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10 декабря, 19:20

Почему продали Роснефть? (Познавательное ТВ, Артём Войтенков)

Артём Войтенков: Почему продали Роснефть? России не хватает денег на войну с США, поэтому глобальная власть даёт финансы в обмен на государственную собственность. Содержание: 0:00:00 - сделка частичной приватизации Роснефти 0:00:40 - структура акционерного капитала Роснефти 0:04:57 - компания Glencore 0:07:31 - кто главный в Европе? 0:09:28 - непослушные США 0:09:54 - зачем нужна Россия? 0:10:10 - катарский суверенный фонд 0:11:00 - как России дают деньги 0:14:14 - как развинчивают государства 0:14:54 - власть кланов 0:16:06 - как делают миллионеров 0:17:03 - кто разрешил арестовать Улюкаева? 0:18:08 - нехватка денег в России 0:19:23 - подготовка госпереворота в России Чему не учат в школе и университете, о чём молчит официальная наука и не рассказывают по телевизору - смотрите на нашем канале Познавательное ТВ http://www.youtube.com/user/poznavatelnoeTV?sub_confirmation=1 Мы не зарабатываем деньги, а распространяем знания. Если вам нравится Познавательное ТВ, можете нам помочь: VISA: 4276 3800 1161 4356 Яндекс-деньги: 410011955138747 QIWI: +7 925 460 1909 WebMoney рубль: R142363945834 WebMoney доллар: Z182191503707 WebMoney евро: E344386089713 PayPal: [email protected] Познавательное ТВ в соцсетях: Вконтакте: http://vk.com/poznavatelnoetv Одноклассники: http://ok.ru/group/55120471130139 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/poznavatelnoe.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoznavatelnoeTV Telegram: https://telegram.me/poznavatelnoetv

09 декабря, 21:42

Ranked: Other Foreign-Policy Traditions Trump Could Upend

The Taiwan call might be just the beginning.

09 декабря, 19:47

Red is the New Black: Seeing Russians as they really are

When reflecting on how best to describe my impressions of Russia and its people, I realised that my experience follows a trajectory like that of Piper Chapman in Netflix’s binge-streamed drama, Orange is the New Black. For those unfamiliar with the show, the drama’s main character Chapman comes across a Russian lady in prison, known to the American inmates as “Red.” To both viewers and onscreen characters alike, Red is the embodiment of the archetypal Russian, caricatured in the eyes of the Western world: expressionless, robust and as icy as an Arkhangelsk winter. As I entered the noiseless customs room in St. Petersburg’s airport three years ago, my first encounter with a Russian border guard in the motherland communicated much the same impression. No words were exchanged between us as I tentatively slipped my passport through the window slit. Anxiously watching the female customs officer’s eyes glance back and forth, hearing only the odd tap of the keyboard, it was with great relief that the gate was unlocked, allowing me to continue my first adventure in Russia. Making sense of Noah’s Ark: Life in a Moscow university dormitory Indeed, my first few days in Russia validated the impression of Russians propagated by TV shows such as Orange is the New Black. The streets were paved with stony-faced strangers and service with a smile was an alien concept in Russian corner-shops. But I soon discovered that such surface observations did not paint the full picture. Having lived in Moscow for a year and having forged many friendships that I hope to be long-lasting, initially it frustrated me greatly seeing such a popular online show perpetuate this unfair stereotype of Russian people. However, as the seasons progress in Orange is the New Black, Red is seen in a more authentic light as the personification of the Rodina Mat (Mother Russia): strong, fiercely loyal, caring and a mother to all those she holds dear. This is the image of Russian people that I have grown to admire and respect. Never mix your drinks After my first few days in St. Petersburg acclimatizing to the directness and brutal bluntness of the Russians I encountered in shops and at tourist attractions, it was a delight to stumble across a side-street bar whose owner gave my friends and I the warmest of welcomes. Intrigued by the fact that we had decided to study Russians as beginners at university, this lady encouraged us to order our drinks in the best Russian we could conjure and helped us along the way. Whereas ticket sellers on the metro have no time for slowly conjugated sentences, this lady even rewarded our efforts with free limoncello. Soviet grandma Nina knows an Italian when she sees one It was in this bar in St. Petersburg where I discovered the concept of vodka and a mixer is, like myself, foreign. Making my best effort to decline my nouns, I confidently asked for a glass of vodka and coke. Initially the bartender appeared very confused and I worried that I had just spoken complete gibberish. Then from beneath the bar appeared a bottle of Russian Standard (my go-to vodka) and a bottle of Coca-Cola. Dumbfounded, the bartender pointed to the glass and asked whether I wanted both in the glass together. Da, konechno. The concoction I received was not so much coke with a shot of vodka, but vodka with a shot of coke. Of course, I wasn’t complaining. It’s not just in a dingy bar in St. Petersburg where you will find Russians who are curiously interested in people learning their mother tongue. The highlight of my week when living in Moscow was attending language exchanges, of which there are plenty. Imagine the scene: at least 10 different languages being spoken in a Moscow bar and Russians eager to practice their language skills, but also to lend a helping hand to those trying to master the complexities of their native language. Friendship is in the cards Although these exchanges were always a bit of a gamble regarding who you were going to meet and whether you would have anything interesting to say, there was one night where I was dealt a lucky hand. Playing a card game in Russian, the name of which I forget, I met two people who would remain friends throughout the year and beyond, Marcel and Nastya. Over the course of the year, we shared some great moments, from Nastya introducing me to an authentic Uzbek restaurant to Marcel making sure I experienced all of Moscow’s parades and fireworks displays. What struck me most, however, was the genuine generosity and kindness extended to me from people like Nastya and Marcel from day one, and I can honestly say that this is far less common in the UK. A ride on the wild side: A madcap adventure by taxi in St. Petersburg Life as a foreigner in Russia can be difficult. You learn quickly not to take rudeness or bluntness in shops personally. Experiences such as queuing to pay for accommodation, renewing your visa and losing your passport for a month or any other bureaucratic process is only positive insofar as it is character-building. Regardless of these painstaking activities unique to the Russian experience, overall my impression of the people I met is a positive one of fierce friendship and unwavering kindness. Grace Dickinson, a Cambridge graduate born in Durham, is currently working as a School Liaison Officer. She taught English while learning Russian at Moscow State University and explored Russian culture while working as a writer in St. Petersburg in 2014-2015. Send your entries for this blog [email protected] Read more: Dill, dill, everywhere, and not a bite to eat>>> Subscribe to get the hand picked best stories every week

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09 декабря, 19:05

Financial reforms in FTZ set to accelerate

SHANGHAI is set to accelerate financial reforms in its free trade zone even as the city leads in innovating China’s financial sector, participants said at the 2016 Shanghai International Think Tank Summit

09 декабря, 19:05

500kg Egyptian woman wins visa for free surgery in India

An Egyptian who is believed to be the world’s heaviest woman is to fly to India for weight reduction surgery after the country’s foreign minister personally intervened to secure her a visa.

09 декабря, 13:43

Turkey mulling Eurasian integration as it rebuilds ties with Russia

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's visit to Moscow on Dec. 5-6 demonstrated Ankara's intention not only to restore its relations with Moscow, which had been undermined by the downing of a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 jet by the Turkish air force on Nov. 24, 2015, but also to bring these relations to a whole new level. In particular, Yildirim stated that the two countries could and should bring the volume of bilateral trade to $100 billion (according to the Russian business daily Kommersant (in Russian), the figure stood at $23 billion in 2015). In the meantime, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ratified the agreement on building the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, the largest Russian-Turkish energy project ever. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, right, during a meeting at the Gorki residence outside Moscow. Source: Alexander Astafyev/RIA Novosti Problems still remain On the other hand, it is too soon to say that Russian-Turkish relations have been fully restored. Russia still maintains the ban on some Turkish exports, and the visa regime introduced for Turkish citizens has not been abolished yet. The two countries' political views of the Middle East also differ: Russia supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whereas Erdogan has been calling for the toppling of the current Syrian regime. Russian experts note that Moscow views further restoration of its economic ties with Turkey in a political context. Has Erdogan put Russia relations at risk with vow to topple ‘tyrant’ Assad? “For as long as there remain unresolved political and security issues, it is too early to speak of a full restoration [of economic cooperation],” said Vladimir Avatkov, a professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations and director of the Moscow-based Center for Oriental Studies. According to Avatkov, it is precisely because of the continuing high terrorist threat in Turkey that Russia has not yet lifted the visa requirement. He also believes that the Syrian case is of particular importance to Moscow. Cooperation to be restored gradually Turkey has been suffering worse than Russia from the partial freeze on economic cooperation, according to Yury Mavashev, who heads the political department at the Center for Modern Turkish Studies: “According to our data, Moscow's losses from the food exports ban have been smaller than those incurred by Turkey. Russia has managed to find alternative suppliers,” he said. Still, both countries realize that cooperation needs to be restored. “If the statements made after the talks [between Yildirim and Russian officials] are anything to go by, the sides reached an agreement on when, and under what circumstances, the Russian sanctions on Turkey would be lifted,” said Mavashev. Avatkov noted that, judging by the ratification of Turkish Stream, bilateral economic ties will be gradually restored. Is Ankara making a ‘pivot to Eurasia’? In parallel with improving its ties with Russia, Ankara has been experiencing a worsening of relations with the West, especially after the attempted coup in Turkey on July 15 and 16, 2016 and the arrests of opposition politicians and journalists that followed. The EU has criticized Erdogan's policy, threatening to impose sanctions on Turkey. Erdogan reacted by questioning the expedience of continuing the current dialogue on Turkey's possible accession to the EU. Erdogan to Putin: Russia and Turkey should trade in national currencies On Nov. 20 Erdogan announced that instead of seeking EU membership, Turkey might join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in which the key role is played by Russia and China. Turkey is currently a dialogue partner in the SCO. As Russian experts see it, Erdogan is not just trying to bargain with Brussels this way: He may be actually considering a Eurasian future for his country. “Ankara has been showing an interest in joining the SCO for some time now,” said Mavashev. “Turkey has never viewed itself as an exclusively Western country, this is evident both to the Europeans and to the Turks themselves.” He believes Turkey's accession would benefit the SCO economically: “Turkey's potential is enormous, it can offer economic and human resources, transport corridors, hubs and transport junctions.” Avatkov agrees: “Turkey has grown tired of knocking on the EU door. It is gradually becoming a more centrist country with interests lying both in the West and in the East. It perceives itself as a Eurasian center of gravity,” he said. In Avatkov’s view, Ankara's departure from an exclusively pro-Western course could benefit Russia. There is, however, a risk of Turkey attempting to expand its role in post-Soviet countries such as Azerbaijan and the nations of Central Asia. Read more: Turkish president signs bill to ratify Turkish Stream deal>>> Subscribe to get the hand picked best stories every week

09 декабря, 09:59

Mexican Children's U.S. Dance Trip Cancelled Over Post-Election Fears

A group of Mexican children won’t be making a planned trip to dance in the United States next year due to concerns over visiting the country during the presidency of Donald Trump.  Grupo Folklorico, comprised of middle- and high-school students from Instituto Blaise Pascale in Oaxaca, was planning to visit the sister city of Palo Alto, California, in April. However, after Trump’s election, parents started to cancel, according to Neighbors Abroad of Palo Alto, a volunteer group that coordinates sister city activities. “They are parents like... parents anywhere,” said Bob Wenzlau, the organization’s president. “When they are sending their children without their being there, there’s a heightened sensitivity, like any of us have.” Palo Alto is an affluent city in the progressive San Francisco Bay area, but that distinction may not mean much to parents in a faraway part of Mexico, a country that was often targeted by Trump during the presidential election.  “We know we can tell them things are safe here,” Wenzlau said. But in their view, sending the kids to anywhere in the U.S. in this climate could still be risky. “These are parents that are afraid to send their children into a little bit of harm’s way up here,” he said. “They’re a long way away.” Wenzlau shared a portion of an email from the event’s organizer in Mexico, which cited “the socio-political situation in the U.S.A.” as the reason for the cancellation.  The story was first reported by the local Palo Alto Online.   It’s as yet unclear what effect, if any, Trump’s presidency will have on tourism, especially from Mexico. However, last week Canada lifted visa requirements on Mexican visitors in a bid to encourage both investors and tourists ― and perhaps capitalize on concerns among Mexicans leery of visiting the United States as Trump takes office next month. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

09 декабря, 01:11

10 States Where the Number of Immigrants Is Growing Fastest

The United States is a nation of immigrants, but new arrivals to the country are more likely to flock to some states than others.

08 декабря, 20:58

ЕС может согласовать безвизовый режим для Грузии раньше, чем для Украины, - журналист

Европейский союз может согласовать введение безвизового режима для Грузии раньше, чем для Украины. Об этом в Twitter сообщил корреспондент "Радио Свобода" в Брюсселе Рикард Йозвяк. "Триалог о визовой либерализации для Грузии, вероятно, состоится в среду. А триалог по Украине только тогда, когда механизм по приостановке безвизового режима будет формально принято - в начале следующего года", - отметил Йозвяк...

08 декабря, 20:58

ЕС может согласовать безвизовый режим для Грузии раньше, чем для Украины, - журналист

Европейский союз может согласовать введение безвизового режима для Грузии раньше, чем для Украины. Об этом в Twitter сообщил корреспондент "Радио Свобода" в Брюсселе Рикард Йозвяк. "Триалог о визовой либерализации для Грузии, вероятно, состоится в среду. А триалог по Украине только тогда, когда механизм по приостановке безвизового режима будет формально принято - в начале следующего года", - отметил Йозвяк...

08 декабря, 18:49

How to get your Fan ID for the 2017 Confederations Cup and 2018 World Cup

Russia is opening Fan ID issuing centers for those planning to visit the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup. The first of these centers were opened in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, and Kazan on Dec. 7. Will I be able to visit games without a Fan ID? No, even with a valid ticket you will not be allowed into the stadium without your Fan ID. The Fan ID is a personalized plastic card bearing the holder's name, photo, personal data, and contact details. Children will need Fan IDs too. The number of visitors allowed into the stadium will have to coincide with the number of IDs. To get a Fan ID, you will first have to buy a ticket for the game you want to watch. What are the benefits of the Fan ID? For a foreign citizen, the Fan ID will replace the Russian entry visa and a free transport pass. Holders will be able to cross the Russian border and use public transport free of charge both between and within the host cities. Even if you decide to return your game tickets, your Fan ID will remain valid as a free transport pass. 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup will be held next year between June 17 and July 1 in four cities in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan. Eight teams will take part in the tournament, of which seven are already known: Russia, Germany, Australia, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, and Portugal. The eighth team will be the winner of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. How do I get my Fan ID? There are three ways to do it: by ordering your ID to be delivered to your place of stay, by collecting it at one of the issuing centers, or by getting the card at the stadium. St. Petersburg opens first fan-ID center ahead of 2018 FIFA Cup in Russia After you have bought your game ticket, apply for your Fan ID. Your application will need to be approved first. You may apply through the portal or at one of the issuance centers (in the latter case you will have to visit the center twice). Once you have applied, you will be contacted twice with text messages and via e-mail. The first message will confirm the receipt of your application, the second one will inform you whether or not your application has been approved. The organizers promise to decide on each application within 72 hours. After you have received the confirmation, collect your Fan ID at one of these addresses. The process will only take several minutes. Don't forget to have an ID with you (not necessarily the one you used to buy your ticket). For children aged under 14, a birth certificate will be required. You may also collect a Fan ID for your relative or friend on their behalf. In this case you will need to produce a photocopy of that person's ID, the original of your own ID, and a document identifying you as the proxy. What if I have tickets for several games? You do not need to have a separate Fan ID for each of your tickets: A single card will be valid for the entire duration of the games. All you need to do is choose one of your tickets to which your card will be tied. Please note that different Fan ID cards will be issued for the 2017 Confederations Cup and for the 2018 World Cup: Although both will be hosted by Russia, these are two different events. The issuance procedure will be the same though.

08 декабря, 18:20

ФАС не нашла нарушений в повышении Western Union комиссии за перевод

Федеральная антимонопольная служба в ходе проверки не выявила нарушений при повышении системой Western Union комиссии за перевод. Как заявил глава ФАС Игорь Артемьев, мы посмотрели Western Union, не видим там пока нарушений . Напомним, в конце ноября Артемьев говорил, что ФАС обеспокоена увеличением комиссии на переводы денег системы Western Union и может провести проверку. Ранее Опора России обратила внимание на дискриминацию малого бизнеса в вопросе комиссии Visa и MasterCard за обслуживание, заявив, что для крупного бизнеса она составляет 1,5%, а для малого до 2,5%. Артемьев на это предложил прислать заявление в ФАС, отметив, что это станет его любимым делом.

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08 декабря, 18:05

EU Paves Way for Visa-Free Deals With Ukraine, Georgia

The European Union has reached a deal allowing the bloc to more easily suspend visa-free access agreements they offer other countries, unblocking the way for new visa deals with Ukraine and Georgia.

08 декабря, 17:33

Неудобная история: Кто подставил Кирилла и Мефодия? (Познавательное ТВ, Пламен Пасков)

Пламен Пасков: Кто подставил Кирилла и Мефодия? Кирилл и Мефодий не создавали письменность для Древней Руси. Это поздний миф, придуманный в политических целях. Но кто составил кириллицу и какова была цель создания этой письменности? История пишется по заказу власти, история меняется политиками, история переписывается учёными. Настоящая история многократно искажена и переделана. Каким было прошлое на самом деле - смотрите на нашем канале Познаватое ТВ http://www.youtube.com/user/poznavatelnoeTV?sub_confirmation=1 Мы не зарабатываем деньги, а распространяем знания. Если вам нравится Познавательное ТВ, можете нам помочь: VISA: 4276 3800 1161 4356 Яндекс-деньги: 410011955138747 QIWI: +7 925 460 1909 WebMoney рубль: R142363945834 WebMoney доллар: Z182191503707 WebMoney евро: E344386089713 PayPal: [email protected] Познавательное ТВ в соцсетях: Вконтакте: http://vk.com/poznavatelnoetv Одноклассники: http://ok.ru/group/55120471130139 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/poznavatelnoe.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoznavatelnoeTV Telegram: https://telegram.me/poznavatelnoetv

08 декабря, 17:30

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: MasterCard, Merck, Cisco and Visa

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: MasterCard, Merck, Cisco and Visa

08 декабря, 17:01

Costco (COST) Earnings and Revenues Miss Estimates in Q1

After posting a positive earnings surprise in the final quarter of fiscal 2016, Costco (COST) delivered a negative earnings surprise in the first quarter of fiscal 2017.

08 декабря, 15:42

Лидеры ЕС надеются, что больше не возникнет препятствий для "безвиза" Украине

Лидеры Европейского Союза приветствовали утверждение механизма приостановки действия безвизового режима и надеются на скорейшее введение безвизового режима для Украины и Грузии.

08 декабря, 15:22

EU: Little progress from Turkey on visa conditions

The European Union said Thursday that Turkey has made virtually no progress on meeting conditions to earn visa-free travel for its citizens, a key part of their deal to prevent refugees reaching Europe.

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08 декабря, 14:49

The Latest: EU: Turkey doing little to earn visa-free travel

The Latest on the migrant situation in Europe (all times local):

08 декабря, 14:40

Греф: кибератаки на Сбербанк имели политическую подоплеку

Глава Сбербанка Герман Греф видит политический подтекст в хакерских атаках на кредитную организацию. Очевидно, что в атаках на нас есть в том числе политический элемент. Мы видели, что удачные атаки были совершены на нас в декабре 2014 года. На фоне санкций, на фоне всех этих слухов об отключении нас от системы SWIFT было профессионально запущено несколько волн и слухов. Волна о том, что у Сбербанка закончились деньги и так далее и так далее, она не прошла люди на это не отреагировали. Потом была вторая волна слухов, потом третья волна, которая была основана на массовой рассылке sms-сообщений с зарубежных серверов, и она сработала. Потому что подготовили почву хорошо, это было в том числе построено на основе медийного сопровождения операций. А потом вдруг сказали, что Сбербанку, Visa и Mastercard отключат процессинг и все деньги, которые находятся у вас на карточке, пропадут. Срочно нужно бежать, вообще лучше снимать все деньги из Сбербанка. Люди выстроились в очереди. Для нас это был большой стресс, конечно , цитирует RNS Германа Грефа. Сегодня нас уже такими дешевыми приемами не взять. И надеюсь, что даже более дорогими приемами не взять. И ничего особенного делать не надо, кроме того, что вам предписывает соответствующая инструкция , резюмировал Греф.

12 сентября 2013, 12:05

Не мытьем, так катаньем

Американским властям позарез нужно показать, что у них с экономикой все хорошо. И если не получается сделать это нормальным путем, то можно поменять правила игры. Или игроков. 10 сентября индексу DowJones вновь удалось превысить отметку в 15 тысяч пунктов. Правда, список компаний, с помощью которых это было достигнуто, уже несколько отличался от того, что было днем ранее. Все дело в том, что из него выкинули всех неудачников, портящих общую благостную картину, и поместили новые компании, демонстрирующие лучшие результаты. В итоге из индекса DowJones были выброшены алюминиевый гигант Alcoa, небезызвестный Hewlett-Packard, производящий электронику, и никто иной, как BankofAmerica. Вместо них в список вошли банк GoldmanSachs, платежная система Visa и производитель спортивной одежды Nike. Конечно, спортивная одежда оказывает гораздо большее влияние на мировую экономику чем производство какого-то там алюминия. Сейчас в списке DJIA присутствует десять числящихся «производственными» компаний, которые фактически ничего не производят, но ведь все, как известно, зависит от точки зрения. Это для обычного человека собрать из булки, куска сыра и котлеты какой-нибудь гамбургер – это не производство, а вот для биржи – это очень даже производство. Если дело пойдет так и дальше, то вскоре индекс, и так уже довольно сильно оторванный от экономической реальности, может вообще перестать означать хоть что-то вразумительное и окончательно превратится в некую абстракцию, на которую американские власти будут ссылаться, чтобы доказать, что американская экономика наконец-то «восстанавливается». В общем, вновь и очередной раз повторяется та же самая история, что и с сирийским зарином. И чем глубже будет развиваться кризис, тем больше откровенного и наглого вранья властей и их приближенных мы еще услышим. Ну, а индекс… да он поднялся выше 15 тысяч пунктов. И что? Да, кстати. Компания Apple по-прежнему остается одним из любимчиков Уолл-стрита. Да это и неудивительно. Только вчера она с большой помпой выпустила очередной новый продукт, вся ценность которого заключается во встроенном датчике, сканирующем отпечатки пальцев пользователей. Естественно исключительно для удобства пользователей.  Вероятно, эта инновация найдет своих последователей, но самую большую благодарность Apple наверняка скажут АНБ, ЦРУ, ФБР и прочие секретные службы, а также разнообразные правоохранительные органы. Ведь просто заставить сдать человека свои отпечатки пальцев может оказаться непросто, а тут пользователи не только сами и добровольно будут сдавать свои отпечатки, но еще и приплачивать за это. Право слово, решение более чем изящное. Ссылки на мои выступления по телевидению: http://xn--80ajoghfjyj0a.xn--p1ai/zameniteli-deneg-aleksandr-lezhava http://xn--80ajoghfjyj0a.xn--p1ai/kak-doyat-rossiyu-aleksandr-lezhava Мои книжки  «Крах «денег» или как защитить сбережения в условиях кризиса»,  «Золото. Гражданин или государство, свобода или демократия»,  «Занимательная экономика», «Деньги смутных времен. Древняя история»,  «Деньги смутных времен. Московия, Россия и ее соседи в XV – XVIIIвеках»  можно прочитать или скачать по адресу http://www.proza.ru/avtor/mitra396