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01 июня, 09:00

Vodafone charged me a £6-a-day flat fee for sending one text

On holiday in Thailand, I replied to a text but the daily roaming charge cut inI was on holiday in Thailand and have a mobile contract with Vodafone. I made sure my phone wasn’t on data roaming and was connected to wifi instead. When I inadvertently replied to a text, I triggered Vodafone’s £6-a-day “roam-further” fee. This allows you to use your normal UK allowances, but, of course, its vastly disproportionate if you send one text. Continue reading...

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09 мая, 22:04

Does German BT shareholder want it to pedal as slowly as possible on fibre? | Nils Pratley

Deutsche Telekom boss cries ‘competition’ over Vodafone deal but is he on board for BT’s superfast broadband rollout?BT often gets stick for being an over-privileged incumbent that hates the whiff of real competition, so it’s almost comforting to know that its German equivalent, Deutsche Telekom, fits the caricature more precisely.Witness DT chief executive officer Tim Höttges’s wildly over-the-top reaction to the news that Vodafone is buying US group Liberty Global’s cable assets in the country in a €18.4bn (£16.1) deal that also involves operations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. “Totally unacceptable,” Höttges told Bloomberg, which described him as being “visibly worked up”. Continue reading...

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09 мая, 12:46

Vodafone strikes €18bn deal for Liberty Global's cable and broadband assets

Tie-up with Virgin Media owner will transform mobile phone operator into a cable and broadband TV giant in EuropeVodafone has struck an €18.4bn (£16bn) deal to buy Liberty Global’s cable TV and broadband businesses in Germany and eastern Europe.The deal for the Virgin Media owner, which has been the subject of on-off talks for several years, will transform Vodafone from a mobile phone operator into a cable and broadband TV giant across the continent. Continue reading...

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03 мая, 02:01

TalkTalk and Vodafone dishing up 'worst UK customer service'

Ofcom finds broadband users with TalkTalk and Vodafone mobile customers got worst treatment among providersTalkTalk and Vodafone have been named as the UK’s worst broadband and mobile providers respectively for customer service.Ofcom, the media and broadcasting regulator, has listed the broadband, landline and mobile phone providers as having the worst customer service records, based on a comprehensive survey. Continue reading...

25 апреля, 15:11

IMG and Leeds United owner's agency raided in EU sport cartel inquiry

Simultaneous raids across Europe focus on alleged breach of anti-trust rules in sports rights salesThe London offices of international sports giant IMG and the agency co-founded by the new owner of Leeds United football club have been raided by officials from the European commission investigating potential sports rights cartels, the Guardian has learned.European investigators entered the offices of IMG and MP & Silva on 10 April as part of a series of raids timed simultaneously including at the 21st Century Fox subsidiary Fox Networks Group, which is based in Hammersmith, west London, and Ziggo Sport, the Dutch subsidiary owned by Vodafone and Virgin Media parent Liberty Global. Continue reading...

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24 апреля, 08:01

Vodafone named UK's worst mobile phone provider by Which?

Mobile operator hits bottom in consumer group’s annual survey for seventh consecutive yearVodafone has been named as the UK’s worst mobile phone provider by the consumer group Which?It is the seventh year running that Vodafone has come bottom of the consumer group’s annual survey of how happy the UK public is with their mobile operator. Utility Warehouse, the energy and communications company, was named as the firm with the happiest mobile customers. Continue reading...

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19 апреля, 09:00

Is the promised 50% discount all talk?

Talkmobile offered it, but Vodafone says no dealI was a Talkmobile customer and, as it’s being taken over by Vodafone, I went to a Vodafone store to upgrade my phone. I was told I had to call Talkmobile for a PAC code to transfer my number and when I did, the operative said that if I upgraded over the phone, I’d get 50% off my £24 monthly bill for the entirety of my two-year contract. Vodafone, however, says this is incorrect, and that when my contract is taken over, the 50% deal would cease to apply. Continue reading...

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05 апреля, 12:11

UK mobile operators pay close to £1.4bn for 5G spectrum

Ofcom auction beats expectations as EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three splash out to secure bandwidth for superfast mobile broadbandThe UK’s biggest mobile operators have smashed expectations by spending almost £1.4bn in the race to secure spectrum to launch next-generation 5G services.BT-owned EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three have paid close to double what many City analysts had expected Ofcom’s auction to raise, as the mobile operators seek to open up a world of internet-connected world of driverless cars, smart home appliances, delivery drones and superfast video on the go. Continue reading...

02 апреля, 14:34

Google Lunar X Prize никто не выиграл, но участники отправят аппараты на Луну и без вознаграждения

Миссия оказалась невыполнимой: ни один из участников конкурса Google Lunar X Prize не уложился в установленные сроки. Тем не менее никто из конкурсантов не собирается отказываться от мечты добраться до Луны. О планах финалистов и полуфиналистов – в нашей статье.

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02 апреля, 11:02

Why Is Vmware (VMW) Down 1.9% Since its Last Earnings Report?

Vmware (VMW) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

02 апреля, 01:07

До конца года в большинстве областных центров Украины появится 4G, — Порошенко

Президент надеется, что в Киеве новую связь стоит ожидать уже через несколько месяцев Президент Украины Петр Порошенко заявил, что в 2018 году в большинстве областных центров страны запустят 4G-связь. "Планируется, что в 2018 году в абсолютном большинстве областных центров мобильные операторы запустят 4G связь. Надеюсь, что в Киеве иметь связь четвертого поколения уже через несколько

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01 апреля, 16:27

Украинские операторы объяснили, как проверить телефон на подключение к 4G

Украинские мобильные операторы рассказали, как проверить, поддерживает ли SIM-карта и телефон связь четвертого поколения. Об этом Lifecell, Vodafon и Kyivstar сообщили на сайтах и в SMS-рассылках, передают «Комментарии«. Для быстрой проверки операторы предложили комбинации, которые […]

01 апреля, 16:00

Press standards: the vital bond of trust that journalists have to win back | Jane Martinson

Amid the shock and grief of the Manchester Arena attack one local paper got it right. This is whySarah Lester was at home with her young family when the night news editor called to say that a loud noise had been heard at the Manchester Arena. Some were saying it was a blast, others that it was part of that night’s Ariana Grande show. “There was a lot of chatter on Twitter,” said Lester, senior editor of the Manchester Evening News, who worked for most of the next 72 hours.A few hours after the bomb went off at the end of the concert, and long before the emergency response service was up and running, social media users were being urged to look to Lester and her team for the truth. “I recommend you follow MEN newsdesk to get FACTS from the people who are there,” tweeted talkradio host Iain Lee. Others in New York and South Africa said the same.While the media were widely condemned for their response to the Manchester bombing by last week’s review by the former head of the civil service Bob Kerslake – along with the fire service and Vodafone’s National Mutual Aid Telephony service – the 150-year-old local newspaper was singled out for praise. Not just by Kerslake’s panel but by the bereaved families and other victims. “Our local paper … they’ve been amazing,” one told the review. Continue reading...

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30 марта, 15:26

"Киевстар" надеется запустить 4G до 10 апреля

Оператор объяснил задержку с запуском 4G отсутствием разрешений и настройкой сети.

30 марта, 13:24

Операторы связи рассказали, где будет работать 4G

Пока покрытие точечное в крупных городах страны.

30 марта, 10:45

В Украине запустили 4G

Связь четвертого поколения  заработала в 20 городах страны.

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30 марта, 10:38

Мобильные операторы Vodafone и lifecell объявили о запуске 4G в Украине. Пользователи делятся первыми впечатлениями. ФОТО

Сегодня операторы мобильной связи готовятся к запуску первых базовых станций 4G в Украине. Это стало возможным после того, как Украинский государственный центр радиочастот объявил, что 30 марта начнет выдавать компаниям разрешительные документы.

30 марта, 09:44

В Украине сегодня запускают 4G

В Украине сегодня, 30 марта, запускают мобильную связь 4G. Об этом объявил президент Украины Петр Порошенко в Twitter. "Сегодня операторы мобильной связи запускают 4G более чем двадцати городах Украины", - сообщил он. Сьогодні оператори мобільного зв’язку запускають 4G у понад двадцяти містах Украіни! Вітаю українців з впровадженням #4G! pic...

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29 марта, 16:49

Операторы смогут запустить 4G уже на этой неделе

Vodafone Ukraine обещает запустить 4G в ближайшее время.