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28 мая, 22:00

The world's most toxic town: the terrible legacy of Zambia's lead mines

Almost a century of lead mining and smelting has poisoned generations of children in the Copperbelt town of Kabwe in ZambiaThe heavy legacy of lead in the world’s most toxic town – in pictures“I’d like to be a doctor,” says seven-year-old Martin, sitting quietly in his modest home in Kabwe, Zambia. But the truth is that Martin struggles with his schoolwork, and his dream seems unlikely to become a reality.Kabwe is the world’s most toxic town, according to pollution experts, where mass lead poisoning has almost certainly damaged the brains and other organs of generations of children – and where children continue to be poisoned every day. Continue reading...

28 мая, 19:50

Zambia land grab: Chiefs' land sale sparks national outrage

The United Nations is warning that many Zambians are at risk of becoming squatters on their own land. As Zambia’s agricultural industry grows, land is being sold and people displaced. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/

26 мая, 13:58

South African opposition leader barred entry to Zambia

The leader of South Africa’s main opposition party on Friday sharply criticized Zambian officials who denied him entry to their country as he tried to show support for a jailed opposition leader.

26 мая, 13:47

South Africa's Mmusi Maimane 'barred' from Zambia

Maimane says he was denied entry to the country over his support for a Zambian opposition leader charged with treason.

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26 мая, 01:01

South African opposition leader says barred from entering Zambia

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane said Zambian immigration officials barred him from entering their country late on Thursday, stopping his visit to a detained opposition leader there.

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25 мая, 19:29

I Am Not a Witch director Rungano Nyoni: ‘The chief Whatsapped his people to find our star’

The Welsh-Zambian director’s debut feature is premiering at Cannes: an everyday story of choosing between life in a travelling witch camp or being transformed into a goatAt the heart of I Am Not a Witch, a Zambian-set highlight of this year’s Cannes Festival, is an eminently relatable dilemma: should you remain living as witch in a travelling camp for tourists? Or liberate yourself, and thus risk being magically transformed into a goat as punishment? Who hasn’t wrestled with that one at some point or another? “That’s a choice I feel like I, as a woman, make all the time,” says Rungano Nyoni, the film’s Zambian-born, Cardiff-raised director. She laughs. “Shall I become a goat? Or shall I become a woman and live with all the injustices and difficulties that come with it?”In Nyoni’s conversation, as in the society she depicts on film, metaphor and literal truth can sometimes become entwined. It is one of the qualities that makes her debut feature, a satire about a nine-year-old girl who is accused of witchcraft, so beguiling. The selection of I Am Not a Witch for the festival’s directors fortnight is a particular achievement for a first-time feature director, since this section is a breeding ground for future auteurs. It is the afternoon before she is due to fly out to France, though, and Nyoni says she is still struggling to relax into her success: “I’m more nervous than anything … it’s waiting to see it in front of an audience. That either reassures you or makes you even more nervous, so I think that’s when I’ll know.” Continue reading...

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25 мая, 16:58

I Am Not a Witch review – straight-faced satire on Zambian witchcraft casts a spell

First time feature from Welsh-Zambian director Rungano Nyoni is a charming study of an orphan whose supposed magic powers are a goldmine for venal officialsZambian-born Welsh director Rungano Nyoni has delivered a pulsingly odd and strikingly original debut: a tale of dogma, prejudice and corruption in the country of her birth. It’s a strange witches brew of deadpan farce and arthouse stillness that some will find exasperating, and it’s not without its missteps; but there’s a confidence and clarity of vision that’s hard not to admire, especially for a first feature.Events open with Shula (Maggie Mulubwa), a shy and inexpressive orphan, being accused by her fellow townspeople of witchcraft: one woman has alleged that she made her trip over while carrying a bucket of water, and a man has backed up her allegation with his own account of the girl chopping of his arm with an axe. (Said arm has miraculously reattached itself by the time he makes this claim.) A gloriously droll police officer indulges these accusations with a mix of apathy and outright disdain, but the will of the people is clear, and Shula is exiled from the town. Continue reading...

25 мая, 16:57

Zambia considers moving capital to rural area: minister

ZAMBIA is considering a proposal to move its capital from fast-developing Lusaka to a nearly uninhabited marshland district in the centre of the country, a minister said Thursday. Lusaka has been the

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25 мая, 04:00

Без заголовка

17 человек погибли, 48 пострадали в результате ДТП на востоке Замбии

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24 мая, 16:53

Democracy on trial?

The BBC's Karen Allen asks whether the treason charges faced by Zambia's opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema are a sign that Zambia's reputation as a bastion of democracy is under threat.

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22 мая, 08:50

Zambia considers treason charge against opposition leader Hichilema

Zambia considers treason charge against opposition leader Hichilema A Zambian court will rule on whether it will proceed with a case of treason against the leader of the opposition or not. Haikande Hichilema was arrested and detained last month for allegedly obstructing President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade. Opposition members say the charges are baseless and are evidence of increasing authoritarianism. Al Jazeera's Fahmida Miller reports from the capital Lusaka. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/

18 мая, 18:12

Zambia cuts interest rates again

Monetary tightening has tamed inflation but squeezed financial sector – IMF

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15 мая, 16:23

Can at Scale Drug Provision Improve the Health of the Targeted in Sub-Saharan Africa? -- by Adrienne M. Lucas, Nicholas L. Wilson

The single largest item in the United States foreign aid health budget is antiretroviral therapy (ART) for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Many supply- and demand-side factors in sub-Saharan Africa could cause smaller than expected epidemiological effects of this at scale drug provision. We provide what appears to be the first quasi-experimental evidence on the effect of at scale drug provision in a poor country, using the phased roll-out of ART in Zambia, a setting where approximately 1 in 6 adults are HIV positive. Combining anthropometric data from national household surveys and a spatially-based triple difference specification, we find that local ART introduction increased the weight of high HIV likelihood adult women. This finding from a clinically difficult setting suggest that the generalized challenges of scalability of ART for adult health in sub-Saharan Africa are surmountable.

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Выбор редакции
11 мая, 13:31

Treason charge plunges Zambia into political crisis

Opposition leader arrested after motorcade stand-off with presidential convoy

10 мая, 13:27

Самые редкостные и оригинальные монеты мира!

Когда в XX веке нумизматика стала одним из самых популярных хобби в мире, монеты из обычного платежного средства превратились в арт-объекты.В некоторые впрессованы кусочки настоящего метеорита, в другие — фрагменты бивней мамонтов, третьи украшены портретами известных людей, изображениями животных и героев мультфильмов. Большинство этих монет являются памятными, юбилейными и просто коллекционными, но в некоторых странах мира такие деньги находятся в свободном обращении.p>На фото: Монголия, 2011 год, 500 тугриковТак, в Республике Палау в обороте с 2008 года «ходит» пятидолларовая монета-иллюзия с изображением Дон Кихота. Если хорошо приглядеться, можно увидеть на рисунке другого героя бессмертного произведения — верного оруженосца Рыцаря печального образа Санчо Пансу. Отличает монету и необычная форма: овальная вместо привычной нам круглой.Идея выпускать монеты с оптическими иллюзиями возникла еще в 2001 году и объединила несколько африканских государств: Замбию, Уганду, Либерию и Конго. На квадратной монете из Замбии изображена иллюзия «Кот в окне» швейцарского художника Сандро дель Пре. Правда, чтобы разглядеть на ней кота, нужно очень внимательно присмотреться — на первый взгляд на монете изображен пикантный женский силуэт.А в Либерии деньги решили наделить полезными свойствами. Десятидолларовая монета-трансформер способна выполнять функцию солнечных часов. На ее реверсе (оборотной стороне) предусмотрена специальная палочка и отверстие для ее закрепления. Там же выгравирована надпись: «Время — деньги».В Бенине в 2011 году выпустили монеты в форме листьев конопли. Кроме необычной формы они обладают еще одной примечательной особенностью: изображение листа на реверсе при трении источает запах каннабиса. Производитель уверяет, что это аромат синтетической добавки, а не экстракта настоящего растения.Мы покажем изображения этих и других интересных и оригинальных монет со всего света.Кот-д’Ивуар, 2010 год, 1000 франковПалау, 2008 годНиуэ, 2008 год, 1 долларЛиберия, 2005 год, 10 долларовБенин, 2011 год, 100 франковЛиберия, 2001 год, 10 долларовПортугалия, 2006 год, 8 евроПольша, 10 злотыхШвеция, 2011 год, монета с куском метеоритаПортугалия, 2010 год, полтора евроТувалу, 2009 год, юбилей куклы БарбиУганда, 2001 год, монета-иллюзияЗамбия, 2003 год, монета-календарьТувалу, серия «Трансформеры»Замбия, 2001 год, монета-иллюзияБенин, 2011 год, 100 франковБелоруссия, памятные монеты по сказкамКанада, 2011 годКанада, 2010 год, 15 долларов к году ТиграКамерун, 2011 год, 1000 франковПольша, монеты разных летАвстралия, 2009 год, 50 центовОстрова Кука, 2010 год, монета с куском метеоритаНидерланды, 5 евроФинляндияИндия, рупииОстрова Фиджи, 2010 год, двойная монетаМарианские острова, 5 долларов

08 мая, 16:22

Structural Change, Fundamentals and Growth: A Framework and Case Studies -- by Margaret McMillan, Dani Rodrik, Claudia Sepulveda

Developing countries made considerable gains during the first decade of the 21st century. Their economies grew at unprecedented rates, resulting in large reductions in extreme poverty and a significant expansion of the middle class. But more recently that progress has slowed with an economic environment of lackluster global trade, not enough jobs coupled with skills mismatches, continued globalization and technological change, greater income inequality, unprecedented population aging in richer countries, and youth bulges in the poorer ones. This essay examines how seven key countries fared from 1990-2010 in their development quest. The sample includes seven developing countries--Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, India, Vietnam and Brazil --all of which experienced rapid growth in recent years, but for different reasons. The patterns of growth are analyzed in each of these countries using a unifying framework which draws a distinction between the "structural transformation" and "fundamentals" challenge in growth. Out of these seven countries, the traditional path to rapid growth of export oriented industrialization only played a significant role in Vietnam.

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04 мая, 20:09

South Africa 2017 - Africa's Food Paradox

http://www.weforum.org/ Africa is facing food shortages arising from droughts in Southern and Eastern Africa, locally produced food competing with cheap food imports in urban supermarkets, and the average farmer is 65 years old. How can African economies move beyond subsistence rain-dependent agriculture to accelerate food production that meets growing demand both at home and abroad? Dimensions to be addressed: - Integrating local farmers into local supply chains - Engaging youth in agro-entrepreneurship - Boosting local manufacturing to compete with global brands - William Asiko, Executive Director, Grow Africa, South Africa - Mamadou Biteye, Managing Director, Africa Regional Office, Rockefeller Foundation, Kenya - Mauricio Muller Adade, President, Latin America, Royal DSM, Brazil - Benedicte Mundele Kuvuna, Co-Founder, Surprise Tropicale, Italy; Global Shaper - Birju Pradipkumar Patel, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Export Trading Group (ETG), South Africa Moderated by - Monica Katebe Musonda, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Java Foods, Zambia; Young Global Leader

03 мая, 10:56

«МедиаГвардия» Бурятии организовала семинар «Профилактика суицидального настроения среди подростков и молодежи»

27 апреля в Гусиноозерске Селенгинского района Республики Бурятия прошла работа республиканского семинара «Профилактика суицидального поведения среди подростков и молодежи». Организаторами мероприятия являлись Бурятское региональное отделение МГЕР и ГБУ «Молодежный центр Республики Бурятия». Проведение данного мероприятия обусловлено актуальностью рассматриваемой проблемы. По данным Комиссии по делам несовершеннолетних и защите их прав Правительства Республики Бурятия, в 2016 году зафиксирован рост количества детей, погибших вследствие совершения самоубийства, на 57% (с 17 до 30 случаев). В работе семинара приняли участие 65 человек, в том числе представители более 15 муниципальных образований Республики Бурятия, среди них: специалисты по работе с молодежью, социальные педагоги, психологи, представители молодежных общественных формирований. Ведущим семинара была председатель Комиссии по вопросам семьи, детства и молодежной политики Общественной палаты Республики Бурятия, известный психолог Сенгеева Татьяна Николаевна. Руководитель Бурятского регионального отделения МГЕР  Замбал Санжиев рассказал о работе федерального проекта «МедиаГвардия» и о методах  выявления противоправного контента в сети Интернет.  Участникам семинара были представлены методические рекомендации о том, как выявить детей, подвергшихся воздействию в интернет-группах и сообществах деструктивной направленности, пропагандирующих антиобщественное поведение, антигуманные принципы, поощряющие суицид и экстремистские проявления. Итогом семинара стала выработка общих рекомендаций по вопросам профилактики суицидального поведения среди подростков и молодежи.