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05 декабря, 20:17

Chinese property group buys former London home of Bear Stearns

Cheung Kei Group pays £270m for its second Canary Wharf tower in six months

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24 ноября, 13:11

UK digital bank Revolut targets 10 million customers by 2020 - CEO

British digital bank Revolut has signed up a million customers across Europe since its launch in 2015 and is now targeting 10 million by 2020, its chief executive told Reuters. Revolut, based in the Canary Wharf London financial district at the core of the industry it aims to disrupt, is among a clutch of fintech start-ups challenging traditional banks by offering financial services customers can use entirely from their smartphones. The business is adding between 3,000 and 3,500 new users a day, up 50 percent from three months ago, its founder and boss Nikolay Storonsky told Reuters.

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29 октября, 11:00

The Judas Tree review – genius marred by misogyny

Royal Opera House, LondonNot even the Royal Ballet’s finest can make the brutal subject matter of the choreographer’s final work palatableKenneth MacMillan choreographed The Judas Tree for the Royal Ballet in 1992, and it has baffled and dismayed audiences ever since. As MacMillan told Jann Parry, at the time the Observer’s dance critic: “There are things in me that are untapped and have come out in this ballet that I find frightening. This is a dark one.”Now 25 years old, the ballet has been revived as part of Kenneth MacMillan: A National Celebration. The curtain rises on a set designed by the Scottish artist Jock McFadyen. In the foreground, an east London building site, dereliction, and wrecked cars. In the background, the Canary Wharf tower. Several men enter. We understand them to be builders, although their muscle-mag appearance and narcissistic attitudes make them an unlikely labour force. Directed by their foreman (Thiago Soares), they carry in a young woman (Lauren Cuthbertson), whom they ritualistically awaken. She slinks ruttishly around the stage, lowering herself into crotchy pliés à la seconde, and whipping her legs suggestively skywards. Continue reading...

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28 октября, 10:00

How Deliveroo's 'dark kitchens' are catering from car parks

As appetite grows for upmarket takeaways, delivery service is setting restaurants up with satellite kitchens inside metal boxesA tatty car park under a railway line is squeezed between a busy road, an industrial site and a semi-derelict pub covered in graffiti. It’s one of the grittiest parts of east London and probably the last place you would imagine some of the trendiest eateries in the country to be preparing meals.But the grimy spot is just a short moped ride from the gleaming office towers of Canary Wharf and upmarket docklands apartments, and is therefore the perfect location for the latest idea from Deliveroo, the food courier service. It is setting up dozens of “dark kitchens” in prefabricated structures for restaurants that want to expand their businesses without opening expensive high street premises. Continue reading...

27 октября, 16:00

‘I never envisaged what lay ahead’: the first issue of Rolling Stone

Jann Wenner, co-founder and editor, recalls significant moments on the magazineIn November 1967, the first issue of Rolling Stone was published. I was 21, the co-founder and editor. I was still a boy. This picture was taken in our office that month. I never envisaged what lay ahead; never had any idea of the defining journalism we’d undertake or how we’d be interviewing presidents. My ambition was simply to put out a music magazine for a few years.If you were to trace our exact origin, you’d probably go back further to October 1965, and a concert at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf: the first time I met my co-founder Ralph Gleason. I was a 19-year-old student at the University of California; he was a 48-year-old pot-loving jazz critic with the city newspaper. When I went over to say I liked his work, he already knew who I was. He said, “I read you in the student paper, kid.” That was a huge deal to me. He became a great friend and mentor. Continue reading...

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26 октября, 10:52

London's Canary Wharf Docklands Light Railway station reopens after fire alert

LONDON (Reuters) - London's Canary Wharf Docklands Light Railway Station was reopened on Thursday after a temporary closure due to a fire alert, Transport for London (TfL) said on Twitter.

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25 октября, 17:51

Henry Moore's sculpture 'Old Flo' returns to east London

Artist’s 1957 work, nearly sold off by Tower Hamlets council, had been in Yorkshire but is now on display at Canary WharfThe much travelled Henry Moore sculpture of a draped woman, affectionately known as Old Flo, is back on public display in east London having survived vandalism, the demolition of her original setting, a custody battle in the courts and attempts by a council to raise cash by auctioning her off.However, the statue is now sited on private land – though still accessible to the public – among the towers of Canary Wharf, and not as originally intended by the artist to bring a little joy into the heart of a council estate. Continue reading...

29 сентября, 08:00

Реновация грядет: казанский Манхэттен в Ново-Татарской слободе

«БИЗНЕС Online» выяснил, как должен выглядеть Казанский финансовый центр, который планируется построить в Ново-Татарской слободе. Всего под небоскребы, офисные здания и жилье здесь будет отдано 656 гектаров. Эксперты в целом приветствуют разработанный на малайзийские деньги документ, но указывают на сложности: для начала следует договориться с собственниками земли и недвижимости, в числе которых — братья Хайруллины, Равиль Зиганшин, Раис Гумеров, а главное — как-то привлечь примерно 300 млрд рублей.

28 сентября, 16:17

Pippa Middleton’s Style Evolution: 15 of Her Best Looks

Though Pippa Middleton's style has evolved over the past six years, she delivers time and time again with elegant, yet effortlessly cool ensembles.

25 сентября, 07:51

Морской бой. Бывшие друзья, основатели крупнейшего рыбопромышленного холдинга делят бизнес

Как создатели крупнейшей рыболовецкой компании «Норебо» Виталий Орлов и Александр Тугушев стали врагами

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18 сентября, 20:28

Britain's debt hotspot: how Newham is making ends meet

With some 70,000 people facing problem debts, the borough highlights how poverty and rising costs have fuelled borrowingIt’s only just gone 9am at the Stratford Centre in east London, but the debt advice centre in the shopping mall is already full.Three miles from the gleaming towers of Canary Wharf in a former clothes shop, the borough of Newham’s Moneyworks service helps residents struggling to make ends meet. Problems with high cost credit, payday lending and loan sharks are commonplace in this part of the capital. Continue reading...

27 июля, 19:01

Hong Kong firm in record London deal

A HONG Kong firm struck a record deal for a London skyscraper yesterday amid a rise in foreign investment in property since the Brexit vote, but a slump in domestic demand hit the profits of real estate

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25 июля, 18:50

How Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C. Paved The Way For The City's Hottest New Destination

With the hotly anticipated District Wharf unveiling this October in Washington, D.C., expect to see an influx of exciting restaurants, bars, shops, music venues, and shops. But whatever your reason for visiting Southwest D.C. (or the city in general), consider the Mandarin Oriental your home base.

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25 июля, 14:15

'It's all very Orwellian': readers on creeping pseudo-public space

From problems with poor disabled access to restrictions against photographers, readers describe mixed experiences of privately owned public spaces in London following a Guardian Cities investigation Revealed: the insidious creep of pseudo-public space in LondonExplore the map – and tell us what we’re missingBradley L Garrett: Be angry about the privatisation of public spaceJohn Law was photographing Canary Wharf at night when he was threatened with arrest. The problem, he was told by security guards, was that he was using a tripod. In truth, it was because he was standing on privately owned land. A Guardian Cities investigation into pseudo-public spaces in London – open areas which look and feel like public space but are actually privately owned and subject to private restrictions – has prompted widespread disquiet and debate among city residents. Continue reading...

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21 июля, 19:58

New UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valongo Wharf marks the presence of the African heritage in Brazil

Despite this vestige recalling the atrocities of Atlantic slave trade, the Valongo Wharf – located in the port area in Rio de Janeiro – marks the presence of the African heritage, which built and enriched Brazilian society. Check out this special video from the United Nations Information Centre for Brazil (UNIC Rio de Janeiro). More at http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1548 and, in Portuguese, at http://bit.ly/ValongoUNESCO.

20 июля, 02:19

И снова Челси! Как прошло соревнование декоративных садов в Англии

В конце весны в лондонском районе Челси ежегодно проходит традиционная садовая выставка. Попасть туда – мечта многих садоводов‑любителей.

17 декабря 2013, 16:50

Непарадный Лондон 1973 года

Очень многие привыкли произносить слово "Лондон" с придыханием: мировой центр финансовой мощи и международных интриг,  излюбленное место миллиардеров, шик особняков и роллс-ройсов, легендарная английская стильность и всё такое прочее. Город действительно прекрасный и неповторимый, это подтвердит почти всякий, кому довелось в нём пожить или хотя бы просто побывать. Поэтому довольно странно разглядывать фотографии 1970-х, на которых неотрыточные виды  города кажутся почти такими же удручающими, как облетевшие весь Интернет жуткие кадры нью-йоркской разрухи тех же 70-х. Но всё таки содержание лондонских снимков 1970-х несколько иное: здесь мы видим в основном массовый снос старой и полностью деградировашей застройки, на смену которой приходя громады современных жилкомплексов и башни офисных высоток. Мы видим город, который умирает, чтобы возродиться уже в новом обличии. И это было только начало. Настоящий строительный бум придёт в 1980-е при Тэтчер, когда от исторической застройки Лондона не останется камня на камне. То, что не смогли сделать немецкие бомбы и ракеты, сделали неумолимвые законы капитализма.  Moorhouse Rd mage hosted on flickr  Westbourne Park 1974 image hosted on flickr  St. Stephens Crescent image hosted on flickr  St. Stephens Gardens image hosted on flickr  image hosted on flickr  Demolition Westbourne Park Rd  Wapping image hosted on flickr  Shoreditch image hosted on flickr  Wapping image hosted on flickr  Ledbury Rd image hosted on flickr  Thames from Wapping image hosted on flickr  Milwall at express Wharf image hosted on flickr  Westbourne Park image hosted on flickr  west from Milwall image hosted on flickr  Tower Hamlets i image hosted on flickr  Whitechapel Новые доминанты  в силуэте города, это только начало: image hosted on flickr  Tower Bridge 1973 image hosted on flickr  Stephen and Matilda Houses Wapping image hosted on flickr  image hosted on flickr  Whitechapel image hosted on flickr  Looking from Westbourne Park image hosted on flickr  St. John's Church and school Wapping image hosted on flickr  View towards central London from Brunel Estate image hosted on flickr  Cheshire St. Sunday Market image hosted on flickr  image hosted on flickr  All photos: JB [email protected] http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonathanbarker/ Источник