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23 марта, 22:45

Rory McIlroy blames fatigue after he crashes out of WGC Match Play

• Northern Irishman says he is mentally tired after Bay Hill win• World No 7 excited by chance of major grand slam at MastersRory McIlroy cited fatigue associated with last weekend’s long-awaited success at the Arnold Palmer Invitational after his WGC Match Play involvement ended at the group stage. McIlroy’s 5&3 defeat by the inspired Brian Harman was to prove the Northern Irishman’s last competitive outing until the Masters.McIlroy had displayed traces of tiredness earlier in the week at Austin Country Club. Such a feeling was perhaps inevitable; the 28-year-old’s eye-catching triumph at Bay Hill on Sunday was his first in 18 months. Still, a McIlroy win over Harman would have set up a play-off to reach the last 16. Harman’s lead of 3up at the turn was to prove insurmountable to McIlroy, who will head to Augusta next midweek to continue with Masters preparations. Continue reading...

23 марта, 14:55

Россия накапливает золото максимальными темпами за последние 12 лет

Дедолларизация ускоряется. Темпы, которыми Россия накапливает золото в своих резервах, максимальные за 12 лет, равно как и темпы, которыми она избавляется от трежерис США, являются самыми быстрыми с 2011 года.

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23 марта, 01:39

Dustin Johnson falls by the Match Play wayside but Rory McIlroy stays alive

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• World No 1 loses 4&3 to Adam Hadwin and misses knockout stage• Timely wins for Northern Irishman, Fleetwood and PoulterDustin Johnson may take solace from the fact this year’s pre-Masters slip was not of the physical variety.A year after Johnson, already with a WGC title secured, appeared unbeatable when cantering to success at another – the 2017 Match Play – he was unceremoniously bundled out of the Austin event after two defeats in as many days. Johnson had appeared at Augusta as the red hot favourite in 2017 but did not hit a shot in anger after tumbling down stairs at his rental home. Perhaps this, now an inevitably less fevered build-up, will suit him. Continue reading...

22 марта, 17:45

Россия интенсивно накапливает золото и избавляется от американских ценных бумаг

ZeroHedge: Россия стремительно пополняет свои золотые резервы, самыми быстрыми темпами за 12 лет …и сбрасывает казначейские облигации США самыми быстрыми темпами с 2011 года.

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22 марта, 02:29

Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson suffer shock defeats at WGC Match Play

• McIlroy felt ‘a little flat’ in losing 2&1 to Peter Uihlein• Bernd Wiesberger stunned the defending championThis was a day to prove why sponsors and broadcasters prefer the WGC Match Play in group rather than straight knockout format. Had the latter rules applied, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy would have exited Austin Country Club after 18 holes.Johnson, the defending champion and world No 1, was the biggest casualty of day one as he slipped to a 3&1 defeat by Bernd Wiesberger. McIlroy’s defeat by Peter Uihlein, 2&1, also raised eyebrows given the Northern Irishman’s heroics when winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday. In both cases it would be remiss not to recognise the performances of the winners. Wiesberger, a European Ryder Cup hopeful, and Uihlein both displayed nerveless touch in illustrious company. Continue reading...

21 марта, 06:35

Russia Is Hoarding Gold At The Fastest Pace In 12 Years

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De-dollarization is accelerating... Russia is adding gold to its reserves at the fastest pace in 12 years ...and dumping US Treasuries at the fastest pace since 2011. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has been increasing its holdings of gold every month since March 2015. The country is currently the sixth-largest gold owner after the United States, Germany, Italy, France and China. According to the CBR, gold reserves spiked to $455.2 billion between March 2 and 9 hitting a historic high not seen since September 2014. “Our international reserves increased by $2.9 billion or 0.6 percent in a single week, mainly on the strength of positive re-evaluation,” said the regulator. And in fact 2018 has seen the fastest increase in the value of Russia's gold reserves since 2006... In January, RT notes  that Russia surpassed China, which reportedly held 1,843 tons of the precious metal at that time. Over the last 15 years, Moscow and Beijing have been aggressively accumulating gold reserves to reduce their dependence on the US dollar. According to World Gold Council data, last year the CBR became a world leader in stockpiling gold. The bank has more than doubled the pace of its gold purchases, statistics showed. It has been increasing Russia’s gold reserves to meet the goal set by President Vladimir Putin to make it less vulnerable to geopolitical risks. The Russian gold cache has increased by more than 500 percent since 2000. And while the Russian central bank is buying gold with both hands and feet, it is dumping US Treasuries at the fastest pace for a January since 2011... Is it any wonder that Washington is so pissed off at Putin?

20 марта, 23:05

Rory McIlroy says Bay Hill ‘validation’ has filled him with Masters optimism

• Masters is the one major still to elude the Northern Irishman• ‘I feel like I’ve crossed that line that I needed to’Rory McIlroy has admitted Sunday’s long-awaited victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational supplied the “validation” he can draw upon ahead of another Masters tilt. McIlroy, who returns to action at the WGC Match Play on Wednesday, closed with a stunning 64 to prevail at Bay Hill. The success was timely; the Northern Irishman’s next start after this comes in the one major still to elude his grasp.“I have even more optimism now,” McIlroy said. “It was just more validation that what I’ve been doing has been correct. It all sort of just came together. Continue reading...

20 марта, 14:33

Золото: Центробанки опять скупают золото в 2018 г.

World Gold Council опубликовал на прошлой неделе обновлённую статистику по золотым запасам разных стран. Как показывают данные, покупка золота продолжает оставаться хорошей стратегией для защиты капитала...

17 марта, 12:27

Золотой резерв России достиг нового исторического максимума

Российский ЦБ продолжает увеличивать золотой резерв страны в соответствии со стратегией президента России Владимира Путина. Согласно обновленной статистике, объем золотого резерва России в марте текущего года достиг очередного максимума. Отмечается, что стоимость российских запасов драгоценного металла составляет $455.2 млрд. «Наши международные резервы увеличились на $2.9 млрд. или 0,6 процента за одну неделю», — рассказали представители российского ЦБ. Следует отметить, что по данным Всемирного совета по золоту в 2017 году Центральный банк России стал мировым лидером по увеличению запасов этого драгоценного металла. В феврале текущего года Российская Федерация поднялась на пятое место в мире среди суверенных держателей золота, обойдя КНР.

16 марта, 05:05

Применение золота выходит за пределы инвестиций

Золото известно большинству людей, как актив с целью инвестиций денежных средств. Но кроме инвестиций жёлтый драгметалл находит своё широкое применение в промышленности, и особенно в новых технологиях будущего...

15 марта, 17:44

4 Small-Cap Growth Funds to Buy as Bull Market Turns 9

As the market celebrates its ninth consecutive year of Bull Run, it is prudent to consider investing in small-cap growth funds.

15 марта, 06:10

Peak Gold Has Arrived

Authored by Alex Deluce via, Following the recent market crash, investors lost $5.2 trillion worldwide before the market managed to recover most of the losses. There are hints that certain bubbles are ready to burst as the worlds biggest hedge fund positions accordingly. In addition to the stock market, the global gold supply is weakening, leaving investors anticipating higher prices. In 2017, the gold supply plummeted the most since any year since 2008. If the supply of gold is really plateauing, experts are predicting a 'peak gold' period. China, the world larger miner of gold, produced 453 tons of the metal in 2016. In 2017, China’s production fell by 9 percent. If production of gold continues to fall, a rise in global demand is a certainty. The demand will come from investors and centrals banks unwilling to rely on the dubious strength of the US dollar. The Chinese are enjoying a boon economy, and the newly rich who can afford it are looking to buy physical gold in an effort to protect their wealth. China supplies its gold only domestically and does not export the metal. If China’s domestic gold supply is depleting, it will certain seek to buy gold elsewhere. Part of Chinese economic plan is to potentially reduce the global dominance of the dollar with the yuan. The US dollar has dominated the global currency market for over 40 years. China, and Russia are actively increasing their gold reserves, which could lead to both economic and political uncertainties as more countries begin to dump US Treasuries. Both Russia and China are planning to use gold-backed currency as payment when trading with each other. This makes gold a critical commodity for both countries. China might import gold to meet its own demand. But the available supply of gold is finite. During the past 15 years, global gold deposits have become depleted, and replacement deposits are becoming rarer each year. World Gold Council Chairman Randall Oliphant has indicated that global gold production may have reach its peak. The time may come soon when the supply is not expected to meet the demand. The price of gold usually rises during times of economic slowdowns. How will the global financial market react when the supply of gold is running low and gold becomes an even rarer commodity? China is not the only country producing less gold. South African and Australian gold deposits are showing signs of becoming depleted. The cost of exploring for new gold has become cost prohibitive and viable deposits are becoming more difficult to reach. The potential of a worldwide shortage is good news for investors. Even as mines become exhausted, gold as a commodity will still exist. Gold differs from oil, which, once used up, is physically gone. But gold mining and exploration will become more costly. For over 130 years, massive gold deposits were discovered in a number of countries. Gold has been easy to access and produce. During the late 20th century, some mines were producing as much as 50 million ounces of year a year. In the 21st century, mines producing 50 million or even 30 million ounces of gold no longer exist. Gold exploration is down to a few discoveries producing 15 million ounces annually. The price of gold has fallen steadily since 2012. Mining companies are unable to fund new explorations. The time between gold discovery and active mining spans an average of seven years. This is a considerable time span between the exhaustion of old mines and the mining of new ones. And mining companies will find it difficult to bear the expense. Once productive and seemingly endless gold deposits are depleting quickly. Forty percent of all the gold mined throughout history has come from the Witwatersrand Basin in South Africa. During the 1970s, an excess of 1,000 metric ton of gold was mined each year. In 2017, Witwatersrand Basin’s gold production fell 83 percent compared to 1970, down to 167.1 tons. China, is still exploring veins for more gold. But how long will it be able to justify the cost as mining for gold that lays deeper in the earths crust? More capital is needed for further gold exploration globally. Until that happens, the supply of gold will remain low and the demand will rise. This means that in the near future, this could serve as a major catalyst moving forward.

14 марта, 06:50

Россия поднялась в списке стран-держателей золота

Всемирный совет по золоту опубликовал свежие данные по золотым запасам разных стран мира. У многих из них в январе текущего 2018 года резервы золота увеличились. Больше всех жёлтого драгметалла купила Россия...

12 марта, 16:03

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Builders FirstSource, Paycom Software,, Facebook and Central Garden & Pet

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Builders FirstSource, Paycom Software,, Facebook and Central Garden & Pet

12 марта, 04:07

Спрос на золото в Индии перед сезоном свадеб 2018

За первые два месяца текущего 2018 года спрос на золото в Индии оказался довольно таки сдержанным. Однако в стране начинается сезон свадеб, поэтому продавцы ювелирных украшений надеются на оживление спроса...

09 марта, 16:04

5 Top Stocks to Buy as Bull Market Turns Nine

Republican tax cuts and robust economic growth at home and abroad helped the U.S. stock market celebrate its ninth anniversary of bull run.

06 марта, 16:02

10 Insane Hole-In-Ones You’ll Never See Again

A hole in one? That's a fantasy for many, but not for these ridiculously skilled golfers.

28 февраля, 08:14

Обманчивый блеск золотой кубышки России

ЦБ РФ вышел на пятое место по запасам «желтого металла», но это может нас не спасти

26 февраля, 12:22

Россия готовится к большой войне с Западом

Очередной западный политик призвал «решительно и взвешенно противостоять России». По его мнению, это единственный способ для Запада сохранить свои ценности, а также – заметим в скобках – своё доминирование в мире.

26 февраля, 07:38

США: спад продаж золотых монет и слитков в 2017 г.

По данным Всемирного совета по золоту, по итогам прошлого 2017 года продажи золотых слитков и монет в США зафиксировали самое сильное снижение за 10 лет. При этом банк J.P. Morgan активно скупает серебро...