiring Hollywood film industry assets, Wang Jianlin has begun to engage in increasingly hostile rhetoric against president Donald Trump. On December 10th, 2016, Wang issued veiled threats to the incoming U.S. leader where he warned that 20,000 people employed by him “wouldn’t have anything to eat" in the event that things were "handled poorly" during future negotiations. Wang's newfound boldness in speaking out so strongly against U.S. authorities may arise from the fact that he has so far been able to escape consequences for his role in a New York scandal involving mayor Bill DeBlasio. On August 29th, 2016, local New York media outlet Spectrum News revealed that in March 2016 a City Hall lobbyist Jim Capalino had set up a private, no cameras allowed meeting between Bill de Blasio and Wang Jianlin. A spokesperson said that the meeting was about Chinese tourism. The meeting was significant as China Vanke, a firm Wang had partnered with, is implicated in a scandal surrounding Rivington House. Rivington House was a Lower East Side nursing home which was converted into luxury apartments and sold for a $72 million profit after a city agency approved a zoning change. The day after Spectrum News' story, Daily News reported that De Blasio cut ties to Capalino after the lobbyist was implicated in a number of "pay-to-plan" schemes being investigated by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. The New York Post mentions that Capalino is one of a number of lobbyists with close ties to Bill de Blasio who are under legal scrutiny for alleged fraud or cronyism. Wang Jianlin's involvement in American corruption, his brazen rhetoric towards U.S. politicians and his increasing control over the content of media which is consumed by Western viewers and audiences presents a very real problem given his historic ties to the PLA. Disobedient Media has noted in the past that Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches directly implicate factions in the PLA as being responsible for promoting Chinese policies of non-intervention in North Korea, emboldening the country to acquire nuclear weapons and engage in belligerent and hostile behavior towards their neighbors. The close proximity of Wang and his empire to figures associated with such activities creates questions about his true intentions regarding U.S. investment and the U.S. political figures who willingly welcome him with open arms.

02 июня, 21:16

Why the ‘End of TV’ Is Great for Facebook and Google

If the dynamic tech duo could go back in time and design the perfect ally to push advertising from TV to mobile phones, it would look exactly like Netflix.

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31 мая, 00:16

Movie Theater Stocks Slump, Will Summer Blockbuster Season Be a Flop?

Many movie theater companies saw their stock prices dip on Tuesday after an extremely disappointing Memorial Day weekend turnout. But does a rough holiday weekend mean that the pivotal summer movie season might be a dud?

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Выбор редакции
19 мая, 22:20

CBS' CEO Moonves says Viacom undervalued

CBS Corp (CBS.N) Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said in response to a shareholder question on Friday that he believed shares of Viacom Inc (VIAB.O), which the network considered merging with last year, were undervalued. Asked at the annual CBS shareholder meeting in New York if it would revisit a merger with Viacom, Lawrence Tu, senior executive vice president and chief legal officer, said CBS was focusing on its current strategy that includes diversifying its revenue stream. Shares of Viacom rose $1.22, or 3.6 percent, to $35.20 late Friday afternoon.

19 мая, 19:05

James Jaeger: New Documentary “Mainstream” on The Globalist Agenda in Movies

Via The Daily Bell James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker who co-founded Matrix Entertainment which has partnered with Bill Van Alen, of Cornerstone Entertainment, Constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira, Jr., and independent producer, Richard B. Iott, to produce a series of feature-length political documentaries centering on the U.S. Constitution.  The first documentary — “FIAT EMPIRE” about the Federal Reserve System, featuring Congressman Ron Paul — garnered a Telly Award and went viral as the #1 film on the Internet for six months.  That inspired James and his associates to develop, produce and release additional cutting-edge motion pictures including SPOILER, MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE featuring such experts as Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Stewart Rhodes, Larry Pratt, John McManus, Sheriff Mack and other Freedom Movement celebrities.  The Daily Bell: What are you doing as far as your current film project? James Jaeger: I am working on a new film entitled MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.  Because this is a large subject, we have broken it down into a 4-part mini series.  MAINSTREAM Part 1 – “Moving Images” [premiered] Wednesday, 17 May. We are hoping that people will see merit to Part 1 and help us complete Part 2, which is currently in rough-cut stage.  We do not need very much money to complete Part 2, but frankly, if donations don’t come in, we will shelve the entire project; the Globalists that control the Mainstream Media will have won.  I don’t mean to be overly dramatic here, but I want to let your readers know up-front that this movie project has been the most difficult to get made of all 7 of my previous documentaries. Although OATH KEEPERS has been very supportive of MAINSTREAM — and about 400 of their Members have donated — one of our key producer/donors died (loss of $27,000), another one bailed out because he’s leery about being blacklisted by Hollywood (loss of $25,000) and the last recently signed a deal with a major studio (loss of $20,000).  Given these losses, and in the absence of an eagle who steps in, we are more dependent on Mom & Pop donors than ever.  Such donors gave us great support for the previous two “gun” movies, MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE, and they got done with good effect. I send one of our 7 movies to Donald Trump’s office every week and I have been sending MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE to Wayne LaPierre’s  office every three or four months.  And have you noticed his change in tone as he and his organization start to “git”  the Second, as Sheriff Mack might say. So these movies are making an impact.  Trump’s entire platform on free trade is a practically word-for-word duplicate of ORIGINAL INTENT, one of the movies you here at the Daily Bell promoted and supported early on.  So YOU are making a difference through this publication and our movies. My solution to sluggish funding is to double down, work harder and try to make an even better film than all 7 of the previous films.  MAINSTREAM will certainly be the most controversial and complex film and the reasons for this will slowly unfold as audiences get into Parts 2 and 3.  There are a lot of nasty little business practices going on in Hollywood and the media that have kept a “control group” in power for well over 100 years.  We will explain exactly how they have done this so if you want to help us educate Americans, and even the Trump Administration, about the MEDIA MONSTER that is strangling the Republic, go to www.MainstreamMedia.us and allocate what you can. The Daily Bell: You are doing a history of movies and how it was taken over by the left? James Jaeger: True but it was also taken over by corporations.  The MAINSTREAM MEDIA is both liberal AND corporate. A synopsis of the series is as follows:  MAINSTREAM traces Hollywood’s origins from the early art-driven movie moguls to the profit-driven corporations of today. With the government-decreed divestiture of movie theaters in 1948, the Golden Age of Hollywood was destroyed.  Along with this destruction of the “studio system,” movies became increasingly formulaic, exploitative, violent and produced by a small “control group” of insiders.  Then, with the advent of TV and various influences from Europe, Hollywood movies descended into a morass of political correctness and fake news that gave birth to what we know as the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Now governed by just 6 huge conglomerates, Hollywood movies and the New York-based media have become involved with hundreds of predatory, unethical and often times illegal business practices that result in discrimination against talents, crews, executives and whole populations.  Worse, the movies and network news have become a tool of the Globalist Agenda, an agenda to outsource the U.S. manufacturing base in the name of “free trade” and destroy the American Middle Class in the name of “stockholder value.”  Hollywood has become one of the “big bad” corporations it endlessly dramatizes in its movies. And all this started as a consequence of government intervention into the right of the movie moguls to market their own movies in their own theaters. The Daily Bell: Are central banks going to win out?  If so, doesn’t this basically do away with private money? James Jaeger: Since the Federal Reserve infestation, the entire world now operates with so-called central banks.  Each bank thus emits its own “fiat currency” and as it does it dilutes all its existing fiat currency.  As its purchasing power in the world market decreases, each central bank is forced to devalue its currency by changing exchange rates and printing more money.  Thus all of the world’s central banks are in a race to the bottom.  The bottom will come when paper currency has a value of zero. Enter gold and crypto-currency, what I guess you are calling private money.  The beauty of gold and crypto-currency is central banks can’t print them, thus the only thing that affects their value is market demand.  In MAINSTREAM we will go into the Federal Reserve System and how Hollywood and the New York networks do everything in their power to suppress the issue of fiat currency and invalidate things like gold and silver.  This is, of course, one of the reasons the Mainstream Media ignored our documentary, “FIAT EMPIRE — Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution” even though Ron Paul starred in the film and it went viral with millions of viewers. The Daily Bell: Why don’t central banks want private money? James Jaeger: Because they can’t manipulate it.  There is nothing that drives a banker wilder than a citizen making his or her own choices.  The idea that a citizen could originate or use a currency that was totally PRIVATE and not issued or controlled by the central banking oligopoly is like tossing acid in one’s face.  This is why gold, silver and now crypto-currencies like BitCoin, are not only the Devil incarnate to the central banker, but models they are feverishly seeking to imitate.  BUT, once imitated, you can be sure they will be loaded with plenty of “back doors” — for what good is ANY currency if the Central Banking Mob can’t get its clutches into it and pervert it for its Globalist Agenda.  And no one in this scenario serves the Central Banker’s nefarious mission more than the Mainstream Media — first failing their FCC-licensed duty to inform the public about any criminal banking Establishment, and second by profiteering off same.   How many bank commercials do you see on network TV every day?  Plenty!  How many BitCoin commercials do you see?  Zip! The Daily Bell: Why is the film in four parts? James Jaeger: When I got into the research for MAINSTREAM I had to go through about 50 books — all of which I ended up purchasing so they would be permanently available for me to study and cross index.  Out of these 50 books, I was then able to narrow them down to the 6 books that best explicated the vital points to be covered in the documentary.  The books are: HOLLYWOOD WARS by John W. Cones THE MEDIA MONOPOLY by Ben H. Bagdikian AN EMPIRE OF THEIR OWN by Neal Gabler HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS by Ethan Mordden IT’S THE MEDIA, STUPID Intro by Ralph Nader HOLLYWOOD VS AMERICA by Michael Medved To make a very long story shorter, the research for MAINSTREAM took an entire year and when I tried to stuff all this information into even a 180-minute film, it simply would not fit.  So I broke it up into 4 Parts, each part between 47 and 55 minutes.  And smaller parts may be best because MAINSTREAM is a mind-numbing course on Hollywood and the New York media few will be able to absorb in more than a 55-minute sitting. Also, since I have been a film producer/director since 1964, I have picked up a few ideas about The BIZ myself, and thus appear in MAINSTREAM as one of the “experts” along with the following “cast”: Chuck Baldwin; Edwin Vieira, Jr; Edward Griffin; Jack Rooney; John Cones; John McManus; Ken Gullekson; Larry Pratt; Nikola Lonchar; Paul Gibbons; Richard Gage; Ron Paul; Rosie Haas; Sam Chew; Sheila Matthews; Stewart Rhodes; and Ted Baehr. The Daily Bell: What part is being premiered and when will the next part be available? James Jaeger: For a limited amount of time you will be able to screen the first part of MAINSTREAM for free at www.MainstreamMedia.us/premiere. Again, MAINSTREAM Part 1 is about 55 minutes long.  If you go to the Premiere site you can watch several trailers and various clips of some of the experts, among which is EDWIN VIEIRA, CHUCK BALDWIN and STEWART RHODES.  More clips are at the official website. The Daily Bell: I understand Part 1 goes right up to the takeover of the movies and how and why this occurred? James Jaeger: Part 1 takes us through the formation of Hollywood and its control by the original immigrant movie moguls who were ostensibly forced out of the Eastern Establishment by the likes of Edison and Ford.  We discuss the incredible art-driven industry the Moguls built and then what happened to this “studio system” when the Paramount Case came down and chopped off the movie theaters.  We then go into how and why Hollywood, and later the TV industry/networks, became predatory and dominated by a small group of agents, lawyers, and top executives that are 70%  “politically liberal, not-very-religious Jewish males of European heritage” — as entertainment/securities attorney, John W. Cones,  says.   Thus Part 1 takes us up to the point where cultural Marxism and corporate fascism infect the Hollywood movies and Part 2 goes into what influence they had, not only on you and I as adults, but our kids. The Daily Bell: Was it somehow Russian-backed? James Jaeger: Well Marxism is the basis for Communism and its milder flavor known as socialism.  Given the rise of Bernie Sanders — a self-pronounced socialist — Americans should easily be able to see that flavors of Marxism are becoming normalized in the U.S. Republic — at least to the youth and college kids.  And this is, of course, because of the Frankfurt School’s “long march through the cultural institutions” — mainly the movies and academia. One of the things we do NOT mention in MAINSTREAM (to the praise of some and the horror of others) is that Marx was Jewish and so were most of the “leading lights” at the Frankfurt School.  So if movies reflect their maker’s interests, values, cultural perspectives, and prejudices, does it really need to be stated that Marxism and Hollywood as a culture go hand in hand?  Unfortunately, few in “politically correct”  America want to mention, let alone discuss, this for fear of being branded anti-Semitic. So the movie industry and Mainstream Media are not Russia-backed per se, but the same political philosophy that infected the people of Europe infected the control group that dominates the Hollywood studios and eventually the New York networks.  In MAINSTREAM we address all this discuss its ramifications.  Unfortunately, there will be some that may try to label this movie anti-Semitic so the unthinking masses will ignore it, but I can assure you MAINSTREAM is not anti-Semitic in any way for we support Abe Foxman, former head of the Anti-Defamation League’s, assertion that ‘Jews, in general, do not run Hollywood.’ The twist in the plot, however, is that Hollywood IS dominated by a very narrowly defined control group, Jewishness being only one of the factors — albeit the factor Hollywood apologists obsess over.  We delve into this obsession and explain how and why it shrouds the real issues of control, domination, and private propaganda. The Daily Bell: Why would Wall Street want the movies to become more leftist? James Jaeger: As we will discuss in MAINSTREAM, the Hollywood Control Group — and by extension the Network and Conglomerate Control Groups —are both liberal AND corporate.  The Conglomerates — COMCAST, DISNEY, SONY, TIME WARNER, 21ST CENTURY FOX and VIACOM.  To understand how this mix of corporate and liberal work, one must understand the mechanisms behind “creative control” and “ownership control” and how the entertainment industry has come to divvy up these hats.  We go into this in Part 1 of MAINSTREAM, so I won’t go into it here. The Daily Bell: We notice that Hollywood makes movies about evil corporations but very rarely about the American or British government. Does Hollywood stay away from the government on purpose? James Jaeger: Yes the corporation and its executives are usually the “bad guys” in Hollywood movies and the government and its FBI are usually the “good guys.”  As we emphasize over and over, MOVIES REFLECT THEIR MAKERS: Interests, Values, Cultural perspectives, Prejudices. Thus the Control Group is NOT interested in green-lighting movies that make corporations the “good guys” or the government the “bad guys.”  This is their interest, value, perspective and prejudice.  The state is all —  the individual is subordinate.  The last movie about good corporations that never got made in Hollywood was called ATLAS SHRUGGED.  Hollywood never funded the development or production of this best-selling book by Ayn Rand even though it was kicking around the industry for almost 50 years — and even though Ayn Rand was Jewish. So in every Hollywood movie, the corporation is the greedy “bad guy” and the Uncle Sam government is the “good guy.”  And this is simply because the government takes care of the nice poor Democrats and the corporations take care of the mean rich Republicans.  And since Hollywood is dominated by politically liberal, secular Jewish males of European heritage it’s only natural for Hollywood’s movies to have a socialist, liberal, anti-free market, anti-capitalist bias to them because most Jews are Democrats and most Europeans are socialists.  But again, to understand how Hollywood exists as both CORPORATE and LIBERAL, you will simply have to watch MAINSTREAM very carefully.  Or you could read some of John Cones’ 17 books, for instance, one on “Patterns of Bias” in the motion picture industry, available at Amazon. The Daily Bell: Usually America and Britain are seen as saving the day. We find this highly problematic. James Jaeger: Yes. Again this is because of the interests, values, cultural perspectives and prejudices of the 56 males that dominate the U.S. Mass Media Oligopoly. The Daily Bell: The central banks are working overtime to develop their own crypto-currency.  Are they working without publicity by the mainstream media so they can spring their “solutions” on the world? James Jaeger: Of course.  We go into the Fed’s relationship with the Mainstream Media Control group in MAINSTREAM in Part 4 — and other subjects they ignore or invalidate.  In brief, the MSM never promotes anything that does not align with its interests and prejudices and, as anyone can see, banks pay for a lot of spots on the network TV.  Also Big Pharma, oil and oil-burning internal combustion automobiles. All over the place. When do you see ads for electric cars, solar, fusion, vitamins or BitCoin?  Rarely, if ever.  So, once the central banks sufficiently steal the blockchain technology and alter it for their control purposes, you can bet you will see it plastered all over network TV and into the MPAA Hollywood movies.  Our “solution” to your money problems, they will say.  Then the stupid public will lap it all up — hey it’s on TV — and start purchasing their new “financial services”. God knows what these financial “services” will be but they will probably make collateralized debt obligations look like Monopoly Money.  In such a way, the Mainstream Media gets almost all Americans brainwashed out of their minds and ready for any new Ponzi. In fact, it has everyone so brainwashed, WE THE PEOPLE now seem to “love” movies and guns more than we love our kids.  After all, by 18, we have allowed our kids to watch over 16,000 stabbings and shootings or 200,000 other violent acts in movies and on network TV.  Many of these acts are even peppered with (toilet) humor and the consequences of human suffering are rarely depicted.  Also, much of the violence is even glamorized with big “name” stars, all of which denounce the guns in liberal media interviews, yet secretly and hypocritically keep and bear guns for their own personal security. The Daily Bell: Is the idea to offer their solutions after they are fully done in order to take over blockchain and crypto-currencies? James Jaeger: I would think so. The Globalist Agenda requires a global currency.   I would thus think it’s only a matter of time before the world governments try to outlaw BitCoin and all crypto-currencies.  And of course, they will attempt to make their new “world crypto-currency” all as normal as apple pie with a little help from their global brainwashing friends in the Hollywood movies and New York Networks.  This is another WHY the MSM is promoting the Globalist Agenda. The Daily Bell: This same thing was done with the movies, wasn’t it?  Are they trying to shut down independent films now or is it too late? James Jaeger: John Cones, one of our experts in MAINSTREAM, more fully answers this question, how the major studios have bought up most of the independent production companies so they can absorb even THEIR share of the market. The Daily Bell: We see things changing.  Maybe the movie domination of Wall Street and the City is over? James Jaeger: I don’t know if things are changing.  Last night I was reading the 2017 TIME WARNER Annual Report the big news is that AT&T will be acquiring TIME WARNER and the Board approved the “Merger Agreement” on 22 October 2016 as a cash + stock deal.  So here we go again, yet more consolidation of the U.S. MASS MEDIA OLIGOPOLY. We will discuss this Oligopoly in MAINSTREAM — a movie NOT coming to a theater near you.  And why is this?  BECAUSE the very companies we will be DISCUSSING will not make themselves the ISSUE. The ramifications of only 6 conglomerates dominating 95% of the mass media should cause all Americans that love their kids to be FREAKING out.  As discussed earlier, TIME WARNER is one of the six hyper-brainwashers and TIME WARNER owns everything. They used to even own the song “Happy Birthday To You” but recently got rid of this.  Good PR move as this made them look greedy and predatory.  But they still own everything else.  And if “they” don’t own it, one of their teenage subsidiaries — Turner, Warner Bros. or HBO — owns it.  So the TIME WARNER Report goes on and on about how profitable and diversified these taxable entities are, yet no one there pays many taxes. The Daily Bell: Any other points you want to make? James Jaeger: If you like what we have done so far, please donate whatever you can to help us get Part 2 done.  If donations don’t come in, this series stops at Part 1, dead forever.  If generous donations come in — in other words, everyone reading this and screening the movie donates at least 100, 50 or 25 dollars — we get Part 2, and maybe even Parts 3 and 4, all done by the end of the Summer. If this documentary series doesn’t get completed, I will assure you it will be a cold day in hell before anyone else attempts this insane and unrequited task.  And by then the Internet may not even exist as we know it for somehow the Conglomerates will have swallowed even that.  So here’s the URL: www.MainstreamMedia.us/donate   Eat out one less time this month and I promise you we at Matrix Entertainment we will put your money to better use than the restaurant owner. The Daily Bell: We’ll look forward to Part 2 and thank you for your time. James Jaeger: Thank you for granting me a “platform” — something the Mainstream Media denies anyone with a worthwhile message about Constitutional principles, free markets or responsible capitalism.  

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Brad Grey, Former Paramount Pictures CEO, Dead At 59

UPDATE: Following the news of Grey’s death, a number of statements were released from Viacom and Paramount. Statement from Sumner and Shari Redstone: We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our friend, Brad Grey, whose tremendous kindness and talent inspired so many of us in the entertainment industry. His vision and leadership at Paramount Pictures brought iconic films and programs to audiences around the world. We are so grateful for Brad’s friendship and we extend our deepest condolences to his wife, Cassandra, and their family. Statement from Bob Bakish, CEO and President, Viacom, Inc: Brad Grey was an extraordinary talent with a passion and gift for storytelling that won’t be forgotten. He has left an incredible legacy at Paramount and across the entire entertainment industry, from the beloved hit franchises he developed for both film and television, to the countless individuals he mentored and supported throughout his career.  All of us at Viacom and Paramount mourn his passing, and our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. Statement from Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures: All of us at Paramount are deeply saddened by the news of Brad Grey’s passing. He was at the helm of the studio for over a decade and was responsible for so many of the studio’s most beloved films. We extend our deepest sympathies to Cassandra, Max, Sam, Emily and Jules Grey, along with Brad’s mother, brother and sister. I was proud to call Brad a friend, and one I greatly admired. He will be missed by us all, and left his mark on our industry and in our hearts. EARLIER: Brad Grey, a former talent manager and producer of some of your favorite movies, died following a battle with cancer Sunday night in his home in Holmby Hills, California, according to Deadline. He was 59. Grey spent 12 years as chairman/CEO of Paramount Pictures before reportedly being forced out this year due to “five years of dismal results at the film studio.” His death comes only months after leaving the company and is a surprise to many. Shocked about Brad Grey. RIP.— Cynthia Littleton (@Variety_Cynthia) May 15, 2017 SHOCKING NEWS: Brad Grey has died at 59. Mogul of Hollywood's modern era. Story coming.... @thewrap— Sharon Waxman (@sharonwaxman) May 15, 2017 Very sad: Brad Grey, until recently the head of Paramount Pictures, has died at the age of 59. Statement from his family says he had cancer.— Matthew Garrahan (@MattGarrahan) May 15, 2017 The CEO’s successes at Paramount included strong showings from the “Transformers,” “Mission: Impossible” and “Paranormal Activity” franchises, as well as films "10 Cloverfield Lane," "The Big Short," "Selma," "Interstellar," "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "There Will Be Blood." However, some undeniable flops led to big losses, such as “Ben-Hur,” “Zoolander 2” and the bad idea on wheels, “Monster Trucks.” Grey previously founded Brillstein-Grey Entertainment with Bernie Brillstein, where he became executive producer of shows like “The Sopranos” and “Real Time with Bill Maher.” He also co-founded Plan B Entertainment with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Grey reportedly left Plan B before production began on “The Departed,” which would take home the Oscar for Best Picture in 2007. The company was also behind “Troy” while he was still there. Plan B teamed up with Paramount for a while, reportedly having a first look deal until 2013. The company then went to New Regency and recently to Annapurna. According to Deadline, Grey is survived by a number of family members, including his wife, Cassandra Grey, their son, Jules, three grown children from a previous marriage, his mother, Barbara Schumsky, his brother, Michael Grey, and his sister, Robin Grey. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.